EXORCISM ORTHODOX and ROMAN RITUALSHoly Innocents Orthodox ChurchHarahan / New Orleans, Louisiana29 April 2009 A. D.These Rites of Exorcism are authorized for use by both the Eastern and theGregorian (Western) Rites in the English language by members of The Societyof Clerks Secular of Saint Basil, and the Orthodox Catholic Church of theAmericas. Each may use the rite of the other, their customary rite, or both.This book/publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without furtherpermission. We do request acknowledgment of its source and use be made.Metropolitan Archbishop Paul, S.S.B.God, please help me love YouPublished by The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint BasilNew Orleans, Louisiana U.S.A.Waveland, Mississippi U.S.A.Copyright 29 April 2009 A.D.Copies may be purchased by requesting Publication No. EXORCISM.PUBfrom:Holy Innocents Orthodox Church311 Hickory AvenueHarahan, Louisiana 70123U.S.A.Page 2EXORCISM ORTHODOX and ROMAN RITUALSble from the face of His power tion through the rebirth andand the wrath of His warning restoration of divine Baptism,upon thee is that he may be countedworthy of His immaculate,Satan: The Lord rebukes thee heavenly and awesome Mysby His frightful name!teries and be united to Histrue fold, dwelling in a placeShudder, tremble, be afraid, of pasture and nourished ondepart, be utterly destroyed, the waters of repose, guidedbe banished! Thee who fell pastorally and safely by thefrom heaven and together staff of the Cross unto thewith thee all evil spirits: ev- forgiveness of sins and life every evil spirit of lust, the erlasting.spirit of evil, a day and nocturnal spirit, a noonday and For unto Him belong all glory,evening spirit, a midnight honor, adoration and majestyspirit, an imaginative spirit, together with Thy beginninganencounteringspirit, less Father and His all-holy,whether of the dry land or of good and life-giving Spirit,the water, or one in a forest, now and ever, and unto agesor among the reeds, or in of ages.trenches, or in a road or acrossroad,inlakes,or Amen.streams, in houses, or onesprinkling in the baths and chambers, or one altering themind of man.Depart swiftly from this creature of the Creator Christ ourGod! And be gone from theservant (handmaid) of God N.,from his (her) mind, from his(her) soul, from his (her)heart, from his (her) reins,from his (her) senses, from allhis (her) members, that he(she) might become wholeand sound and free, knowingGod, his (her) own Master andCreator of all things, He Whogathers together those whohave gone astray and Whogives them the seal of salvaPage 59

EXORCISM ORTHODOX and ROMAN RITUALSclay with His immaculatespittle and refashioned thewanting member of the manblind from birth and gave himhis sight.and the tombs were openedand those who were deadfrom the ages were raised up.Devil: The Lord rebukes thee!He Who by death put death todeath and by His risingAttend devil: The Lord re- granted life to all men.bukes thee! He Who by Hisword restored to life the May the Lord rebuke thee, Sadaughter of the ruler of the tan! It is, He Who descendedsynagogue and snatched the into Hades and opened itsson of the widow out from the tombs and set free those heldmouth of death and gave him prisoner in it, calling them towhole and sound to his own Himself; before Whom themother. Devil: The Lord re- gatekeepers of Hades shudbukes thee! The Lord Who dered when they saw Himraised Lazarus the four-days and, hiding themselves, vandead from the dead, unde- ished in the anguish of Hades.cayed, as if not having died, May the Lord rebuke thee,and unblemished to the as- devil! It is, Christ our Godtonishment of many.Who arose from the dead andgranted His Resurrection toAttend Satan: The Lord re- all men.bukes thee! He Who destroyed the curse by the blow May the Lord rebuke thee, Saon His face and by the lance tan! He Who in glory ascendedin His immaculate side lifted into heaven to His Father, sitthe flaming sword that ting on the right of majestyguarded Paradise. Devil: The upon the throne of glory.Lord rebukes thee! He Who Devil: May the Lord rebukedried all tears from every face thee! He Who shall comeby the spitting upon His pre- again with glory upon thecious expressed image. Devil: clouds of heaven with HisThe Lord rebukes thee! He holy angels to judge the livingWho set His Cross as a sup- and the dead. Devil: May theport, the salvation of the Lord rebuke thee! He Who hasworld, to thy fall and the fall prepared for thee unquenchof all the angels under fire, the unsleeping wormand the outer darkness untoAttend Devil: The Lord re- eternal