GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesPREFACEThe method of hand-to-hand fighting described in this book is the approvedstandard instruction for all members of His Majesty's forces. The Commandos, andparachute troops, harrying the invasion coasts of Europe, have been thoroughlytrained in its use. Britain's two-million Home Guard are daily being instructed in itssimple but terrible effectiveness. The units of the United States Marine Corps whowere stationed in China between 1927 and 1940 learned these methods at my ownhands when I was Assistant Commissioner of the Shanghai Municipal Police.There will be some who will be shocked by the methods advocated here. To them Isay "In war you cannot afford the luxury of squeamishness. Either you kill orcapture, or you will be captured or killed. We've got to be tough to win, and we'vegot to be ruthless - tougher and more ruthless than our enemies."It is not the armed forces of the United Nations alone who can profit by learninghow to win in hand-to-hand fighting. Every civilian, man or woman, who ever walksa deserted road at mid-night, or goes in fear of his life in the dark places of a city,should acquaint himself with these methods. Once mastered, they will instill thecourage and self-confidence that come with the sure knowledge that you are themaster of any dangerous situation with which you may have to cope.The methods described in this book I have carefully worked out and developed overa period of many years. They owe something to the famous Japanese judo (jiu-jutsu),and something else to Chinese boxing. But, largely, they were developed from myown experience and observation of how most effectively to deal with the ruffians,thugs, bandits, and bullies of one of the roughest water-front areas in the world.Although every method described in the following pages is practicable - and soproved by the author and his students by years of experience, it is not essential tomaster them all. I suggest that at first you select about ten which, for reasons ofyour height, weight, build, etc., seem most suitable, and specialize in masteringthese thoroughly.*Do not consider yourself an expert until you can carry out every movementinstinctively and automatically. Until then, spend at least ten minutes daily inpractice with a friend. At first, practice every movement slowly and smoothly. Thengradually increase your speed until every movement can be executed with lightningrapidity.I should like in conclusion to give a word of warning. Almost every one of thesemethods, applied vigorously and without restraint, will result, if not in the death,then certainly in the maiming of your opponent. Extreme caution, then, should beW.E. FAIRBAIRN22

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed Forcesexercised in practice, care being taken never to give a blow with full force or a gripwith maximum pressure. But, once closed with your enemy, give even'' ounce ofeffort you can muster, and victory will tie yours.CAPTAIN W. E. FAIRBAIRN* The author will be glad to answer questions from readers concerning the execution of themethods described in this book. Address the author in care of the publisher, enclosing a selfaddressed stamped envelope.W.E. FAIRBAIRN33

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesCONTENTSBLOWS1 Edge-of-the-Hand2 Chin Jab3 Boot (Side Kick)3A Boot Defense3B Boot ("Bronco Kick")4 KneeRELEASES5 From a Wrist Hold (One Hand)5A. From a Wrist Hold (Two Hands)6 From a Strangle Hold (One Hand)6A From a Strangle Hold (Two Hands)7 From a Bear Hug (Front, Over the Arms) .7 A From a Bear Hug (Front, Over the Arms) alternative release8 From a Bear Hug (Front, Arms Free)9 From a Bear Hug (Back, Over the Arms)9A From a Bear Hug (Back, over the Arms) alternative release10 From a Bear Hug (Back, Arms Free)11 From a Hair Hold (Back)HOLDS12 Thumb Hold12 Thumb Hold (cont.)13 Sentry Hold13 Sentry Hold (cont.)14 Japanese Strangle Hold14A Japanese Strangle Hold Applied from in Front15 Handcuff Hold16 Bent-Arm Hold17 Head HoldTHROWS18 Hip Throw19 Wrist Throw20 Back BreakW.E. FAIRBAIRN44

