TAPE AND REELPACKAGINGIntroductionSpecificationsThe electronics industry is making a tremendous investment in surfacemount technology. The reasons for this investment include cost savingsresulting from automated component placement and increased densityof PCB layout due to smaller package sizes.Analog Devices’ tape and reel specifications are in conformance with theEIA Standard 481 “Taping of Surface-Mount Components for AutomaticPlacement.”Today’s placement machines can pick and place thousands of componentsper hour with a very high degree of accuracy. To achieve this performance,the component delivery system must be capable of feeding parts at highspeeds in a consistent orientation, positively indexed to the demands of themachine. The leads of the components must be protected from damageduring shipment, handling, and placement.The preferred packing material available today for these demands istape and reel. Analog Devices’ tape and reel system is fully compatible with the detaping equipment that is standard in most automatedplacement equipment.In the tape and reel format, the components are placed in specificallydesigned pockets embossed in a plastic carrier tape. The cover tapeis sealed to the carrier tape to keep the parts in place in these pockets. Arow of sprocket holes is provided along one edge of the embossed tape tofacilitate positive indexing. The tape is then wound onto a rigid plastic reelthat provides mechanical protection during handling and storage. Thesereels are dust-free and compatible with a clean environment.ESD ProtectionAnalog Devices’ tape and reel delivery system is designed to offer a veryhigh degree of protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD). All tapeand reel materials are static-dissipative. In addition, drypacked reelsare shipped in moisture barrier bags; nondrypacked reels are shipped ina box with ESD conductive coating or in a conductive ESD bag. To retainthe benefits of this protection, the bags should be opened only at ESDcontrolled workstations by trained personnel.Peel Back StrengthThe peel back force will be between 10 g and 100 g for 8 mm wide tapeand 10 g to 130 g for tapes 12 mm and wider when tested at roomtemperature and pulled at a 175 to 180 angle with a peel-off speedof 300 10 mm/min.Direction of FeedDirection of feed is defined as the direction in which the end user unreelsthe tape. The direction of feed for all products is counterclockwise whenthe reel is held with the round sprocket holes facing the observer.Figure 1. Direction of feed.Visit

2Tape and Reel PackagingPin 1 OrientationDevices are reeled so that Pin 1 is oriented properly with the direction of feed and round sprocket holes. Pin 1 orientation isdenoted as C1 to C4, or M1, with respect to the direction of feed and round sprocket holes, as illustrated below.Direction of FeedRoundSprocketHolesM1C1C2C4C3Figure 2. Pin 1 orientation reference.SOIC N (C1)SOIC W (C1)Direction of FeedDirection of FeedSSOP, TSSOP, and MSOP/MINI SO (C1)TQFP, LQFP, MQFP, BGA, and Square Body LFCSP (C2)Direction of FeedSOT-23-3 (C4)Direction of FeedPLCC (M1)Direction of FeedSOT-23 (C4)Direction of FeedDirection of FeedLFCSP and LGA CAV (Rectangular Non-Microphone)Upper Left Pin 1 (C1)Upper Right Pin 1 (C2)Direction of FeedDirection of FeedFigure 3. Examples of standard Pin 1 orientation.

