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State of TexasAssessments ofAcademic ReadinessPERIMETER2A s sRectangleA l 0InchesP 2 l 2worP l w l wRectangleP 4sSquareSTAARSTAAR GRADE 4 MATHEMATICSREFERENCE MATERIALS

2019LENGTH1 mile (mi) 1,760 yards (yd)1 kilometer (km) 1,000 meters (m)1 yard (yd) 3 feet (ft)1 meter (m) 100 centimeters (cm)1 foot (ft) 12 inches (in.)1 centimeter (cm) 10 millimeters (mm)1618Metric17Customary15VOLUME AND CAPACITY14Customary131 gallon (gal) 4 quarts (qt)Metric1 liter (L) 1,000 milliliters (mL)12CustomaryMetric8WEIGHT AND MASS1 ton (T) 2,000 pounds (lb)1 kilogram (kg) 1,000 grams (g)7101 cup (c) 8 fluid ounces (fl oz)91 pint (pt) 2 cups (c)111 quart (qt) 2 pints (pt)1 pound (lb) 16 ounces (oz)1 gram (g) 1,000 milligrams (mg)51 year 12 months41 year 52 weeks36TIME1 week 7 daysCentimeters0121 day 24 hours1 hour 60 minutes1 minute 60 ---------------------------------------STAAR GRADE 4 MATHEMATICSREFERENCE MATERIALS



MATHEMATICSMathematicsPage 7

DIRECTIONSRead each question carefully. For a multiple-choice question, determine thebest answer to the question from the four answer choices provided. For agriddable question, determine the best answer to the question. Then fill in theanswer on your answer document.1 People in the United States drink about 129,600,000 bottles of water each day.What is the value of the digit 1 in this number?A 100,000,000B 100C 1,000D 100,000MathematicsPage 8

2 Ignacio and Elaine read the same book. The shaded part of each modelrepresents the fraction of the book that each student read.IgnacioElaineWhich expression can be used to find the difference between the fraction of thebook Elaine read and the fraction of the book Ignacio read?F16 13 47G74 13 16H16 13 20 20J20 20 16 133 Which decimal is equivalent toA 0.079B 0.79C 7.9D 79.100MathematicsPage 979?100

4 Which statement best describes a primary service of a bank?F Banks offer checking and savings accounts to their customers.G Banks help customers decide which expenses to pay.H Banks help customers meet their neighbors.JBanks sell stamps and deliver mail.5 Alexa had a total of 36 bottles of water. She drank half of the bottles of water lastweek. Alexa will drink the remaining water bottles during the next 6 days. Shewill drink the same number of bottles each day.Which strip diagram shows a way to find w, the number of water bottles Alexawill drink during each of the next 6 days?36A6wB6w36C18w w w w w w36D18w36MathematicsPage 10

6 Ray TU has been drawn on the protractor, as shown.USRVTWTo construct an angle that has a measure of 85 , another ray can be drawn thatstarts at point T and passes through —F point RG point SH point VJpoint WMathematicsPage 11

7 The table shows the heights in inches of the students in Mr. Garrison’s class.Student HeightsHeight(inches)Number ofStudents53545556575859Mr. Garrison made this dot plot to show the heights of his students. The dot plotis incomplete.Student Heights525354555657Height (inches)585960What height in inches is missing a data point on the dot plot?Record your answer and fill in the bubbles on your answer document. Be sure touse the correct place value.MathematicsPage 12

8 In which drawing does line m appear to be perpendicular to line k?mmF rH rkkrrkGJmm9 Ms. Thompson needscomparison is true?A115 722B115 722C115 722D None of theseMathematicsPage 13k151yards of red fabric and 7 yards of silver fabric. Which22

10 Ms. Wilmeth bought 4 bags of candies. Each bag contained 8 candies. She put anequal number of these candies into each of 9 gift boxes.How many candies were left over?F 3G 4H 0J511 Olivia has 2 gallons and 3 quarts of vanilla ice cream and 1 gallon and 2 quarts ofchocolate ice cream left over from a party.What is the total number of gallons and quarts of ice cream that Olivia has leftover?A 1 gal 1 qtB 4 gal 1 qtC 5 gal 3 qtD 5 gal 1 qt12 Which fraction is equivalent to 1.5?F1510G15100H10015J1015MathematicsPage 14

13 The rectangular top of Kathleen’s desk has a length of 24 inches and a width of17 inches. What is the area of the top of Kathleen’s desk in square inches?A 192 square inchesB 82 square inchesC 408 square inchesD 41 square inches14 The model is shaded to represent one whole.Model Y is shaded to represent a number greater than one.Model Y: Which expression CANNOT be used to represent this number?F444 444G1111 4444H4431 4444J3333 4444MathematicsPage 15

15 The measure of angle WXZ is 90 . The measure of angle WXY is 53 .XZWYWhat is the measure in degrees of angle YXZ ?Record your answer and fill in the bubbles on your answer document. Be sure touse the correct place value.MathematicsPage 16

