HERITAGE ANDTHE SUSTAINABLEDEVELOPMENT GOALS:POLICY GUIDANCE FOR HERITAGEAND DEVELOPMENT ACTORSPrepared by the Sustainable Development Goals Working Group –Priority Action 1 Task Team:Sophia Labadi (Task Team Coordinator)Francesca GilibertoIlaria RosettiLinda ShetabiEge YildirimPrepared by the Sustainable Development Goals Working Group – Priority Action 1 Task Team:Sophia Labadi (Task Team Coordinator), Francesca Giliberto, Ilaria Rosetti, Linda Shetabi, Ege YildirimPublished by:International Council on Monuments and Sites - ICOMOSCopy Editing by:Michelle Duong and Laurie Smith, in partnership with the NSERC CREATE (Natural Science and Engineering ResearchCouncil of Canada - Collaborative Research and Training Experience) Heritage Engineering Program and the CarletonUniversity Immersive Media Studio (CIMS), Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.Graphic Design by:Vanessa ParisCover page photo:Ageleh Jmeidi and Wajd Nawafleh, two local USAID SCHEP participants at the Temple of the Winged Lions, Petra(Credit: American Center of Research [ACOR] 2018, photo taken by Saleem Fakhoury).Recommended citation:Labadi, S., Giliberto, F., Rosetti, I., Shetabi, L., Yildirim, E. (2021). Heritage and the Sustainable Development Goals:Policy Guidance for Heritage and Development Actors. Paris: ICOMOS.March, 2021

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García Santa CruzICOMOS Bosnia Herzegovina: Elsa TurkusicICOMOS Czechia: Josef Štulc; Martin HoráčekICOMOS Germany: Claus-Peter EchterICOMOS Honduras: Gloria Lara HasemannICOMOS Indonesia: Tamalia Alisjahbana; Asanti AstariICOMOS Ireland: Deirdre McDermottICOMOS Korea (Republic of): Shin HeekweonICOMOS Lithuania: Jurate MarkevicieneICOMOS Moldova: Sergiu MusteataICOMOS Myanmar: Su SuICOMOS Nigeria: Bekeh Ukelina; Ṣeun AjagunnaICOMOS Norway: Cecilie Smith-ChristensenICOMOS Panama: Silvia Arroyo DuarteICOMOS Peru: Diana SantanderICOMOS Philippines: Gabriel Caballero; Kenneth TuaICOMOS Saudi Arabia: H.H. Princess Nouf Mohammed AlsaudICOMOS Slovenia: Marija Režek KambičICOMOS Turkey: Özgün ÖzçakırCase studies’ contributors:Fouad Serrhini (SDG1); Luisa de Marco, Nupur Prothi Khanna,Gwenaelle Bourdin, and Maureen Thibault (SDG 2); Ege Yildirim(SDG 3); Brian Leone (SDG 4); Nizar Al Adarbeh (SDG 5);Ameneh Karimian (SDG 6); James Ritson, Franziska Haas Koch,and Peter Cox (SDG 7); Pankaj Manchanda (SDG 8); Frankvan Steenbergen (SDG 9); Amund Sinding-Larsen and BenteMathisen (SDG 10); Claudia Isabelle, Violeta Montero, and TinaPaterno (SDG 11); Randy Durband (SDG 12); Will Megarry (SDG13); Akifumi Iwabuchi (SDG 14); Nicole Franceschini and SusanMcIntyre-Tamwoy (SDG 15); Zeynep Ece Atabay (SDG 16);Julianne Polanco, Andrew Potts, and Ewan Hyslop (SDG 17).Special thanks:Francesco Bandarin, Khalid El-Harrouni, Gaia Jungeblodt,Toshiyuki Kono, Marie-Laure Lavenir, Patricia O’Donnell, TeresaPatricio, Peter Phillips and Mario Santana.Authors’ biographiesSophia LabadiICOMOS National Committee: United KingdomSophia Labadi is Professor of Heritage at the University of Kentin the UK. She also holds a Leadership Fellowship (2019-2021)from the Arts and Humanities Research Council in the UK.Much of Professor Labadi’s research focuses on how heritagesites and museums can address some of the most pressingglobal challenges, including social justice, gender equality orsustainable development. Her research is nourished by herexperiences as consultant for international organisations andgovernments. Professor Labadi is the author of Heritage andGlobalisation (co-edited with Colin Long, Routledge, 2010),UNESCO, Cultural Heritage and Outstanding Universal Value(AltaMira Press, 2012); Urban Heritage, Development andSustainability (co-edited with Bill Logan, Routledge 2015) andThe Cultural Turn in International Aid (Routledge, 