IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFORMATIONPlease be advised that there is a delay between the performance date of a song andthe payment to you for its performance. It takes several months after the end ofeach calendar quarter for BMI to receive and process the information from theperformance sources logged during that period (i.e. radio and television stations,Internet, etc.)As a result, checks and statements covering U.S. performances of your worksduring the first calendar quarter of your affiliation may not be issued for 8 to 9months after the end of that quarter.There is an additional period of time required for the collection and transmission offoreign performance royalties.For more information on BMI’s royalty payments please visit our website at v1

INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE PUBLISHER APPLICATION FORMWe are delighted that you have expressed interest in affiliation as a BMI publisher. Wewould like to bring to your attention the fact that affiliation with BMI is likely to be ofpractical financial benefit to you only if you currently have musical compositions whichare being performed or are likely to be performed either publicly or on broadcast or cablemedia or over the internet. If you have no such compositions, please do not submit theapplication at this time.1. NAME OF YOUR PROPOSED PUBLISHING COMPANYIn order to eliminate confusion, it is necessary to reject any name identical with, or similar to, that of an establishedpublishing company. List your name choices in order of preference. Names should not include special characters suchas hyphens and ampersands. (Example not allowed: Bard-Mason Music. Allowed: Bard Mason Music).2. BUSINESS ADDRESS/PHONE/FAX/EMAILEnter the complete mailing address of the proposed publishing company. Enter the phone, fax and email address.3. BUSINESS STRUCTURECheck the box that applies to the structure of your company and proceed to the appropriate section: A, B, C or D andcomplete all information as it applies to your company. To assist you in filling out your application correctly andcompletely, we have provided general information and answers to the most frequently asked questions for eachcompany structure.A. INDIVIDUALLY OWNEDProcessing fee: 150.00 - NON REFUNDABLEEnter your Social Security number – we cannot process your application without it. Foreign residents (excluding U.S.Citizens or green card holders) must supply a W-8BEN for tax purposes. Non-resident aliens living in treaty countriesmay qualify for a reduced withholding rate by supplying a U.S. ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) on acompleted W-8BEN form. To apply for a U.S. ITIN complete and return form W-7 to the IRS. Please for W-8BEN and W-7 forms. Enter your firm’s business address. (If your business address is a P O Box,a different address must be listed for the owner’s home address.)B. FORMALLY ORGANIZED CORPORATIONProcessing fee: 250.00 – NON REFUNDABLEA copy of the Certificate of Incorporation must be submitted with this application.If you are waiting for your company name to clear at BMI so you can incorporate, you can notify your Secretary ofState’s office as soon as we have notified you which name we have reserved for you. Once your corporation isestablished, you will need to provide a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation issued to you by the Secretary ofState’s office. If the state in which you reside does not issue a Certificate of Incorporation, you must provide a copy ofthe Articles of Incorporation. This document will either be signed by the Secretary of State or stamped indicating thatthe corporation has been finalized through the stateSTATE OF INCORPORATION: Indicate the state in which your corporation was established.TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: Enter the nine-digit taxpayer identification number issued to your corporation.(Contact the IRS and request Form SS-4 to apply for this number.)PUB APP INST 7-2010Page 1 of 3

