Premise WiringGroundingand BondingProduct Guide

The Bonding NetworkStandardsANSI/TIA-607-C; November 2015 Generic Telecommunications Bonding and Grounding (Earthing) for Customer Premises Standards and Publications are adopted by TIA in accordance with the American NationalStandards Institute (ANSI) patent policyANSI/NECA/BICSI 607-2011; 2011 Standard for telecommunications bonding and grounding planning and installation methods forcommercial buildings National Electrical Installation Standards (NEISTM) are designed to improve communicationamong specifiers, purchasers, and suppliers of electrical construction services. This standard hasbeen prepared by BICSI /NECA under joint jurisdiction of BICSI and NECA, and approved byconsensus ballot in accordance with the requirements of ANSI. This publication is intended tocomply with the edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC ) in effect at the timeof publication.NEC Article 250 This article covers general grounding and bonding requirements and practices withinelectrical installationsThe above standards differ; refer to the specified standard to ensure compliance for product selection and installation.Room ScenarioDTEBC Bracket for LadderA HGBTEBCBRKL10CTEBC 12ft with double lugB HGRKTD144DBCLadder tray jumperHGRKTD9DDLadder to TGB ConductorHGRKTD60DBConductor with C-Tap toE 76” RGBHGRKTD60C46FAGBFEKJConductor with C-Tap to 19” RGBHGRKTDA60C46IConductor with C-Tap to 36” RGBGHGRKTDB60C46H76” x ¾” RGB BusbarHBBBVR76KTI19” Horizontal RGBHBBBHR19KTJ36” x ¾” RGB BusbarHBBBVR36KTK10” x 2” TGB BusbarHBBB14210AH2

Grounding KitsLug Hole Mounting DimensionsAll Ground Conductor Kits Include:Lug and TapAccessoriesLUGTraceable, crimped, dieindexed 7, long barrel,inspection windowLABELSCaution label applied atboth ends; circle groundreflective stickerANTIOXIDANT0.5oz tube PenetroxTAPC-tap, H-tapIF THIS CONNECTOR OR CABLEIS LOOSE OR MUST BE REMOVED,PLEASE CALL THE BUILDINGTELECOMMUNICATIONS tandard Ground Conductor Kit ApplicationsApplicationLugLength (in)LugRack busbar suppressor to railFront to rear rail jumperFront to rear rail jumperRack busbar to wall busbarFiber armor bondHorizontal busbar to conductorRack rail to NHGBL06DNHGBL06DHGBKS25TapCatalog A144DHGRKTD30KS25HGRKTDA60C46HGRKTD60C46Custom Ground Conductor KitsLugsHGRKTS HGBL06SD HGBL06DDA HGBL06DADB H6 HYH6C6CC46 HYC4C6YC4 HYC4L12Lug to LugIF THIS CONNECTION OR CABLE ISLOOSE OR MUST BE REMOVEDIF THIS CONNECTION OR CABLE ISLOOSE OR MUST BE REMOVEDKit BaseLug to TapIF THIS CONNECTION OR CABLE ISLOOSE OR MUST BE REMOVEDContact Customer Service for available configurations.Jumper KitsContentsMaterialCatalog No.Ladder Tray(1) 9" #6 conductor with long barrel lugs crimped on bothends, stainless steel hardware, labeled, antioxidantCopperHGRKTD9DLadder Tray(10) mechanical lay-in terminals, (5) 9" #6 conductors,stainless steel hardware, labelsAluminumHGRKTKA9KA5Wire Basket(10) copper split bolts, (5) 9" #6 conductors, stainless steel Copperhardware, labelsHGRKTWB5TypeContentsMaterialCatalog No.Horizontal 19"Busbar, insulators, stainless steel hardware,60" #6 AWG conductor, ESD Port, AntioxidantCopperHGRKTHCTin-platedHGRKTHTVertical 36"Busbar, insulators, stainless steel hardware,60" #6 AWG conductor, ESD Port, AntioxidantCopperTin-platedHGRKTVCHGRKTVTSBB/TGB2" x 10", insulators, stainless steel hardware, (1) #6 lug,(1) #2 lug, (2) 2/0 lug, (1) 4/0 lug, Antioxidant4" x 16", insulators, stainless steel hardware, (1) #6 lug,(1) #2 lug, (2) 2/0 lug, (1) 4/0 lug, AntioxidantCopperHGRKTTGB10ACopperHGRKTTMGB16HIF THIS CONNECTION OR CABLE ISLOOSE OR MUST BE REMOVEDIF THIS CONNECTION OR CABLE ISLOOSE OR MUST BE REMOVEDTypeBusbar KitsMBB/TMGB3

