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Table of ContentsTable of ContentsPg.PrefaceIntroduction . .1.1Product Overview .1.2Product FeaturesFeatures Overview .2.1Product BasicsBasics Overview . .3.1Preparing Your Tactacam for OperationPreparation Overview . .4.1Operating Your Tactacam Operating Overview . .5.1Operating Overview Cont’d .6.1Operating Overview Cont’d .7.1Mounting A Tactacam Mounting Overview . . .8.1Mounting Overview Cont’d . .9.1Mounting Overview Cont’d . .10.1WarrantyWarranty Information . . .11.1Contact & Support Information . . .12.1Contact & SupportContact & Support Information . . .13.1

Preface1.1IntroductionThank you for purchasing your Tactacam - HD Hunting Video Camera. TheTactacam High-Definition Digital Video Camera is ultra-slim and has an integrateduser-friendly design, which makes it easy for you to record your highlight moments.Meanwhile, its motion-capture technology is able to clearly record all sorts ofactivities. Your Tactacam can be used for a wide range of purposes however ithas been designed specifically for hunting applications.This manual explains how to use the Tactacam and it provides you withinformation on the use, operation, safety precautions and technical specifications.Please read this manual carefully before using the camera and be sure to keep it foryour reference. For additional support please visit: OverviewEasy to use .Tactacam will turn on and record with the push of the One-Touchpower button. With our One-Touch feature, simply press the power button andwithin a few seconds the Tactacam begins to record. Push to start and push tostop at all times (on or off). Yes, it’s that easy to operate.The new Tactacam camera has been built using the best electronics available.A good camera has to have a good lens and a good image sensor. Great news,your new Tactacam has both! This small hunting video camera was built with anultra high quality lens and a 12 megapixel low-light sensor. Instead of using afisheye lens, which pushes the images (Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Big Game, etc)further away, Tactacam uses a unique lens design, providing a view similar to whatwe see with the human eye. For an example, a 20yd shot no longer looks like an80yd shot. Now your 20yd shot will look like 20yds and your 100yd shot will look like100yds in your Tactacam video. And now with its ability to interchange the lensesyou can customize your Tactacam to fit any of your filming situations. From a 170degree lens for tight, up close, action or the normal 60 degree lens for all otherhunting scenarios. All this is what makes the NEW Tactacam the best huntingcamera on the market. Are you ready to “Share Your Hunt”?1

Product Features2.1Features Overview 12MP Sensor Records In True Full HD - 1080p (30fps) or 720p (60fps) One-Touch Power On Auto Record with Vibration Indication Ultra Sharp Interchangeable Lenses Low-Light Recording Like No Other Camera of Its Kind Audio and waterproof End-Caps (Waterproof Tested Up To 30 Meters) Shock Resistant; 50cal Tested and Approved Rechargeable Lithium Battery. Provides over 2 hours of record time. Extra batteries available. Charging USB 2.0 and 110-120 volt AC Outlet Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 .MOV Format (Facebook and YouTubeReady) Storage: Micro SD Card Up To 32GB (Not Included) Must be at least SDHC, Class 10 and Up To 30MB/s speeds to befully compatible. 1-Year Limited Warranty (See page2

Product Basics3.1Basics Overview1. USB Port2. 720p Resolution3. 1080p Resolution4. Microphone5. Video Recording Mode6. Camera/Photo Mode7. Micro SD Card Slot8. Battery (Included with each Tactacam )9. On/Off and Pause Button10. Lens3

Prepare Your Tactacam 4.1Preparation OverviewStep 1. After removing your new Tactacam 2.0 from its package, you mustremove the Tactacam from the stabilizer by unscrewing the stabilizer boltcounterclockwise, located on the bottom of the stabilizer. Tilt the unitdownwards and the Tactacam will slide out once it’s loose. *Note - Pleasemake sure you do this in a safe location to avoid dropping the Tactacamand causing damage.Step 2. Once the Tactacam has been removed from both the packaging andthe stabilizer, unscrew the End Cap which is on the opposite end from theTactacam lens.Step 3. Now that the End Cap has been removed you will see the settings ofyour Tactacam . Here you will want to check to make sure the battery isseated correctly by removing and reinserting firmly.Step 4. Choose your desired settings (Photo or Video Mode/ 720p or 1080pResolution) and insert your Micro SD Card (sold separately). The Micro SDCard should be inserted with the printed side facing the battery and the blackside facing upwards towards the Photo/Video switch and mic. Screw on theEnd Cap and you are now ready to operate your new Tactacam .Step 5. Install the Tactacam Stabilizer on your bow. It is recommended, oncethe stabilizer is snug, to give 2 more full turns and center the camera with yourbow. It is important not to over tighten the rubber dampener between the bowand stabilizer. The rubber dampener will help reduce vibration and keep yourcamera in position.4

