LARA FABIANTOUTES LES FEMMES EN MOIiographyLara Crokaert, her real name, was bornon January 9th, 1970 in Etterbeek(Brussels). Her father is from Belgiumand her mother from Sicily. Lara spentthe first five years of her life in Sicily,near the Etna, gorgeous volcano, full ofhistory.In 1975, back in Belgium, she followedher classes very seriously. On December6th, 1978, On St Nicolas Day, she got herfirst call when her parents of fered her apiano.For this young artist, the dream comestrue. A piano.From this moment on, she couldcompose her first melodies and with hermagic voice, she could perform songsshe heard on the radio.In the meantime, she took her first singing classes.Her father helped her to perform in small show rooms in Brussels and itsregion. He also helped her to take part in amateurs contests.In 1986, by winning Le Tremplin de Bruxelles contest, she got the opportunityto record her first single.The song is entitled L’Aziza est en pleurs (with Il y avait on side B), dedicated toDaniel Balavoine.500 copies of the disc were made. The producer Hubert Terheggen listenedto two songs and he rushed to go and see the young artist, who was singing ina piano-bar, the Black Bottom, with Marc Lerchs (the composer of these twotracks).Hubert Terheggen asked her to take part in the Eurovision contest (1988),which takes part in Dublin:She performed for Luxemburg, a song entitled Croire.

LARA FABIANTOUTES LES FEMMES EN MOIiographyShe finished 4th and that was the start of Lara’s career, an international career,since Croire has been translated in English (Trust) and German (Glaub).Af ter the Eurovision, Lara recorded her second single, Je sais and for the firsttime, she went to Quebec in order to promote her song. It was love at firstsight with this country.Back to Brussels, she had got only one thing on her mind: flying back over theAtlantic as fast as possible in order to seduce Quebec like she’d been seducedby this very country.Meeting Rick Allison was really important for the rest of her career. One night,with a friend, Lara went to the Crescendo, a piano-bar in Brussels.Rick played very well the piano. Lara got close to him and when he startedplaying Summertime, she began singing.Their harmony was such that the two artists decided to quit everything andtheir Belgium life in order to have a try in Quebec.Her first cd came out in 1991 (produced by her father) and was greatlyappreciated by everybody.Le jour où tu partiras and Qui pense àl’amour are two of the most importanttracks.From then on, things went very fast: shewas nominated at the Felix (the CanadianVictoires de la musique), she performedLaisse-moi rêver (Claude Pinoteau’s Laneige et le feu soundtrack (1991)) andtoured more all over Canada for two years.In 1994, she launched her second albumCarpe Diem (Leïla, Tu t’en vas, Je suismalade (Serge Lama)), which would becertified 3 times platinum and would berewarded at the Felix and Junos (TheOscars of the music in English speakingCanada).

LARA FABIANTOUTES LES FEMMES EN MOIiographyIn 1996, few months af ter becoming Canadian citizen and having great successwith her Tour Sentiments acoustiques, she was chosen by Walt Disney Studiosto give her voice to Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.She recorded Pure, launched in Quebec in September and certified platinum inonly two weeks time.On January 1997, Lara signed with Polydor.From this side of the Atlantic, the album was launched in June.Tout, Je t’aime, Humana and La Dif férence allowed Pure to become a greatphenomenon: as a matter of fact, more than two million copies were to be soldin a few months.The young singer appeared everywhere in the press, on Tv programs, on thescene of Le Stade de France with Johnny Hallyday, with the song Requiempour un fou. Then, she went for a big tour in French speaking countries.On February 20th, on the scene of the Olympia, she received La Victoirede la Musique as the Revelation of the year. Lara has definitely now a greatpopularity and gets her wax doll in le Musée Grévin.Beginning of 1999, a live album, an audio testimony of these concerts, got firstplace at the very launching.

