We deploy straightforward, effective andsecure Voice solutions. These are based onInternet Protocol (IP), literally plugging intoyour business.Our Voice solutions are tailor-made to fit yourbudget and organisation size.Voice

Voice Over Internet ProtocolGet VoIP For Reduced Call Rates And Increased CapacityVoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol (IP). It simply means sending voice calls over the Internet as opposedto traditional telephone lines. For the user it feels exactly the same as making a conventional call.VoIP connects you affordably, irrespective of the caller or recipients location or distance.We have direct connection agreements with other telephony service providers.You therefore receive reduced call rates which in turn save you money on your overall telephony costs.Cost ityReduced telephonebills. We also billper secondfrom the firstsecond.Increase anddecrease telephonycapacity by usingsoftware andbandwidth.Additional callcapacity canbe added byincreasingthe size ofthe Internet line.We have threevoice distributioncentres. Connect toto the closestfor the bestquality.For a completeVoIP solution,Our IP PBXand VPBXis Voice-ready.

VoIP Features and BenefitsFree Number Porting. You can port yourcurrent geographic number from any networkto BitCo VoiceNumber for Life. Our numbers are issued forlife, no matter which company supplies yourconnectivityUnlimited Channels. SIP/E1/BRI/AnalogueSupportedRedundancy - Automatic failover in theevent of a failure (In cases where anIP PBX is installed, and connected toPSTN lines)We are a proud participant of Geographic Number Porting. You can move your telephone account to uswithout having to change your existing geographic telephone number. We offer this service free ofcharge to direct clients with less than 100 consecutive numbers. Number porting is an additionalbilled service available to our wholesale partners.

Feature Rich, System Ready Web Based PBXAn IP PBX is a switchboard or Private Branch Exchange which uses Internet Protocol. It is aserver which uses your Internet Connection to route all your incoming and outgoing calls.Your customers can get hold of the right person immediately. Routing can be based on anymeans you choose: time, skills or hunting.You can either use your existing Internet Connection or we can assist you with setting up aFibre or Wireless Solution at your premises. Additional features of the PBX can be installedremotely with a click of a button. This means no costly call out fees when you want tomake changes on your PBX

Reduce Capex Spend. Get a Virtual PBX.Get all the feature rich functionality without the clutter and pain of having an on-site PBX solution.You not only save on capital hardware costs, but automatically get the reliability of having yourtelephony system in the cloud.Self ManagedRedundant ConnectivityReduce Capex SpendTop Level LocationIVR and CallReportingCall Reportingand Billing ReportsSimple and FastSetupScalable andCustimisableOur VPBX means that your calls divert to ourdata centres. We use our secure technology tore-route the call and direct it appropriately. Thissolution can provide you with a range of featuresnot available on a traditional PBX. It is softwarebased, therefore installation is relatively quickand easy. It works with most VoIP and SIPcompliant IP phones or analogue phones.

VoIP GatewayEnjoy the cost saving benefits of routing yourVoice calls via BitCo without having to purchasea new PBX with a VoIP Gateway.A VoIP Gateway is a device which convertstelephony traffic from analogue to digital.Telephone calls are converted to digital packets,enabling telephone calls to transport over alocal area network (LAN) or other IP-basednetwork.Using our VoIP Gateway, all your outgoing callswill be routed to BitCo Voice (BitCo’s Voice overIP solution) without having to change yourcurrent PBX system. Our solution has proven tobe interoperable with all major soft switchesand SIP-PBX brands.Uncapped VoicePhones and ConferencingFixed Voice solutions that are tailor-made to fit your budgetand organisation size. Our premium services makecommunication work for you by saving on call costs by fixingyour spend. Fixed rates save you money on your overalltelephony costs.Our wide range of high quality Internet Protocol (IP) telephonesand conferencing phones offer a large number of functions. They offervarious levels of sophistication and security, whilst still keepingbusiness communication simple and efficient.Brands: Yealink, Polycom and i-Serve.

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