Since 1960FAMILY OWNED & OPERATEDBRIAN'SBuy of the Week1499Father’s Day is June 20th20” 3 Speed Box Fan1571-3000 Reg. 19.994999969942999Sportsman 1100Pellet Grill20 Lb. Grilling PelletsManufacturer may vary. MHCCompetition,Hickory, MesquiteBlend, Cherry, Apple Blend,Pecan Blend, Char-Hickory Blend.7436-0000-2002 Reg. 8.99Sportsman 820 Pellet Grill7129-2703 Reg. 549.997129-2702 Reg. 469.999999992.5 Gallon, 1.75HP Wet/Dry Vac97-0206, 64390-0003 Reg. 159.99- 169.9920%OFFAll Wallets and Belts In StockStarting at 16.99199927YOUR CHOICE20V Max Compact BrushlessDrill/Driver or M18 Lithium-IonCompact Brushless 1/2”Drill/Driver Kit3215-3000 Reg. 34.995500 Lumen LinkableShop LightLink up to 7 additional units.3435-0003 Reg. 24.992049488-ASST. Starting at 74.959256-0500-0559 Reg. 5.99%99OFFMen’s & Ladies’ Driving MocsReal Ranch Pocket TeesMORESPORTING GOODSDEALS ON PG 4!487312-1701 Reg. 5.997312-1702 Reg. 9.99996” Fillet Knife199950 Lb. Bacon FlavoredMaintenance Dog Food3221-0250996.5” Aluminum Fishing Pliers179950 Lb. Chicken and Ricewith Vegetables Dog Food3221-0026 Reg. 19.9912 Days of Savings1799Wooden Fishing Rod RackContents not included.7543-1800 Reg. 19.99129940 Lb. Egg Maximizer665-545410%OFFAll Fishing Reels In StockASST599Hatchery’s ChoiceStraight Run Guineas973-0355Prices GoodJune 9th - June 20th

LAWN & GARDEN511175399-1007 Reg. 6.99189-5079 Reg. 12.996045-1025 Reg. 19.9999994932 Oz. Ready to SprayInsect Killer for LawnsAmdro Quick KillMosquito Fogger169932 Oz. Groundclear SuperConcentrate520-4841 Reg. 19.99128 Oz. Carpenter Ant andTermite Killer1120 Lb. Sevin Lawn Granules5084-0139 Reg. 12.99423/4” X 75 Ft. Farm Hose297-0031 Reg. 46.99678-3089 Reg. 15.99297-0428 Reg. 39.996504-2223 Reg. 12.9918 Hole MetalOscillating Sprinkler34966045-1015 Reg. 6.991739-0020 Reg. 7.99993 Oz. 9 Pack Liquid Ant Baits520-8467 Reg. 13.9910599131.1 Gallon Home Defense Insect Killerwith Battery Powered Wand995/8” X 50 Ft. GoodyearHi-Vis Rubber Hose2 Pack Fruit Fly Trap252-0056 Reg. 25.99993699994 Lb. Bromethalin Bait Chunx1199992299YOUR CHOICE32 Oz. Pro or 360 Sprayer360 sprays at any angle.6045-1009, 1011 Reg. 3.991 Qt. Tordon Ready to UseStump Killer10998 Pattern Zinc Turret Sprinkler6504-2265 Reg. 12.996991 Gallon Poly Sprayer155-0119 Reg. 2105-000699998,000 BTU Air Conditioner212,000 BTU Air Conditioner9918,000 BTU Air Conditioner9925,000 BTU Air ConditionerORDER ONLINE AT ATWOODS.COM

