The Thesis Of English Language Teaching ( ELT meh ni6FatemehpourfathA Sociopragmatic Analysis of the DialogsIn The Iranian Pre University EnglishTextbooksIranian Learners’ Awareness Of EnglishRequest strategiesGrammatical Cogesive Ties And eflListening comprehensionUniversal Factors And TheProduction OfEnglish andPersian RestrictiveRelative Clause SentencesThe Interaction Of Reading Fluency AndStudent Performance In TimedExaminationExplicit And Implicit Reference in Persianand English Texts In contrast7NajmehMaghsudi8Ali sheibani9Kambiz arah morshali13MasoumehtalebzadehThe Relationship Between Motivation AndEnglish Proficiency Among Iranian EflLearnersThe Role of Motivation In LearningEnglish By The Pre University StudentsOf The Second District Of Education InShirazThe Effects Of Pre and Post ReadingQuestions On Iranian High School SchoolStudents’ Recalling Of Contents Of EngishTextsCultural Background Knowledge AndReading CmprehensionA Comparison Of The PedagogicalApplicability Of Two Approaches ToTeaching English Stress PatternsA Cross Sectional Study of TheAcquisition of English LexicalCollocations By Iranian Efl LearersModality in English And Persian Texts AFunctional Contrastive Analysis ForPedagogical PurposesFirooz SadighiFirooz SadighiF. sadighisaeedrahbarniaL.yarmohammadifirooz sadighisaeedrahbarniaGhaffar taiallifirooz ammadi

The Thesis Of English Language Teaching ( ELT )14Anahitasarvrooy15Ali htebarzadThe Role Of Prior Know Ledge And TopicInterest In Foreign Language ReadingComprehension And Their Impact OnIranian Male And Female Learners ‘ TextComprehensionA Study of the Problems In Teaching /Learning English In The New EducationalSystem at the Secondary Level , KhozestanProvince IranLearner Treatment And The AcquisitionOf Pre And Postnominal Modifiers InEnglish By Iranian Efl LearnersChain Interactions In English And PersianIn Contrast21MaryambazyarThematic Progression In Narrative AndArgumentative Texts Of English22SheidamohebbashyaPoliteness Hierarchies Of Request FormsIn Persian And Engish23Mohammadsharifi bahlooli24Saeid larimotefakkerA Contrastive Analysis Of Tense InEnglish And The Qasqaie Dialect ASemantic ApproachDirect And Indirect Approaches Integratedversus Indirect Approach to TeachingConversational SkillsThesis For The Degree of Master Of ArtsIn Teaching English As A F0reignLanguage Learning English VocabularyBy Iranian Students : The Role Of Contextvs. Translation As A Function OfProficiencyA Look At Teaching / Learning English InThe New Educational System At TheSecondary Level In The High Schools OfThe Kohgiluyeh And Boyer AhmadProvinceHow To Say ‘No’ In English RefusalStrategiesG. tajallilotfollahyarmohammadifirooz sadighif. sadighif. sadighiF. otfollahyarmohammadifirooz sadighifirooz sadighi

The Thesis Of English Language Teaching ( ELT )25Faranaksiyanat26Shohrehmandanipour27Gholam rezapouretedal28Hamid ashraf29AbdulmuhammadjahangiriSedighehosseini khah3031Iman bakhshijahromi32Khalil rashty33Mir hosseinnikzadkaloorazi3435363738Textual Contrastive Analysis Of ThematicOrganization Of Linguistic And ShortStories In English And PersianThe effect of sandhi variation onlistening comprehensionThe use of generative phonology inteaching English pronunclayion to IranianEFL students at tertiary levelMarkedness and English onset consonantclusters in the interlanguage of IranianEFL learnersThe effect of language learning anxietyon English oral performanceLanguage lateralization in EnglishPersian Bilinguals By sedighe HosseiniKhahThe Influence of Diminance And DistanceOn The Structure Of Requestive SpeechActs In English And PersianA Discourse Based Study ofInterlanguage VariabilityThe Effect of Points of View on TheReadability of The Short StoriesMitra khaghani A Contrastive Study of a Selective Numberof Discourse Markers in English & PersianBahmanA Contrastive Analysis Of Collocationaldehbozorgiitems In Hemingway’s Novel , The OldMan And The Sea And Orwell’s NovelAnimal farm and their Persian translationsAlireza ameriUsing poetry in teaching Englishvocabulary to Iranian high schoolstudentsFarshadThe role of short story in developingaghvamilearners’ oral communicative competencein EnglishMajid zareieA contrastive analysis of Persian andsudaniEnglish rhetorical structural patterns oflotfollahyarmohammadif. sadighiL.yarmohammadihfirooz sadighisaeedrahbarniafirooz sadighilotfollahyarmohammadilotfollayarmohammadif. purgiveyarmohammadis. rahbarniaFaridehpourgivf. sadighilotfollahyarmohammadi