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesMISCELLANEOUS ADVICE21 Chair and Knife22 The Match-Box Attack23 Smacking the Ears24 The Art of Getting Up from the Ground24A Getting Up from the Ground (Backwards)25 Attack with a Small Stick or Cane25 Attack with a Small Stick or Cane (cont.)25 Attack with a Small Stick or Cane (concl.)26 Various Methods of Securing a Prisoner26 A - From the Handcuff Hold26 B -"The Grape Vine"26 C - The Chair26 D - A Substitute for Handcuffs27 Break-Aways from "Come-Along" Grips27 A - Your Opponent Has Hold of You as in Fig. 10827 B - Your Opponent Has Hold of You as in Fig. 109USE OF THE KNIFE28 Use of the Knife28 Use of the Knife (cont.)28 Use of the Knife (concl.)THE SMATCHET29 The Smatchet (Carrying, Drawing, and Holding)29 The Smatchet (Close-in Blows)29 The Smatchet (Attacking Blows)DISARMING AN OPPONENT OF HIS PISTOL30 Disarming an Opponent of His Pistol30 A - Disarming from in Front30 B - Disarming from in Front (Alternative Method)30 C - Disarming from Behind30 D - Disarming from Behind (Alternative Method)30 E - Disarming a Third PartyW.E. FAIRBAIRN55

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesBLOWSNO. 1 - EDGE-OF-THE-HANDDeliver edge-the-hand blows with the inner(i.e., little-finger) edge e hand, fingersstraight and close together, thumb extended.Contact is made with the edge only, abouthalf-way between the knuckle of the littlefinger and the wrist, as shown in Fig. 1.1. Deliver the blow with a bent arm(never with a straight arm), using achopping action from the elbow, withthe weight of the body behind it.Practice by striking the open palm ofyour left hand, as in Fig. 2.2. There are two ways in which this blowcan be delivered:(a) Downwards, with either hand;(b) Across, with cither hand; the blowalways being delivered outwards, withthe palm of the hand downwards,never on top (Fig. 3).3. Attack the following points on your opponent's body, delivering every blowas quickly as possible:(a) The sides or back of the wrist;(b) The forearm, half-way between the wrist and elbow;(c) The biceps;(d) The sides or back of the neck;(e) Just below the "Adam's apple";(f) The kidneys or base of the spine.Note. - If your opponent catches hold of you, strike his wrist or forearm; a fracture will mostlikely result. This would be almost impossible with a blow from a clenched fist.NO. 2 - CHIN JABDeliver this blow with the heel of your hand, full force, with the weight of yourbody behind it, and fingers spread so as to reach your opponent's eyes, as in Fig. 4.Always aim at the point of your opponent's chin (Fig. 5)W.E. FAIRBAIRN66

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesDeliver the blow upwards from a bent arm and only when close to your opponent.The distance the blow will have to travel will depend on the height of youropponent, but will seldom exceed six inches.Never draw your hand back, thus signaling your intention of striking. From start tofinish, make every movement as quickly as possible.Remember that an attack, or an attempt to attack, with the knee at your opponent'stesticles will always bring his chin forward and down.Note.- Practice this blow as follows: Hold your left hand at the height of your own chin,palm downwards; jab up quickly with your right, striking your left hand, as in Fig. 6.NO. 3 - BOOT (SIDE KICK)With a few exceptions, you should alwayskick sideways, for you are thus able to putmore force behind your blow and can, ifnecessary, reach farther.1. Turn your right side to youropponent, putting the weight ofyour body on your left foot.Bending your left leg slightly fromyour knee, raise your right foot twoto four inches off the ground, as inFig. 7. Shoot your right footoutwards and upwards to yourW.E. FAIRBAIRN77

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed Forcesright, aiming to strike your opponent's leg just below the knee-cap.2. Follow the blow through, scraping down your opponent's shin with the edgeof your boot from the knee to the instep, finishing up with all your weight onyour right foot, smashing the small bones of his foot. If necessary, follow upwith a chin jab with your left hand (Fig. 8).Note. - Where the kick is to be made with the left foot, reverse the above.NO. 3A - BOOT DEFENSEYour opponent has seized youaround the body from in front,pinning your arms to your sides.1. Having put your weight onone foot, raise the other andscrape your opponent'sshinbone downwards fromabout half way from the knee,finishing up with a smashingblow on his foot (Fig. 9).2. An alternative method to Fig.9, permitting you to use theinner edge of the boot, isshown in Fig. 10.Note A. - Whether you should use the outside or inside of your boot will depend upon how theweight of your body is distributed at the time. Provided that you are equally balanced on bothfeet, you can use either; otherwise, use the one opposite to that on which you have your weight.Note B. - lf seized from behind, stamp on your opponent's foot with the heel of either boot,turning quickly and following up with a chin jab with either hand.NO. 3B - BOOT ("BRONCO KICK")Your opponent is lying on the ground.1. Take a flying jump at your opponent, drawing your feet up by bending yourknees, at the same time keeping your feet close together (Fig. 11)W.E. FAIRBAIRN88

