GUIDE TO ESTIMATINGText Explanation GuideSide of ApplicationR RightL LeftB BothRight or LeftPart DescriptionO.E.M. Part PricePrice StatusD DiscontinuedC Part price is less core chargeA Special marketing programR&R Operation TimeComponentClassification:s structuralm mechanicalYear CoverageTie rod end .11-16RD 25.96m0.7R&R R&I IndicatorO.E.M. Part Number 22348963QUARTER PANELPrimaryGroup Part Call-OutNumberBasic Sub-GroupREFINISHING NOTESAdd for stone guard if required. See Guide to Estimating.Refn quarter panelexterior surface only11-16edges &pockets . . . . . . . . 11-16lock pillar . . . . . . 11-16p1.7Manufacturer’sSpecial MarketingDesignationp.3p.5OVERLAP OPERATIONSR&I OperationsR&R quarter panelwith roof offdeduct . . . . . . . . 11-16 B(see “PARTS PRICES”–General Information page)4.0R&I OPERATIONSR&I trim panel . . . 11-16 B0.4SECTIONING OPERATIONSSctn qtr panelcut in window opening11-16 R11-16 L11.011.5PARTS AND R&R OPERATIONSPaint OperationTimeQUARTER PANEL & COMPONENTS1 Outer panel . . . .(p 2.5)(p 2.5)2 Lower pillar . . . . .(p .5)(p .5)3 Fuel door . . . . . . .(p .5)Belt Molding4 at window . . . . . . . . . .FootnoteSymbol &Definitionp2.5p2.55Moldingrear vertical . . . . . . . . .6 Body side mldg7 Wheel opngmldg(d .2)(d .2)11-16 R11-16 L11-16 R11-16 75142 899075144 100075143 436075143 4370 75760 105011-16 R11-16 L33.2533.420.30.3 79106 7000 79106 701011-16 RA11-16 LA11-16 R11-16 L11-16 R11-16 L23.030.323.030.337.63 # 0.337.63 # 0.353.800.353.800.3 79104 7800 79104 781079116 136079116 1370 79116 5080 79116 5090R&R R&IIndicator(see “R&I (Remove &Reinstall” – IndustryDefinition page)DrillingOperation Time# PARTS: Order by model & color.¶ LABOR: Time includes R&I quarter glass.G2Footnotes found in a chapter contain vehicle-specific information. The content of footnotes is in addition to,and takes precedence over, information in the Guide to Estimating pages for the operation indicated.REV. 8-16

GUIDE TO ESTIMATINGBOLTED-ON PARTSThe phrase “BOLTED-ON PARTS” referenced in this publicationrefers to mechanically fastened components that are directlyattached to the component that is being replaced and includesbraces, brackets, mounts, shields, extensions, interior trim, etc.Mechanical fasteners may include bolts, nuts, screws, clips andrivets.ESTIMATING SEQUENCEListed under each basic assembly are the related and component parts. List the damage according to the basic assembly, taking the basic item first. Then, starting from the outside of the vehicle and working inward, list everything attached to it which is damaged. By following this procedure, you will make a more thoroughinspection.For instance, on an estimate involving front fender damage,inspect as shown:FendermoldingnameplateemblemFender LinerFOOTNOTESFootnotes are used to present information specific to the indicated component or operation. Footnotes are not intended to beused in place of service repair information.PART PRICESPrices used in MOTOR Crash Estimating Data are factory suggested list prices, as supplied to us by the manufacturer. Dealersmay not be required to sell at this price and may be free to determine their own prices. When a price is prefixed by the letter “D” itindicates that this part has been discontinued by the manufacturer and for your convenience, we continue to publish the last available price. When a part is prefixed by the letter “C,” this indicatesa core value assigned by the manufacturer has been deductedfrom the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. When a price isprefixed by the letter “A,” it indicates a Special Marketing Programpart.General Motors Target Marketing Program: This program hasbeen discontinued by GM. Parts indicated with the letter “A” represent components included in the