Every army must know the rules of engagement in order to beeffective in warfare. The same is true for the twenty-first-centurychurch. This book is a must for those who are on the front line,and I heartily endorse it to God’s elite forces.The strategies in this book are written by one of God’s presentday generals who is committed to leading the saints to victory.—Apostle John EckhardtCindy Trimm has spiritual insight that is invariably unique andprofound. The kingdom principles expounded in this book providethe power tools needed to change regions dominated by tyrannical, diabolical demonic systems. The systematic methodologiesexplained here will make an indelible impression and developthe generational dominance of God’s people in a kingdom environment. After reading The Rules of Engagement, I am convincedthat any person and ministry involved in transforming nationsfor the future need this resource as a catalyst for change anddevelopment. The systems and dimensions described herein willbe engraved in the minds of every reader, everywhere. This bookis an essential read.—Bishop Tudor BismarkJabula—New Life MinistriesIn a world where the enemy is out to distract and deceive asmany as he can, even the very elect, this work is extremelytimely. When it comes to spiritual warfare, it is clear to me thatin this early part of the twenty-first century, Cindy Trimm isone of God’s generals. She has done extensive research on thissubject that has been impacting lives around the world. Thislatest work is a compilation of three books and is a powerfultool for persons in preparation for spiritual warfare as well asthose already engaged in spiritual warfare. Cindy Trimm sharesa wealth of information, instruction, and principles in this bookthat, if applied, will equip you for victory over the enemy inevery area of your life. This book is indeed a training manualfor the believer and a must-read for those who wish to walk invictory.—Bishop Neil C. Ellis, Cmg, DD, JPSenior Pastor/teacher, Mt. Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church

Great insight on allowing the kingdom to work in you. An excellent resource for your personal and ministry library.—Apostle Ron CarpenterRedemption World Outreach CenterCindy Trimm documents Scripture in a masterful way and exposesthe strategies and tactics brought against us by the forces ofevil. The principles expounded upon in this book will cause lifechanging victories in Christ.—Pastor Marion MearesEvangel CathedralCindy Trimm, a prophet, a pastor, a writer, and a humanitarianhas helped to shape the lives of many of God’s powerful leaders,including myself, through insightful, prophetic teachings onprayer. This book is a weapon with a double-edged sword to helpyou to strategize how to mightily pull down every stronghold inyour life. I highly recommend it! Read it and win!—Judy JacobsHis Song MinistriesInternational Psalmist, Author, Teacher, and Worship LeaderI was once told that the greatest teachers are those who were thegreatest students. Cindy Trimm had to have been that exceptionalstudent absorbing every ounce of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that was available. Hearing her teach and reading herbooks brings impartation, clarity, and empowerment to anyonewho is ready to live in total victory over satanic powers and shiftinto the next realm and dimension in their lives.—Micah StampleyMinstrel and PsalmistPractical and spiritual applications abound in this book fromCindy Trimm. If we understand the critical times in which we live(and we do), we must understand that godly power and authorityare available and necessary for victory in every aspect of life.Cindy Trimm lays out strategic, logical, and effective maneuversfor warring in the heavenlies. This is an essential book for such atime as this!—Dr. Teresa HairstonFounder/Publisher, Gospel Today Magazine

The Rules of Engagement is a revolutionary, life-changing view ofspiritual warfare. Cindy Trimm’s comprehensive manual exposesadversarial tactics and strategies while illuminating seldom-taughttruths and principles regarding strongholds and their origins. Asa publisher, I have read many books written on spiritual warfare.However, I found this book to be a powerful tool for dethroningthe enemy. Its prayers and declarations can be applied by anybeliever for guaranteed spiritual victory and success in every areaof life.—Theresa TavernierFounder/Publisher, Saved Magazine

T heRulesofengagementCIndY tRImm

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ContentsForeword by Chuck D. Pierce. xiIntroduction: Basic Training. 1123Part I: Rules of EngagementYOU—Redefined: True Dominion Starts With KnowingWho You Are. 9Your Military Headquarters and the Commander in Chief:True Victory Starts With Knowing Whose You Are. 15Activation Into War: Getting Your Stripes. 234567Part II: Your EnemyThe Battlefield Is Your Mind: Where All Is Won or Lost. 41Knowing Your Enemy: Spiritual Intelligence Agency (SIA). 49Weapons of Mass Destruction: Hiroshima of the Spirit. 63Counterattacking the Weapons of the Enemy:Ready, Aim, Fire!. 1118910Part III: Binding the StrongmanGearing Up for Battle: What Are Your Weapons?. 139Engaging the Fight:Strategies and Tactics for Spiritual Warfare. 147Reconnaissance:Getting Delivered and Overcoming the Enemy. 153Conclusion: Forward March!.221Glossary.223Notes.229Index. 231ix