Visit analog.comTable 1. Standard Package Tape and Reel (See Page 7 for Reel Definitions)Reel QuantityPackageDesignatorBody Size(mm)Numberof Leads7" Reel13" Reel (4" Hub)13" Reel (6" Hub)Tape Width(mm)PLCCPN/A202501000N/A1612M1PLCCPN/A28, 32Not offered750N/A2416M1PLCCPN/A44Not offered500N/A3224M1PLCCPN/A68Not offeredN/A2504432M1PLCCPN/A84Not offeredN/A2504436M1JLCCJN/A28Not offered250N/A2416M1JLCCJN/A44Not offered500N/A3224M1LCCEN/A82503000N/A128M1Device Package TypeTape PitchPin 1(mm)OrientationLCCEN/A145002000N/A1612C2LCC VEY9 9All countsNot offered500N/A2412C4SOIC N/SOIC N EPR/RDN/A810002500N/A128C1SOIC N/SOIC N EPR/RDN/A14, OPRQN/A20, 24, 2810002500N/A168C1SOIC W FPRNN/A284001000N/A1612C1SOIC W/SOIC W BATRW/RBN/A14, 164001000N/A1612C1SOIC W/SOIC W BATRW/RBN/A184001000N/A2416C1SOIC W/SOIC W BATRW/RBN/A20, 244001000N/A2412C1SOIC W/SOIC W BATRW/RBN/A284001000N/A3212C1SOIC CAVRGN/A16Not offered500N/A2416C1SOIC ICRIN/A64001500N/A1612C1SOIC ICRIN/A84001500N/A1612C1SOIC ICRIN/A164001000N/A2412C1SOIC ICRIN/A204001000N/A2412C1SSOPRSN/A16, 20, RPN/A20, 282001000N/A2412C1PSOP3RRN/A20Not /RTN/A5, 6, 8300010,000N/A84C4SOT-66RYN/A5, JN/A5, 6, 0KSN/A3, 4, 5, 2500N/A168C1Not offered2500N/A2412C1SOT-23-31TSSOP 4.4RU/REN/A8, 14, 16, 20,24, 28, 38TSSOP 6.1RVN/A28, 48RM/RHN/A8, 1010003000N/A128C1QCN/A14Not offered750N/A2416C1TQFPSU/SV7 7 1.0All counts5002000Not offered1612C2TQFPSU/SV10 10 1.0All countsNot offered1500Not offered2416C2SU/SV12 12 1.0All countsNot offered1000Not offered2424C2MSOP/MINI SOCERPAKTQFP3

4Tape and Reel PackagingTable 1. Standard Package Tape and Reel (Continued) (See Page 7 for Reel Definitions)Reel QuantityPackageDesignatorBody Size(mm)Numberof Leads7" Reel13" Reel (4" Hub)13" Reel (6" Hub)Tape Width(mm)TQFPSU/SV14 14 1.0All countsNot offered1000Not offered3224C2LQFPST7 7 1.4All counts5002000Not offered1612C2LQFPST/SW10 10 1.4All countsNot offered1500Not offered2416C2LQFPST12 12 1.4All countsNot offered1000Not offered2424C2LQFPST/SW14 14 1.4All countsNot offered1000Not offered3224C2LQFPST14 20 1.4All countsNot offered1000Not offered4424C1LQFPST/SW20 20 1.4All countsNot offered500Not offered4432C2LQFPST/SW24 24 1.4All countsNot offered450Not offered4432C2MQFPS10 10 2.0All countsNot offered800Not offered2424C2S14 14 2.0All countsNot offered600Not offered3224C2S14 14 2.7All countsNot offered500Not offered3224C2Device Package TypeMQFPMQFP22Tape PitchPin 1(mm)OrientationCSP BGABC5 5All countsNot offered4000Not offered128C2CSP BGABC6 6All countsNot offered2500Not offered128C2CSP BGABC7 7All countsNot offered2000Not offered1612C2CSP BGABC8 8All countsNot offered2000Not offered1612C2CSP BGABC9 9All counts5002000Not offered1612C2CSP BGABC10 10All counts4001500Not offered2416C2CSP BGABC11 11All countsNot offered1500Not offered2416C2CSP BGABC12 12All countsNot offered1500Not offered2416C2CSP BGABC13 13All countsNot offered1000Not offered2424C2CSP BGABC15 15All countsNot offered1000Not offered2424C2CSP BGABC17 17All countsNot offered1000Not offered2424C2CSP BGABC19 19All countsNot offeredNot offered7003224C2CSP BGA EMBE5 581Not offered4000Not offered128C2WLBGA/eWLB3BF5 581, 94Not offered4000Not offered128C2BGAB19 19All countsNot offeredNot offered7003224C2BGAB23 23All countsNot offeredNot offered4504432C2BGAB27 27All countsNot offeredNot offered4504432C2BGAB35 35All countsNot offeredNot offered3005640C2BGA EDBP10 10All countsNot offered1500Not offered2416C2BGA EDBP12 12196Not offered1500Not offered2416C2CBGABG7 732 ballsNot offered500Not offered1612C2LGACC3 3All counts15005000Not offered128C2LGACC3 3.25All counts15005000Not offered128C1LGACC3 5All counts15005000Not offered128C1LGACC3.5 4.52415005000Not offered128C1LGACC5 58, 2010004000Not offered128C2LGACC5 51310004000Not offered128C1LGACC5 4All counts1000Not offeredNot offered128C2LGACC6 8All counts10004000Not offered168C1LGACC7 7 0.96327502500Not offered1612C2LGACC8 42410005000Not offered1612C2LGACC8 10All countsNot offered2000Not offered2412C1LGACC10 10All countsNot offered2000Not offered2412C2