program. These parts do nothave a suggested list price supplied by General Motors. The priceshown following the letter “A” is an approximation which you mayfind helpful. These prices are to be regarded as a GUIDE only. Theactual price, which may be higher or lower than the publishedprice, can be determined by contacting the General Motors dealerin your area.Mopar Competitive Crash Parts Program: The prices for theseparts may carry a special discount. Actual price should be determined by calling the dealer in your local area. Dealers are notrequired to participate in this program and are free to determinetheir own prices for these parts.REV. 8-16PART PRICES - ContinuedPart prices do not include cost of state and local taxes, bolts,rivets, screws, nuts, washers, clips, fasteners, paint/body repairmaterials and refinishing unless otherwise noted.PART QUANTITIESMany procedures require replacement of parts such as fasteners (bolts, rivets, screws, nuts, clips, for example) or washers. Theapplicable quantities for these parts are provided whenever possible. This information will be provided as reported by the OEM.TECHNICAL INFORMATIONLabor times shown in reference to labor procedures containedin Tech-Cor Bulletins are researched and developed by MOTOR.While Tech-Cor Bulletins are protected under copyright laws,reproduction of these bulletins is permitted as long as the bulletinis reproduced in its entirety, including source attribution.Tech-Cor, LLC.Technical Research Dept.110 East Palatine RoadWheeling, Illinois 60090Phone: (847) 667-2340 by the collision industry in 1979, I-CAR, the InterIndustry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, conducts extensivecollision repair research to develop and deliver quality technicaleducational programs to professionals in the insurance and collision repair industries, which increases the common understandingof required repair methods. The international not-for-profit trainingorganization works toward its vision that every person in the collision industry has the necessary technical knowledge and skills relevant to their position to achieve a complete and safe repair.Ultimately benefiting the vehicle owner, information on I-CAR training is available at National Automotive Service Task Force is a not-for-profit,no-dues task force established to facilitate the identification andcorrection of gaps in the availability and accessibility of automotiveservice information, service training, diagnostic tools and equipment and communications for the benefit of automotive serviceprofessionals. NASTF is a voluntary, cooperative effort among theautomotive service industry, the equipment and tool industry andautomotive manufacturers. See their website http://www.nastf.orgfor information on NASTF programs and activities.ASAThe Automotive Service Association (ASA) advances professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry througheducation, representation and member services. See their website for information on ASA’s programs andactivities, or if you have any questions about membership, pleasecall the ASA Membership Services Department at (800) ASASHOP, ext. 295, or send e-mail to [email protected] INFORMATIONOperation times reported herein are compiled from availablemanufacturer data, as well as our own evaluation of shop data andare published only as an estimating guide.This Guide to Estimating provides the guidelines that apply toMOTOR Crash Estimating Data. Knowledge and application ofthese guidelines will assist the estimator in developing a clear estimate, reflecting as accurately as possible the requirements to perform operations listed. To maintain accuracy, estimators must frequently refer to these pages throughout the estimating process.

