Rabble Songbook One2009 to presentPlease note this is a draft.The index is not complete.New songs have been added beyond theoriginal 114.

Numerical 2829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950Blue Moon MedleySailingSloop John BUnder the BoardwalkDa Doo Ron RonRemember Port MelbourneI’m a BelieverBad Moon RisingHound DogUkulele LadyBlowin’ in the WindThese Boots are made for.Hello Mary LouProud MaryI Saw Her Standing ThereTell HimLove Potion Number NineKing of the RoadLoves Me Like a RockLet It BeNot ResponsibleSinging the BluesTake Me Home Country RdFly Like a BirdThe WandererEight Days a WeekStreets of LondonBlame it on the Bossa NovaHey JudeHallelujahI’m YoursBring It On Home To MeOn the Sunny Side of the StThe Glory of LoveCryingA Kind of HushReturn To SenderAlbertaAs Tears GoCrazyAlong the Rd to Gundagai Ten GuitarsHappy Birthday Sweet 16X-Wray Uke Theme SongThe Carnival is OverPassionate KissesDon’t Fence Me InMe and Bobby McGeeLight My FireDon’t Worry Be 899100Only YouBrown Eyes Blue (A&B)It’s Only a Paper Moon FIXEvil WaysWhen I’m Sixty FourWhat’ll I Do?Folsom Prison BluesA’int No SunshineDream BabySilver Threads & Golden N.Doo Wah DiddyWhen You’re Smilin’Walk Right BackDowntownDrunken SailorGhost Riders in the SkyWho’s Sorry NowI Only Want To Be With UOnly the LonelySomething StupidDirty Old TownWrite Me Care of BluesSailorThe Tide is HighTequila SunriseLand Down UnderIn the SummertimeTime WarpRunawayFerry Cross the MerseySwayDanny Boy (A& B)MTA ?Eye in the SkyHappy TogetherOctopus’s Garden ?JacksonTeddy BearIt’s a HeartacheBye Bye LoveLet the Good Times Roll?It Doesn’t Matter Any MorOn the Road AgainDianaBlues Stay AwaySweet and Shiny EyesJambalayaRaindrops Keep Falling onCrazy Little Thing Called 48149150Honky Tonk WomanRhythm of the RainMemories Are Made of ThTicket to RideCan’t Buy Me LoveSuspicious MindsJust When I Needed You Lili MarleneAlways Look on the Bright ?CeciliaSlip Slidin’ AwayJoy to the World -JeremiahWhat a Wonderful WorldThat’s AmoreChattanoogaI’ve Just Seen A FaceMidnight SpecialLolaEnd of the LineTennessee WaltzBetter Be Home SoonAlways Look on The Bright DFeelin’ Groovy FIXKansas CityAin’t She SweetI’m Into Something GoodMaxwell’s Silver HammerGreen DoorYou’re SixteenHelp Me RhondaIt’s Because I love YouDream a Little Dream .FIXThe BoxerBlue BayouWalk Right Back in DBeautiful SundayStewball ?The LetterJohnny B GoodeMargaritaville KEY TO F?DowntownSpookyHeartbreak HotelI Will SurviveDon’t Think TwiceJeans OnWhen You Walk in the RoomThen I Kissed HerLittle Red Riding HoodCowgirl’s Heart