Compression Lugs Solid copper construction and tin plated UL Listed 90 C, 600V to 35kV Die Index Traceable UL and CSA ListedLug ReferenceHole Diameter: Lug Number 38 3/8” 0.375”Window: Inspect WireBarrel Length: Long SeriesDie Index: Match with Traceable DieStandard LugsSStyleHH HoleSingle0.25”Double0.375”S lack24HGBL750DBAngled LugsA90 45 StyleH HoleSSingleDouble0.25”0.25”45 90 HGBL06SNS SpacingHA Angle0.25”0.25”0.375”0.25”0.625”45 0.625”1”1.5”90 90 90 L06D90 HGBL06DB90 HGBL06DKN#450Gray8HGBL04SFHGBL04D45HGBL04D90 HGBL04DB90#225Brown10HGBL02SFHGBL02D45HGBL02D90 HGBL02DB901/010Pink12HGBL10D45HGBL10D90 HGBL10DB904

Busbars For all connections to busbars, oxidation must be scrubbedaway and the application of an antioxidant is required. Add “TP” to the end of any busbar Catalog Number for99% Copper Tin Plated.Busbars0.25"0.25”0.25”0.625” 0.75”520.375”1”Catalog nsulators, bracket2”10"0.25"8HBBB14210AInsulators, bracket2”24"0.25"9Insulators, bracket4”16"0.25"Insulators, bracket4”16"0.25"Insulators, bracket4”20"0.25"IncludesInsulators, mounting hardwareHeightLengthThickness0.75”19"Insulators, mounting hardware.75”Insulators, mounting hardware, 8” braidNote: Lug mounting dimensions are color coded to assist in pairing lugs to busbars.5Hole SizeHole 717HBBB14420J

Compression TapsThin Wall -TapStranded–ColorLength Code1.18”BrownNo. DieHW Series HU SeriesRibs Index (No. of crimps) (No. of crimps) Catalog No.110HW2CVT(2) HUC4HYC4L12254-42-6–1.18”Pink112HW25VT (2)HUC2HYC2L12102-41-6–1.75”Black213HW26VT W29VT(3)–HYC27L12HW SeriesHU SeriesDirect Burial C-TapsRun-TapQty Stranded10 ”DieIndexBG(No. of crimps) (No. of crimps) Catalog No.HWBG (2)HUBG (2)HYC4C6104-44-6–0.625”BGHWBG (2)HUBG (2)HYC4C4102-42-6–0.75”CHWCC (2)HUC (2)HYC2C4102-2––0.75”CHWCC (2)HUC un-TapQty lorDieLength CodeIndex HW Series0.6”Orange BGHWBGHU SeriesHUBGCatalog un-TapQty d–ColorLength Code0.75”BrownDieIndex HW SeriesCHWCCHU SeriesHUCCatalog le654–HU654HYH2929WCQty1H-Tap SizeHYH6CColor CodeOrangeClear CoverHCCFBGFRBlack FRH-Taps with CoversCovers for H-Taps6

ToolsToolsCompression6 tonContentsAutomatic compression tool, (2) 18V lithium batteries,charging station, carrying caseDie TypeHW SeriesHPAT600LICatalog No.9,000lbManual compression tool, built in BG die, 24" handlesHW SeriesHMD78,000lbManual compression tool, metal carrying case withdie holdersHX SeriesHOUR84012 tonAutomatic compression tool, (2) 18V lithium batteries,charging station, carrying caseHU SeriesHPAT750LI12 tonManual compression tool, 24" handles, carrying caseHU SeriesHY750CHSXT6,000lbManual compression tool, #6 to 4/0 lug dies integrated intool head, 26" handlesIntegratedHMRC840Tool DiesHW Series9 pt. font 0HW28K 15HW29VT16HX Series9 pt. font sizeHU U31RTHU34RTHU36RTHU39RT9 pt. font C4C2C1C25C0BG26Tool AccessoriesDescriptionTorque WrenchCase30–150 in-lb, carrying case and certificate of calibrationContentsCatalog No.HBT30150150–750 in-lb, carrying case and certificate of calibrationHBT150750Die tree for use with HW and HX series dies, holds 6 sets*HWDIETREEDie case for use with HW and HX series dies, holds 12 sets*HWDIECASEDie case for use with HU series dies, holds 15 sets*HUDIECASE*Dies not included7