2019).Francesca GilibertoICOMOS National Committee: ItalyDr. Francesca Giliberto is a heritage researcher and consultant.Currently she is Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at PRAXIS/University of Leeds, where she authored a report on Heritagefor Global Challenges (2021) and co-organised the conferenceHeritage and Our Sustainable Future: Research, Practice, Policyand Impacts in collaboration with the UK National Commissionfor UNESCO. In parallel, she works at the University of Kent ona research project exploring the impacts of COVID-19 on heritage-based tourism in Sub-Saharan Africa and how to rethinkmore sustainable tourism strategies. In the past ten years, shehas carried out comparative and interdisciplinary research andprofessional projects for public and private actors on culturalheritage and sustainable development as well as on urbanheritage conservation and management in the framework ofthe UNESCO’s Historic Urban Landscape Recommendation, theUnited Nations Agenda 2030 and the 2015 UNESCO Policy onWorld Heritage and Sustainable Development.Ilaria RosettiICOMOS National Committee: The NetherlandsIlaria Rosetti is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Antwerp,in the Antwerp Cultural Heritage Sciences (ARCHES) researchgroup, and visiting researcher at TUDelft, in the Heritage andValues chair (HEVA). Her research focuses on the role(s) thatparticipation in heritage practices can play in achieving sustainable urban development. Her experience includes projectsfor public and private institutions, both in the academic andprofessional sphere, within fields of cultural policy, sustainabletourism, community engagement, and strategies for the UNSustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As an academic andheritage professional, she is dedicated to supporting planning,monitoring and assessment of participatory heritage practices,with a focus on capacity building and resources generation, forachieving the UN 2030 Agenda.Linda ShetabiICOMOS National Committee: United KingdomLinda Shetabi is a heritage consultant and PhD Candidate inUrban Studies (University of Glasgow, School of Social andPolitical Sciences), examining Scottish heritage conservationpolicy within the context of the UN 2030 Agenda and environmental sustainability. Alongside teaching, she serves on theICOMOS SDGs Working Group Task Team for Priority Action 1.Previously, Linda was the Academic and Research Coordinatorfor Architectural Conservation Programmes at the Universityof Hong Kong where she led the implementation of HeritageInventory and Management System for Hong Kong and Yangon.Throughout the years, Linda has served on a variety of boardsas an advocate for heritage and community rights, negotiatingmutually agreeable solutions between developers, governmentinstitutions and homeowners.Ege YıldırımICOMOS National Committee: TurkeyDr. Ege Yildirim is an urban planner and heritage conservationspecialist with over 20 years’ experience working in Turkeyand internationally. Her work focuses on heritage policy andgovernance; UNESCO World Heritage; and sustainable development. She has a PhD on social environmental sciencesfrom Ankara University, and was a Fulbright Scholar at PrattInstitute, New York. Based in Istanbul since 2013, her previous work includes positions of conservation planner at KA-BAArchitecture Ltd, Ankara; conservation coordinator at AbuDhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage; consultant and SiteManager of the Historic Guild Town of Mudurnu; and KeyExpert in the EU-Turkey Anatolian Archaeology and CulturalHeritage Institute project. Most recently, she has served as theICOMOS Focal Point for the UN SDGs (2016-2020), and currently coordinates the Sustainability Thematic Debate of theOurWorldHeritage Initiative.

