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B Q ;D2: Fith a significant dropin novel coronaviruspositive cases, theUttar Pradesh government hasdecided to lift Covid curfewfrom June 1 from those districtswhich have shown improvement but the curfew willremain imposed in 20 bigcities, including Lucknow,where the active cases are morethan 600.As per the fresh directiveissued by Chief Secretary RKTiwari here on Sunday, allshops, markets and super markets will open from 0700 hoursto 1900 hours for five days,from Monday to Friday, inWdistricts where the number ofactive cases is less than 600.There will be a two-day weekly closure of the markets, onSaturday and Sunday, whensanitisation work will be carried out in the districts.However, in containment areasthere will be no relaxation at all.Besides, schools, colleges,coaching institutes, cinemahalls, multiplexes, malls, clubsand swimming pools willremain closed in these districts.The new guidelines willcome into effect in 55 districtswhere the number of activecases is less than 600 while in20 districts the Covid curfewwill continue.The districts where theCovid curfew will continueare: Meerut, Lucknow,Saharanpur,Varanasi,Ghaziabad, Gorakhpur,Muzaffarnagar, Bareilly,Gautam Buddha Nagar,Bulandshahr,Jhansi,Prayagraj, Lakhimpur Kheri,Sonbhadra, Jaunpur ,Baghpat,Moradabad, Ghazipur, Bijnorand Deoria.The guideline says thatwhenever these districts willreport less than 600 activecases, the district authoritiescan relax the norms as per theinstructions. But in any district,where the curfew is now beingrelaxed, it will be re-imposed ifmore than 600 active cases arereported there. The govern-ment offices will continue towork with 50 per cent strengthwhile private companies canfunction under Covid protocoland they have been asked topromote work from home.The new guidelines haveallowed opening of restaurantsbut only for home delivery.Dhabas and restaurants on thehighways can open with Covidrestrictions. Religious places canopen but five people will beallowed inside at a time. Themovement of UPSRTC buses hasbeen allowed with the prohibition of carrying standing passengers. The Transport department has been asked to carry outregular sanitisation of the buses.Only two passengers will beallowed on three-wheelers and erickshaws while only four people can travel in a car. Twowheeler riders have also beenallowed with masks and helmets.The guidelines allows opening ofegg, fish and meat shops only ina closed area with full cleanness,while construction work hasbeen allowed with Covid protocols.The government has alsofixed the limit of 25 guests in amarriage and 20 people in afuneral. The government hasextended the Covid curfew for aday from May 31 till the morning of June 1 and thereafter thenew relaxations will be implemented. The Covid curfew wasclamped in UP from May 1. FU GRVHV WR DOOHYLDWH YD[ ZRHVD:: e cR a fa ac UfTeZ Wc ' & TcU dVd Z Rj e "! Tc [RSd Z ;f V? B Q 4F 34;78iving a ray of hope to peoGple waiting for inoculationagainst Covid-19, theGovernment on Sunday saidthat nearly 12 crore doses of thevaccine would be available inJune, up from the 7.94 croredoses that were available forvaccination in May.The Government's assurance came close on the heels ofan announcement by theSerum Institute of India (SII)that it would be able to manufacture and supply nine to 10crore doses of Covishield inJune, which is way up from itsproduction capacity of 6.5 croredoses in May.The availability of moredoses is likely to give a fillip tothe Government's nationwidevaccination drive which hadslowed down owing to theshortage of the jabs, resultingin the Government drawingflak from States as well aspotentialvaccinebeneficiaries."The allocation of suppliesto States and Union Territoriesis decided on the consumptionpattern, population densityand vaccine wastage," theUnion Health Ministry said."Visibility for availability ofvaccines for the entire monthof June has been provided wellin advance to States/UTs.," itadded."For the month of June,6.09 crore doses of Covid vaccines will be supplied to theStates and UTs for the vaccination of the priority group ofhealthcare workers, front-lineworkers and people in the 45 category as free supply from theGovernment."In addition, more than5.86 crore doses will be available for direct procurement bythe States/UTs and private hospitals. Therefore, in June, closeto 12 crore doses will be available for the national Covidvaccination programme," itsaid. The Ministry said thedelivery schedule for this allocation would be shared withthe States in advance."The States have beenrequested to direct the officialsto ensure rational and judiciousutilisation of allocated dosesand minimise vaccine wastage.The basic objective behindinforming the States/UTs inadvance of the quantum of freevaccine doses to be made available from the Centre for 15/30Continued on Page 64 gZU "*:? :?5:2C C0; 20B4B) ! ' # " # #& & # 340C7B) " !