NAME:Punctuation WorksheetCommas, Colons & Semi-colonsFRESHMAN ENGLISHArchbishop Moeller High School, Mr. RoseRefer to your “Chesterton Punctuation” PowerPoint to review all the rules for proper usage of commas.PART I -- Read each sentence. Put commas in the correct places in each sentence. If a sentence does not requirecommas, write “correct” at the end of the sentence. Use your tablet pen and write in red!1. Even though the paint was still wet I couldn't resist touching it.2. After the fire burned out I went inside the house.3. In English class we read Old Man and the Sea The Pearl and Romeo and Juliet.4. I watched television took the dog for a walk and drove to the store to get milk.5. William Shakespeare a famous playwright wrote Macbeth and Hamlet.6. The three pound bass which was the biggest fish I ever caught tasted delicious.7. While the turkey was cooking I prepared mashed potatoes.8. My best friend John just bought a new lawn mower.9. In the basement mice hide between the boxes.10. After hiking in the woods for three hours I sat down to have a drink of water.11. The big gray dog wouldn't stop barking last night.12. Jane I would like you to meet my mother and father.13. I need to go to the hardware store to get nails paint and light bulbs.14. If you liked Harry Potter you'll love Lord of the Rings.15. I've had enough of your silly wild and inappropriate behavior.1 Commas worksheetMr. Rose

PART II – Insert all necessary commas in the following paragraph:Once upon a time there was a small boy who loved to tell tall tales. Because of this behavior nobody everbelieved a word he said. Therefore it was no surprise that nobody listened one day when he cried “My pop’s barnis on fire!” Everyone in the village laughed at the excited youngster as he begged and pleaded for someone tofollow him. After a few minutes one woman became concerned. She asked her companions “Should we see if thebarn is really burning?” At that moment someone spotted smoke. Immediately the villagers jumped on theirhorses and headed to the liar’s farm. Sure enough what he said was true. With great haste the villagers formed aline to help extinguish the flames. Luckily the boy’s father has already saved the animals. This frightening incidentconvinced the child that lying was a terrible habit. Shortly thereafter he found new ways to amuse himself: singingdrawing and fishing. Let this true story serve as a warning to all inclined to tell tall tales: nobody believes a fibber.Each person therefore should find amusement in harmless activities.PART III -- Read each sentence. Put commas in the correct places in each sentence. If a sentence does not requirecommas, write “correct” at the end of the sentence. Use your tablet pen and write in red!1.Heeding all too well the admonition of Genesis 1:26 man has clearly established dominion over the fish ofthe sea the birds of the air the cattle and all the earth.2.In fact man has gone far toward destroying all members of the animal kingdom including of coursehimself.3.In the last 150 years man has increased his extermination of mammals alone by fifty-five-fold and if thekilling continues at the present rate man may well destroy all 4062 species of mammals within thirtyyears.4.Even today there are 835 endangered species with more being added each year.5.In India where 40000 tigers roamed in 1930 there are now only 2500 left and the lion population currentlyestimated at 175 has been depleted even more severely.6.Australia a land of energetic sports-minded individuals has treated its animal population no better thanIndia has.

7.Consequently animals like the kangaroo for which Australia is famous are fast disappearing as are koalabears Tasmanian wolves and emus.8.Because Australians were not concerned about their wildlife in 1930 the government machine-gunned20000 emus at one time.9.In the United States too several species of wildlife have disappeared and many others are close toextinction.10. The Eastern elk and the passenger pigeon once so plentiful in this country are now forever gone.11. Other animals such as the alligator the Southern Bald eagle and the ivory-billed woodpecker may be fatedto join the growing list of species we will see no more.12. Although alligators are protected by law men continue to kill them for their skins only the belly portion ofwhich are used.13. As long as Americans want their expensive alligator belts handbags and shoes the poachers will continueto supply the skins.14. The profit motive of course has led to the wholesale slaughter of animals like the alligator and the tigerbut many other animals have been killed for whim or pleasure.PART IV – All the commas and semicolons have been omitted from the following sentences. Each numbercontains one or two sentences which may have one or more commas or semicolons missing. Some of theseomissions may be correct. Insert the commas and semicolons where needed. Use your tablet pen with red ink.1. My English teacher is so strict! At the beginning of the quarter she said “If you miss three classes youwill get an F.”2. During my summer vacation I went to the beach. My favorite beach activities are swimming scubadiving parasailing and jet skiing.3. Miami University is a great school but I wish Oxford was a bigger town! On the weekends there isnothing to do.4. Although Lucretia is an excellent hostess she was somewhat shaken when she stumbled down the stairsfalling face-first into the clam dip.

