Rockie Williams Premier CDJR DealershipAddendum 2November 21, 2014SOA Project No. 104514This Addendum as follows will define and/or list certain changes, revisions, additions,deletions, etc. to the original Plans and Specifications for the above named project.These changes, revisions, etc. shall, therefore, supersede the requirements of theoriginal contract documents (Plans and Specifications) as specifically stated herein or shown.All other portions of the originally issued Plans and Specifications are to remain in full force.The named changes, revisions, additions, deletions, etc. as listed in this Addendumand/or shown as revisions to the Plans or Specifications will, therefore, be made a part of theoriginal contract documents.General Note there was not a revision for Addendum No. 1 on M1.2 but there is on M1.4 as listedin the written descriptionThere is not a Sheet E2.5Alfalux ceramic tile may be obtained by contacting Dwyer Marble & Stone 248.476.4944Carpet The Mohawk Group Kevin Dettloff Conventional Carpet, Inc. 586.739.6090Entry Arch Tower will be furnished and installed by OwnerSee the attached cut sheets for approved site lighting substitution from Lithonia –DesignLightSee attached cut sheet for approved canopy type “R” and interior hi-bay type “H” and“HE” light fixtures by LSISheet A12.1 Added locations of walk off mats 1FM1 in 3 locations Added elevation of ceramic wall tileSheet A12.2 Revised finishes in Game Room 218Sheet A12.3 Revised finish specification for Flooring CT3, EP1, 1FM1, Wall Ceramic Tile PT3, PT4,AT1, Toilet Partitions TP1 and Transition Strip TileSheet E1.1 Added power for automatic doors at Service Drive 127

Rockie Williams Premier CDJRRe: Addendum No. 2November 21, 2014Page 2 of 2Sheet E2.3 Panel RP6 - Added power for automatic doors at Service Drive 127Sheet ES1.0 Added note for transformer location, primary wiring and conduits Note – Fixture Schedule did not print on Addendum No. 1, Fixture Schedule shown onAddendum No. 2 is correct

DESIGNLIGHT935 6TH AVE SOUTHNASHVILLE, TN 37203-4619Phone: 615-329-6700 EXT:Fax: 615-329-6701Contact: Wolf, MikeROCKIE WILLIAMS DODGE14-16165-011/20/2014Submission TypePrior ApprovalResubmittal for ApprovalApprovalCorrectionsYour UseOther