Operating Your Tactacam 5.1Operating OverviewTurning On Your Tactacam : Once you have prepared your Tactacam foroperation, briefly press the power button, located on the top-center of yourTactacam , within 3 seconds the green LED indicator light comes on and you feel 1long and 2 short vibrations. Your Tactacam will automatically start recording andthe green LED indicator will begin to blink.Pausing Your Tactacam : When your Tactacam is On and recording you maypause your recording by briefly pressing the button once (1 short vibration and solidgreen light). To resume, press once (2 short vibrations) and you are back torecording.Standby Mode: While your Tactacam is On and has not been recording orinactive for 5 minutes (default setting), it will shut itself off to help you conservebattery life. During Standby you may start recording by pressing the button onlyonce. Two short vibrations and a blinking green light in the button will indicate youare now recording again.Turning Off Your Tactacam : Press and hold the power button for 3 secondsuntil you feel 2 long vibrations and the green LED indicator is no longer on. YourTactacam is now powered off fully. This can be performed at any time, includingwhile recording.Charging: Remove the back cap and plug the appropriate side of the provided USBcord into your camera. Then plug the other side of the USB cord into the providedwall charger or your computer. You will see a blue and red light. After 10 min therewill only be a red light. Red light will remain on till the battery is fully charged.Positioning Your Tactacam : While using the Stabilizer or gun mount be sure toposition the power button facing upwards at all times. The camera lens should be5pointed in the direction of the subject you wish to record.

Operating Your Tactacam Cont’d6.1Operating Overview Cont’d.Switching Modes: The black mode switch is located in the upper-left.Camera/Photo Mode - Move the switch to the left.Video Mode - Move the switch to the right.Switching Resolutions: The resolution switch is located in the right-center.720p Resolution - Move the switch to the left.1080p Resolution - Move the switch to the right.Charging the Battery: Remove the end cap first by unscrew counterclockwise.To wall - Connect the normal USB end to the included 110/120v wall adapter andthe opposite end into the Tactacam’s USB port. (Recommended)To Computer - Connect the normal USB end to your computer and the opposite endinto the Tactacam’s USB port.Inserting a Micro SD Card: Unscrew the end cap, exposing all the settings, batteryand the Micro SD Card slot. Insert the Micro SD Card facedown (printed side) untilyou feel the spring-action locking mechanism. The lock should now hold it in place.Your Micro SD Card is now properly inserted. *Note-Must be at least SDHC, Class10 and Up To 30MB/s speed settings to be fully compatible.Removing a Micro SD Card: Remove the end cap first by unscrewcounterclockwise. Using your finger, press inwards on the Micro SD Card until youfeel the spring-action and the Micro SD Card will now be ejected. You will now beable to remove it from the Tactacam .6

Operating Your Tactacam Cont’d7.1Operating Overview Cont’d.Changing the Date and Time: Connect your Tactacam to a computer using theincluded USB cable.Go to “My Computer” (Windows XP) or “Computer” (Windows Vista, 7 or 8) or locatethe camera on your computer. Open the camera and you find a text (.txt format)embedded on your Tactacam . Copy this file and drag and drop onto yourdedicated Micro SD Card. Note: Do not add this into a separate folder on your SDCard. Follow the following steps:1. Modify with your desired changes and click File Save.2. Disconnect your Tactacam and power off your Tactacam .3. Proceed to power on your Tactacam and record a short 1-2 minute video.4. Plug your Tactacam back into your computer to see if the video file you justrecorded has the updated date and time. The date and time should now beupdated.5. Start recording and sharing your hunts with confidence!7

