An Urgent MessageForTrump&America!This is a test of The EmergencyBroadcast System!Warning, Trump presidency in danger!Demonrats plan to impeach Trump inthe Senate!

Plot discovered! Help needed to avert itnow!Danger! Trump Impeachment Trial MustNot Go To The Senate!Here is why:The Swampeachment is an intelligence –CIA – British Empire Coup to removeTrump! The fake whistle-blower report is a CIA - Intelligence communityoperation. The IC IG is part of the coup. There are people in theSenate also part of the coup.So it will be dangerous for the Swampeachment trialto go to the Senate!This is why Trump needs to go to the Supreme court now and havethem rule that there is no legal Constitutional basis for impeachment!The DemonRats – CIA – Pelosi Plan To RemoveTrump Via A Coup Exposed!The Plan to Make Pelosi and then Hillary PresidentBy Default Exposed Pelosi is stalling the impeachment to the Senate as she knowsTrump wants a fair trial. She is using the stall as bait to get Trumpnot to file in the Supreme Court. The Dems know that once it goes toa full vote before The Supreme Court, they will rule there is noconstitutional basis for impeachment. So the stall is a psyop. Theyare doing it to get Trump to give-up on taking it to the SupremeCourt and wanting him even more to get a trial in the Senate he willnever get. The DemonRats are black-mailing Republican Congressmembers at this very moment, getting them to vote against Trumpby threatening to prosecute them for crimes they committed underObama! They will then wait until all Congress people are away for

Christmas, as done during the Federal Reserve Act, and then via aminority impeach Trump in the Senate. They will then impeach Penceusing similar dirty tactics. Pelosi then becomes President. Then Pelosiappoints Hillary as speaker of the House. Pelosi then steps down andHillary becomes President. In order to avoid all of this, Trump needsto act quickly now and take this to The Supreme Court, before theDemonRats seize control of the U.S. Presidency!The DemonRats – CIA – Soros Plot ToInstall Hillary Into The U.S. PresidencyExposed The framers of The Constitution and of the original Republic neverintended for impeachment to be a mere political process. Provencrimes of treason as defined in the Constitution must take place.When a Shadow Justice System has taken-over the House and haselements planted in the Senate to take-down a president based uponfalse accusations in a CIAramella coup, the only recourse is for apresident to invoke the full Supreme Court vote.The SupremeCourt is fully able to rule whether a high crime as defined in TheConstitution took place or not. Once it rules no high crime took place,it can then hand it s decision over to the Senate for a vote. TheSenate will then have to state Trump is innocent, even if there aretraitors in the Senate or people being black-mailed by the CIA to ruleagainst Trump, as is the case now. Unless Trump and We The Peopleact quickly, Pelosi and the DemonRats will spring this impeachmentupon a compromised Senate during the Christmas recess andimpeach Trump while all are away on Christmas brake! They will alsouse Congress people who are being black-mailed via Ukraine crimesto get them to flip on Trump! Time is of the essence anons! Spreadthis far and wide and help save the Trump presidency while we can!The CIA – Soros – Biden – UkraineOrganized Crime and Corruption Reporting ProjectExposed The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project is aCIA - Soros fake justice controlling system where instead of fightingorganized crime, they were promoting it in Ukraine, in order to getprosecutors in Ukraine fired. This is why Biden, a CIA agent had theUkraine prosecutor fired. This so Britain, the CIA, the banking cartelcan control Ukraine, the oil and use USAID money to foment tensionbetween Ukraine and Russia. They do not want a strong Ukraine Russia - Germany alliance.

How to Demolish the Globalist New WorldOrder. In order to take-down the NWO, we need to promote a strongunion between Ukraine, Russia and Germany! This will take-down theNew World Order Globalists cabal & destroy their banking cartel whichis behind all planetary wars and destruction!The Democracy Integrity Project and theTDIP, The British Integrity Initiative, theCIA – Soros – The British Empire BehindThe Coup To Remove Trump Exposed!This Democracy Integrity Project and the TDIP, The British IntegrityInitiative, are behind the British War upon America, behind theimpeachment of Trump and via the CIA and Soros are waging a warupon the American people.The British Integrity Initiative, Agent of TheCIA – Soros – British Empire Coup Exposed. The Democracy Integrity Project and The British Integrity Initiativeare behind the Fusion GPS fake Steel Dossie. It was an Obama - CIAcoup. The same people now covering-up the crimes of Biden. They rigthe elections in all U.S. states.More evidence of the British WarMachine Attacking Americans Found -THE Integrity Initiative OCTOPUS onU.S. soil caught red handed:

