Receiving A Degree Regarding“Th F z”Hexalpha, the dual trine is the geometric representation ofthe Moabite /Moorish Fez. The Moabite / Moorish Woman has given a crownof knowledge to her Sons, within the span of 9 months in the most illuminatedschool of the universe — Her Womb. The Fez symbolizes her Womb.The Fez is the ancient and modern national headdress of theMoabites / Moors. The Fez is a brimless headdress — most commonly produced inscarlet red with an ebony / black tassel. The red Fez is matched by the red field displayed in the Moorish National Standard [flag]. The Fez is also produced in black, whiteand other color variations — indicating other meanings, social order positions, etc.The Black Fez is the highest Degree. It is worn by the MUFTI (Moorish UnitedFront Towards Islam) —Enforcement and Security. The one who wears it symbolizesthat he / she knows Law In Full, and is able to defend it, including knowledge of MartialArts (Defense physically and spiritually), likened to the Martial Arts Degree of the BlackBelt.The Fez is worn as a symbol of the womb. The top of it has a nipple shape thatsymbolizes the navel. The strands of the tassel are 360º, as in 360º degrees of knowledge. The tassel is not pinned down as it is in the secret societies. Properly, the freeflowing tassel is indicative of one who is born of the womb, endowed with and aspiring toand beyond 360 degrees of knowledge. They navigate upon the earth and their potentialis not limited, not pinned down, or kept secret, however it is sacred. The 4 sets of airholes are equal to the number of wombman — 9, and add to 13, the number of times awoman cycles per year, which is in tune with the cycle of the Moon.The following is an explanation, found in "Lesson Book Number1", written by TajTarik Bey of the Moors Order Of The Roundtable:Fez: The National Headdress of the Asiatic Moorish Nation Of North, South andCentral Al Morocs (Americas), including the adjoining Islands.The Fez is typically of red felt, with an indigo black tassel. The Fez is the Headdress of the Ancient Ones - The Moabite/ Moors - also spelled - Muur. It is geometrically formed to represent the eternal Zodiac. The BODY at the FEZ symbolizes theWOMB of the COSMOS and the WOMB of WOMAN - MOTHER. The 1 inch FINIAL which extends out of the center of the FEZ is the NUMBER 1 and the 9th letter

in the Phonetic Moorish alphabet -- I. This also symbolizes the NAVEL (Eye).The cord extending from the I (Eye) symbolizes the Universal Umbilical Cord ofUniversal Life and represents the Oneness of all life. It also represents the tie tothe source of Humanity - ZUDIACUS - the FIRST WOMAN.The Circular (round) ball of the tassel represents the MUNDANE CIRCLE orEARTH. The cord wrapped about the tassel strands, hold the form of the Circlearid represent the Unity of Life through the Zodiac Constitution of Humanity. It alsorepresents the Cyclical and reciprocal nature of Life. The STRANDS of the TASSEL represent the 360 DEGREES of the ZODIAC. The highest LAW arid AUTHORITY in CIVILIZATION. The ZODIAC CROWN OF LIGHT the National Headdress of the MOTHERS and FATHERS of the HUMAN FAMILY FOUNDERS ofCIVILIZATION, AND MASTERS of the COSMOS SCIENCE. 3RD 33RD AND 360Degree MASTER MASONS and EASTERN STARS. This is a part of the hiddentruth which has been buried in the dark corner of the NORTH GATE. The FEZ- symbol of the Eternal Zodiac is also called a tarbush, a Tiara, a Corona Soland other names, which describe its Royal Status.The Wearing of the Fez Regarding Masons of clandestine Orders:Fez is also the name of the Old Moorish Capitolium and City which, is located innortheast Morocco. Morocco, Moroccan and Moors are one and the same pedigree and peoples. American is a dialectical corruption of the name. Al Moroccan,which means descendant or descendants of Moroccan. The lack of consciousnessof law and history, on the part of any so-called negro / black Mason, concerning theancient history of the Americas, has stagnated or retarded their ability to seethrough the veil of their own “hoodwinking”. Is Fez, the city in Europe? Is the Fezthe national headdress of Europeans or is the Fez the national headdress ofMoors? Who is wearing the Fez only by ritual, and who should be wearing the Fezby right of natural dress and culture? Who is who in this great controversy of whois worthy to wear the Fez and who is not? Who is honoring their ancient Mothersand Fathers, and who is not? Who is denying connection to Ruth the Moabitessand who is not, by way of recognizing or not recognizing the origins of the greatphilosophies and wisdom found in the halls of learning called Masonry?Masonry is a system of disciplined learning. Moors is the pedigree and nationality of the direct descendants of the founders of Civilization and the Ancient HighScience, culture, Gnosticism, Cosmology, Alchemy, Geometry, Algebra, Numerology, Astrology, Architecture, Mathematics, and Philosophies, etc., from which Masonry draws its wealth of knowledge, etc. Thus, Masonry is the High Culture Esoteric and Gnostic system of learning Moorish History, Science and Culture, literallyand factually, which was forced underground and veiled in allegorical stories, mysticism, signs, and symbols, etc.

