Marketing ReportJUL–SEP, 2016 (Q3)Confidential: Internal Circulation OnlyCopyright 2016 ALTEN Calsoft Labs. All such documents and related graphics are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind and aresubject to change without prior notice. ALTEN Calsoft Labs reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to correct any errors oromissions in any portion of the website.INNOVATEINTEGRATETRANSFORM

1. Website and SEO2. Digital Connect4. Events3. Content and Collaterals5. Glassdoor

Marketing DashboardWeb LeadsCollateralsCase Studies37 (Newly Created), 125 (Total)White papers4 (Newly Created), 22 (Total)Web Traffic Q3 Vs Q2 Growth (%)Brochures10 (Newly Created), 66 (Total)Sessions34,437 (31,471) 9.42%%Video8 (Newly Created), 32 (Total)Users27,302 ( 24,658) 10.72%%PPTs11 (Newly Created), 17 (Total)Page views87,772 (77,006) 13.98%Total of 8 Leads – Handiman (Proposal) andWest Unified Communications – in progressPages / SessionBounce 302Quora71Campaign: E-2 Visa2.55 (2.45) 4.16%Created a E-2 Visa Campaign in Facebook,LinkedIn, blogs : 5 Leads47.00% ( 48.32% )-2.73%Keywords: Google Ranking(subdomain)Non Branded 65 Keywords on Google TopFollowers in SocialChannelsThought Leadership : Survey on FHIR10Created a survey on New Trends in FHIR. Willpublish a report soon. ALTEN Calsoft LabsEvents: IoT India Congress& Oracle OpenWorldAmong Top 8 IoT ThoughtLeaders in India; OracleOpenWorld booth setup ,Giveaways and Digital Campaign3

What Went Well Total Number of Web Leads – 08 – Handiman and WestUnified Communications – in progress New website Launched Top 8 Finalist in IoT India Congress – IoT Thought Leadership 9,98,462 impressions from Social Media, subdomainsand blogs; were resulting in increased Organic Traffic Created FHIR Survey - New Trends in FHIR Taken over Glassdoor access 65 non branded keywords on top Google Top 10 Created 3 Business Pages: Vimeo, Instagram and HealthcareCompliance in Facebook 2 Press Releases done Collaterals – Total 125 Case studies, 66 Brochures, 22Whitepapers and 17 new Slideshare presentations done E-2 Visa CampaignWhat Could Have Been Better Website launch could have been made faster withproper synchronization from practice and deliveryteams Optimizing existingperformanceblogswillimproveSERP Deep content needs to be created in collaborationwith Marketing, Sales, Delivery and Practice teams Need a standalone platform (like SharePoint) forcollaboration

Focus – Q4 (Oct-Dec) Number of SEO keywords in top 10 to increase Creating a perfect internal Link Structure Increasing Followers on Social Channels Creating Insight Contents tailored to SEO At least 1 PR per month focusing on specific industries E-2 Visa Campaigns – Posting on Quora and 2.0 website along with creatingown generic website Writing deep content esp. ISV/Enterprise Business. Need help from Practiceand Delivery teams ALTEN Calsoft Labs

1. Website and SEO

Web Leads – Total 8 (Jul – Sep 2016)DateCompanyGeoTopicSep 22, 2016Akamai TechnologiesUSAProduct Engineering ServicesSandeep Gandhi Status not receivedSep 12, 2016BTL INFRA LLPIndiaController for BLDC Motor For Ceiling FanSumeshStatus not receivedAug 22, 2016HandimanIndiaNetsuiteKunnal (Bala'sTeam)ProposalAug 12, 2016Mentors HouseIndiaNeed Web ApplicationRuchirDropped : Too small acompany to go after.Aug 8, 2016Rail TelAruneshStatus not knownJul 25, 2016AltisourceIndiaHunt of vendors for procuring temporary staffing for ITAruneshJul 20, 2016West UnifiedCommunicationsUSASDN Controller Development and OpenDayLightRajatJul 14, 2016MTS-MeaIndiaV-BRAS(chennai)Cairo, Enquiry regarding BI and Analytics specially healthcareEgypt package ALTEN Calsoft LabsAssigned toSandeep VyasStatusAwaiting Responsefrom AruneshOpportunity identified,NDA in progress,Updated in ZohoNo update.Reached outcouple of times with noresponse

New Website Launched Launched on September 26, 2016 Released new career portal Also revived Blogs Working on redesigning of micro-sites nowCurrent ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Keywords - RankingKeywordTrafficRankMQTT vs COAP10 – 1006.1Hospital DietCOAP vs MQTT100 – 1K8.7CSSDJira Safe Plugin10 – 1003.8SAP RTR100 – 1KSerdes VerificationKeywordTrafficRank1K – 10K8.410K – 100K4.5What Is CSSD100 – 1K1.38.8MIS Dashboard100 – 1K8.110 – 1005.9Hospital Kitchen100 – 1K6.4Outsourcing Clinical Trials10 – 10027Healthcare Testing100 – 1K8.7Jira Safe10 – 1007.3Healthcare ERP100 – 1K4Software Product Testing Process10 – 1007.6Healthcare Domain Testing100 – 1K9.5What is Product Testing in Software10 – 1007.5Hospital ERP Systems100 – 1K3.9IoT Use Cases in Manufacturing10 – 1007Healthcare ISV100 – 1K4.6Hospital Information System1K – 10K7Healthcare Testing Services100 – 1K4.6