GRILLING & CAMPING999899Chimney StyleCharcoal StarterSuckle BustersBBQ Rubs3698-0385 Reg. 11.9997267-7800-7808, 7812-7814 Reg. 9.999912994999 Jalapeno PepperRoasting Rack20 Lb. Hardwood LumpCharcoalAussie Walk-A-BoutCharcoal Grill3698-0005 Reg. 11.99319-0011 Reg. 14.99219-000119932 Oz. Charcoal Lighter Fluid2527-0000 Reg. 2.2958319-0001, 0002, 0016319-0022-00249979 99570 Cu. In. Mesquite, Hickory orOak Cooking ChunksBBQ Lighter884-0152 Reg. 99 549 Cu. In. Apple, Cherry orMaple Cooking Chunks2699449Jack Daniels Smoking Chips319-0008 Reg. 4.99719Contents not included.6600-1806 Reg. 9.99Magenta, Glacier Blue, or Graphite.7068-0005, 0007, 0012 Reg. 24.999999BBQ Smoker BoxPatio Shield Mosquito Repeller98Not available in Altus, Hope, Lonoke, or Alma.143-0079 Reg. 11.99Not available in Altus, Hope, Lonoke, or Alma.143-0029 Reg. 10.999979912” Kerosene Lantern2391-0015 Reg. 9.99Patio Shield Mosquito Torchwith 15 Ft. Protection Zone9964 Oz. TST Hibiscus BreezeRV Holding Tank Chemical15 Pack TST OrangeRV Toilet Drop-InsIncludes 1 reusable LED torch, 5 polepieces, 1 outdoor cap, and 12 hours ofrefills, 3 repellent mats and 1 fuelcartridge. Requires 3 AA-batteries(not included). 7068-00064 Pack Fuel Cartridges with 12Repellent Mats. 19.9948 hour protection and 15 ft zone. 2985-0153599920” Fryer with Pan & Basket6255-0001COOLING219916” Pedestal Fan or20” 5 Blade Air Circulator1571-3002, 3003549920” High Velocity Air Circulator Fan7328-2059649918” High VelocityWall Mount Fan52-3000IN STORE OR CURBSIDE PICK UP1999930” Direct Drive Barrel Fan222-00113

SPORTING GOODSIncludeslid.Includeslid.76924Color may vary. 7300-ASST. Reg. 9.99Color may vary. 7300-ASST. Reg. 9.99Color may vary. 7300-ASST. Reg. 12.99Color may vary. 7300-ASST. Reg. 29.9999999920 Oz. Insulated Tumbler9932 Oz. Insulated Bottle12 Oz. Insulated Mug1 Gallon Insulated Jug14999SBR Full Auto BB Gun2680-1802 Reg. 159.99Bucket soldseparately.4999Fish & Game Table7430-0001 Reg. 59.995499ATWOODS5 GallonBucket. 2.99- 3.99Pink, white, camo, or red.2483-3001, 6002-0169,0305, 7002-30008499Glock 19 BB Gun3247-0007 Reg. 59.99Syrix BB Gun3247-0002 Reg. 89.992949179074-0193 Reg. 34.999074-0196 Reg. 59.992080-0002 Reg. 19.999999Suspension NXT multi-tool59999Principle Fixed Blade KnifeMicrostream Pocket Flashlight19YOUR CHOICEPistol Case6800-6075 Reg. 22.99Black or Coyote Brown.2080-0011, 0012 Reg. 49.9934Black or camo.274-0727 , 0726 Reg. 16.99274-0846 Reg. 39.9910 X 25 Binocular42” Tactical Rifle CaseBlack or FDE.6800-6056-6059 Reg. 6.99YOUR CHOICEPolytac X Flashlight12999944999916 X 32 2.0Powerview BinocularSAVE 1001299.50Cal Green Steel Ammo Can7024-0100 Reg. 14.9939999349Plastic Ammo Can2960-0010 Reg. 4.994Kodiak 40 Gun Safe55”H X 29”W X 20”DFire rating: 30 min at 1400 F.Contents not included.7236-7640 Reg. 499.99ORDER ONLINE AT ATWOODS.COM