( # " % A42 E4A43) ! % ( %"# ! ! %&" 02C8E4) ! # #%' 070) & " ' ' % : C0:0) ! '& '!& ! "&' :4A0;0) ! # !' ( '(# D?) % ( % '%# 34;78) # ! (! (#% ;PQ da X]Xbcah c VXeTPSSXcX ]P[ QT]TUXcb d]STa4?5 4B82 bRWT\Tb? B Q 4F 34;78 he Ministry of Labour andTEmployment on Sundayannounced additional benefits for workers through theESIC and EPFO schemes toaddress their fear and anxietyabout the well-being of theirfamily members due to Covid19-related deaths.The Government hasplanned to provide enhancedsocial security to workers without any additional cost to theemployers.“Currently for the InsuredPersons (IPs) under ESIC, afterdeath or disablement of the IPdue to employment injury apension equivalent to 90 percent of average daily wagedrawn by the worker is available to the spouse and widowedmother for life long and forchildren till they attain the ageof 25 years. For the femalechild, the benefit is available tillher marriage.“To support the families ofInsured Persons (IP) underthe ESIC scheme, it has beendecided that, all dependentfamily members of IPs whohave been registered in the0 WTP[cW f aZTa PS\X]XbcTab P 2 eXbWXT[S ePRRX]T c P \P] SdaX]V P b TRXP[ ePRRX]PcX ] SaXeT WT[S Pc P 6 eTa]\T]c bRW [ X]7hSTaPQPS ] Bd]SPh0?'HSRUWDWLRQSDSHUV IORZQWR 'RPLQLFD QWLJXDQ 30? B Q 4F 34;78ntiguan Prime MinisterAGaston Browne has confirmed that India has sent a private jet to Dominica carryingdocuments related to thedeportation of fugitive diamantaire Mehul Choksi who iswanted here in a money laundering case linked to the Rs13,500 crore Punjab NationalBank (PNB) credit fraud scam.Meanwhile, the Antiguanmedia released Choksi's photoswith swollen eyes and bruiseson his arms.Antigua News Room, anAntiguan media outlet, reported that a Qatar Airways privatejet landed at the DouglasCharles airport in Dominica,fuelling speculation aboutChoksi's deportation.Choksi went missing fromAntigua on May 23 and wassubsequently detained inneighbouring Dominica.Browne said on a radioshow that the jet came fromIndia carrying the necessarydocumentation needed fordeportation of Choksi, theAntiguan media report said."Yes I can confirm that a jetis there. My understanding isthat the Indian Governmenthas sent some documentationfrom the courts to confirm thatChoksi is a fugitive. My understanding is that it is for thecourt hearing scheduled onWednesday (June 2) as theDominica court has put a stayon his deportation. So theIndian Government seems tobe going all out to ensure thathe is repatriated to India andfaces charges there," Brownereportedly told the radio showin his country.The Qatar Executive flightA7CEE reportedly left theDelhi airport at 3.44 PM onMay 28 and reached Dominicaat 13.16 local time on the sameday, via Madrid.? B Q 4F 34;780 8 Q ; 3 mid calls for a fresh probeinto the origins of CovidA19, an explosive new studyhas found that Chinese scientists created the virus in a labin Wuhan, then tried to covertheir tracks by reverse-engineering versions of the virus tomake it look like it evolved naturally from bats.The novel coronavirusSARS-CoV-2 virus has no "credible natural ancestor" and wascreated by Chinese scientistswho were working on a 'Gain ofFunction' project in a Wuhanlab, the Daily Mail reported onSunday, citing a new researchpaper by British professor AngusDalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr Birger Sorensen.The new research claimsthat scientists took a naturalcoronavirus "backbone" foundin Chinese cave bats andspliced onto it a new "spike",turning it into the deadly andhighly transmissible Covid-19.The paper also quotes thatresearchers found "unique fingerprints" in Covid-19 samplesthat they say could only havearisen from manipulation in alaboratory.Authors Dalgleish andSorensen wrote in their paperthat they had prima facie evidence of retro-engineering inChina' for a year, but wereignored by academics andmajor journals, study alleged "deliberate