-the-octopusTHE BRITISH WAR MACHINE INTEGRITYINITIATIVE tish-warmachine-integrity-initiative-exposed

Soros, a CIA Agent of Regime Change. TheSame Group Is Running The Coup To RemoveTrump, Exposed! Soros is an agent of the CIA and they are running the coup toremove Trump with the help of Obama, Hillary, the Senior ExecutiveServices, which is the CIA - Obama - British Empire private army onU.S. soil. They are rogue and are the heart and soul of the DeepState. The Deep State is not the same thing as The ShadowGovernment. The Shadow Gov. uses it s agents in the Deep State tocarry-out it s purposes. The Shadow Government is the VenetianBlack Nobility Illuminati 13 Pharaonic blood-line families which rulethe planet from The Swiss Octogon.This is explained 1 As Soros is the head of the NWO snake, taking him down will benearly impossible. This group forms The Untouchables. They run aShadow Justice System. This system is explained here:The UntouchablesThe Shadow Justice ther-liberty-exposedThe Barr – HorowitzSES Deep State&The Shadow GovernmentTactics of deception exposed

Target & exonerateDeep State SES membersUntouchablesxTarget & prosecute PatriotsTactics of Shadow Government Fake Justice liberty-exposed As you can see and as I have explained, these SESswampcreatures are operatives of The Shadow Government and run aShadow Justice System where Deep State SES membersinvolved in the Cross-Fire Hurricane crimes are targeted andexonerated while the Patriots are targeted and prosecuted byWeissmann and the angry Democrats, by Mueller corrupt StarChamber judges such as Amy Berman Jackson, by the SES 500corrupt attorneys. In the meantime, the wife of Rosenstein LisaBarsoomian protects the Shadow Government in their crimes.Rosenstein also needs to go to jail as he signed the fake FISAapplications, among others. But because of the ShadowGovernment tactics of stalling justice, target and exonerate,practically none of them will go to jail, perhaps only a few longhanging fruit and fall guys. The rest will walk.Wireless Technology Exposed The Black Nobility Crown banking cartel use wireless to spy on theplanet, to help them intercept communications and to run theirsystem of control via Palantir, via the central AI which controls theplanet. It rigs elections in the U.S. All elections are rigged. Wirelessfrequencies are also use to target and destroy human DNA. It is partof the Illuminati plan of global world population reduction. They havetaken-over California and this is why they are attempting ham radiooperators from operating freely there.forcing stations into gettingre-transmission licenses.the plan is to cripple the communications of

patriots during an emergency, so that they can have total control ofcommunications and prevent people from organizing, when they cometo seize guns during an emergency. this cabal is EVIL. Trump has very little time before the DemonRats conclude thecoup, remove Trump! Trump needs to act now urgent! Please help getthis message out! See the post above for details!The Soros – CIA Operations of RegimeChange Are Behind The Impeachment ofTrump! Soros is a CIA agent of regime change. They are the ones runningthe coup to remove Trump. The organizations they run which aresupposedly anti-war actually promote war. Fiona Hill works for one ofthem. They are behind the crimes in Ukraine. Many Congress peopleinvolved. This is why Lindsey Graham and Mitch do not wantwitnesses to testify in Congress.The Shadow Justice System Running LGBTQ ExposedThe Shadow Justice System is running LGBTQ as a divide andconquer movement in an attempt to sabotage the Republic. They uselawfare weaponized SES judges to conduct the attack upon America.Additional StepsToRestore The nsider-mass-arrestsThe Republic is broken, is no more, and needsfixing – needs to be restored urgent!

The U.S. Republic Is Broken & Needs Fixing republic-is-broken-andneeds-fixing-urgentThe current U.S. Government is illegitimate &serves The British Empire which is under thecontrol of The Venetian Black Nobility – JesuitKhazarian Mafia Crown Banking Cartel!Before there can be “mass arrests”, the following steps must betaken:Steps needed to restore the broken Republic ofthe ded-to-restore-thebroken-republic-of-the-u-s-a

THE TRUE HISTORY OF AMERICA thebeautiful ory-of-americathe-beautifulThe Power Structure Hierarchy of the NewWorld Order id

New Political Party NESARA freesAmerica partynesara-frees-america-frees-americaThe Source of Q - The Story & source-of-q-thestory-and-backgroundAdditional relevant links in PDF file format: with virus-free, block-chain tech, no cookies).