APPAREL2699Men’s Twill Work Shirt5207-ASST.1999Men’s Cowboy Cut Jean44Extended Sizes. 21.995207-6819-689099Men’s AdvancedComfort Jean5202-ASST.2999Men’s Denim Western Work Shirt5202-6237-6243STARTING AT2499STARTING AT799Men’s Carhartt Short SleevePlaid Shirts2136-ASST.Men’s Graphic Tees15%OFFAll Hanes Items In Stock8224-ASST. Reg. 12.998427-ASST.69912 Pack White Knit Gloves783-0516, 0532, 13661099Men’s 12 Pack Socks3052-0413 Reg. 12.995 OFFAll Round House OverallsIn Stock653-1052-1829 Starting at 29.99Ladies’ Tug Free Tees & Tanks (Need Ad Slick )800-0243-0350, 1100-3005-3040 Reg. 9.99IN STORE OR CURBSIDE PICK UP5

YOUR FATHER’S DAY TOOL DESTINATIONSAVE 502099*Battery not included. Pricing good in store only.97-0207 Reg. 159.9999%OFFSAVE 6020V 1/4” Brushless Impact Driver KitSelect DeWALT Bare* Tools In Stock1999920V Max Grease Gun Kit97-0090 Reg. 249.99SAVE 50129992999Tough System 22”Small or Medium Tool Box97-8269, 8272 Reg. 44.99- 57.99Tough System 22”Mobile Tool Box. 59.9997-8278 Reg. 114.991599920V Max 5.O AhBattery 2 Pack97-0008 Reg. 189.99399920V Max 3/8” Cordless Drill97-9011 Reg. 59.9920V Max 4 Pc. CordlessPower Tool KitIncludes LDX120 Drill/Driver, BDCCS20Circular Saw, BDCR20 ReciprocatingSaw, BDCF20 Work Light, 2 LBXR20 20VMax Lith-Ion Batteries, Battery Charger,Double Ended Bit, 5.5” Circular Saw blade,Reciprocating Saw Blade. 97-9012 Reg. 179.99SAVE 70SAVE 801449991293215-6001 Reg. 21.993215-7056 Reg. 79.993215-7062 Reg. 179.993215-7063 Reg. 199.9999998 Pc. Bi-MaterialScrewdriver Set51 Pc. Gunmetal MechanicsTool Set99159 Pc. Standard/MetricChrome Mechanics Tool Set54125683-0185 Reg. 6.99170-0574 Reg. 5.9997-9008 Reg. 14.99999925 Ft. X 1” Measuring Tape6” Slip Joint Plier1594034-3620Non-Linkable. 3435-0001 Reg. 11.99999925 Ft. 16/3 Blue Trouble Light64000 Lumen Shop Light99Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver99189 Pc. Standard/MetricChrome Mechanics Tool Set29991200 Lumen LEDCordless Drop Light8074-0001 Reg. 34.9939694264-2000 Reg. 49.994259-3006 Reg. 79.999930 Ft. 16/3 RetractableCord Reel9940 Ft. 12/3 RetractableCord ReelORDER ONLINE AT ATWOODS.COM