FORMALLY ORGANIZED CORPORATION (CONTINUED)LIST ALL STOCKHOLDERS: Enter full names of stockholders. If a company is listed as a stockholder, also listthe name(s) of the stockholder(s) of that corporation. If stockholder is a corporation, list the state in which thecorporation is established and list the officers of that corporation. Enter home address of each stockholder. Thisinformation is kept confidential and is kept on file to use only as a secondary contact for the company. Enter the SS#of each stockholder or the tax ID# if the stockholder is a company. Please indicate if stockholder is not a US citizenand does not have SS #. Enter percentage of ownership for each stockholder. Please advise if there is outstandingstock to be issued. Do not list shares of stock – if shares are issued, you must provide the percentage of stock equal tothe number of shares.LIST ALL OFFICERS: Enter name, address, SS# and office held for each officer.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Notify BMI if your publishing company is a division of an establishedcorporation or if your established corporation is ‘Doing Business As’ (D/B/A) your publishing company.NON-PROFIT CORP: Provide the following: Processing fee: 250.00 – NON REFUNDABLE Certificate of Incorporation or Articles of Incorporation, issued by the Secretary of State’s office. Tax account number issued to the corporation Names of at least three Members or Directors--indicate whether they are Members or Directors--and whoelects them Home address of each Member/Director Social Security # for each Member/Director Names and related information for officers in the non-profit corporationC. PARTNERSHIPProcessing fee: 250.00 – NON REFUNDABLETAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: Enter the Tax ID # issued to this company. (See additional informationbelow.)PARTNERS: Enter full name of each partner. Enter the home address of each partner. Enter the SS# for each partner.Indicate if a partner is not a US citizen. Enter the percentage of ownership held by each partner. Percentages must total100%. If a corporation is a partner, list separately the principal owners of the company, their home addresses andSocial Security Numbers. Please also provide advise the officers and thestate in which it is incorporated. Please provide the tax identification number for the partner corporation. Addresses are kept confidential and only used for secondary contact purposes. For foreign partnerships formed in countries where there is a tax treaty with the United States, a W-8BENshould be submitted with the U.S. tax ID number issued to the company. For foreign partnerships formed in countries where no U.S. tax treaty exists, a W-8IMY for the company isrequired along with W-8BEN forms for each partner.D. FORMALLY ORGANIZED LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYProcessing Fee: 250.00 – NON REFUNDABLECopy of Articles of Organization must be submitted with the application.If you are waiting for your company name to clear at BMI in order to file for the LLC, you can notify your Secretaryof State’s office as soon as we have notified you which name we have reserved for you. Once your LLC is established,please provide a copy of the Articles of Organization issued by the Secretary of State’s office. Articles ofOrganization must either be signed by the Secretary of State or stamped indicating date, book and page numbershowing that the LLC has been filed with the State. If Articles are not available, you must submit a copy of theOperating Agreement. This information is kept confidential.TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: Enter the nine-digit tax number issued to your LLC.STATE OF ORGANIZATION: Indicate the state in which your LLC was organized.LIST ALL MEMBERS: Enter full names of all members. If a company is listed as a member, please indicate theowner(s) name(s) or, if a member is a corporation, list the state in which the corporation was formed and officers ofthat corporation. Enter home address of each member. This information is kept confidential and used only as asecondary contact for the company. Enter SS# for each member. If a company or corporation is a member, enter thatPUB APP INST 7-2010Page 2 of 3

company’s tax number. Please indicate if member is not a US citizen and does not have SS #. Enter the percentage ofownership held by each member.ADDITIONALLY: Please indicate if your publishing company is a division of your LLC or if the LLC is ‘DoingBusiness As’ (D/B/A) the publishing company.4. OWNERSHIP INFORMATIONProvide the applicable information in this area.5. WEBSITE INFORMATIONProvide the information in this area only if you want your company information listed on our website – otherwiseleave it blank.6. ADMINISTRATION INFORMATIONIf you have entered into an administration agreement with another publisher please list the information in this area.7. BMI REPRESENTATIVEIf you have a representative that you normally deal with at BMI please list their name.8. DART ROYALTIESPlease see the included document “Facts About DART Royalties” before completing this section.9. SUBSTITUTE W-9This section must be completed by U.S. citizens and green card holders for tax purposes. Foreign residents (excludingU.S. Citizens or green card holders) must supply a W-8BEN and/or W-8IMY form for tax purposes. Non-residentaliens living in treaty countries may qualify for a reduced withholding rate by supplying a U.S. ITIN (individualtaxpayer identification number) on a completed W-8BEN form. To obtain an ITIN please submit form W-7 to the IRS.Please see for W-8BEN, W-8IMY, and W-7 forms.AUTHORIZED SIGNATURESignature on all documents must be in ink and that of the Individual Owner, Partner, an Officer in the corporation,Member of the LLC, or Manager of the LLC if a Manager has been appointed. Documents will not be accepted if theyare signed by an attorney, a personal manager, an administrator, or anyone other than the authorized signatory.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:A. The substitute Form W-9 must be completed. See the Substitute W-9 section above for exceptions.B. If a publishing company is INDIVIDUALLY OWNED, the owner’s Social Security Number is acceptableas the publishing company’s tax number. You do not need to apply for a tax identification number/EIN.C. Partnerships, Corporations and LLC are required to obtain a tax identification number/EIN from the IRS.Social Security Numbers are not acceptable for partnerships, LLC’s or corporations.D. Instructions for obtaining a tax identification number/EIN from the IRS for a partnership, LLC orcorporation and notifying BMI are as follows: Complete and return to BMI: signed Publisher Application, both copies of signed contracts, and theaffiliation fee. Hold the Form W-9 in your files UNTIL BMI has reserved a name for your publishing company. Atthat time, contact the IRS and request a Form SS-4 to apply for the taxpayer identification number foryour publishing company. As soon as the IRS notifies you of the tax identification number that has been assigned to yourpublishing company, complete and sign the Form W-9 and return it for final processing of yourpublisher affiliation to the attention of Publisher Administration, 10 Music Square East, Nashville TN37203. For faster processing, you may fax the Form W-9 but you must mail the original.REINSTATING YOUR PUBLISHING COMPANY:If you had a publishing company affiliated with BMI in the past and wish to re-activate the company, please contactPublisher Administration at 615-401-2000 or [email protected] APP INST 7-2010Page 3 of 3

