From Code to Fix.Faster! Finding the fix has never beeneasier or faster! With quick access to over2.5 million experience-basedConfirmed Fixes . Genisys EVO with Code-Assist increases productivity andmaximizes your return

Genisys EVO Experience-based Information AdvantageWhat if you knew Exactly what top technicians fix when they get a vehicle specific code? The common failures for each manufacturer by symptom for the last 30 years? All you have to do is select the vehicle or read the codes to get this powerful information?Now you do! *Genisys EVO exclusively features Code-Assist and Repair-Trac by Idenifix .Code-Assist – Maximize Your Return On InvestmentUnlike the traditional list of theoretical potential causes provided by service manuals, Code-Assist provides over 2.5 MILLIONexperienced-based Confirmed Fixes for vehicle specific, OBD-II Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s). Other power features include: Developed using over 3.6 Million hotline calls to the Identifix Repair Hotline and 8 Million Direct-Hit uses byIdentifix customers each year. Uniquely supplies validated fixes for the B, C, P and U codes actually being set on vehicles then ranks them by frequency. Code-Assist saves time and increases productivity by prioritizing your diagnostic strategy!What would you do if you pulled a P1381 DTC on a Honda? What if you pulled the same code from a Ford?DTC number and description alone can’t beat experience and here’s why!2001 Honda Accord P13811998 Ford Contour P1381Maximize your Return On Investment with Code-Assist experience-based solutions.Repair-Trac Tech Tips by Identifix When you don’t have a DTC or just want to search for fixes by symptom select Repair-Trac. Repair-Trac is the largestdatabase of known vehicle-specific fixes available to the automotive aftermarket.Where would you like to start your diagnostics?*Code-Assist and Repair-Trac are installed on every New Genisys EVO and available for earlier Genisys tools in 3421-117USA 2009 Domestic software and the popular 3421-119 Genisys Super Bundle Productivity Kit.2

Genisys EVO Diagnostic and Repair InformationPathfinder Troubleshooting Repair InformationPathfinder troubleshooting information from 1992 to 2008 provides critical information atthe technician’s fingertips. In addition to the Repair-Trac and Fast Fixes databases,repair information includes: Code information Symptoms Specifications TSB references Data/sensor information PCM connector information Component locationInfoTech Component Information DatabaseInfoTech software is a vehicle-specific repair information database for testing mostcommon vehicle components. Provided are step by step test procedures using alab scope or multi-meter. Technical content provided includes: Domestic, Asian, and European vehicle coverage. Engine, transmission, and ABS systems covered. Vehicle System Test Functional Tests(multiple charging, fuel, and ignition tests) Component Wiring DiagramsComponent SpecificationsOil Light Reset ProceduresCurrent Ramping Tests Engine SpecificationsCircuit DescriptionFunctional TestsComponent LocationsGenisys EVO Productivity TestsOBD II Smart Cable Productivity and ease of use are certain with the OBD II Smart Cable. No more System SmartInserts or keys to change with each unique vehicle or system. OBD II Smart Cable is thecornerstone of Automated System Test and All System DTC Scan !Automated System Test Automated System Test is one button press to perform a Comprehensive Heath Testand report the data in a fraction of the time it used to take using manual, step-by-stepprocedures.All System DTC Scan All System DTC Scan is one button press to perform a trouble code check of allsupported vehicle systems in seconds.Bottom Line Benefits: Improved technician satisfaction Higher technician productivity Faster diagnosis More convenientGenisys EVO Diagnostic AccessoriesGenisys Scope Featuring InfoTech Software 4-channel full-function scope. 16 MHz Scope - 4 MHz sample rate all channels. Auto ranging function data. Print via standard PCL3 desktop color printer. Adjustable glitch capture. Copy files to and from USB. Update via Compact Flash or PC. User selectable background color.Ignition Scope Capabilities: Primary/secondary Distributorless ignition Raster Parade Coil-on-plug Superimposed Single cylinder Record4-Channel High-Speed Lab Scope Graphing and Digital Multimeter: Volts Ohms RPM Frequency Duty cyclePerformance 5-Gas Module with Integrated Diagnostics Meets or exceeds BAR 97, OIML Class 0 standardsReliable, heavy-duty pumpAutomatic water purgeWater overload protection Automatic zero mode Easy pump and sensor servicing Full measurement ranges forHC, CO, CO2, NOX, and O2 gases3 Connector Information Reference Waveforms Transducer Tests

