Using theKolbe Test as aCrystal BallPresented by Tim Davis,Director of Operations

The Basics:The Kolbe A Test: Quick: 15 min. or less Results: Instant and easy to analyze Measures: This test measures aperson’s natural instincts, not job skill 4 scores, 4 instincts 1 total packageIs it always right?Absolutely not. See if they agree with the video.What are common reasons for a “flawed” test?They took too long or overthought the test.

10864High Fact Finder Result Means: Must have a LOT of information before theycan speak about a topic. Will always be eager to learn “Did you see this class is available?”Mid Range Fact Finder Result Means: Want a reasonable level of info neededspeaking about a topic Will want to learn as long as it makes sense “We need to learn XXXX.”Fact FinderThe first score you see listedand always in RED.What’s it Measure?The AMOUNT of information they feel likethey need to have to feel knowledgeable on atopic.Is there an ideal score?31Low Fact Finder Result: Doesn’t need much info at all Will be highly resistant to learning “Give me the basics, point me to the stage.”There are some solid ranges to use,depending on the position.Is there a “dangerous” score?A 1 or 2 is concerning; and a 9 or 10 wouldbe a very slow ramp up if new to the industry.

10864High Follow Thru Means: Unfinished tasks will bother them Highly dependable, very procedure driven “Remember that thing we discussed 6months ago well I got it shipped from ”Mid Range Follow Thru Means: Will be reasonably organized Will follow through with assignments, butwill not drive through snow to do it! “Got that done already, it was easy.”Follow ThruThe second score you seelisted and always in BLUE.What’s it Measure?How well a person can organize, their abilityto take action and follow through with tasks.Is there an ideal score?31Low Follow Thru Result: Disorganized and scattered Don’t hold your breath when they saythey’ll get back with you “Umm . I don’t remember that deadline.”There are some solid ranges to use,depending on the position.Is there a “dangerous” score?A 1 or 2 is concerning.

1086431High Quick Start Means: Never met a stranger Typically the center of attention “Sorry I was at the grocery store so long Imet this amazing person in line.”Mid Range Quick Start Means: Somewhat extraverted, but not the life ofthe party Willing to take some risk, but it’s calculated “I ran into an old buddy of mine at thegrocery store.”Low Quick Start Result: Does not like talking to strangers Typically only social with people they arecomfortable being around. “I made it through the grocery store inrecord time.”Quick StartThe third score you seelisted and always in GREEN.What’s it Measure?A person’s willingness to take risk and putthemselves out there.Is there an ideal score?There are some solid ranges to use,depending on the position.Is there a “dangerous” score?Only if you have this person in the wrongposition for their instincts.

1086High Implementor Means: Very creative or artistic Musicians, Artists, Performers, and Builderstypically fall here “Check out this table I built this weekend.”Mid Range Implementor Means: Likes to create, slightly more than a hobby Would take lead on design projects “My weekend band just wrote a new song.”ImplementorThe final score you see listedand always in YELLOW.What’s it Measure?How much does this person like to create anddo things with their hands.4Is there an ideal score?31Low Implementor Result: Typically does not like to build, create ordraw things Comfortable in an office setting “We tried to build this desk from IKEA thisweekend it was awful.”We almost always want a low implementorscore for the insurance industry.Is there a “dangerous” score?Anything above a 6 would likely be a bad fit inthe industry.

A SOLUTION FOR YOUR ENTIRE TEAMSales(out)Quick Start;Fact Finder;Follow ThruWanting a reasonable levelof fact finder so they areknowledgeable; quick startis key for outbound sales;Follow Thru varies based onagency service setupServiceFact Finder;Follow Thru;Quick StartNeed both strong factfinder and follow thru skills.Quick Start varies onimportance based onaccount roundingrequirements.Sales (In)Follow Thru;Quick Start;Fact FinderA high follow thru score isone of the best translatorsfor inbound leads andreferrals. Either Quick Startor Fact Finder is a solidsecondary skill.

A Real Case Study: 4-4-8-4Wants to know thebasic information, notmuch else.Tries to stayorganized, butprobably a bit of astruggle.Absolutely great atmaking connectionsand meeting newpeople98765432105/16/2019Fact FinderFollow ThruQuick StartImplementor8

What do our departments look like?CSRs/Account Managers:PL: 8-8-3-2CL: 7-5-3-6PL: 8-7-3-2CL: 7-6-3-4PL: 8-7-2-5CL: 8-7-2-4Managers:Back office: 8-5-3-4Front office: 6-5-7-35/16/2019Sales Team:Outside/Cold 56-7-3-46-5-7-39

How do I get the Kolbe?1) Send a request to Tim Davis:[email protected]: 50Billed viaReports &Payments5/16/20192) Receive email template and link to sendto potential hire (or current employee)3) Whomever takes the test shouldforward their results to you4) Schedule a call with Tim to discuss theresults10