Secrets of Speed Seduction MasteryHow to Master the Art andScience of Getting Any Womaninto Bed in 20 Minutes!sseLroByRoss JeffriesFounder of the Seduction Community and Legendary Mentor toNeil Strauss in “The Game”.

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DisclaimerSpeed Seduction may contain viewpoints that may be consideredcontroversial by certain audiences. It is intended as a powerful guide forself-respecting, intelligent men who are looking to avoid from “real-hateshun-ships by default” and instead claim the happiness that they deserve.I, Ross Jeffries, Ghita Services., Inc, and/or (or any ofour other websites or entities) cannot and will not be held responsible inany way for your actions, and will not be held liable for any and all claimsfrom you or any other third party.You alone are responsible for your decisions and actions, even if theyhave an impact on others. This information is meant for “entertainment”purposes only.While this transcript contains information, tips, tools, and strategies thatare recommended by us and, in most cases, have succeeded when appliedby others, this product and its contents carry no warranty or guarantee(either explicit or implied) that the purchaser or reader will achieve successwith women, or in any other endeavor for which they may be used.i


AcknowledgmentsThis book would not be complete without expressing my gratitude tothe following people who have contributed so much to my learning andcareer:Shinzen Young, who has changed the nature of what I teach, how Iteach, and how I walk through the world. He’s simply the best teacher I’vemet of any subject.Richard Bandler, the creative genius and co-creator of NLP, whodropped me in trance way back in 1987,told me I’d take NLP in a newdirection, and promptly gave me amnesia for the whole thing for 10 years.NLP was and is a major foundation of my work and without Richard’sgenius I could not have discovered what I have.Gary Halbert who taught me the art of copyrighting. “No one has timeto understand your pathetic subtly” he told me. He was right.Neil Strauss for making me famous again with “The Game”. Neil, I triedto sniff Carmen Electra’s cootch; she just turned around before I could doso and that’s how my face wound up in her ass.My late parents, Irving and Sylvia, who gave me that most dangerous ofpermissions: the permission to think for myself and to follow any train ofthought to its furthest conclusions, no matter how challenging or againstthe grain it might be.My dynamite “pimp” nephews, who I hope will carry on the torch whenit finally comes time to retire (don’t hold your breath, critics and foes).Ari, Gideon, Gabriel, Eitan, you boys are my best friends, brothers fromiii

different mothers, and absolute inspirations. You are better young menthan I ever was and will grow into better people than I ever could be. I’min love with all of you.My fur children: Tazzleberry and Tabbatha Jean. No better kittensanywhere.My business team: Sherri Olson, Lisa S, Michel Bocande, and my chiefof operations, Adam Hommey, without whom I would be completelylost.My fans and students worldwide. Your stories of how my work hashelped and changed your life keep me going.And, finally, my best bud and ex-girlfriend Malin FH, who taughtme that some young women are every bit the match for me that I couldpossibly dream up. Thanks Malin, for all the pats on the back, kicks in theass, and fun in the night.   You Swedish ladies rule.iv

IntroductionWhen I wrote my first book, “How To Get The Women You Desire IntoBed” back in 1988 I had no idea just how big the consequences and theunexpected the results of my creation would turn out to be.Since that time (and with the creation of the Internet), the worldwideseduction community has exploded. There are now dozens and dozens ofdifferent schools of “pick up” and “seduction arts” that purport to revealthe latest and greatest secrets of “day game”, “group theory”, “negging”,“natural game” and many other concepts, all of which generate tons ofdebate on community blogs and websites.I confess to you, dear reader, that at times I feel like Dr. Frankenstein:I have created a monster, and he is running loose in the town. But insteadof hunting him down with torches, the villagers are welcoming him withopen arms and doing their best to dress like him, walk like him, and adopthis cool, monster ‘lifestyle”.Perhaps I should have gone to dental school.In any event, this book is the result of over a year of teaching and trainingthe members in my elite coaching program. What you will read are thetranscripts of my answers to students and instructional video modules,plus the transcripts of our twice a month coaching calls.It starts with the “Up to Speed with Speed Seduction ” transcripts thatI created as a primer for SS, whether you are new to SS or are a studentdesiring a refresher course.As you read them, you may recognize many of your own challenges andv

questions, and equally recognize the power of the answers that I provide.Teaching is the most rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable thing I can doin my life-at least with my clothes on. And I hope that my joy in thatteaching comes through in what you are about to read.One final note before we get started: as challenging as success withwomen can be, it does not have to be a struggle. If you are struggling, thenyou either have:1. A bad theory, map or model for what works with women.Please know that after 18 years of teaching over 60,000 students,I’ve found that almost every guy suffers from this due to socialprogram, popular media, and our peers, who teach us that the keyto women’s panties and bedroom doors is to be found in the 5’Bs:Bullying, Begging, Buying, BS, and Booze.2. A set of thoughts, feelings and actions that bring crappy results,as a result of #1 above.3. A way of attempting to learn from your mistakes that actually,unfortunately, glues them back on to you so you are bound torepeat them. As I’ve said many times, what you dwell on, in aneffort to fix, becomes what you rehearse. And what you rehearsebecomes what you DO.The lessons in this book are designed, in one form or another, to tackleall three of these big areas that challenge almost every man. They aredesigned to systematically and systemically re-wire, not just how youthink and act about women, but how YOU show up for the game. Andthat’s a big piece of the puzzle right there.I wish you the best of luck with this awesome material, and evenmore importantly, the best of skill. Remember, it is what we practice thatdetermines where we will go.Peace and piece,RJMarina del Rey, California, March, 2010vi

