FUSO Genuine Parts and Accessories

FUSO Genuine Parts and AccessoriesEngineered by FUSO with passion and precision just like your truck, to give you the best in quality &reliability. This means you can rely on increased longevity and availability. By choosing FUSO GenuineParts and Accessories you will benefit from maximum performance and safety at all times.1

Why should you only useFUSO Genuine Parts?FUSO Genuine Parts are what keep your vehicles running in topcondition with a long service life. For that reason we ensure lastingperformance for our parts and lasting satisfaction for our service.FUSO Genuine Parts Are designed exclusively for FUSO trucks and buses to ensure thebest performance possible. Passed FUSO’s extremely demanding tests to ensure a high levelof quality and durability. Are available for older models and parts in less demand.FUSO Value Parts Offer quality equivalent to FUSO Genuine Parts in key categories. Are specifically for owners with vehicles beyond standard warrantycoverage. Are developed to provide a cost-effective alternative for a wideproduct lineup.Why should you only useFUSO Genuine Accessories?FUSO Genuine Accessories are designed to perfectly complementyour vehicle. With FUSO Genuine Accessories you can personalizeyour vehicle long after it’s left the factory, a line-up for unsurpassedquality, elegance and refinement. They also let your driving go moresmoothly and support you and your vehicle’s safety.ACCESSORIESEXTERIORACCESSORIESINTERIORFUSO Genuine Accessories Are specifically developed for FUSO truck and bus models. Have a wide range of items to provide the owners the right line-upsto personalize their cabin. Are offered in the highest stability and longer durability.2

FUSO Genuine Oil FilterFUSO Genuine Oil Filters trap impurities from the engine oil to preventdeterioration of the oil in order in order to maintain smooth engine operation.With its larger filtration areas, FUSO Genuine Oil Filters offer superiorfiltration, resist clogging, and trap impurities without restricting the oil flow.Why should you only use FUSO Genuine Oil Filters?They are highly durable and trap dirt particles effectively - With thick filter paper with a large surface area optimized for therespective engines.- Since some imitations use filter paper made from lower-qualitymaterial and have less surface area, leaving more dirt particles toremain in the oil, lowering performance and increasing the risk ofengine damage.High quality oil filters with fine pores - Stop dust from passing through and prevent oil deterioration inorder to maintain smooth engine operation.FUSO Genuine Oil Filters provide superior cost performance - Since they are more durable than imitation parts and operate betterto remove impurities that can cause engine damage.- Although imitation parts may have lower price, they are moreexpensive in the long run because of lower durability and shortermaintenance intervals.3

FUSO Genuine Fuel FilterFUSO Genuine Fuel Filters clean unfiltered fuel before it enters the fuel supplysystem by trapping impurities such as paint chips, dirt and rust particlescaused by moisture in the fuel tank. The efficient removal of these impuritieswill prevent rapid wear and damage of the fuel pump and injectors.Why should you only use FUSO Genuine Fuel Filters?They are more clog resistant and effective - At removing water and impurities from the fuel.- Since some imitations parts use low-quality filter paper whichraises the risk of clogging and allows more water to remain in thefuel, which might lead to the formation of damaging sulfuric acid.They are more resistant to leaks - As they are made with heat-hardened glue, a higher standardcompared to imitations.- As inner gaskets are precision made from a high-grade oil-proofmaterial strong enough to retain shape and elastic enough toensure a safe seal.They are more effective at removing water and impurities fromthe fuel - Which will prevent engine damage in the long term for owners.- Although imitation parts may have lower initial price, they are moreexpensive in the long run because of their lower durability and theshorter maintenance cycle.4