POWER EQUIPMENT & TOOLSMILWAUKEE AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER INOUR WOODWARD, HOPE, AND ANDOVER LOCATIONS.SAVE 70SAVE 100SAVE 509999149346439-5005 Reg. 169.996439-2494 Reg. 199.996439-0031 Reg. 199.996439-3695 Reg. 39.9999M18 1/4” CompactBrushless Impact Driver Kit99M12 Cordless DrillDriver/Impact Driver Kit99M18 Cordless DrillDriver/Impact Driver Kit9974 Pc. ShockwaveImpact Drill & Drive ” Lineman Pliers1010” Locking Pliers899%Mig Welding GlovesOFF1098-0200 Reg. 10.99Select WeldingHelmets In Stock1098-0177, 0180, 0182, 0183, 0185-018753999Easy-Mig 140 Welder421-0398 Reg. 559.99Premium Grade BlueWelding Gloves. 9.991098-0199 Reg. 12.99 3499Eagle 10,000 Welder/Generator421-0402994 Piece 6” Plier Set9910 Piece Plier and Wrench Set11227421-6804 Reg. 14.995097-9090 Reg. 27.9999Mig Welding Pliers2499Welding Jacket996-0034-0036,0044-0046 Reg. 34.99993/8” 50 Ft. Pro Blue Flex Air Hose7999Welding Helmet KitWelding helmet, No. 11 lens, pair of gloves, wirebrush, magnet, chipping hammer, marker, do-rag,and pair of welding sleeves. 996-0003 Reg. 99.997811193215-6004 Reg. 9.9997-8145 Reg. 10.9997-8144 Reg. 14.9997-0021 Reg. 24.9999Classic 16” Tool Box99Series 2000 16” Tool Box99Series 2000 19” Tool BoxIN STORE OR CURBSIDE PICK UP9924” 1-Touch Latch Tool Box7

AUTOMOTIVE10 PackCase. 12.90COMPARE TOSEAFOAMBUY ONEGET ONEFREE16 Oz. Motor Treatment2304-0023 Reg. 4.9912914 Oz. All SeasonGrease Cartridge142-2030 Reg. 1.59217142-9900 Reg. 3.792990-4024 Reg. 19.9999991732392990-4014 Reg. 19.992990-4017 Reg. 36.992990-4020 Reg. 44.9999992 Gallon 15W40 HD Motor Oil2 Gallon Multi-Purpose ATF1 Qt. 4 Cycle Oil6399995 Gallon Tractor Fluid5 Gallon Rotella T415W40 Motor Oil5 Gallon 15W40 HD Motor Oil2566-0027 Reg. 67.99Regular Price. 14.99Sale Price. 12.99MFG Mail-in Rebate.- 5.003991 Qt. Motor OilSAE30, 5W30, 10W30, 5W20.537-0188, 0201, 0227, 0290 Reg. 4.592699799299YOUR CHOICE5 Gallon AW46 orAW68 Fluid Hydro495237-0306 Reg. 5.991222-6539 Reg. 10.9932 Oz. Concentrated Spray5W20, 10W30, 5W30.Rebate limit: 2. 2737-0117, 4000, 400186-0020 Reg. 3.4999995 Qt. Mobil Super Motor Oil16 Oz. Chemtool Aerosol2581-0013, 4000 Reg. 29.9932 Oz. Tire Sealant415699-0020 Reg. 4.794273-0001 Reg. 17.992912 Oz. HFC R134aRefrigerant596991541-0008 Reg. 69.995346-4000 Reg. 8.993138-4028 Reg. 119.9999996 Gallon Portable Marine Tank81 Gallon Gas CanAfter MFG.Mail-in Rebate99ST205/75R15 8PR ST100 Tire9919 Oz. R134a withHose/Gauge7999675 MCA or 625 MCADeep Cycle Marine BatteryWith exchange. Manufacturer may vary.6111-1640, 1336 Reg. 109.99- 119.99ORDER ONLINE AT ATWOODS.COM