P.S. As you read through this material and practice and apply the lessonsit contains, I’d love to hear from you personally and your stories and abouthow this, or any of my teachings that you’ve encountered, has positivelychanged your life and brought you that moist, pink abundance you sogreatly desire and so richly deserve.Feel free to email me at: [email protected] Please use thesubject line: success storyP.P.S. If you find yourself intrigued about my coaching program andwould like to check out how you can join (the first 30 days for just 1), goright here: My seminar schedule can be found here:


The Students Speak.I have used your techniques to get laid, to combat the telephone gamesand silly mind games that women instinctively play in order to gain control.I let my new girlfriend know that there will be no games and that she cannever control me and every time she tried, she faced losing me and gaveup.This woman adores me, not because I am a hunk (because I am not),not because I am rich (because I am not) but because I know what I want,I go after it, and I don’t put up with any shit! So there is no shit and a lifewithout shit is better for both of us. Now there are two people who respectand love girlfriend and best of all ME!Pat McMillenCrestline, CAYour innovative approach gives me a power and impact that the “experts”say is impossible! Hot damn! I am not in the best of shape physically ormentally, a pretty typical 41 year old guy, so I thought I’d have to gothrough a period of conditioning. Man, was I wrong!Not to brag, Ross, but I am meeting and picking up hot women allthe time now! It doesn’t matter how old she is, if she has a boyfriend orhusband or if I’m her “type”.NOTHING MATTERS! You’re a genius!Mark CunninghamMaumee, Ohioix

I had more real connections with women during my first week usingyour pick-up seduction techniques than I had in several months before.Every technique you teach can be applied and becomes more and moreeffortless to utilize.A week ago, I would not have been able to deal with obstacles orresistance with such persuasive confidence. A week ago, I would not havefound myself in a bathroom at a party being mercilessly stroked by abeautiful woman who couldn’t keep her hands off me. The success caughtme off-guard as the world is a different place for me now!Jason SLos Angeles, CAIn the past two weeks I’ve met more women than I’ve met in the lasttwo years. It’s not that I’m more confident, it’s that my fear that usedto short circuit my brain, when I was talking to attractive women, is nolonger there, so that I’m able to be myself, which is a fun, nice, intelligentand interesting person, but I used to hide it well.Thaddeus TSan Raphael, CAThanks for the great tapes. Since I started using them, I have met threewomen I probably wouldn’t have said anything to. As a result, I have dateswith two.Mark KLaguna Beach, CAThe tapes were fantastic. Because of the tapes I have met and gone outwith two women just last week alone!.Thank you for changing my life!Alex DLos Angeles, CAI have been using Ross’s material since 1997, after a woman whom Ithought I had loved totally rejected me. I was 20 at the time. Sitting in apool of rejection and self-doubt, I did what my parents had taught me tox

do in any type of failure: learn as much as you can about the subject andre-attack.I bought the first book “How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed”,and simply using techniques to elicit deeper structures in a person’s thoughtprocesses during conversation, I met a wonderful young lady on the myflight home for Christmas Break. We lived in totally different parts of theworld, but that didn’t stop her from driving four hours from New Jersey tosee me when a trip brought me to Washington, D.C., and this is just froma plane conversation, and a few emails. I was hooked. I bought all theproducts; I listened to the home-study courses again and again. I becameknown as “the pick-up artist” in my circle of friends.I could go and brag about all the successes with women I have had,(which have been amazing), like the 20-year-old Japanese cutie that I metat Thanksgiving Dinner at my new boss’s house that ended up blowingme in my boss’s kitchen about an 2 hours after I met her, or the bi-sexualactress I met on internet that forced me into the back of my 4X4 in theparking lot at Starbucks after our first coffee date, or the amazing-leggedLithuanian girl who would shower me with both gifts and her affection,but the more important thing has been the cascading effects that this hashad on all of my life. These tools teach you how to look at the worldthrough eyes of possibility.Ryan DavidAlbuquerque, NMI have been aware of and playing with psychic influence for 15 years.You present a model, which matches and validates my experiences in anastounding way. You explain this model in a clearer way than I have evenbeen able to imagine myself articulating it until now. You are doing forpsychic influence what Jose Silva did for hypnosis and meditation.Andrew HarringtonFramingham, MAOne of the first things I did upon arriving home from the course was totake all of my psychic books, and throw them all in the garbage. Just ONExi

of the several principles that Ross taught filled in the missing gaps in allthe psychic, remote influence, remote viewing information that I had everencountered.Did we learn a billion new techniques? No, just four that make allthe difference in the world. I must say that Ross has a way of trimmingout all the bullshit and ceremony. He boils down the skills to an easy tounderstand method of psychic influence without all the crystal balls, andB.S. trappings. There is a preponderance of crap out there about psychicstuff .hell, nearly ALL of it is crap . . . AND you won’t find any crap inRoss’ material.What I found is something I’ve wanted for years training to be a REALJedi Knight. Not in the superficial sense of the mindless Star Wars fanatics,but in the sense of learning how to be a more extraordinary being andwield the extraordinary abilities that come with that.Walter TerryWoodinville, WAYour seminar was one of the most eye-opening experiences of mylife. An engineer by training, I have a strong attraction to concise, lucidideas and explanations; I was impressed with the clarity of the models wewere presented with. Imagine my surprise when I communicated with theunconscious; to learn how to program yourself up in such a way that thethings you desire will naturally manifest themselves in your life If youwant to change your life for the better, if you really really want to step intoa new reality of infinite possibilities, do yourself a fav