Owner’s Manualfor theCare and Use ofThe LegendaryGerman Mauser 98K of WWIIin8mm Mauser CaliberMauser: the Crown Jewel of Bolt Action Rifles!This Owner’s Manual should always accompany the rifle and betransferred with it upon change of ownership. Become thoroughlyknowledgeable with the instructions contained here and review theentire booklet each time you intend to use your rifle.This rifle must be thoroughly cleaned before use.Copyright 2006 by Mitchell Manufacturing Corp. Rev 0.9 All rights reserved.

2Bolt TakeDown RingSteelButt PlateFig 1 – Exterior ComponentsSlingSlotMagazineFloor PlateGasShieldSafetyLeverTwo stageMilitary TriggerBolt HandleCut-outCurvedBolt HandleVisible Firing PinCocking ingRear BarrelBandHigh-strengthlaminated StockRange-adjustableRear SightUpperHandguardThis illustration is intended to identify all exterior component partsfor easy reference as you go through this owners manual in detail.Mauser 98K Parts IdentificationCleaningRodBayonetLugFront BarrelBandTakeDownLockPinDrift-adjustableFront Sight

German Mauser K98 RifleCONTENTSResponsibility . 3Congratulations . 4A Little Mauser K98 History. 4Characteristics and General Description. 5Specifications . 6Safety . 7Safety Lever Functions. 7Loading. 9Sights. 9The Correct Sight Picture . 10Trigger . 10Firing. 11Government Safety Warnings . 11Unloading Your Rifle . 12Cleaning Your RifleDisassembly . 12Reassembly . 16Re-Cocking the Bolt . 17Removing the Stock from the Barreled Action . 18ResponsibilityAs a responsible firearms owner, you must read this Owner’sManual thoroughly and become completely comfortable with itbefore you handle your rifle! Then examine your rifle carefully afteryou’ve read this manual and make sure you understand all of thebasics associated with it.Your rifle is well made and will give you a lifetime of reliableservice, security and pride of ownership. You, the owner, must use itintelligently, keep it clean and call us with any questions.3

Congratulations . . . .on your purchase of a world-class rifle representing the leading edge of firearmstechnology in its day. While that day was long ago, the Mauser K98, also called98K, is the basis of virtually all modern bolt-action rifles, even today.German manufacturing involved a coded system to conceal the identity of themany factories that produced the rifles for the German military. In addition, theyear of manufacture is stamped into the receiver ring of every K98 rifle.The Mauser K98 is available in three distinct models. They are:Infantry ModelSS ModelSniper ModelThe Infantry Model has matching serial numbers on all normally numberedparts. It also has German military acceptance marks of various sizes throughoutthe rifle, even on some small parts. The German military was extremelysensitive about quality and had a highly refined quality control system. Afterall, this was intended to be a world-class combat rifle.The SS Model is an Infantry rifle that has special markings and a unique history.These rifles were built by and for the German SS (Gestapo) in the Mauthausanconcentration camp near the Steyr factory in Steyr, Austria. Because captivesbuilt it under close supervision, the Gestapo had extreme quality control overevery step in manufacturing.The Sniper Model K98’s were selected at the final production QC point and thenfitted with a sniper scope. Selection was based on having the tightestmanufacturing tolerances, which would therefore make the most accurate rifles.All three models are operationally identical. Parts are generally interchangeablebetween models, except for the sniper scopes.A Little Mauser K98 History:Much has been written about the genius of Paul Mauser and his brotherWilhelm and their invention of the famous Mauser rifle. It is the forerunner ofvirtually every modern bolt action rifle made in the 20th Century. Many bookshave been written about Mauser rifles. Even today, most bolt action rifles arebased on the principles of the Mauser brothers, regardless of the brand.Your rifle, a Mauser 98K, was built before or during WWII. It wasmanufactured in preparation for a renewed and rearmed German military afterthe Treaty of Versailles was renounced. After the war the production of semiautomatic and full-automatic rifles in Europe then rendered bolt action riflesfunctionally obsolete for the main body of an army. During the long decadessince that time, your rifle was stored in a combat ready condition, just in case.4

German Mauser K98 RifleYour rifle is in near-new condition and shows only ‘garrison marks’. Theseare handling and storage marks accumulated over the years together with thepreservatives of the day that, in some cases, tended to change the hue and wearof the bluing. Over the years the preservative affected the color of the wood indifferent ways so that no two rifles are exactly alike.Your rifle was recently ‘honorably discharged’ from the military and is nowa civilian! The K98 rifle is a very strong rifle, originally designed for the rigorsof combat. As such it provides you with an excellent platform for sporterizingor you can use it for hunting just as it is. Its 8mm Mauser caliber is ballisticallysimilar to our .30-'06 Springfield.It is a functionally new rifle. It has preservative in it and on it.Before use, it must be thoroughly cleaned and examined by you.You must assure that the rifle is clean, complete and normally functional asdescribed in this manual. Please pay particular attention to the section oncleaning your rifle, as well as Safe Handling.As an owner, that responsibility rests with you.Characteristics and General Description of your Rifle:The Mauser 98K is a shoulder mounted, trigger actuated, striker fired,magazine fed, bolt action rifle. It is designed to be fired from the shoulderonly, not in any other position, whether standing, sitting or prone.The rifle is equipped with features that were standard for the time andare still considered ‘advanced’ today. It has, for example, ‘controlled roundfeeding’, a long, heavy claw extractor, two heavy-duty front locking lugsand an additional safety lug built into the rear of the bolt. It also has asuperb gas shield. The long claw extractor serves as a bolt guide along witha built-in bolt guide that is built into the body of the bolt. The bolt body hasgas escape ports to handle cartridge failure. It is generally accepted that ithas the best safety mechanism ever designed. Your rifle is quite possiblythe strongest bolt action rifle ever built.5