5. I told my friend whose name is Anne that I have homework to do therefore I must leave the play early.She understood but she was sad that I was going to miss the last act.6. Jan my best friend cannot go to the movies with us. Her mother said “Young lady you aren’t goinganywhere until you clean up your room!”7. I want a cute brown puppy but my mother won’t let me have one. She says that puppies are noisymessy and loud.8. I like basketball better than football because basketball is more exciting and fast-paced than football.PART V -- All the commas and semicolons have been omitted from the following passage. Fill them in wherenecessary.When I was a freshman at Ohio State I felt so lost. I was away from home for the first time and myparents and friends were not there to help me. During the first week I was here I had such a hard timefinding my way around. When I wanted to be at the Carroll Building I would end up walking toward theMath Building on the opposite side of the campus! However whenever I asked other students they werealways nice to me and would point me in the right direction. They probably knew I was new at school andhad sympathy for me! When I actually made it to the classes I felt lost all over again because there wereso many other students in them. I did not know anyone. However I was comforted knowing that all theother freshmen felt the same way I did. One girl even turned to me and said “Hey are you new too?”During the next couple of weeks I became more and more comfortable with the school. I even found myway around campus. I like this school because the professors are nice the other students are friendly andthe campus is beautiful.

PART VI – Write an X on the line next to the sentence using the colon properly. Use your tablet pen in red.1.A. The following students are to report to the Dean's office: Jones, Murphy, Jackson, and Weidner.B. The following students are to report to the Dean's office: I don't know why, but it must beimportant.2.A. Here is a famous saying by Mark Twain: "Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to."B. Here is a famous saying by Mark Twain: when you read it, you will recognize it immediately.3.A. There is only one thing I expect from my dog: complete obedience.B. There is only one thing I expect from my dog: and it is not really too much to ask.4.A. It was just as she suspected: her fears were now confirmed.B. It was just as she suspected: he lost all his money at poker.5.A. The critics considered the book to be: trivial, boring, and smutty.B. The critics characterized the book this way: trivial, boring, and smutty.6.A. These were the movies nominated for the 1994 Movie-of-the-year Award: The Piano, JurassicPark, and Schindler's List.B. The movies nominated for the 1994 Movie-of-the-Year Award are: The Piano, Jurassic Park, andSchindler's List.7.A. He became a Writing Lab tutor because: he loved grammar and the pay was generous.B. He became a Writing Lab tutor because of two considerations: he loved grammar and the paywas generous.

PART VII -- Write a sentence including the given items and using a colon.Example:John and Mary visited Ann Arbor for just one reason.John and Mary wanted to go to the Art Fair.John and Mary visited Ann Arbor for just one reason: to go to the ArtFair.1.Tommy wrote to Santa Claus.He wanted a sled, an air rifle, and a catcher's mitt.2.A brilliant characterization of Eleanor Roosevelt by Adlai Stevenson."She would rather light candles than curse the darkness."3.Finalists in the horse show.Misty, Blaze, Pepper.4.Jermaine wanted the red convertible.He had but one thought in mind.PART VIII – Re-write these sentences using a semi-colon to replace the connective.Example: I like Moeller High School because its teachers are so inspiring and motivating.I like Moeller High School; its teachers are so inspiring and motivating.1.It was a cold day so I had to wrap up warmly.2.I felt really silly because I got the answer wrong.3.Our dogs race around the field because they are very energetic animals.

4.The thief managed to escape by fighting his way through the crowd.5.I liked the book, as it was a pleasure to read.6.The first film was the best because I thought the sequel was rubbish.7.I switched off the alarm clock, as it was time to get up.8.I ran some cold water into the bath because it was far too hot.