Genisys EVO Vehicle Coverage SoftwareUSA 2009 Domestic Software with PathfinderNew Expanded Systems Coverage and Special Tests for US domestic vehicles.Here are a few highlights of this years release.Approximately 745 vehicles, 752 systems, and over 1400 new bidirectional testsare added for 2009 and older year vehicles. New diesel coverage for the GM Duramax 6.6L and Ford 6.0L / 6.4L includingbidirectional tests. New support for the UDS protocol by many OEM’s that also provide DTC Sub-Faultinformation.USA 2009 Asian Software with PathfinderPowerful Asian Import diagnostics coverage Asian also includes PathfinderTroubleshooting! The 2009 release integrates Repair-Trac tech tips andCode-Assist into Asian software.New key features include: Approximately 316 vehicles, 254 systems, and over 1000 new bidirectional tests areadded for earlier year vehicles as well as 2009 models. New TPMS tests for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai and Kia. New Nissan CAN system bidirectional tests, including steering recenter. New Honda and Toyota hybrid coverage.USA 2008 ABS/Air Bag Software with PathfinderUSA 2008 ABS / Airbag software is a focused diagnostic bundle for Domestic, Asianand top European vehicles. Scan functionality combined with ABS specific PathfinderTroubleshooting software provides a powerful diagnostic bundle. New features include:Scan Diagnostic FunctionsOver 1400 new vehicles, 2500 new systems and over 800 new Bi-directional Functions! Motor rehome Gear tension relief Solenoid test Manual and hydraulic control Enable relays And more! Brake bleeding tests Voltage and Lamp testPathfinder ABS Troubleshooting Integration into Repair-Trac Bleed Sequence Computer and Connector Location Specifications Lug Nut Torque Front and Rear Wheel Sensor Gap Front and Rear Sensor Torque Integration into Code-Assist Bleed Procedure System Type Min Sensor Output Front and Rear Sensor Resistance Recommend Brake FluidUSA 2008 European Software with PathfinderThe new Genisys European 2008 vehicle coverage.More coverage with focus on functionality shops need today: Diagnostic Trouble Codes Actuator Tests (bi-directional tests)Enhanced OEM’s covered are: Data Stream Controller codingBMW CoverageMercedes CoverageVW CoverageVolvo Coverage1987 – 2008 Model Years1987 – 2008 Model YearsAudi coverage1986 - 2008 Model Years1993 – 2008 Model Years1986 – 2008 Model YearsGenisys Heavy-Duty StandardGenisys HD supports two Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards for theheavy-duty industry, J1587 / J1708 and J1930 CAN.Features:Applications: Class 4 – Class 8 truck coverage.Tow trucks, recreational vehicles, buses, View and clear diagnostic trouble codes cement trucks, dump trucks, step vans,garbage trucks, municipal vehicles, Live vehicle data such as:refrigerated trucks, and conventional trucks.4

