BMC Remedy Service Desk:Incident Management UserGuideSupportingVersion 7.6.04 of BMC Remedy Incident ManagementJanuary

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ContentsAbout this Book11Audience.11BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite documents.12Conventions.14Syntax statements.14Chapter 1Introducing BMC Remedy Incident Management17BMC Remedy ITSM usability enhancements.17Where to find features and fields that have moved.21What's new in BMC Remedy Incident Management.23About the IT Home Page.23Configuring the IT Home Page.26Consoles overview.27Navigating consoles, forms, and modules.29Incident Request form views.32Best Practice view.32Using the Customer and Contact fields in Best Practice view.35Classic view.35User interface standards for field labels.36Calbro Services.36User roles.37Support staff roles.38Manager roles.38User role.39Mapping permission groups to SMPM roles.40Process flow and the lifecycle of an incident request.41Incident management use cases.43Incident resolution—first call resolution.43Incident resolution with assignment to specialist.45Incident request resolution—emergency change request.48Chapter 2Working with the Requester console51Requester role.53Requester console users.53Working with service requests.54Defining a service request.55Contents5

Service request state changes.56Performing additional service request functions.56Troubleshooting service requests with errors.57Viewing service request details from an incident request form.59Chapter 3Working with the Overview console61Functional areas.61Console list table.64Selecting status values.65Configuring the Overview console to display tasks.65Chapter 4Registering and assigning incident requests as support staff67Functional areas of the console.67Managing service targets.71Registering incident requests.74Reviewing the status of an incident request.75Viewing incident request records.76Creating an Incident request record using a template.76Creating an incident request record without a template in Classic View.78Overview of incident ownership.82Adding or modifying a customer profile.82First call resolution.85Searching for matching records.85Accessing BMC Remedy Knowledge Management.89Creating a solution database entry from an incident.91Relating incident requests as duplicates.93Assigning incident requests.94Reassigning incident requests.95Chapter 5Resolving and closing incident requests as support staff97Resolving incident requests.97Accepting an incident request.99Receiving notification of assignments.100Working with assignments.101Working with tasks.102Searching for a solution.102Time worked on an incident request must be recorded.102Recording your time.103Recording time for an assistant.104Updating your time after the incident request is reassigned.1056BMC Remedy Service Desk: Incident Management User Guide

Creating work information entries.106Adding work information entries to an open incident request record.107Modifying work information entries.108Modifying work information entries from an open incident request.109Updating an incident request.110Creating a change request.110Closing incident requests.111Completing an incident request.112Closing an incident request.114Quickly closing an incident request.114Moving a resolved incident request back to In Progress.115Reopening a closed or resolved incident request.115Chapter 6Working with incident requests as a manager117Assigning incident requests as a group coordinator.117Rejecting an incident.118Tracking incident requests.