FUSO Genuine Air FilterFUSO Genuine Air Filters play a key role of providing clean and sufficientquantities of air to the combustion chamber of the engine by removingharmful impurities such as sand, metal particles, dirt and dust. Suchimpurities, if mixed into the engine oil, will hasten oil and wear areadeterioration. Extensively tested for effectiveness and durability, GenuineAir Filters help to extend the life of engines as well as improve fuel economy.Why should you only use FUSO Genuine Air Filters?They improve air quality because - Their filter media is optimized for respective engines.- Imitation air filters use filter media made from recycled paper orwaste material and have effectiveness.They can offer higher performance because - They are made with heat-hardened glue and are more resistant toleaks.- Their filter gaskets are precision-made from high-grade oil-proofrubber which helps maintain their elasticity for a secure seal.- Imitation filters are less resistant to leaks as they use a weakerair-dried epoxy, and their gaskets are made from general-purposerubber.They contribute to reduce the total cost of ownership because - Compared to imitation parts, they are more effective at filteringharmful particles, thereby preventing piston wear and rapid oildeterioration.5

FUSO Genuine Brake Pads &Brake LiningsTo ensure consistently sharp and safe braking without excessive wearor brake fade, brake linings must be capable of surviving extremely hightemperatures and repeat use. Genuine Brake Linings and Brake Pads havebeen extensively tested for durability, wear characteristics, noise, andvibrations for stable and consistent performance, even at high speeds.Why should you only use FUSO Genuine Brake Pads &Brake Linings?They stay consistently effective because - Changes in speed have little influence on their performance.- Imitation brake parts tend to deliver less stable braking performanceat higher speeds.They offer superior fade protection because - Our brake linings are more temperature resistant for better brakingstability.They perform smoothly because - They are engineered to deliver smooth braking, without noise andshuddering.They offer superior cost performance because - Unlike imitation parts which need to be changed frequently, theyare more durable and last longer.- Our brake linings cause less drum damage which would requireexpensive replacements.6

FUSO Genuine ClutchesFUSO Genuine Clutches play an important role of transmitting or cuttingoff power from the engine to the transmission when your vehicle is starting,accelerating, decelerating, or stopped. It also has a fuse-like ability to cutengine power quickly to prevent serious damage to the drive train.Why should you only use FUSO Genuine Clutches?They are available for all FUSO vehicles because - Our clutches have been developed to fit FUSO truck and bus models.They can perform for a long period because - Our clutches provide twice as much lifespan as some imitationparts.They offer you a smooth start because - We designed them for optimum performance and stabletransmission, providing smoother acceleration.They can perform even in the heat because - The friction coefficient of our clutches remains high even in hottertemperatures, giving them greater performance under normalconditions.7

FUSO Genuine Wiper BladesFUSO Genuine Wiper Blades ensure maximum visibility, whether you aredriving in summer or winter, rain or snow. It keeps your window clean, whichis crucial for safe and legal driving.Why should you only use FUSO Genuine Wiper Blades?They improve visibility because - Our wiper blades have been developed to match exactly the shapeand curve of all FUSO truck and bus windshields.They make less noise in operation because - They are designed to match the aerodynamics of your vehicleperfectly, minimizing noise.Highly cost-effective because - They are made from high quality materials to last longer.8

FUSO Value PartsWhen should you compromise on quality and value when it comes to partsyou need to operate your business? The short answer is: never. With FUSOValue Parts, you are assured of authentic parts with the highest precisionmanufacturing guaranteed by FUSO, without paying a premium. Forexcellent value at affordable prices, we have made the choice easy. Thequality of FVPs is secured and approved by FUSO, at the same time weachieved attractive prices for youWhy should you use FUSO Value Parts?They provide high quality and performance because - Our FUSO Value Parts are tested according to FUSO’s high qualitystandards.Intriguing offer for vehicles after warranty period because - FUSO Value Parts are specifically developed for owners withvehicles after warranty.They come with significant cost savings because - FUSO Value Parts have a wide range of parts, providing a costeffective alternative to buying FUSO Genuine parts. Their aim is toensure reliable operation.Air filter9Fuel filterOil filterV-Belt