16 Which expression has a quotient of about 7?F 7 2G 23 7H 36 5J 13 617 Workers at a company fixed 37,015.08 meters of pipe. How is this numberwritten in expanded notation?A (3 10,000) (7 1,000) (1 100) (5 10) (8 0.1)B (3 10,000) (7 1,000) (1 10) (5 1) (8 0.1)C (3 1,000) (7 100) (1 10) (5 1) (8 0.01)D (3 10,000) (7 1,000) (1 10) (5 1) (8 0.01)MathematicsPage 17

18 Which model represents 11 13 143?10110FH10310G101MathematicsPage 183103J11011

19 Armando has two pencils in his desk. Use the ruler to measure the length of eachpencil to the nearest centimeter.Which measurement is closest to the difference in centimeters between thelengths of these two pencils?A 9 cmB 1 cmC 23 cmD 3 cm20 The owners of a business rented 4,506.23 square feet of space in an officebuilding. They plan to use 281.6 square feet of the space for the kitchen.How many square feet of space are left?F 4,224.63 square feetG 4,385.43 square feetH 4,478.07 square feetJ4,225.17 square feetMathematicsPage 19

21 The table shows numbers of feet and the equivalent numbers of yards.Feet-to-Yards ConversionsNumber ofFeetNumber ofYards124155186217Nathan has a piece of chain that is 54 feet long. How many yards of chain doesNathan have?A 22 ydB 162 ydC 18 ydD 46 ydMathematicsPage 20

22 Each Saturday Mr. Franklin teaches 3 piano lessons at his music school and4 piano lessons in students’ homes. For each lesson at his music school, he charges 15. For each lesson in a student’s home, he charges 20.Which set of equations can be used to find m, the amount of money in dollarsMr. Franklin earns from piano lessons each Saturday?F 15 4 6020 3 6060 60 mG 15 3 520 4 55 5 mH 15 3 4520 4 8080 45 mJ 15 3 4520 4 8045 80 mMathematicsPage 21

23 The list gives information about the favorite color of each of 22 students. 6 students chose red. 2 students chose yellow. 5 more students chose blue than yellow. 3 fewer students chose purple than red. The rest of the students chose green.Which frequency table represents the number of students who chose each color?Favorite ColorColorAFavorite ColorNumber GreenColorBMathematicsPage 22RedYellowFavorite ColorRedNumber ofStudentsFavorite ColorNumber eGreenGreenNumber ofStudents

24 Zeke used331cup white sugar,cup brown sugar, and 2 cups of flour to bake444some cookies.What was the difference between the amount of flour and the combined amountof sugar Zeke used?F 33cups4G 12cups4H2cup4J3cup425 What is the measure of angle RST to the nearest degree?TRSA 40 B 50 C 130 D 80 MathematicsPage 23

26 A baker made 24 cakes each day for 2 days. He used 4 cups of flour for eachcake he made.What was the total number of cups of flour the baker used on these 2 days?Record your answer and fill in the bubbles on your answer document. Be sure touse the correct place value.27 The table shows the amounts Ms. McCulley paid for different expenses during thelast three months.Monthly ExpensesExpenseMonth 1Month 2Month 3 1,600.00 1,600.00 1,600.00Car payment 365.77 365.77 365.77Groceries 462.55 398.89 421.36Gasoline 130.56 141.35 133.30Utilities 213.20 208.55 209.40RentWhich expenses were fixed expenses for Ms. McCulley during thesethree months?A Groceries, gasoline, and utilities onlyB Rent and car payment onlyC None of the expensesD All of the expensesMathematicsPage 24

28 Martha bought a new box of cereal. In one week she ate4of the cereal.9Which is closest to the fraction of the cereal she had left?F Less than1of the cereal was left.4G Less than1of the cereal was left.2H About1of the cereal was left.2J1of the cereal was left.4About29 The number line shows point W.W1112Which number does point W represent on the number line?A 11.6B 11.07C 11.7D 11.06MathematicsPage 2513

30 These polygons belong in the same group.Which statement best describes the polygons in this group?F Each polygon has at least one pair of parallel sides.G Each polygon has at least one obtuse angle.H Each polygon has at least one right angle.JEach polygon has at least one acute angle.MathematicsPage 26

31 The table shows the relationship between the position of a number in a patternand its value.PositionValue133234335436Which rule shows how to find the value when given the position?A 33B 32C 33D 32MathematicsPage 27

32 The table shows the fractions of the bulletin boards in four classrooms that will beused to display artwork.Artwork on Bulletin BoardsWhich comparison is true?F24 48G45 810H54 68J55 610MathematicsPage 28TeacherFraction forArtworkMs. Brady510Mr. Chang24Ms. Gupta56Mr. Taylor48

33 The perimeter of a rectangular bulletin board is 22 feet. Which model could showthe dimensions of this bulletin board in feet?A11 ft1 ft8 ftB3 ft16 ftCD6 ft11 ft2 ftMathematicsPage 29

34 Which expression is equivalent to9?8F33 88G126 233H11111111 99999999J111111111 888888888MathematicsPage 30BE SURE YOU HAVE RECORDED ALL OF YOUR ANSWERSON THE ANSWER DOCUMENT.STOP

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