LAWN & GARDENSPECIAL FINANCINGAVAILABLE 112/month18 paymentstotaling 1,9991999 123/month18 paymentstotaling 2,1992199 42” 18.5HP Lawn Tractor46” 22HP Lawn Tractor54” 24HP Lawn Tractor299913” Corded Trimmer5359-4642 Reg. 39.9918999PR28PS 28cc 8” Gas Pole Saw1367-4041899926.5cc 4 CycleCurved Shaft TrimmerAttachment capable.4433-0007 Reg. 109.991599920” Lawn MowerManufacturer may vary.12 Ft. total reach. 1565-0442 Reg. 199.99 1777-0001, 441-4009. Reg. 179.998912 Amp 3N1 Blower Vackpack96-4645 Reg. 99.99119*Battery not included. 96-4640 Reg. 129.9920V Max 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery. 39.9997-0063441-4017, 1777-0005 Reg. 239.99Manufacturer may vary.4300-1001 Reg. 429.9921” 3N1 Lawn Mower2499*Battery not included. 96-4638 Reg. 139.9920V Max 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery. 39.99215 CCA Mower Battery99DR 6.25 PremierTrimmer Mower3991 Qt. 40:1/50:1With exchange. Manufacturer may vary. Pre-Mixed Fuel6111-0586, 05994344-1001 Reg. 4.991192995-4002 Reg. 99.9919-4022 Reg. 199.993228-0009 Reg. 129.99185 Lb. Tow Spreader441-4101 Reg. 199.9939917910 Cu. Ft. Steel Dump Cart27cc Straight Shaft Trimmer2199920V Bare* Blower991799920V Bare* String Trimmer7999Limited to stock on hand. 1832-00069912997-006342” MZ 540ccZero Turn Radius Mower1367-401299992999 2499 1367-4042 167/month18 paymentstotaling 2,999 139/month18 paymentstotaling 2,499 America’s Favorite Farm & Home Store99599991900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2200W Inverter5279-0001 Reg. 649.99*Subject to credit card approval. See store location for complete eligibility, details, and restrictions. No interest if paid in full within 12 or 18 months on your ATWOODS credit card.Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within 12 or 18 months. Minimum monthly payments required.The optional equal monthly payments shown may be greater than the required minimum monthly payment that will be on your billing statement when you use the 12 or 18 monthpromotional financing offer. These payments equal the purchase amount divided by 12 or 18 (excluding taxes). These payments would pay off the promotional purchase amountwithin 12 or 18 months, but only if there are no other balances on your account at any time during the 12 or 18 month promotional period and you make your payments on time.Your total payments will equal the amount of the promotional purchase amount plus tax.IN STORE OR CURBSIDE PICK UP9

PET 59999940 Lb. Prime Dog Food59935 Lb. Senior Dog Food15 Lb. Small Breed Dog Food99YOUR CHOICE10 Lb. Dog BiscuitsLarge or MediumYOUR CHOICE5 Lb. Meatball Delights orBak’n Creations Dog Treats6617-0610, 0611 Reg. 6.996617-0540, 0541 Reg. 15.9921268-8022 Reg. 24.99599Tex Knuckle Bone orSmall Ham BoneAlternative Dog ChewReal Skinz Raccoon, Possum,or Skunk Dog Toy2159-0954-0956 Reg. 7.9931351128-0756 Reg. 41.991128-0752 Reg. 41.99Large Cooling Pet Pad. 21.99Large Gray Pet Cot. 28.99XL Gray Pet CotXL Cooling Pet Pad5 Qt. Automatic Waterer599999940 Lb. Complete Plus Dog Food991399991128-0754 Reg. 31.991128-0750 Reg. 34.99Safe and FDA approved Chew Alternativewith a Hickory Smoke Flavor.Does not leave stains or messes.3947-0001, 0002 Reg. 7.99299950 Lb. Vittles Vault ElevatedFeeder with Food Storage889-0441 Reg. 39.993994.6 Oz. Cat Treats191914889-0200 Reg. 21.991583-0100 Reg. 24.991583-0102 Reg. 19.9999Flavors may vary. Pricing good in store only.6560-4500, 4502, 4504,4520, 4521 Reg. 4.999915 Lb. Chicken & Turkey Cat FoodHamster Habitat99Wire Bird CageMeltResistantFormula!1099YOUR CHOICE20 Ct. Jumbo PackSuet Cakes599Large Suet FeederHigh Energy or Peanut Berry. 1143-0591, 0593 Reg. 16.9910Holds large sized suet cakes.6525-1045 Reg. 6.9959910 Lb. Critter