Alphabetical 5766128A Kind of HushA’int No SunshineA’int She SweetAlbertaAlong the Road to Gundag Always Look on the Bright.Always Look on Key: DmAs Tears Go ByBad Moon RisingBetter Be Home SoonBlame it on the Bossa NovaBlowin’ in the WindBlue BayouBlue Moon MedleyBlues Stay Away from MeBring it On Home to MeBrown Eyes Blue (A & B)Bye Bye LoveCan’t Buy Me LoveCeciliaChainsChattanoogaCrazyCrazy Little Thing called LovCryingDa Doo Ron RonDanny Boy A & BDianaDirty Old TownDon’t Fence Me InDon’t Worry Be HappyDoo Wah DiddyDowntownDream a Little Dream Dream BabyDrunken SailorEight Days a WeekEnd of the LineEvil WaysEye in the SkyFeelin’ GroovyFerry Cross the MerseyFly Like a BirdFolsom Prison BluesGhost Riders in the SkyGreen 9514614HallelujahHappy Birthday Sweet 16Happy TogetherHelp Me RhondaHello Mary LouHey JudeHonky Tonk WomanHound DogI Only Want to be With UI’m a BelieverI’m Into Something GoodI’m YoursIn the SummertimeI Saw Her Standing ThereIt Doesn’t Matter Any MorIt’s a HeartacheIt’s Because I Love YouIt’s Only a Paper MoonI’ve Just Seen A FaceJacksonJambalayaJoy to the WorldJust When I Needed You.Kansas CityKing of the RoadLand Down UnderLet It BeLet the Good Times RollLight My FireLili MarleneLolaLove Potion Number NineLoves Me Like a RockMaxwell’s Silver HammerMe and Bobby McGeeMemories Are Made of thMidnight SpecialMTANot ResponsibleOctopus’s GardenOn the Road AgainOn the Sunny Side of the SOnly the LonelyOnly YouPassionate KissesProud Mary98637102792Raindrops Keep Falling OnRemember Pt MelbourneReturn to SenderRhythm of the ailorSilver Threads & Golden NSinging the BluesSlip Slidin’ AwaySloop John BSomething StupidStreets of LondonSuspicious MindsSwaySweet & Shiny EyesTake Me Home Country RTeddy BearTell HimTen GuitarsTennessee WaltzTequila SunriseThat’s AmoreThe BoxerThe Carnival is OverThe Glory of LoveThe Tide is HighThe WandererThese Boots .Ticket to RideTime WarpUkulele LadyUnder the BoardwalkWalk Right BackWalk Right Back (in D)What a Wonderful WorldWhat’ll I doWhen I’m Sixty FourWhen You’re SmilingWho’s Sorry NowWrite Me Care of the Bl You’re SixteenX-Wray Uke Theme Song

Chords in the first position. Source: Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Ukulele – Major Keys (The Root Chord is the Key)Root2nd3rd4th5th5th76th7th7th dim

Blue Moon MedleyBBlue [C] moon [Am] [F] you saw me [G] standing [C]alone [Am][F] Without a [G] dream in my [C] heart [Am]Sing: G[F] Without a [G] love of my [C] own [Am] [F] [G]Blue [C] moon [Am] [F] you knew just [G] what I was [C] there for [Am][F] You heard me [G] saying a [C] prayer for [Am][F] Someone I [G] really could [C] care for [Am] [F] [G]Lollipop[C] Lollipop [Am] lollipop [F][C] Lollipop [Am] lollipop [F][C] Lollipop [Am] lollipop [F][C] Lollipop [Am] lollipop [F]ooh lolli [G] lolli lollix2ooh lolli [G] lolli lolli [C] lollipopooh lolli [G] lolli lollix2ooh lolli [G] lolli lolli [C] lollipopDream[C] Dreeeeeea-[Am]m [F] dream dream [G] dream X2When [C] I want [Am] you [F] in my [G] armsAnd [C] I want [Am] you [F] with all your [G] charmsWhen-[C]ever I [Am] want you [F] all I have to [G] do is[C] Dreeeeeea-[Am]m [F] dream dream [G] dream X2Do You Wanna DanceChord trickOne finger always down1 C (keep it down for Am)2 Am (playing with middlefinger) – then .3 F keep Am down for F4 G7 top finger is in placeThis gives faster changes[C] Do you, do you, [Am] do you, do you [F] wanna [G] dance x2Oh, [C] Ba-[Am]by,[F] do you [G] wanna [C] dance [Am] [F] [G][C] Do you wanna [Am] dance and [F] hold my [G] hand[C] Tell me [Am] baby I’m your [F] lover [G] manOh, [C]Ba-[Am]by,[F] do you [G] wanna [C] dance [Am] [F] [G]Well do you [C] wanna [Am] dance [F] under the [G] moonlight[C] Squeeze me [Am] Baby all [F] through the [G] nightOh, [C] Ba-[Am]by, [F] do you [G] wanna [C] dance [Am] [F] [G][C] Do you, do you, [Am] do you, do you [F] wanna [G] dance x2Oh, [C]Ba- [Am]by, [F] do you [G] wanna [C] dance[Am] [F] [G]Hey Baby[C] Hey [Am] [F] [G]hey [C] Baby ([Am]ooh [F] ah) [G] I wanna [C] know [Am][F] if you’ll [G] be my [C] girl[Am] [F] [G]END ON [C]1