The Thesis Of English Language Teaching ( ELT )394041424344argumentative textsMohammadThe pragmatic analysis of carroll’s shortrostampournovels within the framework of grice’scooperative principlesHomaThe interpretation of conversationalkeshmiriimplicatures by Iranian and Americanstudents the impact of proficiency leveland genderRoyaAnalysis of cultural scripts of Persian andesteghamatianEnglish within natural semanticmetalanguage frameworkAhmadA comparative study of Iranian efliravanpurlearners’ narrative writing performance inSeied rezaThe effect of modification of Englishbasirooreferential implicitnesss on Iranian readers’recallMohammadme Theme / rheme organization of English &hdi mortahanPersian scientific tables45Hamid rezasiavoshinezhad46Mortezatarassoly47Forood sepassi48Mahnaznakhaee49Arezoo koleini50Esfandiarpanahi51PouranparchamiAmjad badiee52The effect of simplified texts versus theoriginals on the reading comprehension ofIranian efl learnersA contrastive study of markednessprocesses in english literayt texts and theirpersian translations within the frameworkof espAge related variations in e.f.l learners’attentiveness to prosodic vs. syntactic cuesof sentence structureThe effect of foctsed communication taskson Iranian learners’ foreign languageacquisitionUniversal grammar and the interpretationof English reflexives in a foreign languagesettingA contrastive study of non corevocabulary items in orwell’s novel , 1984& its Persian translationsThe effect of background know ledge onlestening comprehensionUniversal grammar & its impact on adultforeign language hammadifirooz sadighiGhaffar tajallilotfollahyarmohammadifirooz sadighilotfollahyarmohammadirahbar niamortazayaminif. sadighilotfollahyarmohammadifirooz sadighif. sadighi

The Thesis Of English Language Teaching ( ELT )53Nasrinmousavi54Qotboddinjannessar m .firjandFarah siah5556Abdol hosseinmosallae pour57Sakineghorbani58Farzad baba’i59Maryamhassanpur60Marziyehsafaeiyan far61Janin jafari62SiavoshHassan abadi63Masoomehkhodadad64Soheil nazemizadeh65Amin karimnia66Arashaghamalekisarvestani67Katia yazdierdiA contrastive analysis of English andPersian word order : A pedagogicalperspectiveThe effect of note taking on listeningcomprehension and recalllotfollahyarmohammadimortazayaminiAnalysis of politeness in English & Persianplays in contrastlotfollahyarmohammadiabdol mehdireaziThe impacts of L 1 reading comprehension& L2 proficiency on L2 readingcomprehensionThe role of context in word recognition &reading comprehension : testing interactivecompensatory model of reading on theIranian efl readersAn error analysis of the Iranian student’suse of English prepositionsScience students’ use of language learningstrategies and its relation to motivation’attitude’and genderThe comparison of chain interactions inEnglish narrative and argumentative textsA comtrastive study of elicitationquestions in English & Persian modernplaysA study of the acquisition of Englishlexico grammatical collocations byIranian EFL learnersThe relationship between self esteem &the English language achievement ofIranian EFL learnersThe effects of using etymology in learning& teaching vocabulary in English as aforeign languageThe effect of speaker’ & lestener’s genderon lestening comprehensionA contrastive analysis & interpretation ofthe concept of rendi in the sonnets (ghazals ) of hafez & their renderings intoenglish &implications for the translationsof literary cultural conceptsA summative evaluation of two ESPcourses in engineering at the Islamic azaduniversity shiraz branchf. sadighiabdol mehdiriazif. haffar tajaliabdol mehdiriaziG. tajallimortezayaminiL.yarmohammadiG. tajalli