Project 14-16165-0ROCKIE WILLIAMS DODGECatalog NumberSubmitted ByNotesDESIGNLIGHTTWO HEADS 180 DEGREES APARTED ROTATED OPTICSTypeDSX2 LED 80C 1000 50K TFTM 480 SPA HS DNATXDD-Series Size 2LED Area LuminaireCatalogNumberNotesTypeHit the Tab key or mouse over the page to see all interactive elements.IntroductionThe modern styling of the D-Series is strikingyet unobtrusive - making a bold, progressivestatement even as it blends seamlessly with itsenvironment.Specifications2.0 ft2EPA:The D-Series distills the benefits of the latest inLED technology into a high performance, highefficacy, long-life luminaire. The outstandingphotometric performance results in sites withexcellent uniformity, greater pole spacing andlower power density. The Size 2 is ideal forreplacing 400-1000W metal halide in area lightingapplications with energy savings of up to 80%and expected service life of over 100,000 hours.W(0.19 m2)40”Length:(101.6 cm)15”Width:L(38.1 cm)7-1/2”Height:H(19.0 cm)Weight(max):39 lbs(17.7 kg)Ordering InformationEXAMPLE: DSX2 LED 80C 1000 40K T4M MVOLT SPA DDBXDDSX2 LEDSeriesLEDsDSX2 LEDForwardoptics80C 80 LEDs(fourengine)100C 100LEDs(fourengines)Rotatedoptics 180C 80 LEDs(fourengines)Template #8DrillingDrive currentColor temperature530 530 mA700 700 mA1000 1000 mA(1 A) 230K40K50KAMBPCTop of Pole3000 K4000 K5000 MType I ShortType II ShortType IIMediumT3S Type III ShortT3M Type IIIMediumT4M Type IVMediumTFTM ForwardThrowMediumT5VS Type V VeryShortT5S Type V ShortT5M Type VMediumT5W Type V WideMountingMVOLT 3120 3208 3240 3277 3347 4480 4Shipped includedSPASquare polemountingRPARound polemountingWBAWall bracketSPUMBA Square poleuniversalmountingadaptor 5RPUMBA Round poleuniversalmountingadaptor 5KMA8Mast armDDBXD U mountingbracket adaptor (specifyfinish) 6DSX2 shares a unique drilling pattern with the AERIS family. Specifythis drilling pattern when specifying poles, per the table below.0.563”1.325”DM19ASDM28ASDM49AS0.400”(2 PLCS)2.650”DM29ASDM39ASDM32ASSingle unit2 at 180 4 at 90 *2 at 90 *3 at 90 *3 at 120 **Example: SSA 20 4C DM19AS DDBXDVisit Lithonia Lighting’s POLES CENTRAL to see our wide selection ofpoles, accessories and educational tools.*Round pole top must be 3.25” O.D. minimum.**For round pole mounting (RPA) only.AccessoriesOrdered and shipped separately.Controls & ShieldsDLL127F 1.5 JUDLL347F 1.5 CUL JUDLL480F 1.5 CUL JUSC UDSX2HS 80C UDSX2HS 100C UPUMBA DDBXD U*KMA8 DDBXD UPhotocell - SSL twist-lock (120-277V) 17Photocell - SSL twist-lock (347V) 17Photocell - SSL twist-lock (480V) 17Shorting cap 17House-side shield for 80 LED unitHouse-side shield for 100 LED unitSquare and round pole universalmounting bracket (specify finish)Mast arm mounting bracket adaptor(specify finish) 6Tenon Mounting Slipfitter **Tenon O.D. Single Unit 2 at 180 2 at 90 3 at 120 3 at 90 2-3/8”AST20-190 AST20-280N/AN/AN/AN/A2-7/8”AST25-190 AST25-280N/AAST25-320N/AN/A4”4 at 90 AST35-190 AST35-280 AST35-290 AST35-320 AST35-390 AST35-490For more control options, visit DTL and ROAM online.Control optionsShipped installedPER NEMA twist-lockreceptacle only (nocontrols) 7DMG 0-10V dimmingdriver (no controls)DCR Dimmable andcontrollable viaROAM (nocontrols) 8DS Dual switching 9,10PIRH Motion sensor,15-30’ mountingheight 11BL30 Bi-level switcheddimming, 30% 10,12BL50 Bi-level switcheddimming, 50% 10,12Other optionsShippedinstalledHS House-sideshield 13WTB Utility terminal block 14SFSingle fuse(120, 277,347V) 15DF Double fuse(208, 240,480V) 15TLS Tool-lessentry triggerlatch 16L90 Left rotatedoptics 2R90 Right rotatedoptics 2DDBXDDarkbronzeDBLXD BlackDNAXD NaturalaluminumDWHXD WhiteDDBTXD TextureddarkbronzeDBLBXD TexturedblackDNATXD TexturednaturalaluminumDWHGXD TexturedwhiteNOTES1 Rotated optics only available with 80C.2 Available with 80 LEDs (80C option) only. Not available with AMBPC.3 MVOLT driver operates on any line voltage from 120-277V (50/60 Hz). Specify 120, 208,240 or 277 options only when ordering with fusing (SF, DF options).4 N/A BL30, BL50, WTB or TLS. DMG option requires 1000mA.5 Available as a separate combination accessory: PUMBA (finish) U.6 Requires “SPA” mounting option. Must be ordered as a separate accessory; seeAccessories information. For use with 2-3/8” mast arm (not included).7 Photocell ordered and shipped as a separate line item from Acuity Brands Controls. Seeaccessories. Not available with DS option.8 Specifies a ROAM enabled luminaire with 0-10V dimming capability; PER optionrequired. Additional hardware and services required for ROAM deployment; mustbe purchased separately. Call 1-800-442-6745 or email: [email protected] Notavailable with PIRH, DS, BL30, BL50, or TLS.9 Provides 50/50 luminaire operation via two independent drivers on two separate circuits.N/A with PER, DCR, PIRH or WTB.10 Requires an additional switched line.11 Specifies the SensorSwitch SBGR-6-ODP control; see Motion Sensor Guide for details.Dimming driver standard. Not available with BL30, BL50, DCR, DS, TLS or WTB.12 Dimming driver standard. MVOLT only. Not available with BL30, BL50, 347v, 480v, DCR,TLS or WTB.13 Also available as a separate accessory; see Accessories information.14 WTB not available with BL30, BL50, DS, or PIRH. N/A 347v or 480v.15 Single fuse (SF) requires 120, 277 or 347 voltage option. Double fuse (DF) requires 208,240 or 480 voltage option.16 With TLS option, the luminaire is no longer IP65 rated. Not available with BL30, BL50,DCR or PIRH. N/A 347v or 480v.17 Requires luminaire to be specified with PER option. Ordered and shipped as a separateline item from Acuity Brands Controls.One Lithonia Way Conyers, Georgia 30012 Phone: 800.279.8041 Fax: 770.918.1209 2011-2014 Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. All rights reserved.Finish (required)SA