PUBLISHER APPLICATIONPLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION PAGES BEFORE BEGINNING. YOUR APPLICATION CANNOTBE PROCESSED UNLESS ALL QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN FULLY ANSWERED. REMEMBER TOCOMPLETE AND SIGN ALL DOCUMENTS AND INCLUDE THE APPROPRIATE PROCESSING FEE.1. Name of Your Proposed Publishing Company:(In order to eliminate confusion, it is necessary to reject any name identical with, or similar to, that of anestablished publishing company.)1st Choice:2nd Choice:3rd Choice:4th Choice:5th Choice:2. Business Address:Business Phone: ( ) Fax: ( ) Email:3. Business Structure: (Check only one box)***** FEE MUST BE RECEIVED WITH APPLICATION *****A. Individually Owned – Fee: 150.00B. Formally Organized Corporation – Fee: 250.00C. Partnership – Fee: 250.00D. Formally Organized LLC – Fee: 250.00PROCEED TO THE SECTION OF THIS APPLICATION THAT IS APPROPRIATE FORYOUR BUSINESS STRUCTURE.FOR INTERNAL USE ONLYCHECKCASHIER’S CHECKMONEY ORDERTO ACCTG:PUB-AP 8-2014CONTACT RTJAZZ1

A. INDIVIDUALLY OWNEDName of Individual: Social Security Number: - -LastFirstMiddleComplete Address:StreetCityStateZip CodeIf you are now or have ever been a writer-member or writer affiliate of BMI, ASCAP, SESACor any foreign performing rights organization, enter the information below:Name of Organization: Period of Affiliation:Proceed to page 4 – question 4B. FORMALLY ORGANIZED CORPORATIONEXACT NAME OF CORPORATION:Does this corporation have a division or DBA at ASCAP or SESAC?DivisionDBAYesNoCompany Name:State of Incorporation:ASCAPSESACTax Identification Number: -Is your BMI publishing company a division or DBA of your corporation?DivisionDBA*** Please submit a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation with the application ***List All Stockholders:NameHome Address & Zip Code% OfSS# or Tax ID# OwnershipIsStockholderA PubliclyTradedCorporation ?List All Officers:NameHome Address & Zip CodeSS# or Tax ID #Office HeldProceed to page 4 – question 4PUB-AP 8-20142

C. PARTNERSHIPTax Identification Number/EIN: -Names of Partners(cannot be a social security number)Home Address & Zip Code% ofOwnershipSS# or Tax ID#Proceed to page 4 – question 4D. FORMALLY ORGANIZED LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYEXACT NAME OF LLC:Does this Limited Liability Company have a division or DBA at ASCAP or SESAC?DivisionDBACompany Name:YesN