Genisys Super Bundle Productivity KitUSA 2009 Asian Software Update KitThis powerful kit maximizes technicianproductivity with the four most popularGenisys options at a value price —USA 2009 Domestic, USA 2009Asian, USA 2008 ABS / Airbagand System 4.0 software with apre-loaded high speed commercialgrade 4 GB memory card for fastinstallation. Also includes the NEWCode-Assist experienced-based Confirmed Fixes from Identifix.No. 3421-119 – Genisys Super Bundle Productivity Kit.NEW vehicle coverage for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda,Mitsubishi and more 2009 models including improvedsystem coverage for earlier years. This OBD II SmartCable compatible update kit also includes the NEWCode-Assist experience-based Confirmed Fixes from Identifix that links to Asian 2009 whenDomestic 2009 is installed. Asian 2009 includes thenew Automated System Test and All Systems DTCScan feature. Kit includes the NGIS software CD,manual, and Smart Card.No. 3421-118 – USA 2009 Asian Software Update Kit.NOTE: System 4.0, 4GB card required to install; see No. 3421-120 or 3421-121.Genisys System 4.0 Starter KitThe memory card is pre-loaded for yourconvenience with Genisys applicationsoftware. System 4.0 software is included.New software applications will require asmart card to authorize use. Also for yourconvenience, the latest versions of oldersoftware applications are included which may be installed if new coverage is notpurchased. Software application Smart Cards are only obtained by purchasing theappropriate software kit. Kit includes a pre-loaded high speed commercial grade 4 GBmemory card, System 4.0 software, software installation kit with Card Reader andUSB extension cable.No. 3421-121 – Genisys System 4.0 Starter Kit.USA Asian Cable Kit (cables only)NOTE: For Genisys owners that currently do not have System 2.0 or 3.0.Required for 2009 Software installation.Expanded coverage for USA Domestic,USA Asian and USA European through2008 model year. New TPMS QuickReference Information provides systemspecific test procedures. This is the kit youneed if you are a Genisys owner wantingto add ABS/Airbag bi-directional testing andPathfinder ABS troubleshooting.No. 3421-109 – USA 2008 ABS/Air BagSoftware Update Kit.This cable kit is for Genisysowners who have theUSA 2007 Asian software,but need the Asian-specificOBD I vehicle cables.No. 3421-94 – USA Asiancable kit (cables only).USA 2008 ABS/Air Bag Software Starter KitGenisys System 4.0 Memory Expansion KitThe memory card is pre-loaded for yourconvenience with Genisys application software.System 4.0 software is included. New softwareapplications will require a smart card to authorizeuse. Also for your convenience, the latest versionsof older software applications are included whichmay be installed if new coverage is not purchased. Software application Smart Cardsare only obtained by purchasing the appropriate software kit. Kit includes a pre-loadedhigh speed commercial grade 4 GB memory card and New System 4.0 SoftwareNo. 3421-120 – Genisys System 4.0 Memory Kit.NOTE: System 3.0 required, System4.0 recommended 3421-120 or3421-121. OEM cables may be requiredfor certain vehicle system functions.Additional OEM cables are availableindividually or in convenient kits - ABS/AirbagOEM Cable Kit 3421-54.NOTE: For Genisys owners with System 2.0 or 3.0. Required for 2009 Software installation.No. 3421-109No. 3421-110No. 3421-110 – USA 2008ABS/Air Bag Starter Kitwith cables.USA 2009 Domestic Software Update KitNEW vehicle coverage for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep,and Saturn 2009 models including improved systemcoverage for earlier years. This OBD II Smart Cablecompatible software also includes the NEW Code-Assist experienced-based Confirmed Fixes from Identifix ,Pathfinder troubleshooting with the NEW Code-Assist ,Repair-Trac , Fast fixes , Automated System Test ,All Systems DTC Scan, Smart Card, manual, ConnecTechReader, and the NGIS Windows-based program CD fordownloading software updates.No. 3421-117 – USA 2009 Domestic software update kit.NOTE: System 3.0 required,System 4.0 recommended 3421-120 or 3421-121.No. 3421-54No. 3421-54 – USA ABS/Air Bag cable kit. Includes ABS-specific cables.NOTE: Requires System 3.0. or newer and Smart Cable 3421-88.Genisys Heavy-Duty Starter KitGenisys Heavy-Duty Standard software includesJ1587/1708 and J1939 CAN communications.Kit includes 9-pinDeutsch cable,6-pin Deutsch cable,heavy-duty SystemSmart Insert, SmartCard, and PCsoftware CD.No. 3421-79 – Genisys heavy-duty starter kit.NOTE: System 4.0, 4GB card required to install; see No. 3421-120 or 3421-121.InfoTech 2006 Driveability andComponent Test Diagnostic Software Genisys with Scope – InfoTech 2006 provides powerful repairinformation, and also sets up the Genisys scope for you!The kit includes InfoTech 2006 Smart Card, manual, andthe NGIS Windows-based program CD for downloadingsoftware updates.No. 3421-83 – InfoTech 2006 software update kit.IMPORTANT NOTE: System 3.0 or newer1 GB card required to install; see No. 3421-120 or 3421-121.No. 3421-88 – The new OBD IISmart Cable is essentially “plug and play.”NOTE: System 3.0 required, System 4.0 recommended 3421-120 or 3421-121.IMPORTANT NOTE: Operationrequires Domestic / Asian 2006or newer software; see No. 3421-117.5

USA 2008 European Software Update KitGenisys DVD TrainingOEM based European enhanced coveragesoftware for select European manufacturers:Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper,Volvo, and Volkswagen. Kit includesNGIS software installation CD and Smart Card.No. 3421-107 – USA 2008 European Software Update Kit.Customized training – This full length video program is based solely on the Genisys.Enhanced training – Takes you beyond the basics of the Genisys.Train at your own pace – The TEAM AVI training format usingchaptered DVDs allows you to start and stop.Step-by-step instructions – On using the most powerful diagnostic functions.How to use – Graphing, recording, record playback for those “intermittent” problems.In-depth training – Goes beyond button pushing to showcase such important featuresas Pathfinder troubleshooting, graphing, and more.No. 3615Ease of use – Questions on the Genisys are covered in thetraining and can be reviewed quick