The word “clandestine” is an adjective, meaning secret; concealed; sly; underhanded;surreptitious [accomplished by improper means or by stealth] as a clandestine plan oract; seeking a benefit with fair, just or proper compensation, participation or input, etc.Synonyms of the word, clandestine, include hidden, furtive, covert, etc. Clandestine isderived from the Old Moabite / Moorish Latin word, clandestinus.BRO. TAJ TARIK BEY, SON OF A WIDOW,MOORS ORDER OF THE ROUNDTABLEMany have been mistaken to think that the Europeans who wear the Fez in secret are theoriginators of the Fez. They are aware of the meaning and purpose of the Fez, as it is thecrown worn by those of the Moorish Nation, which represents the Matriarch. The Europeanshave usurped and stolen the crown and the Birthrights, as well they have utilized the scienceand high cultured embodied and represented in the wearing of the Fez, which is the science ofthe universe, the workings of nature and natural order. This is one of the reasons Drew saidthey live off of your virtues, and why some describe them as ‘vampires”, who suck your royalblood, and who cannot come out into the light of the Sun, or the light of truth. Our miseducation has led us to mis-givings and to a dark and ignorant place of “not knowing, thus wesuffer from a lack of knowledge and argue against each other as to the origins of many things,including the Fez. Many think the Fez belongs to Turks, without knowing that the originalTurks are Moors of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire being active into the WorldWars, which coincides with the 40’s wherein COINTEL PRO charged Moors of the MoorishScience Temple, claiming they were in co-hoots with Japan against the United States (an abstract). Others think the Fez was originated and belongs to the pale Arabs of today, withoutknowing that original Arabs are Moors, and that some sold each other out into slavery evenwhile wearing the Fez, as they do, or attempt to do today. This is one of the reasons Drewsaid: “Be careful Moors, some of your own will put you back into slavery”.The following are actual photos of European men who wear the Fez behind closed doors(clandestine) in secret societies wherein they perform rituals, take oaths to demi-gods andwork hard to keep the Light of Truth regarding the North Gate (North America / NorthwestAmexem / Northwest Africa) closed to the masses, even unto the Mothers and Fathers of Civilization, who in fact taught them (Europeans) and brought them out of the Dark Ages duringthe European Renaissance. They taught through Masonic orders (Ma and Son), the scienceof the universe, the sacred lessons of life and nature, in an effort to civilize them and bringthem into culturalized society. The Europeans later created Clandestine orders to keep theteachings amongst themselves.What we particularly want to show in these photo is that not only are they wearing the Fez,written atop them are Islam, El Bey, Moslem and Morocco, to show they in fact are aware ofMorocco (the Empire and the subordinate kingdom), they are aware and practice Islam andknow the true meaning of Moslem, and they are aware of the 5 Noble Titles: of El , Bey, Dey,Al, and Ali. These titles wee transferred and re-named as the 5 Civilized tribes of acceptanceduring the so-called “Indian agreements. However, many are aware now that this not India,the people were / are Indigenous (Indigenes).

