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Identifying Your Drivers: QuestionnaireAbout this questionnaireIf you found our download guide on Kahler’s Five Drivers interesting, you might also want to consider your personaldrivers. This document gives you a very rough and basic way of considering your drivers. This is not a researched orvalidated questionnaire, more a bit of fun for you to consider your strongest drivers – and the pros and cons of eachone.What are Drivers?Drivers can be characterised in five different ways according to Kahler. They result in the behaviour that we exhibitto the wider world and find their roots in our unconscious. It can be helpful to be aware of these things, becausethere are pro’s and con’s to each driver, and making a choice to not be blindly led by these unconscious impulsescould help us all become more effective and happy in life.As with any form of emotional intelligence, self-awareness or self-development, the better we understand what isgoing on in our minds, the better we can recognise it and choose a different reaction. If I know I have a tendency toplease others, then when I recognise I’m doing that and holding back from saying what I think, I could challengemyself and be more honest about my views.What are your strongest Drivers?This questionnaire is designed to help you identify which of the five driver types you naturally have a preference for.Answer the following questions by indicating a 3 for Yes, a 1 for No or 2 for occasionally next to the questionnumber.totem-consulting.com0845 54 [email protected]

Identifying Your Drivers: Questionnaire1 – NO, 2 – OCCASSIONALLY, 3 – YESQuestionScore1Do you hide or control your feelings?2Are you reluctant to ask for help?3Do you set yourself high standards and then criticize yourself for failing to meet them?4Do you do things (especially for others) that you don’t really want to?5Do you have a tendency to do a lot of things simultaneously?6Do you hate ‘giving up’ or ‘giving in’, always hoping that ‘this time it will work’?7Is it important for you to be RIGHT?8Is it important for you to be LIKED?9Do you have a tendency to start things and not finish them?10Do you set unrealistic time limits?11Are you fairly easily persuaded?12Do you dislike being different?13Do you have a tendency to put yourself (or find yourself) in the position of being depended upon?14Do you feel discomforted (e.g. annoyed, irritated) by small messes or discrepancies?totem-consulting.com0845 54 [email protected]

Identifying Your Drivers: Questionnaire15Would you describe yourself as ‘quick’ & find yourself getting impatient with others?16Do you hate to be interrupted?17Do you tend to compare yourself with others and feel inferior or superior accordingly?18Do you find yourself going round in circles with a problem feeling stuck but unable to let go of it?19Do you have a tendency not to realise how tired, or hungry you feel, but instead ‘keep going’?20Do you tend to talk at the same time as others, or finish their sentences for them?21Do you like to explain things in detail and precisely?22Do you like to ‘get on with the job’ rather than talk about it?23Do you prefer to do things on your own?24Do you dislike conflict?25Do you have a tendency to be the rebel or the odd one out in a group?totem-consulting.com0845 54 [email protected]

Identifying Your Drivers: QuestionnaireScoringLook at the response you have for each question, and place the corresponding result into the table below. Be sureto double check which score you’ve placed against each question, at this point the scores are now being brokendown by driver type.The score for each question then needs to be placed against the question number in the columns below.Score each mark in the following lTotalTotalTotalScoreNow copy those results in the below table to find your preferred driver type. It’s worth noting that many peoplehave a blend of drivers, and don’t necessarily have a strong preference for any single driver.Column12345Driver StatementBe PerfectPlease OthersHurry UpBe StrongTry Hardtotem-consulting.comTotal Score0845 54 [email protected]

Identifying Your Drivers: QuestionnaireInterpreting your resultsBe PerfectBe Perfect people draw energy from doing the ‘right’ things. We aim for perfection in everything, check carefully,produce accurate work and set high standards. The drawback to this driver is sometimes we miss deadlines becausewe are still checking our work. We tend to have a weak sense of priorities and insist everything is done perfectly.Be StrongBe Strong individuals have the ability to stay calm in any circumstance. We are driven by the need to cope withcrises, difficult people, and will work steadily through any workload. However, our desire to have everything undercontrol means we can come across as aloof and may not always ask for help.Hurry UpPeople with Hurry Up styles like to do everything as quickly as they can, which means we get a lot done. We areenergised by having deadlines to meet, and always seem able to fit in extra tasks. However, give us time to spareand we delay starting until the job becomes urgent. This can backfire because in our haste we make mistakes.Please OthersThis working style means we are nice to have around because we are so understanding. We use intuition a lot andwill notice body language and other signals that others may overlook. The drawbacks to this are serious, we avoidthe slightest risk of upsetting someone. We may be so cautious with criticism that our information is ignored.Try HardTry Hard people are enthusiastic, we get involved in lots of different activities, and tend to volunteer for things. Weare energised by having something new to try. But sometimes we turn small jobs into major projects because wewant to chase every possibility. We may even become bored with the detailed work that follows, even to the pointof leaving work undone so we can move on to a new, exciting activity.totem-consulting.com0845 54 [email protected]

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