destruction, concealmentor contamination of data" atChinese labs and notes thesilencing and disappearanceof scientists in China whospoke out about the activities.The research, has beenobtained by, isexpected to intensify the ongoing debate on China's role increating the virus that hasclaimed thousands of lives.In the 22-page paper whichis set to be published in theContinued on Page 62IILFHUV DQG JHQWOHPHQWR WKH DLG RI SRRU LQ 71CWT b [SXTab d[Pa[h Z] f]Pb CWP\QXb CP\X[ U aQa cWTab RPaah U S PRZTcbfXcW bcTP\X]V XS[X ePSP bP\QPa RWdc]Th P]S [d]RWcWPc R ]bXbcb U aXRT P]S WP[U PS iT] eTVTcPQ[T RdaaXTbsserting that all hands wereon deck in the ongoingpandemic that was the kind ofhealth emergency thatoccurred “once in 100 years”,Prime Minister Narendra Modion Sunday said that the production of oxygen in the country had increased “ten times”and people were working witha team spirit to defeat theCoronavirus outbreak.During his monthly radioprogramme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, thePrime Minister said the country’s courage and determination had increased manifold asCovid-19 posed a “big challenge” before it.“In the normal course, wewere producing 900 metrictonnes of liquid medical oxygen in a day. Today, the production has gone up to 9,500metric tonnes a day — anincrease of almost 10 per cent,”said Modi while underlininghis Government’s efforts infighting coronavirus.He said oxygen transportation to hospitals was taking place with speed, dedication and with the cooperationof all, including truck drivers,the Railways, the Indian AirForce (IAF) pilots, Army personnel and Navy ship Captains.“During the second waveof Covid-19, a major challenge was to supply medicaloxygen to remote areas. Tocounter challenges that thecountry faced, drivers of cryogenic oxygen tankers helped byworking on a war footing andsaved lives of lakhs of people,”said Modi.Modi spoke to truck driverUmesh Upadhyay fromJaunpur, Uttar Pradesh,Oxygen Rail Express pilotShrisha Gajni and IAF GroupCaptain AK Patnaik and hearddetails of their experienceswhile taking the “life-saving”gas to its destination with careand speed.Group Captain Patnaiksaid they had done 1,600 sorties to airlift liquid oxygen andinternationally the “oxygen visits took us to Singapore, Dubai,Germany, the UK andBelgium.”The Prime Minister notedthat the Oxygen Rail Expresswas piloted by a womanShrisha Gajni and her allwomen team.Modi said that a few weeksago, there were multiple SOSsfrom hospitals, with many saying they were left with just afew hours’ of medical oxygen.Social media catalogued oxygen demands from citizensacross the country and emergency medical aid arrived fromforeign donors to alleviate theshortage even as theGovernment directed the Statesthat all liquid oxygen, including the stock existing with private plants, be used for medicalpurposes only.The Prime Minister saidthat earlier there was only onetesting lab in the country, buttoday there are more than2,500 coronavirus testing laboratories and now 20 lakh testsare being conducted in one day.So far 33 crore samples havebeen tested in the country.Modi also spoke to lab technician Prakash Kandpal in Delhiwho told the Prime Minister ofhis 24X7 struggle to do as manyContinued on Page 6%HQJDO &KLHI 6HF\ XQOLNHO\ WR UHSRUW WR 'HOKL WRGD\ he uncertainty about theT"progress" of the Covid-19curve forced the State administration to extend the totallockdown till June 7. MuthuvelKarunanidhi Stalin, who haddeclared his opposition to anykind of lockdown during hisdays as the Leader of theOpposition has conceded to therequest of the high power committee for the continuation oflockdown only because of theunpredictable nature of thevirus causing the pandemic.While Chief MinisterStalin’s opposition to the lockdown is attributed to his apprehension about the poorer sections of society, many personsand institutions in the State areon a mission to feed the lessprivileged affected by the pandemic.Every morning, heavytrucks belonging to MadrasA top Dominican court hasrestrained Choksi's repatriationtill June 2 when it will take upthe hearing of a habeas corpuspetition filed by the businessman'sattorneysthere. Choksi's lawyer inMumbai Vijay Agarwal hasalleged that the businessmanwas abducted from the JollyHarbour in Antigua andBarbuda by policemen lookinglike Antiguans and Indiansand taken to Dominica.AntiguanPoliceCommissioner Atlee Rodney,however, debunked the claimsof Ch