SME Model 3009 Series II Improvedprecision pick-up arms combine ladesign features with the same high qualityengineering and finish that made theirpredecessors famous for more than adecade.Each arm is meticulously built andtested and will meet its specificationreliably through many years of service.Skilful design and choice of materialscombine high mechanical strength withlow inertia and friction ensuring fullsuitability for professional as well asdomestic application.Technically correct and aestheticallysatisfying the SME has been called“The best pick-up arm in the world”and we believe you will find this to be true.

CONTENTSPage4Setting out5Fitting the Arm6Fitting the Cartridge7Model 3009/S2 Improved(detachable shell)8Audio Lead9Pillar AdjustmentShell AdjustmentTracking AdjustmentBalance AdjustmentBias AdjustmentOperation

101 Establish the position for thebedplate with the mounting template.102 Where space is restricted thet e m p l a t e ma; be rotated up to 70”off the radial position.I

103103 Drill and form the cut-out inaccordance with the template. Ensurethat it is large enough to clear thescreening can completely. Drill thefour %” (1.2 mm.) pilot holes for thewood-screws.1 0 4 S c r e w d o w n t h e bedplate w i t hthe four wood-screws.105 Adjust the screws as shown.104105106 When the surface of the turntableis more than 1%” (41 mm.) abovethat on which the bedplate is mounteda spacer SME Accessory P.l is required.106

108110Fitting the cartridge107 Fit the pin jacks to the cartridgeterminals: White to left channel: Redto right channel: Blue to left ground:Green to right ground. Tails mustnever be soldered direct to thecartridge terminals.108 Select screwsof appropriatelength. The top of the cartridge shouldlie snugly against the shell or asclose to it as possible. The use of thefinger lift is optional. Use spacers onlyif cartridge contours make it essential.109 Fit the nuts.110 Check that the cartridge liessymmetrically in the shell. This isimportant.111 Tighten the screws taking careto preserve (1 IO)6

112113Model 3009/S2 Improved(detachable shell)112 Fit the tails to the shell terminals:W h i t e (1) to left channel: Red (2) toright channel: Blue (3) to left ground:G r e e n (4) t o r i g h t g r o u n d . F i t t h ecartridge as detailed on Page 6.113 Insert the shell in the arm socket.114 Press in to contact the thread.115 Maintaining pressure, rotate thesocket nut to draw the shell firmlyhome. Do not over-tighten.

LCOFC Audio Lead116 The illustration shows use with and without a mc headamp/transformer and phono plug connections should be madeaccordingly.Connect the ground lead serving the arm t o the pre-amp ground, andthose from the rear of the phono plugs t o the ground terminal on thepiece of equipment to which these plugs are connected.If the turntable has a ground terminal, it too should be connected to thepre-amp ground, provided it is not already grounded by another path.The system has been designed for a high SIN ratio and if this is notachieved multiple ground paths or the over proximity of mainsequipment will be likely causes. Some cartridges have an externalfoil tag connecting the right channel ground terminal t o the cartridgebody. For use in a metal shell it will be necessary t o remove this witha small pair of tweezers or the point of a blade, lifting the tag off overthe terminal pin. If this is not done a ground loop may be formed,causing h u m on the right channel.

119 Release the cap screwbase t o unlock the the120 Rotate the pillar t o position thearm-rest in a convenient positionrelative t o the turntable.121 Set the pillar height so that thearm is oarallel with the record surfacewhen ;laying.Check that there isclearance between the tone.arm andthe rubber surface of the lowering andraising control when the lever is in thedown position. If one does not clearthe other, the pillar is set too high.Relock the cap screw.

Shell adjustment122 Place a small flat mirror on theturntable and rest the stylus on it.123 If necessary hold the shell firmlyclose t o the tone-arm and twist in therequired direction w i t h one handwhilst holding the arm firmly with theother. The stylus must be clear o f themirror whilst this is done. Movementof the socket in the end of the tone-armis limited by a detent screw.124 Recheck with the mirror.

Tracking adjustment125 Release the base clamp nuts withthe plastic box spanner.126 Place a record on the turntable127 with the alignment protractor on128 top of it. The large hole engagesthe record spindle w i t h the stylusin the small one. Move the base on thebedplate until the cartridge and shellappear symmetrical with the protractor.Relock the base clam nuts.

Balance adjustment129 Position the rider weight so thatits front coincides with the first divisionof the wayrod.130 Place the arm i n a state ofequilibrium b y rotating the balanceweight in the required direction,131 Release thewayrod housing.setscrewi n the132 Divisions correspond to cartridgeweights in grams. Adjust as requiredfor your cartridge. The setting shown isfor 8 grams.Relock the set screw.133 Apply tracking force by advancingthe rider weight along the wayrod.Each division travelled applies Y (.25)gram tracking force at the stylus.

134Bias adjustment134 Fit the eye of the bias guide underthe base clamp nut nearest t o theturntable.135 Thread the nylon through the136 guide pulley housing and passthe loop over the bias lever.137 Place the nylon loop in the groovecorresponding t o the tracking forcebeing used.138 Position the bias guide so that thethread is at approximately 90" t o thebias lever when the stylus is over theouter groove of a 12" record. Rotatethe guide pulley housing to align itwith the thread which must lie in thegroove of the pulley.

Operation139 With the control lever raisedrelease the tone-arm from its rest.140 Place the stylus over selected bandon the record.141 Move the control lever forward142 allowing it to fall freely.After playing, raise the controllever t o lift the stylus from the record.Return the arm to its rest.

We hope these instructions have madeinstallation of your SME precision pick-uparm simple and straightforward. Care for itas you would a camera. Do not attempt totake it t o pieces. Do not apply oil or otherlubricants t o any part of it.If the arm drifts outwards during loweringand raising it usually indicates the presenceof contaminant on the rubber insert in thearm lift. To restore positive working proceedas follows:a) Wipe the insert with a damp cloth.b) Repeat with a paper tissue until it is quitedry.C)Clean the underside of the tone-armwhere it contacts the rubber insert in thesame way.If you have a problem concerning theoperation or repair of your pick-up arm,write to the address overleaf. We providequick and efficient service direct from thefactory to any part of the world. In the firstinstance please quote the model, type andserial number. Do not send the arm to usunless requested to do so.

Manufactured in England by S M E L I M I T E D. STEYNING . SUSSEXBN44 3GYs - 0 1 9 0 3 814321W 01903814269