Your rifle is now a ‘civilian’ and, as such, is perfect for collecting, targetshooting, big game hunting, or sporterizing. It is a rarity because of itslike-new condition for its age.Note: Some rifle models may come with the original leatheraccessories including a sling, ammunition pouch and belthanger for the bayonet scabbard. The leather is 50 years oldand has varying degrees of color and age marks. You can easilymake it look its best with any good commercial leather cleaner,shoe polish or leather preservative.Your rifle was once a complete battle ready ‘soldier’. It is now a‘civilian’.Rifle Specifications — German K98 Mauser6Action Type:Large Ring Mauser Bolt Action,Striker fired, Magazine fed,with Long Claw Extractor.Action Bedding:Pillar Bedding with locking screwsand Cross-bolt Recoil LugMagazine Capacity:5, with Controlled Round Feeding.Caliber:8mm Mauser (also described as8x57JS Mauser or 7.9mm)Bullet Diameter:0.323”Barrel Length:23½ ”Rifling:4 groves, right twist.Rear Sight:Standard V-notch, adjustable to2,000 Meters.Front Sight:Inverted V, forming aclean sight picture.Stock Material:Oil-resistant Laminated WoodOver-All Length:43.5”Weight:8.9 lbs. /-

German Mauser K98 RifleSafety:Safety is your responsibility and your primary concern. Of course, youknow the basic handling rules governing the use of any firearm.Nevertheless, we repeat them here:1. Never point this rifle at anything you are not willing to destroy, even ifit is not loaded. This rifle fires the powerful 8mm Mauser cartridge.You must know what you’re doing.2. Don’t load or fire this rifle until you are thoroughly familiar with it andall of its handling characteristics. If you don’t understand something orneed to ask a question, please call us.3. Don’t handle or clean this rifle without assuring yourself and thosearound you that the rifle is empty and safe.4. Don’t load your rifle or shoot it until you have examined it completelyand know that it is clean, complete, safe and fully functional.5. Don’t put or keep a live round in the chamber unless the safety is on.6. If you have been drinking or have been using any drugs, prescription ornot, put the rifle away and come back another day. You won’t performto the standard of the rifle, you could get in trouble or, worse yet, hurtyourself or someone near you.This Rifle is NOT a Toy. Be Careful.Safety Lever Functions:Your rifle has one of the most advanced safety mechanisms in existence,even today. It is generally recognized that no other rifle safety is as good,no matter the brand or the cost.The safety lever is located on the top rear of the bolt. It has threepositions; full left, middle and full right.7

1. Fully safe position: Same as the ‘fullright’ position. With the lever easily swungover to the full right position, the riflecannot be fired, and the bolt cannot beopened. The rifle is fully safe.2. Safe-unload position: Same as‘vertical’ or ‘middle’ position. With thelever standing straight up, the rifle cannotbe fired but the bolt can be opened forunloading. If you change your mind andchoose not to shoot, you can safely unloadyou rifle without putting it in the fireposition (unlike many newer designs). Ifyou attempted to fire your rifle in the ‘safeunload’ position, you would quickly see thatthe vertically standing safety lever wouldinterfere with the sights and at the sametime, the trigger is disabled! You have anadvanced hunting rifle, even by today’sstandards!3. Fire position: Same as ‘full left’ position.With the safety lever in the full left position,the rifle is ready to fire. It will fire if thetrigger is pulled.As an added feature, you can tell if yourrifle is ‘cocked’ by just looking at it; withouteven picking it up! Just look at the rear of thebolt and see how far the firing pin baseprotrudes rearward from the gas shield. If itprotrudes about a half inch, you know it iscocked, so be extra careful. If it protrudes onlyone quarter inch, you know it is not cocked.The difference is easy to see or even feel, in thedark.1. Right: Safe & Locked2. Vertical: Safe & Unlocked3. Full Left: FireCaution: A decocked rifle with a live round in the chamber is NOT asafe condition. An accidental blow could fire the rifle. Always usethe safety lever8

German Mauser K98 RifleLoading:There are two ways to load your rifle. Put the safety lever in the straightup (middle) position before you do anything.1. The fastest way to load is to have ammunition on ‘stripper’ clips.Notice that there is a cut-out in the top rear receiver ring designedspecifically for stripper clip loading. With the bolt open, simply fit theloaded clip into the cut-out and then smartly ‘strip’ the cartridges intothe empty magazine as far as you can push them. There is a cutoutprovision in the left rear of the receiver to allow room for your thumb topush the cartridges down into the magazine. The stripper clip will thenbe standing empty. You can lift it out by hand or when you close thebolt, it will be pushed up and out of the rifle.2. The simplest way is to simply open the bolt and push cartridges into themagazine, one at a time. Simple, fairly quick, and very easy.You should practice with the safety lever until you are comfortable andsure of its three positions and how the different positions affect the rifle.When Paul Mauser designed the rifle, he successfully designed it to be'soldier proof ' (which really means combat-ready). You are holding one ofthe most copied designs in the firearms world! Your rifle is extraordinarilyrugged, very accurate, and a joy to own.Sights:The sights of the rifle are adjustable from one hundred meters all theway out to 2,000 meters! In one hundred meter increments. At its rearmostsetting the sight is set for one hundred meters. This is an ideal setting forhunting with open sights. For longer ranges, the sight can be adjustedsimply by squeezing the two locking lugs together and sliding the sight upits ramp to the desired distance. At ranges beyond 200 yards, the rifle andthe cartridge will perform admirably well, but you won’t. The human eyejust can’t cut it for game animals or silhouette shooting without opticalassistance at that distance.The front sight provides you with 'windage adjustment'. In reality you'lluse "Kentucky windage" once you set the front and rear sights in the wayyou l