Moving to Web User Interface and SAPProduct Lifecycle ManagementJames Hodgins, Business Process Lead, Cognex CorporationJody Derick, Manager, CapgeminiSession ID # ASUG83947May 7 – 9, 2019

About the SpeakersJames HodginsJody Derick Business Process Lead,Cognex Business background inQuality and Leanmanufacturing, 14 years inCognex Running 4 Marathons thisyear PP? Manager, Capgemini Over 20 years of experienceimplementing and supportingSAP Not running any Marathons,but will run a few 5Ks

Key Outcomes/Objectives1. How we configured the go live system2. Explain our frustration with the go livesystem and what we learned3. Describe our short term improvements andlong term plan

Agenda1. Provide an overview of the PLM Web UIimplementation2. Walk through the evolution of PLM Web UIfunctionality improvements3. Proposed transition to Product StructureManagement (PSM)

The world’s leading provider of vision systems, software and industrialbarcode readers used in manufacturing automation.Cognex vision helps companies improve product quality, eliminate productionerrors, lower manufacturing costs, and exceed consumer expectations forhigh quality products at an affordable price. Typical applications for machinevision include detecting defects, monitoring production lines, guidingassembly robots, and tracking, sorting and identifying parts.Cognex serves an international customer base from offices locatedthroughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, and through a global network ofintegration and distribution partners. The company is headquartered close toBoston in Natick, Massachusetts, USA.2018 employees 15002018 Revenue 806 million

A global leader in consulting, technology services and digitaltransformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation toaddress the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in theevolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on itsstrong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise,Capgemini enables organizations to realize their businessambitions through an array of services from strategy tooperations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that thebusiness value of technology comes from and through people. Itis a multicultural company of 200,000 team members in over40 countries. The Group reported 2016 global revenues of EUR12.5 billion.Learn more about us

SAP Implementation scopeSAP version 1610Standard SAP streamsFTM - Finance to ManageOTC - Order to CashDTS – Demand to SupplyPTP – Procure to PaySTC – Service to CashAdditional modulesPLM – Product Life cycleManagementGTS – Global Trade SolutionBI – Business IntelligenceImplementation teamCognex – 22 : 6 Data, 4 Peoplesoft, 8 Business leads, 1 BI, 2 Infrastructure, 2PMO ( 25 Superusers to support testing and training)Capgemini - 22 : 7 Stream leads, 1 BI, 5 Data/Development, 3 PMO, 8Remote support

Product Lifecycle Management at Cognex Cognex is Engineering driven: success is dependent on the ability to providemultiple innovative products to the market every year.Engineering focuses on developing new products and enhancing existingproducts through the product lifecycle.PLM is where we create/manage our newMaterials, BOM and Documentation.Early lifecycle changes are tracked byrevision and later lifecycle statuses arechanged with an ECR.These critical objects are ChangeControlled via the workflow process andapproved with an Engineering “change”Record (ECR).Lifecycle DescriptionStatus10Unreleased20In Design30New Production40Released to Manufacture50Not Intended For New Applications60Last Time Buy70Obsolete80Deprecated

Arena PLM transition to SAPArena PLM went live 5 yearsago. It supported the growth of thecompany from 400 to 806 million. Itmanaged the following for 7 Engineeringsites,2 Distribution sites, 1 New productsmanufacturing site and as well as manymarketing and sales teams. New part/BOM creations Sourcing/approved manufacturers Document management Change control process Supplier collaboration (ArenaExchange)Capgemini proposed the use of Change masterand Material Master Data management as thereplacement for Arena PLM. It became clearthat these standard functions in SAP were notequivalent to what Arena provided and a bettersolution was required. Material master, Documents and Changemaster are separate. Material BOM’s and Materials areseparate, BOM’s do not have redline. Core SAP workflow for change master toomuch for go live.

PLM design analogyIs SAAS system sothere is very littlerequired to get thesystem built. Thefire station is builtby them and youget limitedinstructions toconfigure thesystem.SAP PLM does not have instructions, you aregiven a box of bricks to build whatever youwant, there are many configuration options.Having the knowledge of all the possibleconfigurations is critical. Not many peopleunderstand all the possible options.

Summary of PLM Web UI FunctionalityMaterials Basic data and Classification views Revisions To support the HERS Material type in PLM Web UI, a customdevelopment was required to support InternalNumber Assignment, allowing the linking of multipleManufacturer parts to a MaterialMaterial BOM Group BOM maintained through PLM BOM RedlinesDocuments Linked to Materials and other Documents Versions and Revisions

Summary of PLM Web UI FunctionalityEngineering Record Status profile to track ECR creation, approval, and implementation Automatic generation of change master based on status Embedded workflow functionality with easy start of approval process Auto Global Process Route assignment Auto Status Determination using BRF Approval or Rejection Decisions Send Email notificationsGlobal Process Route Templates Sequential and Parallel approval tasks Decisions defined for each approval task Approval Task assigned to a Position User ids assigned to the Position (in Organizational Management)Functionality was implemented via configuration settings, withoutadditional development effort

Arena and SAP WorkflowKey Workflow process Manual alApprovedEffectiveCancelled15-ECO Rework/RejectJuly ’18toFeb ‘1910-ECOInquiry(Initial)20-ECOSubmitted forApproval30-ECOApproved60-ECO Cancelled40-ECO InProcess50-ECOCompletedComplete