The Thesis Of English Language Teaching ( ELT hamsVafashojamanesh7172Leila ammadi7576Afsheen soury77Goodarzalibakhshi78798081828384The effects of teaching metacognitivestrategies on Iranian pre universitystudents’ reading comprehensionachievementThesis for the degree of master of artsfacilitating EFL reading comprehensiontexts by teaching text structureThe effect of synatactic focusing deviceson memory & visual comprehensionAn examination of flynn’s match andmismatch hypothesis in the production ofEnglish prepositions in a foreign languagesettingVariation & style shift in interlanguageThe role of language laboratory in thedevelopment of foreign language listeningcomprehensionNoun phrase interpretation & conceptualcombinationA study of the effectiveness of inductiveversus deductive instruction on students ofan English institutein shirazIs there a role for teachers in calla. mehdi riaziLotfollahYarmohammadifirooz sadighifirooz sadighifirooz sadighifirooz sadighiFirooz sadighiGh . TajalllimortazayaminiL.yarmohammadiThe impact of contrastive explanations ofEnglish & Persian structures on learningthe grammatical points of English as aforeign language by female & male Persianspeaking studentsNegarComparing the M C cloze test & the CMortazanowrooz zadeh test as measures of proficiency in Englishyaminias a foreign languageMohammadThe interaction of language and thoughtL.Hassan ghane between male and female among Persian & yamohammadiEnglish speakersNooshinThe role of input in the mastery of English Firooz sadighitagharchiphrasal verbs by Iranian EFL learnersSeyyedChain interactions between englishL.mohammadscientific & literary textsyarmohammakazem torabidiKooroshContribution of content & formal schemata Ghaffar tajallikhandehrooto EFL reading comprehension & recallFiroozehMarkedness theory & foreign languageMohammadreshojaeelearning thesis advesorza parhizgarZahra rastegar The effects of mental processing questionMortaza

The Thesis Of English Language Teaching ( ELT )85haghighishiraziMortaza nehshiraziniaZahra kianihaghighi8889type , & language proficiency on listeningcomprehensionThe relationship between introversionextroversion ‘ gender & the EFLproficiency of Iranian pre universitystudentsThe effects of pre & post listeningquestions on the recall & comprehensionof the contents of English listeningmaterials by Iranian university studentsThe impact of learned knowledge on thewritings of EFL students an application ofkrashen’s monitor modelThe effects of teaching test takingstrategies on university achievement testsClassroom climate , gender difference &learning English as a foreign language90Hassan taheri91MahmoodshakeriThe influence of some measures onincidental vocabulary learningThe relationship between field dependence/ independence & its interaction withgender in performance on readingcomprehension92Nassrin nourisafaA contrastive analysis of conditionals inEnglish & Persian93Gholamrezasarkarzadeh94Azadeh nemati95Hessam safaie96Zahraghavipanjehfard shiraziAkbar moulaieThe relationship between students gender& their performance on the multiplechoice cloze testsThe study of gender differences in the useof linguistic forms in the speech of Iranianmen & women a comparative study ofPersian & EnglishA contrastive analysis of phrasal verbs inEnglish & Persian a pedagogicalperspectiveEffects of test type & proficiency on EFLlearners’ listening comprehension scores9798Nima soltaniradThe impacts of field dependence /independence & sex on communicativetest performanceAnalysis of English & Persian rhetoricalpatterns of argumentation in dramatic textsyaminiGhaffar tajalliMortazayaminiL.YarmohammadiChaerman F.sadighiLotfollahyarmohammadiGhaffar tajalliGhaffar tajalliLotfO LahyarmohammadiGhaffar affar tajalliL.yarmohamma

The Thesis Of English Language Teaching ( ELT )99100TaherebeygomnazemiShahram afraz101Abdollah hrdadzarafshan105Saghar fahndezh sa’di109Linda Mahtakhaksari112113Zahra khajeha contrastive perspectiveThe role of conjunctions in reading ,recalling & comprehension of EnglishsentencesThe rhetorical move patternsof theintroduction section of the theses byIranian EFL learners contrasted with thoseof the nativesThe relationship between Iranian EFLlearners ‘ sex , & level of proficiency &their reading comprehension strategy useA rhetorical analysis of English andPersian short stories written by womenA cross cultural investigation of the useof metaphors by different genders inEnglish & Persian dramasEffects of attitude & motivation on the useof language learning strategies by IranianEFL university studentsField dependence independence & theperformance on MC cloze & C testThe cognitive style of impulsivity /reflectivity and EFL success the role of sexdifferencesContextual characterizations of core &noncore lexical items in English modernplaysContext effect on comprehension & recallof abstract & concrete materials contextavailabilityThe effect of text organization on theperformance of