LARA FABIANTOUTES LES FEMMES EN MOIiographyDuring the rest of the year, Lara prepared her first album in English. Simplyentitled Lara Fabian (1999) recorded with the help of Walter Afanasief f (MariahCarey) and Patrick Leonard (Madonna), it was a big event in Canada and theUnited States.The singer, influenced by Barbra Streisand, confirmed her exceptional vocaltalents, more particularly with Adagio (version of the famous Albinoni’s Adagio)and I Will Love Again (number 1 in the Billboard) showed a deep interest fornew sounds and new rythms of dance.As for I Am Who I Am, Love By Grace and Quedate, they allowed her to havegreat success in Brazil, Spain and Portugal.The same year, she was nominated at Les Victoires de la Musique and got anAward at the World Music Award in Monte-Carlo (best sales in Benelux).In 2000, Lara duetted with Josh Groban For Always, for Steven Spielberg’smovie A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) (In 2004, Josh Groban sings Broken Vow, songwritten by Lara) She also recorded solo The Dream Within for the movie FinalFantasy (adapted from the very famous video game).In 2001, Lara launched a new single J’y crois encore , extracted from the Nuealbum. Af ter Immortelle and Aimer Déjà, she duetted Tu es mon autre withMaurane. Thanks to people’s amazing reaction regarding Nue, Lara got backon stage. It was more than a success!But Lara also appreciates warm and more intimate atmospheres. Launchedin 2003, the Live cd and dvd entitled En toute intimité beautifully confirmedthis feeling. In a cosy atmosphere, Laraperformed her biggest hits.Double originality: amazing acousticarrangements that we could say acoustic,or more exactly neo-romantic (strings,piano), a brilliant version of Comme ilsdisent (Charles Aznavour), an astonishingperformance of Addio del Passato (LaTraviata) and a homage to Michel BergerLuc Plamondon’s team (through a medleyof the Starmania musical).Lara followed her path, with the launchingof Wonderful Life, with hits Last Goodbyeand I Guess I loved You.

LARA FABIANTOUTES LES FEMMES EN MOIiography2004 was the year when she appeared in a movie for the very first time: DeLovely (Irwin Winkler), musical dealing with composer Cole Porter’s life (withKevin Kline, Ashley Judd, Jonathan Pryce, Alanis Morissette, Natalie Cole,Sheryl Crow, Robbie Williams and Mario Frangoulis (with whom she recordedSo In Love for this film). Lara celebrated MGM 80th anniversary, at the Cannesfestival, with the amazing cast of this movie.The same year, she recorded another duet The Alchemist, with the Englishtenor Russell Watson.It’s been a long time since the critics and the audience no longer doubt abouther: nowadays, Lara is part of the greatest singers of the pop history.In March 2005, the album 9 (entirely co-written by Lara) showed an ef fectiveevolution in the music she was used to of fering. From September 2005 toJune 2006, Lara started touring all over France. Her show entitled Un Regard 9was a success. Lara is now preparing a new album which should be launchedin Spring.The album ‘TLFM’ finally came out in 2009. Though slightly different from theinitial version, its content remained the same.It contains some of Lara’s most cherished artists’ songs. Indeed, Lara claimsbeing inspired by all these women, both professionally and personally.She therefore wrote every artist a personal letter. These were all written at different times and from different places and can all be found in the cd booklet.The album should be seen as a true homage to the 12 women she says ‘helpedher become the woman she is’ (Nana Mouskouri, Céline Dion, Maurane,Dalida,.). It contains a unique song called ‘TLFM’ that was written andcomposed by Lara herself. It is the second single on the album, after the song‘Soleil Soleil’.

LARA FABIANTOUTES LES FEMMES EN MOIiographyLara also claims being inspired by other French singers whose songs are notpart of the album though.However, songs like Ginette Reno’s ‘J’ai besoin de parler’ were part of theconcert track list when the tour started in September 2009 in Brussels. FromSeptember 2009 to April 2010, Lara toured in France, Belgium, Switzerland, andRussia to present her show ‘Toutes les femmes en moi font leur show .’All the artists to whom she wanted to pay homage were present at her side onstage thanks to holograms imagined by G Pullicino.The English version of the album is called ‘Every woman in me’ and was recorded shortly after the French one.It pays tribute to some famous English singers (Kate Bush, Diana Ross, BarbaraStreisand, .). However, there is a slight difference between the 2 versions.Indeed, while’TLFM’ was meant to be a mix of miscellaneous music styles,‘EWIM’ was made in a very intimate atmosphere that is a 100% acoustic.The songs were re-orchestrated to make a new version with only Lara’s voiceand a piano.‘EWIM’ is available on Lara’s official website http// and 20 other artists also played an important part in the fight against AIDSthrough singing in the collective ‘if’.What’s more, Lara helped create an album for children called ‘Il était une fois’.This was made on the initiative of Thierry Galy who mainly sings for children.She tells the story of ‘Blanche Neige’ and should come out end 2010 in collaboration with the UNICEF.Lara still has many projects for the next 2 years, like a best-of album, a TLFMlive concert DVD and an album with songs in 4 different languages by the endof 2010.