67List of AcronymsADCOM – Advisory CommitteeGA – General AssemblyGIAHS – Globally Important Agricultural HeritageSystemHLPF – High-Level Political ForumICCROM – International Centre for the Study ofthe Preservation and Restoration of Cultural PropertyICOMOS – International Council on Monumentsand SitesIFLA (1) – International Federation of LandscapeArchitects (in context of the ICOMOS-IFLA PrinciplesConcerning Rural Landscapes as Heritage)IFLA (2) – International Federation of LibraryAssociations and InstitutionsISC – International Scientific CommitteeIUCN – International Union for Conservation ofNatureOECD – Organization for Economic Cooperationand DevelopmentOUV – Outstanding Universal ValueSDG(s) – Sustainable Development Goal(s)UCLG – United Cities and Local GovernmentsUN – United NationsUN-HABITAT – UN Human SettlementsProgrammeUNESCO – United Nations Education, Scienceand Culture OrganizationUNFCCC – UN Framework Convention onClimate ChangeUNSRCR – UN Special Rapporteur on CulturalRightsWG – Working GroupFull List of ICOMOS ISCs:CAR – ISC on Rock ArtCIAV – ISC on Vernacular ArchitectureCIF – ISC on TrainingCIIC – ISC on Cultural RoutesCIPA – ISC on Heritage DocumentationCIVVIH – ISC on Historic Cities, Towns and VillagesICAHM – ISC on Archaeological HeritageManagementTable of ContentsICICH – ISC on Intangible Cultural HeritageICIP – ISC on Interpretation and Presentation ofCultural Heritage SitesICLAFI – ISC on Legal, Administrative andFinancial IssuesIcoFort – ISC on Fortifications and MilitaryHeritageICORP – ISC on Risk PreparednessICTC – ISC on Cultural TourismICUCH – ISC on Underwater Cultural HeritageIIWC – ISC on WoodIPHC – International Polar Heritage CommitteeISC20C – ISC on 20th Century HeritageISCARSAH – ISC on Analysis and Restoration ofStructures of Architectural HeritageISCCL – ISC on Cultural LandscapesICOMOS-IFLAISCEAH – ISC on Earthen Architectural HeritageISCEC – ISC on Economics of ConservationISCES – ISC on Energy and sustainabilityISCIH – ISC on Industrial HeritageISCMP – ISC on Mural PaintingISCS – ISC on StoneISCSBH – ISC on Shared Built HeritageISCV – ISC on Stained GlassPRERICO – ISC on Places of Religion and RitualTheophilos – ISC on Theory and Philosophy ofConservation and RestorationTICCIH – International Technical Committee forthe Conservation of the Industrial HeritageFull List of ICOMOS Working Groups:CCHWG – Climate Change and HeritageEPWG – Emerging ProfessionalsOCDI-RBAWG – Our Common Dignity: RightsBased ApproachesSDTF – Inter-ISC Task Force on SustainableDevelopment (former name of SDGWG)SDGWG – Sustainable Development Goals- Syria/Iraq Working Group- Working Group on Indigenous HeritageList of Acronyms 6Executive Summary 8Foreword 10Introduction 12SDG 1 – No Poverty 20Case Study: Rehabilitationof the Medina of Fez 21SDG 2 – No Hunger 26Case Study: Connecting Practice – Phase III:The Cultural Landscape of Honghe Hani RiceTerraces 28SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being 32Case Study: The Culture 2030 GoalCampaign - COVID-19 Response 34SDG 4 – Quality Education 38Case Study: US/ICOMOS InternationalExchange Program (IEP) 40SDG 5 – Gender Equality 44Case Study: ACOR’s USAID SustainableCultural Heritage through Engagementof