Keywords – Ranking (CONT.)KeywordTrafficRankERP Healthcare Solutions100 – 1K4.6Hospital Information System Modules10 – 100Hospital ERPKeywordTrafficRankNFV Use Cases10 – 1009.16.8SDN Applications100 – 1K8.710 – 1005.1SDN Application10 – 1008.5Hospital ERP Modules10 – 1002.3Virtual ADC10 – 10011ERP For Hospitals10 – 1006.1VCPE Architecture10 – 1004.3ERP Hospital10 – 1006.8NFV Use Cases100 – 1K7.7Hl7 Interface Development10 – 1007.7What Is Virtual CPE10 – 1002Hospital Management ERP10 – 1006.3Cloud VPN Gateway10 – 1006Medical ERP10 – 1009Wlan Cloud10 – 1007.1VCPE100 – 1K6.9VCPE NFV10 – 1006Virtual CPE100 – 1K2.5Openstack Implementation10 – 1006

Keywords – Ranking (CONT.)KeywordTrafficRankVirtual Residential Gateway10 – 1009.4Broadband Remote Access Server100 – 1K18Universal CPE10 – 1006.4Residential VCPE10 – 1001.6NFV Business Case10 – 10014SDN Development10 – 1003.8Enterprise VCPE10 – 1007Openstack Implementation Examples10 – 1006.7Gambar Wlan10 – 1001.2NFV VCPE10 – 1007.5VCPE Definition10 – 1007.8KeywordTrafficRankVirtual CPE Architecture10 – 1001.9NFV VCPE10 – 1006.4What Is Virtual CPE100 – 1K1.9ict in higher education in india10 – 1004.3role of ict in higher education pdf file10 – 1009.5ict in higher education10 – 1009.2ict in higher education opportunities and challenges10 – 10010mlearning solutions10 – 1008.3role of ict in examination in india10 – 1009.7virtual classroom solutions10 – 1009.8

Website : Keyword ObservationsKeywords such as CSSD aregenerating lots of traffic andcan be redirected to otherpages using internal links ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Enablement of Site LinksSite Links have been enabled andwill considerably increase the traffic anduser friendliness of our website

Web Traffic : Q3 vs Q2Overall Traffic has gone up in India ,US and France, while UK has gonedown

Traffic Source (Q3 vs Q2)Websites /SourcesOrganicSocialReferralALTEN CalsoftLabs163788286687Calsoft 066SDN16510164Total237888437380 ALTEN Calsoft LabsGoogle has been the mostimportant source of trafficand it continues to increase

2. Digital Connect

Social Media Marketing - 961Impressions909190Impressions86890Organic Reach196418Impressions61.3KProfile Visits40Clicks557New LikesMentions78Interactions579Engaged Users22541Followersacquired220Average1.14%Videos Reach19838SlideshareYoutubeWatch Time In Minutes2031Views1651Average View1.13Subscribers**Note: Facebook data is 28 days only5634Views2382Engagements48Downloads41Likes7 ALTEN Calsoft Labs

FacebookSample Post and Engagements: It can beincreased if more of our employees startengaging with our FB page.**Note: 1 month stats ALTEN Calsoft Labs

E-2 Visa CampaignStarted: August 25Activities: 1 Dedicated blog on E-2 Visa 6 Facebook targeted Group Post 5 LinkedIn Group Post 1 LinkedIn Article 2 Facebook AdsOutcome: 5 LeadsSales Owner: Mr. Sreejith Narayan ALTEN Calsoft Labs

TwitterIn July, we lost few followers but inAugust and September, we gained.We have achieved close to 60Kimpressions on Twitter

Twitter MentionsOracle and ALTENhave mentionedus on their twitterchannels ALTEN Calsoft Labs

LinkedInFollowers, Reach andEngagement are inupward swing ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Slideshare PPTs11 PPTs added this quarterFollow us on Slideshare and Share it on your LinkedIn s ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Slideshare - InsightsGood traction inSlideshare is comingfrom USA ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Campaign - #LifeAtACL ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Quora – Q&A SiteAnswered 18 questions on Quoraon the below topics:Healthcare – 14Oracle OpenWorld – 4Most of the answers arepositioned in Top 10 of GoogleSearch6th Position ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Social Media - Highlights #Tag Campaigns were conducted successfully for OracleOpen World 2016 as #ACLatOOW16 Branding Campaign is going on under the name#LifeatACL on Facebook and we are expecting activeemployee participation on it ALTEN Calsoft Labs

3. Thought Leadership Content and Collaterals

Survey: New Trends in FHIR Launched a survey on NewTrends in tps:// Published Press Release withsurvey link Sent mailers to all C-level,Directors and VPs in operationsand IT requesting for response Planned to analyze responses andpublish report