punishment.bukes thee! He Who spokefrom His Cross and the cur- Attend Devil: May the Lordtain of the temple was torn in rebuke thee! For before Himtwo, and the rocks were split all things shudder and tremPage 58EXORCISM ORTHODOX and ROMAN RITUALSCONTENTSINTRODUCTION - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4EXORCISM OF THE POSSESSED PRELIMINARY INSTRUCTIONS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11CAUTIONS AND ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS TOTHE EXORCIST - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 15THE WESTERN RITE OF EXORCISM (FOR APARTICULAR PERSON) (A Single Individual) - - - - - 16EXORCISM AGAINST SATAN AND THEFALLEN ANGELS (FOR A PARTICULARGEOGRAPHIC PLACE) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 48ORTHODOX EXORCISM RITUALSPRAYER OF EXORCISM: FOR THOSEIMPASSIONED OR IMPRISONED BYDEMONS, AND EVERY MANNER OFDEMONIC ILLNESS OR CONTROL ofSt. Basil the Great - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 51EXORCISMS or PRAYERS OF DELIVERANCEFOR GENERAL USE of St. John Chrysostom - - - - - 56Page 3

EXORCISM ORTHODOX and ROMAN RITUALSEXORCISMORTHODOX and ROMANRITUALS- INTRODUCTION While this introduction is primarily from Volume II, TheRoman Ritual in Latin andEnglish,translatedandedited with introduction andnotes by the Reverend PhilipT. Weller, it should be carefully read, studied, and followed by all whether the Orthodox or Roman rite is to beused. The two sections entitled EXORCISM OF THE POSSESSED - PRELIMINARY INSTRUCTIONS, and CAUTIONSAND ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS TO THE EXORCIST,respectively, should likewisebe carefully read, studied,and followed by all whetherthe Orthodox or Roman riteis to be used. The Roman Rituals are as found in that sameRoman Ritual in Latin andEnglish, while the Orthodoxrituals are as found in moststandard Orthodox his power over the humanperson or in human affairs,without on the other handseeing him lurk in every nookand crevice, like some of theancient desert fathers, or forthat matter like certain exotic cults of the present day.There is a world of demons, asrevealed religion teaches, andeven if revelation were not soabsolute, we could conjecturethat the devil is a real personand that his sway is tremendous -- a legitimate inferencefrom the magnitude of evil towhich our times, no less thanpast history, bears witness.Francois Mauriac, referred toin somewhat superciliousfashion as one of the contemporary novelists of despair,sees the problem of evil as aburden too heavy to be borneby the shoulders of manalone. “Evil is Someone,Someone who is multiple andwhose name is legion. . . . It isone thing to be in the realmof the demons, as we all arewhen we have lost the state ofgrace, and quite another to beheld and surrounded, literallypossessed by him.” (Mauriac,Man, above all the Christian, St. Margaret of Cortona.)must reckon with the realmof the prince of darkness and But God in Holy Writ long agohis legions, not presuming forestalled that the questionthat Satan has no experience be left to purely idle humanoutside of the product of fa- speculation and experimentable, superstition, or figment -- tion, giving His inspired wordan error endemic in material- on which the Church from theists of any age -- not minimiz- beginning has based her posiPage 4EXORCISM ORTHODOX and ROMAN RITUALSsubjected them. Lord, stretchout Thy mighty hand and Thysublime and holy arm and inThy watchful care look downupon this Thy creature andsend down upon him (her) apeaceful angel, a mighty angel, a guardian of soul andbody, that will rebuke anddrive away every evil and unclean demon from him (her),for Thou alone are Lord, MostHigh, almighty and blessedunto ages of ages.Amen.Fourth Prayerthe Lord rebukes thee! HeWho is ministered to andpraised by numberless heavenly orders and adored andglorified in fear by multitudesof angelic and archangelichosts. O Satan: the Lord rebukes thee! He Who is honored by the encircling Powers,the awesome six-winged andmany-eyed Cherubim andSeraphim that cover theirfaces with two wings becauseof His inscrutable and unseendivinity and with two wingscover their feet, lest they beseared by His unutterableglory and incomprehensiblemajesty, and with two wingsdo fly and fill the heavenswith their shouts of "Holy,holy, holy, Lord Sabaoth,heaven and earth are full ofThy glory!"We make this great, divine,holy and awesome invocationand plea, O devil, for thineexpulsion, as well as this rebuke for your utter annihilation, O apostate!Attend devil, the Lord rebukes thee! He Who cameGod Who is