SailingRod Stewartutube: NjIN YnCnOgSSing: GCAmFCI am sailing, I am sailing home again 'cross the sea.DmAmDmC GI am sailing stormy waters, to be near you, to be free.CAmFCI am flying, I am flying like a bird 'cross the sky.DmAmDmC GI am flying passing high clouds, to be near you, to be free.CAmFCCan you hear me, can you hear me, thru the dark night far away?DmAmDmCI am dying, forever trying to be with you; who can say?Repeat bold then riff based on chords of 1st 2 lines of song.CAmFCWe are sailing, we are sailing home again 'cross the sea.DmAmDmCWe are sailing stormy waters, to be near you, to be free.GDmCOh Lord, to be near you, to be free.GDmCOh Lord, to be near you, to be free.2

Sloop John BBeach BoysSHear this song at: fdov2UIjUpYIntro: C/// G7/// C///Sing: G[X] We [C] come on the sloop John BMy grandfather and meAround Freo town we did [G7] roamDrinking all [C] night [C7] got into a [F] fight [Fm]Well I [C] feel so broke up [G7] I want to go [C] home //// /Chorus:[X] So [C] hoist up the John B’s sailSee how the mainsail setsCall for the captain ashore, let me go [G7] homeLet me go [C] home [C7] I wanna go [F] home [Fm]Well I [C] feel so broke up [G7] I wanna go [C] home[C] The first mate he got drunkBroke up the captain’s trunkConstable had to come and take him a-[G7]waySheriff John [C] Stone [C7]Why don’t you leave me a-[F]lone [Fm]Well I [C] feel so broke up [G7] I wanna go [C] home //// /To Chorus[C] The poor cook he caught the fitsThrew away all my gritsThen he took and he ate up all of my [G7] cornLet me go [C] home [C7]Why don’t they let me go [F] home [Fm]This [C] is the worst trip [G7] I’ve ever been [C] on//// /Chorus x 2Outro: C/// G7/// C///3

Under The BoardwalkThe DriftersUtube: THL5jTWl3ekIntro: [F] [C] [F]USing: F[F] Oh when the sun beats downand burns the tar up on the [C7] roofAnd your shoes get so hotYou wish your tired feet were fire-[F]proof [F7]Under the [Bb] boardwalk down by the [F] sea [Dm] yeahOn a [F] blanket with my baby [C7] is where I’ll [F] beUnder the [Dm] boardwalk (out of the sun)Under the [C] boardwalk (we'll be havin some fun)Under the [Dm] boardwalk (people walking above)Under the [C] boardwalk (we'll be falling in love)Under the [Dm] boardwalk [X] boardwalkFrom the [F] park you hear the happy sound of a carou-[C7]selYou can almost taste the hot dogs and French fries they [F] sellUnder the [Bb] boardwalk down by the [F] sea [Dm] yeahOn a [F] blanket with my baby [C7] is where l’ll [F] beUnder the [Dm] boardwalk (out of the sun)Under the [C] boardwalk (we'll be havin’ some fun)Under the [Dm] boardwalk (people walking above)Under the [C] boardwalk (we'll be falling in love)Under the [Dm] boardwalk [X] boardwalkInstrumental: [F] [C7] [F] [F7] (tune: 1st 4 lines of song)Under the [Bb] boardwalk down by the [F] sea [Dm] yeahOn a [F] blanket with my baby [C7] is where I’ll [F] beUnder the [Dm] boardwalk (out of the sun)Under the [C] boardwalk (we'll be havin’ some fun)Under the [Dm] boardwalk (people walking above)Under the [C] boardwalk (we'll be falling in love)Under the [Dm] boardwalk [X] boardwalk4