Survey Mailers Survey mailer was sent for invitation Survey questionnaire was formed inTypeform

Brand Guidelines Created and designed Standard Brand Guidelines to be used uniformly across the company

Reference Document for Recruiters Created and designed reference document that recruiters can send to job applicants as CompanyOverview

Content SnapshotCollateralsCase Studies37 (Newly Created), 125 (Total)Whitepapers4 (Newly Created), 22 (Total)Brochures10 (Newly Created), 66 (Total)Videos8 (Newly Created), 32 (Total)Presentations11 (Newly Created), 17 (Total)WebpagesEmailersBlogs32 (Created for New Website), 2 (Created and Uploaded in Old Website)2 (Newly Created and Designed)20 (Newly Created, Designed and Uploaded in Both Old & New Sites)

Case Studies37 (Newly Created) 125 (Total)New Case StudiesRequested ByAutomating Textile Lifecycle Leveraging IoTMrinmoy PurkayasthaDevelopment of an IoT Application for aBreweryMadhusudan NarahariEnterprise Search and Text Analytics for apublication GiantMadhusudan NarahariDeveloping Hardware for Energy EfficientLightingSrinivasa RaghavanDevelopment of Citrix XenApp Virtual Channelfor BiometricsSivakumar DSAP Implementation, Support, Developmentand Testing Services for a Global ElectronicMajorSomenath Nag**NOTE: We have redesigned the case studies in an one pager format

Whitepapers4 (Newly Created) 22 (Total)New WhitepapersHadoop vs Apache SparkvWLCAuthorsSivakumar DPanduranga YellambalseraoIxia Test SolutionsArundhati KanungoPrecision Medicine Over the YearsArundhati Kanungo

Brochures10 (Newly Created) 66 (Total)New BrochuresRequested ByCloud VPN GatewaySantha RamSAP PracticeSomenath NagOracle Fusion ImplementationSomenath NagUX ServicesSomenath NagMobility ServicesArif NasimEnterprise Resource Planning ServicesSomenath NagIntegrated Infrastructure ManagementServicesSomenath Nag ALTEN Calsoft Labs

WebpagesOverall 400 Webpages 1630 Pages Indexed on Google 1700 Pages Indexed on Yahoo 1690 pages Indexed on Bing ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Alexa Rank ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Blogs20 (New blog) 66 (Total ) New Blog Site LaunchedNew BlogsAuthor/AuthorsHighlights of Oracle OpenWorld 2016Arundhati KanungoTop 5 Automotive IoT Use CasesArundhati KanungoTop 9 Retail IoT Use CasesArundhati KanungoAnalyzing MQTT vs CoAPRavi Chandran RTop 100 IoT Use Cases RevealedArundhati Kanungo5 Key Takeaways from IoT India Congress 2016Arundhati KanungoE-2 Visa Coverage – Fly to USArundhati KanungoBlockchain in Healthcare SectorSaji JacobTop 6 IoT Security ThreatsArundhati KanungoOutsourcing Clinical Trials – Support FunctionsHemchandran BabuMobile IoT Amends User ExperienceArif Nasim ALTEN Calsoft Labs

4. Events

Events – IoT India Congress 2016We were among Top 8 Finalistsin IoT India Congress forThought Leadership Awards ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Events – Oracle OpenWorld 2016FacebookTwitterYouTubeBlogPress ReleaseEvent Page ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Events – Oracle OpenWorld 2016 (CONT.) Booth #3232 was set up. Giveaways (car battery chargers and T-shirts) were arranged. One press release done Event page was created. YouTube Video was created. It got mentioned by Oracle OpenWorld in Twitter. 2 Blogs were published and shared across all social channels. 4 Quora answers written. #Tag Campaigns were conducted successfully for Oracle OpenWorld 2016 as #ACLatOOW16. ALTEN Calsoft Labs


Dashboard - SnapshotOverall 2.9. Anything above 3.5is considered goodAll 3 ratings could have beenmuch better.Rating is declining.That is a big reason to worry. ALTEN Calsoft Labs45

We Can’t Ignore GlassdoorNumber of visits are increasing on Monthly basis46

Our Viewers on GlassdoorNumbers are self explanatory. All our target and potential candidates view us on Glassdoor ALTEN Calsoft Labs47

Followers are IncreasingIt simply means: whenever anycomment is written on Glassdoor,followers will get an email alert ALTEN Calsoft Labs48

Sample Comments Posted on Glassdoor ALTEN Calsoft Labs49

Sample Comments Posted on Glassdoor (CONT.)

Sample Comments Posted on Glassdoor (CONT.) List down all the concerns that people have posted onGlassdoor. See how we can address those. Give employees room to write better reviews. ALTEN Calsoft Labs51

Responses in Glassdoor We are considering everysmall to big problem withequal concern. We understand onlysatisfied employees canmake ALTEN Calsoft Labs,one of the best places towork. ALTEN Calsoft Labs52

What Are We Doing? Started responding to people on Glassdoor. But that is not enough. Completed the Glassdoor profile with added content about us. But we need toenhance more. Merged both Calsoft Labs and