Mounting A Tactacam 8.1Mounting OverviewMounts:Mounts Overview1. Stabilizer2. Gun/Scope Mount3. Camera Mount4. Universal Mount5. Charger Wall Adapter6. USB Charging & Data Transfer Cable7. Audio End-Cap (Solid Waterproof End-Cap Not Pictured)8. Lubricating Gel Capsule with Replacement O-Rings9. Tripod/Adhesive Plate10. Adhesive Pads8

Mounting A Tactacam Cont’d9.1Mounting Overview Cont’d.Tactacam Stabilizer: The Tactacam Stabilizer is designed for bow hunters usingany bow with a stabilizer insert. To use the Tactacam Stabilizer, screw thestabilizer into your bows stabilizer threads tightly. Give the Tactacam Stabilizer acouple more turns then reverse just enough so the stabilizer and rubber bushingwon’t allow any noise and also so the Tactacam power button is positionedupright.Gun/Scope Mount: The Tactacam Gun/Scope Mount is an aluminum alloymounting bracket with shock-absorbing and scratch-free rubber lining. To use theGun/Scope Mount just loosen the wing-nut, attach one end to your rifle, shotgunbarrel or scope and insert the Tactacam into the other end. Tighten with the wingnut and make sure the power button remains facing upward.Camera Mount: The Tactacam Camera Mount allows you to mount yourTactacam to just about anything. To use your Tactacam Camera Mount loosenthe tension on the black side-knob until it has allowed the most clearance, this waythe clamp will open fully. Leaving the rubber sleeve in place, insert yourTactacam to your desired position and tighten the side-knob to secure yourTactacam . Now using either the Tripod/Adhesive Plate or the Universal Mount,clip your plate and Camera Mount into each other. *Compatible with either theUniversal Mount or the Tripod/Adhesive Plate.Universal Mount: The Universal Mount brings versatility to your Tactacam . Touse the Tactacam Universal Mount, start by removing both Allen bolts located oneither sides. Place the item you want the Tactacam to be mounted to inside of thebottom half of the Universal Mount. Now bolt both halves together with the object inthe middle. *Compatible with the Camera Clip only. Just clips these two together.9

Mounting A Tactacam Cont’d10.1Mounting Overview Cont’d.Tripod/Adhesive Plate: The Tactacam Tripod/Adhesive Plate is anotherversatile mount for your Tactacam allowing you to use on a Tripod or to adhere toalmost any surface. To use the Tactacam Tripod/Adhesive Plate with a tripod justscrew it onto your tripod’s camera plate bolt, then attach the Tactacam CameraClip into place. To use it as an adhesive plate, peel the paper off one of theincluded 3M adhesive pads, apply to the bottom/flat side of the plate and pressfirmly for 1-2 minutes. Once the 3M adhesive pad has firmly been applied, peel theother other side off and apply it to your desired surface. *Compatible with theCamera Clip only.Audio End Cap: The included Audio End Cap has a small hole cut out in the centerwith a mesh covering the inside of the hole. This should be used anytime you arenot around any water and would like to get optimal audio recorded with your video/s.To use, simply screw it onto the back of the camera.Waterproof End Cap: The included Waterproof End Cap is a solid cap that shouldbe used anytime you expect to be around water, rain, snow or ice. To use, simplyscrew it onto the back to cover and protect the back of the camera.USB Cable and Wall Adapter: The included Tactacam charger comes in twoseparate pieces. The usb cable (2.5ft) allows you to attach and transfer files fromyour Tactacam to your computer as well as charging your Tactacam . The USBcable plugs into the wall adapter so you can charge your camera with any walloutlet/ socket.Lubricating Gel & O-Rings: The clear and blue container included with eachTactacam provides you with lubricating gel to help keep the four o-rings from dryrotting. There are two rubber o-rings included with each new Tactacam . EachTactacam has pre-installed o-rings under each end cap to keep water from10leaking into the housing. It is recommended to lubricate your o-rings every 3

Tactacam Warranty11.1Warranty InformationWe’re disappointed if you’re not completely satisfied with your Tactacampurchase. We take a lot pride in our products and service! If you are experiencing aproblem with a Tactacam purchase, please take a minute to read the informationbelow to determine if your issue is covered under the Tactacam warranty.Registration must be submitted through our website within 30 days