This book is dedicated to Prophetess Juanita Bynum.You gave the world No More Sheets, My Spiritual Inheritance,Matters of the Heart, Woman on the Frontline,and the Threshing Floor Revival.You gave me an opportunity that changed my destiny. Thank you.

forewordWar! The Lord says in Matthew 24:6–7, “And you will hear of warsand rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all thesethings must come to pass, but the end is not yet” (nkjv, emphasisadded). If we are to keep hearing of wars and rumors of war, we need tounderstand the rules of engagement for the wars that surround us.When we hear the word war we have thoughts of destruction, sorrow,grief, loss, conflict, and death. However, the Lord says clearly, “See that youare not troubled.” Our inner man will not be unsettled if we know the rulesof engagement!I can still remember the day I got up early and went from our bedroomto the couch. As I lay down and began to meditate and get my mind set onthe Lord for the day, an interesting thing happened: a blackboard appearedbefore me. Visions are very interesting. I can’t say that I have had many, butthe few God has graced me with have been dramatic.I began to see words appear on this blackboard. The hand of God seemedto be writing before me, just as He wrote in the days of Daniel. I saw thefollowing words: anti-Semitism, militant Islam, covenant conflict, womenarising for My purposes, lawlessness, the transference of wealth, overthrowing thrones of iniquity, and prepare for war. “Prepare for war” seemedto be the illuminating cornerstone of the vision.I said, “Lord, what are You showing me?” “This is the future war of thechurch,” He said. I got up and began writing what He had shown me, andthis is now a classic history book of the last decade and season of war. At thebeginning of the new millennium, there was little understanding on war andhow to maneuver in and through the season ahead. Then came September 11,2001. War then became a reality in the world around us! I believe the LordHimself put us in a supernatural accelerated course and began to developrules of engagement for this season of confrontation and interaction in thewars around us.War is like the game of chess. Much like various pieces in a game of chess,each of us plays a key role in God’s end-time strategy or future plan for fullness in the earth realm. Like chess, the only way we can be defeated is to failto think ahead and anticipate the enemy’s moves. When we become Christians,xiii

The Rules of Engagementwe are born onto a battlefield. Our choice is not whether we want to enter intoa conflict; rather, war has already been declared against us. Our only choice iswhether we want to be trampled by the enemy or learn to fight and win.To be efficient in the rules of engagement, one must know the promisesof God. Peter said that God has given us His precious and magnificent assurances and that through them we can become partakers of His divine nature(2 Pet. 1:4). God has given us promises that relate to every area of life. He haspromised us abundant provision, healing, and many other blessings.Cindy Trimm has developed a manual that answers questions and createsunderstanding that prepares us for war! We must know why we are at war!We must know who our enemy is and how he operates against the church! Wemust know who we are and how God is preparing us for this future war! Wemust have our strategy for victory. In The Rules of Engagement, Cindy Trimmleads you into the most in-depth understanding of WHY and HOW to winthe wars around you. Therefore, never fear the rumors of war.Ask any soldier what matters most when you’re on the battlefield and you’lllikely get a twofold answer: who are you fighting against, and whose side areyou on? It’s crucial to know who you are aligned with. Who enlisted you? Whotrained you for war? Whose tactics do you adhere to, and whose commandswill you follow to death? The Rules of Engagement answers these questions.As Christians, we are warriors who have been called and enlisted by theholy God of this universe. We are warriors of the cross. In the heat of battle,we must remind ourselves of these truths about the God who enlisted us: Heis the God above all gods. His Son has paid the price for our ultimate victory.Satan’s headship has already been broken by the power of the cross. Jesus hasalready conquered death, hell, and the grave. We need not fear death but onlyresist its sting. The Spirit of God still reigns supreme in the earth to comfortus in the midst of distressing times. He is the only restraining force of eviland is there to give us strategies to overcome every ploy the enemy has setagainst our lives. The earth belongs to God, and He has a plan linked withthe fullness of time. We, His children, might get knocked down, but we willnever get knocked out. He is love, and perfect love in us will cast out all fearof the future.With everything going on in the earth, we must never forget that He is God.We know that He is always in command. Yet if that’s the case, why is thereso much confusion around us? Why are nations forever in conflict and peoplexiv

Forewordgroups warring against each other? Why does lawlessness continue to escalate throughout the world? If He is God and has already won the victory, whatexactly is our role in the midst of the warfare we encounter on a daily basis?The truth is, we are fully engaged in a covenant conflict, which means thatwe are warring to see the blessings of a holy, supreme God spread throughoutthe earthly realm. Psalm 24:1 declares that the “earth is the LORD’s, and thef