Visit analog.comTable 1. Standard Package Tape and Reel (Continued) (See Page 7 for Reel Definitions)Device Package TypePackageDesignatorReel QuantityBody Size(mm)Numberof Leads7" Reel13" Reel (4" Hub)13" Reel (6" Hub)Tape Width(mm)Tape PitchPin 1(mm)OrientationLGACC11 11All countsNot offered1500Not offered2416C2LGA CAVCE3.35 2.5 1.03100010000Not offered124C3LGA CAVCE3.35 2.5 0.983100010000Not offered124C3LGA CAVCE3.35 2.5 0.923100010000Not offered124C3LGA CAVCE3.35 2.5 0.883100010000Not offered124C3LGA CAVCE3.76 4.72 1.0610004500Not offered128C3LGA CAVCE3.76 4.72 0.98910004500Not offered128C3LGA CAVCE3.76 4.72 3.565002000Not offered128C3LGA CAVCE4 3 1.21610004000Not offered128C2LGA CAVCE5 2.8 1.21210004000Not offered128C1LGA CAVCE5 2.8 1.451210004000Not offered128C1LGA CAVCE5.8 4.5 1.21810004000Not offered128C1LGA CAVCE6.5 2.8 1.21410004000Not offered168C1LGA CAVCE6.5 2.8 1.551410004000Not offered168C1LFCSPCP1.3 1.6 0.55All counts300010,000Not offered84C1LFCSPCP1.6 1.6 0.556300010,000Not offered84C2LFCSPCP2 2 0.55All counts300010,000Not offered84C2LFCSPCP2.1 2.1 0.55All counts300010,000Not offered84C1LFCSPCP2 3 0.658300010,000Not offered124C2LFCSPCP2 3 0.75All counts300010,000Not offered124C2LFCSPCP3 2 0.75All counts300010,000Not offered124C1LFCSPCP3 2 0.85All counts300010,000Not offered124C1LFCSPCP3 3 0.85All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP3 3 0.75All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP3 3 0.55All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP3 3 0.65810005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP3 3 1.45All counts10004000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP3.5 3.5 0.75241500Not offeredNot offered128C2LFCSPCP3 5 1.45All counts10004000Not offered128C1LFCSPCP4 3 0.651010005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP4 3 0.751415005000Not offered128C1LFCSPCP4 4 0.651010005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP4 4 0.75All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP4 4 0.85All counts15005000Not offered128C2CP/CS4 4 1.45All counts10004000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP4 5 0.75All counts15005000Not offered128C1LFCSPCP4 5 0.90All counts15005000Not offered128C1LFCSPCP4 5 0.95All counts15005000Not offered128C1CP/CS5 5 0.75All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSP/LFCSP SSLFCSP/LFCSP SSLFCSPCP5 5 0.85All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP5 5 0.90All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP5 5 0.95All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP5 5 1.45All counts10004000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP5 5 1.8All counts10004000Not offered128C25