GENERAL INFORMATIONGUIDE TO ESTIMATINGTECHNICAL INFORMATION - ContinuedUNDERHOOD DIAGRAMSASEThe National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)was established in 1972. ASE’s mission is to improve the quality ofvehicle repair and service through the testing and certification ofrepair and service professionals. See their website for information on ASE’s programs and activities or e-mail to [email protected] includes underhood diagrams when available. Allmeasurements are in millimeters. Please refer to MOTOR “CollisionRepair Data” manual or MOTOR E-Frame Data on CD for completevehicle dimension specifications. All underhood illustrations usedherein are copyrighted by Hein-Werner Corporation, Milwaukee,Wisconsin and used with the permission of the copyright owner.AGRSS99The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standards(AGRSS99) Council, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicatedto the safe replacement of auto glass. Stationary (bonded) autoglass replacement is important in maintaining the structural integrity and safety features of the vehicle. The AGRSS99 Standard: ANSI002-2002 is the North American standard detailing the steps andprocedures to provide safer automotive glass replacement. Seetheir website for information on AGRSS99programs and activities.G4REV. 8-16

GUIDE TO ESTIMATINGMOTOR Collision Estimating Data is based on the base modelvehicle configuration, standard or regular production options,and/or standard replacement operations. "Add if required" operations are for extra procedures necessitated by optional factoryequipment or certain collision scenarios that may be encountered."Add if required" operations should be added to the estimatewhenever applicable after an "on the spot" inspection of vehicledamage and/or vehicle options.COMPONENT CLASSIFICATIONThe purpose of classifying components is to describe physicalproperties of the component, and classifications may inform theestimator that specialized technician skill levels and/or tools maybe required. Indicators are not intended to determine labor ratescharged, or to be inclusive of all components. Any additional component classification(s) should be determined after an on-the-spotevaluation of required repair procedures.CLASSIFICATION INDICATORS ARE PROVIDED FORYOUR CONVENIENCE AND MUST ONLY BE CONSIDEREDA HELPFUL GUIDE.MOTOR component classifications are defined as follows:(M) Mechanical: Components that transform one form ofmotion or energy into another. Mechanical components would likely be serviced at a mechanical service facility rather than a bodyrepair facility if that component failed during normal operation.Mechanical components will likely require a specialized technicianskill level and/or specialized tools.(S) Structural: Components that provide a load bearing foundation for the purpose of safety and/or stability(no classification) Body: Components that do not fall underthe mechanical or structural classificationD&R (Disconnect & Reconnect)Some labor procedures require disconnecting (unplug and/orunbolt) of a component/assembly at the point where it is attachedto the subject part. The component assembly is not completelyremoved from the vehicle. The component is reconnected duringthe assembly procedure. Due to various configurations and type ofparts that may be involved in the D&R operations and consideringthat the times involved are generally not definable in tenths ofhours, time for D&R is not provided. When D&R is necessary toperform a labor operation, it is included in that labor operation’stime.FRAME MACHINE SET-UPDue to the different types of frame machines used in the collision repair industry, labor times for frame machine set-up are notdeveloped by MOTOR, nor otherwise included in any operation.Each frame machine manufacturer may have its own unique configurations and setup processes. For example, some machines areof a “drive-on” type while others are of a “dedicated bench” type,and there are procedural differences between the two set-up methods. Additionally, there may be variables unique to the actual vehicle that may increase or decrease frame machine set-up time.MOTOR suggests using an on-the-spot evaluation to determine anappropriate frame machine set-up time.REV. 8-16INCLUDED and/or NOT INCLUDED LABOROPERATIONSINCLUDED OPERATIONS:When items or operations appear in the Guide to Estimatingpages under the “Included” heading it means that the operation isperformed in conjunction with another operation. For example,Steering Wheel R&I is an individual operation, but when replacinga steering column, steering wheel R&I is also performed and therefore included in Steering Column R&R.If an item is listed without a qualifier, it means all labor has beenconsidered within the indicated labor procedure. If a specific qualifier (such as R&I) appears, it means only the specified qualifierapplies.NOT INCLUDED OPERATIONS:Items or operations listed under “Does Not Include” were notconsidered in the development of published labor operation times.These operations may or may not be required depending upon thevehicle or repair process used. If any of these items or operationsare required, they should be considered by the estimator. If a specific qualifier (such as R&I) appears, it means only the specifiedqualifier applies.NAGS - GLASS PRICESGlass Prices: We include, when available, both the vehicle manufacturer and the NAGS benchmark prices as applicable to eachmake and model. All NAGS part numbers and benchmark pricesare provided from National Auto Glass Specifications, a division ofMitchell International, Inc. Labor operation times listed on the linewith the NAGS information are MOTOR suggested labor operationtimes; NAGS labor operation times are not included.OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)Used to define original vehicle manufacturer.OVERHAULRemove an assembly from the vehicle, disassemble, clean,inspect, replace parts as needed, reassemble, install and adjust(except wheel/suspension alig