FUSO Genuine Oils & ChemicalsFUSO Genuine Oils and Chemicals keep our vehicles running in top conditionwith a longer service life to give you the best in quality and reliability. Thismeans you can rely on increased longevity, availability, as well as enhancingthe resale value of their vehicle.Why should you only useFUSO Genuine Oils and Chemicals?FUSO Genuine Oil provides high quality and performance because - Since not all engine oils are the same, oil with higher quality protectsthe engine better. FUSO Genuine Engine Oil was developed toprovide the finest quality that has been extensively tested to meetthe demands of the engine.AdBlue for reducing NOx from the engine is environmentallyfriendly because - The BlueTec Exhaust Gas After-treatment System is reliable forreducing NOx from the engine.- Innovations such as the BlueTec technology increase practicalfuel efficiency, thereby increasing economic efficiency despite theadded cost for AdBlue (aqueous urea solution).Our FUSO Genuine Injection Cleaner prevents unexpected failureand maintains excellent performance because - It prevents engine troubles, recovers engine power, and preventspoor fuel consumption.- In order to improve fuel efficiency, engines inject fuel at highpressures. This raises the fuel temperature, which makes theinternal fuel injection system (specifically the injectors) susceptibleto dirt deposits, fuel impurities, and fuel additives. The depositionmay affect the normal control of fuel injection, resulting inunexpected engine troubles.10

ACCESSORIESEXTERIORFUSO Genuine Accessories – ExteriorFUSO Genuine Accessories allow you to define your driving experiencewith the same uncompromising quality and standards you have come toexpect in your vehicle. With over 300 different Accessory items for heavy,medium and light duty trucks and buses, our accessories are designed toperfectly complement your vehicle. With FUSO Genuine Accessories youcan personalize your vehicle long after it’s left the factory, a line-up forunsurpassed quality, elegance and refinement.Why should you only useFUSO Genuine Exterior Accessories ?They are available for all FUSO vehicles because - Our exterior Accessories have been specifically developed forFUSO truck and bus models.They assure high quality and performance because - Our exterior Accessories are tested according to FUSO’s highquality standards.They ensure high reliability because - We assure high stability and long-lasting performance.FUSO will introduce even more parts in the future which not only make thevehicles look more attractive, but also help enhancing fuel efficiencies anddrivability.Wheel Rims11Metallic PartsWind deflectorMud Guard

ACCESSORIESINTERIORFUSO Genuine Accessories – InteriorThe interior of the cabin of your vehicle defines your comfort, especially ifyou drive long distances or on a daily basis. With FUSO Genuine InteriorAccessories you can personalize the cabin of your vehicle that it best matchyour taste and your preferences. The full accessory line-up ensure highestdriving comfort and customized design-tailored to individual requirements.Why should you only useFUSO Genuine Interior Accessories?They assure high quality and performance because - Our Interior Accessories are tested according to FUSO’s highquality standards.They make your daily drive more comfortable because - With FUSO Genuine Interior Accessories you have the right productline-up to personalize your cabin to match your preferences.They assure you the highest reliability - With their great stability and long durability optimized for yourvehicles.- Although imitation accessories may have lower initial price, theyare more expensive in the long run because of their lower durability.DashboardSeat CoverCarpetCurtainWooden Gear Lever12

Major periodic replacement partsfor trucks of Mitsubishi FusoThe following are major periodic replacement parts that we recommend replacing in order to alwayssafely and comfortably use the trucks of Mitsubishi Fuso. Please note that the parts that are shownbelow are not the only ones that we recommend replacing on a regular basis. Please check the Owner’sManual/Service Booklet inside your vehicle for more specific information, and make effort to replace theparts of your vehicle whenever it is appropriate.Lubricants, fluids, elementsRubber parts, etc.Power steering oil and oil filterPower steering hoseBrake fluidRubber parts inside power steeringGrease on wheel hub bearingBrake hoseClutch fluidBrake fluid tank tubeManual transmission and transfer oilDrum brake wheel cylinder cap and otherrubber partsDifferential oilAir charge and air pressure gauge hoseEngine oil and oil filterFuel hoseEngine cooling waterAir dryer desiccating agent filter, rubber,and packingAir cleanerDisk caliper cap and other rubber par