BADFunctionality lost when moving to SAPP Working revision used to take a copy of an object which is then redlined to describe the change and applyPSMthe change. {Only implemented for Material BOM redlining in SAP}Use excel template to list the changes that the requestor wants to make. This is also the instruction toDocumentation control to follow when keying the change.P Ability to prevent modifications to Objects that are on an Engineering Change Record (ECR). These should be lockeduntil the ECR is completed or rejected.PSMManual request to engineers not to change objects on ECR’s. Not a reliable solution.No BOM upload tool.Capgemini had to create custom code to create an upload tool to allow Cognex to import BOM’s from ECAD intoSAP/PLM.The Supplier collaboration tool for PLM/cFolders was removed from S4 Hana.Cognex created a BOM export to export a BOM with the relevant information out of SAP into an excel file that could beshared with suppliers. All Documents required will be put into a Zip file with the BOM to give the supplier all theinformation they require. Manual process to collect all the data required.P Document revision not linked to material revisions.PSMModified configuration to show documents based on validity date. Dates have to match material validity.

UGLYFunctionality not in PLM but in SAPP BOM compare – Moved T-code to PLM GUI after go-live.P Multilevel where used. - Moved T-code to PLM GUI after go-live.Mass changeManual implementation of changes after the ECR has been approved.(All of these lead to extra processing time and increase the risk of error)BOM redlines need to be manually “Applied”Any change to a MaterialPAny change to a ManufacturerPSMAny change to a DocumentMaster DataData must be maintained across Sales Orgs, Distribution and Plants. Extra headcount required to manage this.External data collection tool developed by Cognex to collect Master Data information.GUISince PLM is a broad platform there are a lot of redundant fields and data/options that are not required byCognex. This confuses users and leads to errors.There is a lot of duplication on different screen and more than one was to view it. Display material and Objectnavigator for example.The Global process route names used by the ECR creator does not get stored or displayed after use.

Go-Live Experience Engineers did not like the GUI and felt that the system increased the time they spend in PLM by 30%. Many fieldsdisplayed were not required, very little error proofing build into the system, fields did not default standard values,many screens needed where one screen did all in Arena. The amount of time taken to process ECR’s from Doc Control review toapproval to completion increased from an average of 10 days to a peakof 26 and average of 19 down to 12 after the workflow improvements. The Global process route used to send ECR for approval was no longerdisplayed once it was used. 40% of ECRs were rejected initially andusers had to remember the process route they used whenresubmitting. We have 253 global process routes. Auto Status Determination BRF was turned off due to incorrectProcess Route creation which resulted in workflow errors and ECR’srequiring help from IT to restart the process. Users found that history and traceability to changes were not consistent or reliable. Documents (DIRs) were not linked tomaterial revisions, changes to characteristics were not linked to revisions. In general the PLM experience was very negative and was escalated to CEO level. Extra resources were added: oneConsultant with SAP PLM experience and one SAP PLM employee who was involved in the design of PLM WEB UI.

Improvements to PLM Web UI GUI Improvements Unnecessary fields were hidden Removed entries from the menu and added transactions Default values were set for key fields Engineering Record (ECR) Improvements Class Name and Cross Plant status was added to the ECR Material Object ECR email revised to include the description of the ECR in the subject Added a Display button to Workflow Inbox to prevent Executing the work item when wanting toview only Activated Forward and Substitution functionality for workflow reviewers System Structure Additional Engineering Record Status added to take advantage of processing built into standardBADI for preventing an object from being on more than one ECR at a time

Arena and SAP WorkflowFeb ‘19Key Workflow process Manual process

Improvements to PLM Web UI Update to Approval Processing All status levels added to workflow approval Automatic status determination re-activated Visual Status Map added with current statushighlighted Process route determination via Classification Global Process Route Template captured forautomatic process route determination after arejection Rejection routing automatically to the ECR originator As an administrator, ability to forward the ECR for approvalat any step in the process route Remove the background tasks from the Team Definition tab Addition of a Process Route Log to see any workflow errorsImprovements were made through a combination of configurationsettings and leveraging the BADI's available in PLM for customdevelopment


The blocks that Cognex used.Global ProcessrouteMaterialChangenumberMaterial BOMMFG PartsRevisionComponent *Cross plantstatusAssembly esObjectNavigatorER statusClassificationNode *CharacteristicsAVL ** Black blocksare to be usedin the nextphase of ourproject to addPSMfunctionality

What’s Next ? – Use more PLM Lego blockAdd the Product Structure Management (PSM) functionality to the PLM setup. PSMimplementation will require master data conversion and configuration changes to removefunctionality from PLM and the modification of custom programs to work with PSM Manufacture workspace Engineering workspace Engineering Record is required to move a Engineering Materials, BOM’s andmaterial from PSM into PLM toDocumentsEngineeringmake it available for general Multiple revisions controlled by statusRecordERP use Full historical structure maintainedand traceable Remove the ability to “Create or Change” Single screen navigation for thein PLM. All creation and change is in PSMmajority of function Engineering Record management is stillpart of PLM

Product Structure Management

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AppendixAdditional implementation details are provided forreference

Enhancements Activated Easy start of approval process(Logistics – General PLM CaseManagement Set Status Administration Create Status Profile)In the Status Profile definition,removing the Event for Case"In Process" added the StartApproval option Process Route and TeamDefinition BADI's activated(Logistics – General PLM PLM Web UserInterface Objects in PLM Web UI ProcessRoute Additional Settings)

Configuration Activities and Decisionsdefined for Process Routetasks(Logistics – General PLM PLM WebUser Interface Objects in PLM Web UI Process Route Define and Assign Decisions) Background services definedfor changing ER status basedon task in Process Route(Logistics – General