holy, beginning- down from the Father's boless, frightful, invisible in som and, through the holy,essence, infinite in power and inexpressible,immaculateincomprehensible in divinity, and adorable Incarnationthe King of glory and Lord from the Virgin, appeared inAlmighty, He shall rebuke effably in the world to save itthee, devil! He Who composed and cast thee down fromall things well by his Word heaven in His authoritativefrom nothingness into being; power and showed thee to beHe Who walks upon the wings an outcast to every man.of the air.Attend Satan, the Lord reThe Lord rebukes thee, devil! bukes thee! He Who said toHe Who calls forth the water the sea, be silent, be still, andof the sea and pours it upon instantly it was calmed at Histhe face of all the earth. Lord command. O devil: The Lordof Hosts is His name. O devil: rebukes thee! He Who madePage 57

EXORCISM ORTHODOX and ROMAN RITUALSEXORCISMS or PRAYERS OFDELIVERANCE FORO Thou Who hast rebuked allGENERAL USEunclean spirits and by theofpower of Thy Word has banSt. John Chrysostomished the legion, come now,through Thine only begottenSon upon this creature, whichFirst PrayerThou hast fashioned in Thineown image and deliver himO Eternal God, Who has re- (her) from the adversary thatdeemed the race of men from holds him (her) in bondage, sothe captivity of the devil, de- that, receiving Thy mercy andliver Thy servant (handmaid) becoming purified, he (she)N. from all the workings of might join the ranks of Thyunclean spirits. Command holy flock and be preserved asthe evil and impure spirits a living temple of the Holyand demons to depart from Spirit and might receive thethe soul and body of N. your divine and holy Mysteriesservant (handmaid) and not through the grace and comto remain nor hide in him passion and loving kindness(her). Let them be banished of Thine only-begotten Sonfrom this the creation of Thy with Whom Thou art blessedhands in Thine own holy together with Thine all-holyname and that of Thine only and good and life-creatingbegotten Son and of Thy Spirit now and ever and untolife-creating Spirit, so that, the ages of ages.after being cleansed from alldemonic influence, he (she) Amen.may live holy, godly, justlyand righteously and may becounted worthy to receiveThird Prayerthe Holy Mysteries of Thineonly-begotten Son and our We beseech Thee, O Lord,God with Whom Thou art Almighty God, Most High, unblessed and glorified together tempted, peaceful King. Wewith the all holy and good beseech Thee Who has creand life-creating Spirit now ated the heaven and theand ever and unto the ages of earth, for out of Thee has isages.sued the Alpha and theOmega, the beginning and theAmen.end, Thou Who has ordainedthat the fourfooted and irrational beasts be under subjecSecond Prayertion to man, for Thou hastPage 56EXORCISM ORTHODOX and ROMAN RITUALStive teaching regarding theevil spirits. The Old Testament dealt with demonologyto some extent, but the subject was amplified considerably in the New. (Cf. M. Hagen, S.J., “Die Lehere derHeiligen Schrift uber denTeufel,” Simmens aus MariaLaach, Vol. 55, p. 368 ff.)“And there was a great battlein heaven: Michael and hisangelsfoughtwiththedragon, and the dragonfought and his angels. . .Therefore rejoice, O heavens,and you that dwell therein.Woe to the earth, and to thesea, because the devil is comedown to you, having greatwrath, knowing that hath buta short time. . . . And I sawfrom the mouth of thedragon, and from the mouthof the beast, and from themouth of the false prophet,three unclean spirits likefrogs. For they are the spiritsof devils working signs, andthey go forth into the kings ofthe whole earth, to gatherthem to battle against thegreat day of the AlmightyGod.” (Apoc. 12:7, 12; 16:1314) And after hell is createdfor the angels fallen fromheaven, the devil like a roaring lion roams about seekingwhom he may devour (1 Pet.5:8-9); so that through the sinof our first parents, who feltthe sting of the ancient serpent, mankind is made subject to the domain of Satan,prince of this world.Christ overcame Satan on theCross, and the latter’s kingdom is shaken. “For this purpose, the Son of God appeared, that He might destroythe works of the devil.” (1john 3:18) Man is deliveredfrom the power of darknessand transferred into the kingdom of the Son. (Cf. Col. 1:13)Yet the devil is not completely vanquished nor trodden underfoot, and the warfare against him is carried onby Christ and His membersuntil the end of time. “For ourwrestling is not against fleshand blood, but against principalities and powers, againstthe rulers of the world of thisda