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed Forces2. When your feet are approximatelyeight inches above your opponent'sbody, shoot your legs out straight,driving both of your boots into hisbody, and smash him.Note. - It is almost impossible for youropponent to parry a kick made in this manner,and, in addition, it immediately puts him onthe defensive, leaving him only the alternativeof rolling away from you in an attempt toescape. Further, although he may attempt toprotect his body with his arms, the weight ofyour body (say 150 pounds), plus the impetusof your flying jump (say another 150 pounds),will drive your heels into your opponent's bodywith such terrific force that you will almostcertainly kill him. Steel heel-plates on yourboots will make his attack even more effective.Practice this kick on a dummy figure or on the grass as in Fig. 12.NO. 4 - KNEEThis blow can be delivered onlywhen you are very close to youropponent.1. Putting the weight ofyour body on one leg,bend the knee of the otherby drawing your heelslightly backwards, anddrive your knee quicklyupwards into youropponent's testicles (Fig.13).Note. - This blow is frequently usedto bring your opponent into a morefavorable position for applying thechin jab (Fig. 14).W.E. FAIRBAIRN99

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesRELEASESNO. 5 - FROM A WRIST HOLD (ONE HAND)1.You are seized by the right wrist, as in Fig. 15. Bend your wrist and armtowards your body, twisting your wrist outwards against your opponent'sthumb (Fig. 16).Note A. - This must be accomplished with one rapid and continuous motion.Note B. - No matter with which hand your opponent seizes either of your wrists, theimportant thing to remember is to twist your wrist against his thumb.NO. 5A - FROM A WRIST HOLD (TWO HANDS)1. You are seized by the left wrist, by two hands, as in Fig. 17, your opponent'sthumbs being on top. Reach over and catch hold of your hand with your right.Pull your left hand sharply towards your body, against his thumbs (Fig. 18).Note A. - The pressure on his thumbs, which is slightly upwards and then downwards, willforce him to release his hold immediately.Note B. - Follow up with chin jab, edge-of-the-hand, or knee kick to the testicles.Should your opponent seize you as in Fig. 19 (his thumbs underneath), pass your right handunder and catch hold of your left hand as in Fig. 20. Pull down sharply towards you.W.E. FAIRBAIRN1010

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesNO. 6 - FROM A STRANGLE HOLD (ONE HAND)You are seized by the throat, as in Fig. 21, and forced back against a wall.1.With a smashing blow with the edge of your right hand, strike youropponent's right wrist towards your left-hand side. Follow up with a kneekick to his testicles (Fig. 22).W.E. FAIRBAIRN1111

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesNO. 6A - FROM A STRANGLE HOLD (TWO HANDS)You are seized from in front by the throat, as in Fig. 23.1. With your left hand seize your opponent's right elbow from underneath, yourthumb to the right.2. With your right hand, reach over his arms and seize his right wrist (Fig. 24).3. With your right arm apply pressure downwards on his left arm; at the sametime, with a circular upward morion of your left hand, force his elbow towardsyour right side. This will break his hold of your throat and put him offbalance (Fig. 25).4. Keeping a firm grip with both hands, turn rapidly towards your right-handside by bringing your right leg to your right rear. Follow up with edge-ofthe-hand blow on his right elbow (Fig. 26).Note. - All the above movements must be one rapid and continuous motion.W.E. FAIRBAIRN1212

GET TOUGH!How To Win In Hand-To-Hand FightingAs Taught To The British Commandos And The U.S. Armed ForcesNO. 7 - FROM A BEAR HUG (FRONT. OVER THE ARMS)You are gripped around the waist (Fig. 27).1. Knee your opponent in the testicles.2. With the outer or inner edge of either boot, scrapehis shin-bone from about half way from the knee andfollow thr