ClampsGridParallel (Serpentine)Parallel (Direct)Raised Floor Pedestal ClampsPedestalWire RangeConfigurationHardwareInstall TorqueCatalog No.0.75”-1.5”Square#6 – 4/0AWGGrid or ParallelStainless Steel1/2”120in-lb Conductor180in-lb ClampHGBGXP1828RF1.0”-1.25”Round#4 – 2/0AWGParallelSilicon d orSquare#8 – 2AWGParallelSilicon dNote: Torque values may differ based on the Grounding and Bonding Standard selected.The Mesh Bonding Network shall have a support attached at a maximum of 3’ (36”) intervals.Pipe ClampsI.P.S. PipeDiameterHeightWidthConductor RangeU-BoltSizeNut SizeCatalog /2”3/4”HGBGAR8629Note: All pipe clamps secure the grounding conductor to the pipe in a parallel or perpendicular manner.8

Irreversible ConnectorsIrreversible Busbar and I-Beam Connectors provide a high level ofbonding security and are as permanent as welding.Typical Busbar Connector Applications TGB to GE TGB to TBB TGB to beam steel TGB to TGB TGB to mesh BNBusbar ConnectorsQuantityDimensionsWire 1Wire 2DieCatalog No.11.5” x 1.37” x 0.81”#2#6HU1105HYG14B2TC2C6C11.5” x 1.37” x 0.81”#2#2HU1105HYG14B2TC2C2C11.5” x 1.37” x 0.81”1/0–4/0–HU1105HYG14BTC2811.5” x 1.37” x 0.81”#2–2/0–HU1105HYG14BTC26Note: Individually packaged, Penetrox applied, compatible with 0.25” thick busbars.Typical I-Beam Connector Applications Steel beam to TBB Steel beam to TGB Steel beam to TMGBI-Beam ConnectorsQuantitySteel FlangeFlange I RangeDieCatalog No.1Standard0.250” – 0.338”HU1105HYGIBS3380.338” – 0.400”HU1105HYGIBS4000.400” – 0.462”HU1105HYGIBS4620.462” – 0.500”HU1105HYGIBS5500.250” – 0.338”HU1105HYGIBW3380.338” – 0.400”HU1105HYGIBW4000.400” – 0.462”HU1105HYGIBW4620.462” – 0.500”HU1105HYGIBW55011STANDARD BEAMS(FLANGE ANGLED)11Wide11WIDE FLANGE BEAMS(FLANGE PARALLEL)1Note: Includes heavy duty lug mounting hardware: (2) 0.42” threaded studs, (2) flat washers, (2) lock washers, (2) hex nuts.Hole spacing for heavy duty HYGHA lugs.Heavy Duty LugsQuantityConductor SizeHole SizeSpacingDie IndexDieCatalog 613/00.56”1.75”16HU29RT (2)HYGHA27Note: Individually packaged, Penetrox filled, compatible with HYGIB I-beam connectors.9

Mechanical alAluminumMount HoleDiameter0.25”Torque(in lb)45Catalog CL501Qty1Minimum#14Maximum2/0MaterialAluminumMount HoleDiameter0.31”HoleSpacing0.625”Catalog No.HGBKARBQty50STR MinRun andTap#8STR MaxRun andTap#6SOL MaxRun Torque(in lb) Catalog KS2610#13/04/0Copper1 1/8”1.86”500HGBKS275#1250kcmil4/0Copper1 aximumHGBKS20ColorBlackCatalog BlackHGBSC20On-Rail TerminalSplit Bolt ConnectorsSplit Bolt CoversShieldBond ConnectorQty100DescriptionShieldBond connector kits for cable jackets. Each kit includes brass screw and nut,(2) retaining washers, (1) gripping. Install tool included.10Catalog No.BC285SB100

AccessoriesInstallation AccessoriesQty Catalog No.DescriptionQtyCatalog No.ESD port for 4mm banana plug; 100.5oz Penetrox; ESD Label;(2) #12-24 TFS;(2) M6 stainless TFSDescriptionHGBESDKT10ESD cloth bracelet; 6ft cord;4mm banana plug1HGBESDBC1/4” belleville washer50HGB25CNWHESD metal bracelet; 6ft cord;4mm banana plug1HGBESDBM3/8” belleville washer50HGB38CNWH3/16” drill bit for steel material 1and 1/4” thread forming screwHGB025DBS#12-24 x 3/4” stainlesssteel screws50HGB1224STWire brush for power drill1HGBCWB2M6 x 16mm stainlesssteel screws50HGBM6ST2” x 4” abrasive pad6HGB24APESD label25HGBESDLBL8oz bottle Penetrox1HGBP8AGround label25HGBGNDLBL0.5oz tube Penetrox50HPENEA0550Ground wire label25HGRKTLBLSerrated paintpiercing washer50HGB25PPWESDIF THIS CONNECTOR OR CABLEIS LOOSE OR MUST BE REMOVED,PLEASE C