Da Doo Ron RonThe Crystals / Phil SpectorUtube: dqgtsai2aKYSing: EIntro: C F G C C F G C [C]I met him on a Monday and my [F] heart stood stillDa [G]doo ron ron ron, da [C] doo ron ron (no pause)[C]Somebody told me that his [F] name was BillDa [G]doo ron ron ron, da [C] doo ron ronD[C] Yes, my [F] heart stood still[C] Yes, his [G] name was Bill[C] And when he [F] walked me homeDa [G] doo ron ron ron, da [C] doo ron ron[C] I knew what he was thinkin' when he [F] caught my eye[G] Da doo ron ron ron, da [C] doo ron ron[C] He looked so quiet but [F] my oh myDa [G]doo ron ron ron, da [C] doo ron ron[C] Yes, he [F] caught my eye[C] Yes, but [G] my oh my[C] And when he [F] walked me homeDa [G] doo ron ron ron, [C] da doo ron ronBreak: C F G C C F G C [C] He picked me up at seven and he [F] looked so fineDa [G]doo ron ron ron, da [C]doo ron ron[C]Someday soon, I'm gonna [F] make him mineDa [G]doo ron ron ron, da [C]doo ron ron[C] Yes, he [F] looked so fine[C] Yes, I'll [G] make him mine[C] And when he [F]walked me homeDa [G]doo ron ron ron, [C]da doo ron ronDa [C] doo ron ron ron [F] da doo ron ron[G] Da doo ron ron ron [C] da do ron ronOutro: C F G C C F G C Repeat thesetwo lines5

Remember Port Melbourne Loaded Dog (W.A.) RUtube link: Dog/Remember Port Melbourne.htmlSing: CCGCFCGRemember Port Melbourne on Saturday night, in a pub they called Molly Bloom’sFCDGRemember the sailors, the drunks and the fights and the band at the end of the room.FCFGAnd do you recall how the first time we met, you soon had me under your spellCGCFGCIt was one of those moments I will never forget, oh yes, I remember it wellCHORUSFCThey sang Waltzing Matilda, they played The Wild RoverGCC7Last ChorusPat Riley and Molly Malone they were thereNed Kelly, and Henry, and Banjo were there.FCThe band kept on singing it over and overGCOh don’t you remember my dearCGCFCGOld Gentleman Jim had his place at the bar, a silver-topped cane in his handFCDGBig Eddy had borrowed the singers guitar and he strummed out the Black Velvet BandFCFGWe were lost in the music, swept up by the sound, and we knew all the words to the songsCGCFGCWhen the man on the banjo sang Rain Tumbles Down, the whole of the bar sang alongTO CHORUSCGCFCGI met you at Molly’s on Saturday night, you were nervous and shy, you were youngFCDGSo I went to the bar and I bought us a pint and the alcohol loosened our tonguesFCFGWe spoke of the present, we honoured the past, the words began flowing like wineCGCFGCWe savoured each moment like it was our last and the band played along all the timeEND WITH CHORUS AND SING LAST LINE TWICE6

I’m A BelieverUtube: XfuBREMXxtsIntro: [G]/// [D]/// [G]/// [D]///Monkees Neil DiamondSing: GI[G] I thought love was [D] only true in [G] fairy tales[G] Meant for someone [D] else but not for [G] me[C] Love was out to [G] get me [C] that's the way it [G] seemed[C] Disappointment [G] haunted all my [D] dreams[Tacet] Then I saw her [G] face [C] [G] X now I'm a be[G]liever [C] [G] XNot a [G] trace [C] [G] X of doubt in my [G] mind [C] [G] XI'm in [G] love [C] ooh, I'm a be[G]liever I couldn't [F] leave her if I [D]tried[G] I thought love was [D] more or less a [G] givin' thing[G] It seems the more I [D] gave the less I [G] got[C] What's the use in [G] tryin' [C] all you get is [G] pain[C] When I needed [G] sunshine I got [D] rain[Tacet] Then I saw her [G] face [C] [G] X now I'm a be[G]liever [C] [G] XN