The World knows EXACTLYWho You Are, and are waiting foryou to awaken. In Secret YOURexistence is ritualized by thosewho sit in the seats of Power, whohave adopted your information,and don YOUR Noble Titles, asindicated in these photos. TopLeft: Islam; Top Right: Moslem;Bottom Left: El Bey; BottomRight: Morocco.WILL THE REALWritten on this Fez is IslamWritten on this Fez is MoslemIslamic, Moslems, Descendants ofMorocco; Els (Law Makers); andBeys (Law Enforcers--O’Bey the Law),MOORS .PLEASE STAND UP!!!Come Back to the State ofMind of Your Ancient Foremothers and Forefathers. TheFounders of Civilization, theAboriginal Masters of the “7”Seas and the Aboriginal andIndigenous Inhabitants of theLand Written on this Fez is El BeyWritten on this Fez is MoroccoI—Self —Law —Am—Master —from thecreator ofthe universe.Representing Motherand Child,from henceyou came.each oneof us is aTrinity.This beingthe symbolof civilization.theLengthAngle andWidth ofthe cosmicenergiesthat markedyou.the joiningof 2 trinities, maleand femaleprinciples,the triunewhich creates another“I Am”.This being theglyph for theplanet Earthof which weare on, andaspire to beMaster Navigators upon.Freeholdersby Inheritance,Primogenitureand BirthrightsMoors

Regarding the “White” FezDaughters of American Revolution (D.A.R.)and other Eastern Star OrdersIt has already been established that the Fez represents the womb. The 4 sets ofbreather holes, count up to, or spell out numerologically, the sacred number of 9 4 13,the cycle of the Moon and the cycle of the woman in harmony with the Moon. The Whiteof the Fez represents the Moon and the Gold tassel the Sun and 360 degrees of knowledgeaspired to upon the earth plane (this ball of mud), thus the White Fez represents purity,symbolic of the Womb. The Moabite Nation flag, the Matriarch, is white with a gold crescent and star. The Crescent represents the Mother and Child, the mother cradling a child.More specifically the Mother and Son, as she can easily duplicate herself, but to transforma female egg into a male specimen is the miracle, thus she has created the “miracle Son”,the prodigal son from her womb. .When pondering upon the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) we findthat they began Charters as far back as 1890’s, here in the North Gate (NorthwestAmexem / Northwest Africa) , the heartland of the Temple of the Sun and the Moon.The Moorish Nation flag is the flag of her Sons. It is Red with a 5-pointed green star(Venus—the Mother) in the center. When she became unconscious, the flag of her Sonswas flown. It represents the great blood shed ensued upon the land, many divisions andtongues, false prophets and mass destruction and the likes. This blood shed was not onlyin death of the human form of many, but it represented the flow or shedding of the bloodto make up many other Nations. The Scepter, if you will, was passed to her sons while shelay unconscious. It is not to the sons fault, as it was she who caused the great destruction.,and it will be she who repairs it. Her awaking is, or will be, the “Great Wrath of Allah”.What were the Daughters of America revolting against? Their establishment wasbased on the promotion of historic preservation, education and patriotism. Uh Hah, andthere you have it. They are directly against the Matriarch., which is the Republican form ofgovernment here in America. A Republic is based in Matriarchal principles — not Patriarchal. Their “revolution” certainly was not inclusive of the Moorish / Moabite / Asiatic /African woman, as she still thinks there is a revolution to come, and rightfully so, as it isher revolution that must occur in order for humanity to live on in harmony. She mustwake up and recognize that she is the Mother of the Daughters of the American Revolutionand that they are revolting against her Sons of which they (Daughters) were in concubinesfor. The Moabite / Moorish/ Asiatic / African woman must recognize and begin using andteaching her daughters to use the science of the Number “9” (science of the Womb), to invoke the powers and purpose of her womb to bring in the children of great. As that occurrence can only happen as it relates to her and her womb. Any thing other than that, willbring in something that is not connected to her or her cause, certainly not in a positivemanner. The development of a fetus (moslem) in the 7 stages of development upon thewaters of her womb is then cut from the nav-el and becomes a navigating El upon the 7

waters of the continent. The Daughters of the American revolution were well aware of thescience of the womb, and they utilized it in their revolt against their history of being concubines for the Moorish Sons. Yes, that is their history and that is what they revolted against.Even though the Sons treated them fairly well, much better than their own sons, as theirown sons were placed in isolation and caves of Europe where they partook in homosexuality, bestiality and the likes. They practically had no choice. The Moorish Sons had thewomen. This is proven when you do studies that unveil the so-called “white” women beingtraversed down the Barbary coast behind so-called black men. Many saw that as a form ofslavery or capture for the European Daughters, however it was the course of events regarding their creation and placement. The