6Tape and Reel PackagingTable 1. Standard Package Tape and Reel (Continued) (See Page 7 for Reel Definitions)Reel QuantityPackageDesignatorBody Size(mm)Numberof Leads7" Reel13" Reel (4" Hub)13" Reel (6" Hub)Tape Width(mm)LFCSPCP5 4 0.75All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP5 4 0.95All counts15005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP5 4 1.452410005000Not offered128C2LFCSPCP6 6 0.75All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP6 6 0.85All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP6 6 0.95All counts7502500Not offered1612C2Device Package TypeLFCSP/LFCSP SSTape PitchPin 1(mm)OrientationCP/CS7 7 0.75All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP7 7 0.85All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP7 7 0.95All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP8 7 0.75All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP8 8 0.75All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP8 8 0.85All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP9 9 0.75All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP9 9 0.85All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP9 9 0.95All counts7502500Not offered1612C2LFCSPCP10 10 0.85All counts4002000Not offered2416C2LFCSPCP12 12 0.80All counts4002000Not offered2416C2LFCSPCP12 12 0.85All counts4002000Not offered2416C2For SOT-23 packages with greater than three leads, use the RJ designator.2Advantek part number Q14X14-HHX52.OP2 is the only approved carrier tape for this package. When boxing this reel, dunnage (crumpled kraft paper) shall be used between the reel.3For bumped die or WLCSP packages, see Table 2. Orientation for these devices is as per EIA-783 (bumps facing bottom of carrier cavity; Pin 1 toward sprocket holes).1Table 2. Hittite Standard Package Tape and Reel (See Page 7 for Reel Definitions)Reel QuantityPackageDesignatorBody Size(mm)Numberof Leads7" Reel13" Reel (4" Hub)13" Reel (6" Hub)Tape Width(mm)LGACC3 3All counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1LGACC4 4All counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1LFCSPCP2 2 0.90All counts500Not offeredNot offered84C1LFCSPCP3 3 0.90All counts500Not offeredNot offered124C1LFCSPCP4 4 0.90All counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1LFCSPCP5 5 0.90All counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1LFCSPCP5 5 1.35All counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1LFCSPCP6 6 0.75All counts500Not offeredNot offered1612C1LFCSPCP6 6 0.85All counts500Not offeredNot offered1612C1LFCSPCP6 6 0.90All counts500Not offeredNot offered1612C1LFCSPCP7 7 0.85All counts500Not offeredNot offered1612C1LFCSPCP10 10 0.90All counts500Not offeredNot offered1612C1LCC HSEP6 6 1.317All counts500Not offeredNot offered1612C1LCC HSEP7 7 1.317All counts500Not offeredNot offered1612C1LCCE3 3All counts100/500Not offeredNot offered124C1LCCE4 4All counts100/500Not offeredNot offered128C1Device Package TypeLCCTape PitchPin 1(mm)OrientationE5 5All counts100/500Not offeredNot offered128C1QSOPRQN/AAll counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1MSOPRMN/AAll counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1SOT-89RKN/AAll counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1SOT-23RJN/AAll counts500Not offeredNot offered128C1

Table 3. WLCSP/Bumped Die Sales Tape and ReelDevice Package TypeReel QuantityPackageDesignatorBody Size(mm)7" Reel13" Reel (4" Hub)CBNA3000 (max)10,000 (max)NA3000 (max)10,000 (max)WLCSPBumped chipCDTape Width(mm)Tape Pitch(mm)8412884128Pin 1OrientationC1, C2, C3, or C4Table 4. Small Quantity ReelPackageDesignatorBody Size(mm)Numberof LeadsReel Quantity7" ReelTape Width(mm)Tape Pitch(mm)Pin 1OrientationLFCSPCP2 2 0.55All counts25084C2LFCSPCP2 3All counts500124C2LFCSPCP3 2All counts250124C1LFCSPCP3 3All counts250128C2LFCSPCP4 4All counts250128C2LFCSPCP4 416500128C2LFCSPCP5 5A