Project 14-16165-0ROCKIE WILLIAMS DODGECatalog NumberSubmitted ByNotesDESIGNLIGHTTWO HEADS 180 DEGREES APARTED ROTATED OPTICSTypeDSX2 LED 80C 1000 50K TFTM 480 SPA HS DNATXDPerformance DataLumen OutputLumen values are from photometric tests performed in accordance with IESNA LM-79-08. Data is considered to be representative of the configurations shown, within the tolerances allowed by Lighting Facts. Actual performance maydiffer as a result of end-user environment and application. Actual wattage may differ by /- 8% when operating between 120-480V /- 10%. Contact factory for performance data on any configurations not shown here.LEDsDrive Current(mA)SystemWatts700188 W1000275 W700218 W80C(80 LEDs)100C(100 4MTFTMT5VST5ST5MT5W40K(4000 K, 70 CRI)50K(5000 K, 70 01102103102108108108107Note: Available with phosphor-converted amber LED’s (nomenclature AMBPC). These LED’s produce light with 97 % 530 nm. Output can be calculated by applying a0.7 factor to 4000 K lumen values and photometric files.One Lithonia Way Conyers, Georgia 30012 Phone: 800.279.8041 Fax: 770.918.1209 2011-2014 Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. All rights reserved.DSX2-LEDRev. 10/21/14SA

Project 14-16165-0ROCKIE WILLIAMS DODGECatalog NumberSubmitted ByNotesDESIGNLIGHTTWO HEADS 180 DEGREES APARTED ROTATED OPTICSTypeDSX2 LED 80C 1000 50K TFTM 480 SPA HS DNATXDPerformance DataLumen Ambient Temperature (LAT) MultipliersElectrical LoadCurrent (A)Use these factors to determine relative lumen output for average ambient temperaturesfrom 0-40 C (32-104 F).AmbientLEDsLumen Multiplier0 C32 F1.0210 C20 C25 C30 C40 C50 F68 F77 F86 F104 F1. 0Projected LED Lumen MaintenanceData references the extrapolated performance projections for the platforms noted in a25 C ambient, based on 10,000 hours of LED testing (tested per IESNA LM-80-08 andprojected per IESNA TM-21-11).To calculate LLF, use the lumen maintenance factor that corresponds to the desired numberof operating hours below. For other lumen maintenance values, contact factory.Operating Hours025,00050,000100,000DSX2 LED 80C 10001.0Lumen MaintenanceFactor0.950.920.88DSX2 LED 100C 7001.00.980.97Photometric Diagrams0.95To see complete photometric reports or download .ies files for this product, visit Lithonia Lighting’s D-Series Area Size 2 homepage.Isofootcandle plots for the DSX2 LED 80C 1000 40K. Distances are in units of mounting height -4T5WTest No. LTL22430P1 tested in accordancewith IESNA LM-79-08.1.0 fc3Test No. LTL22428P1 tested in accordancewith IESNA LM-79-08.0.5 fc44Test No. LTL22434P1 tested in accordancewith IESNA LM-79-08.0.1 fcTest No. LTL22425P1 tested in accordancewith IESNA LM-79-08.LEGENDFEATURES & SPECIFICATIONSINTENDED USEThe sleek design of the D-Series Area Size 2 reflects the embedded high performance LEDtechnology. It is ideal for applications like car dealerships and large parking lots adjacent to malls,transit stations, grocery stores, home centers, and other big-box retailers.CONSTRUCTIONSingle-piece die-cast aluminum housing has integral heat sink fins to optimize thermalmanagement through conductive and convective cooling. Modular design allows for easeof maintenance. The LED drivers are mounted in direct contact with the casting to promotelow operating temperature and long life. Housing is completely sealed against moisture andenvironmental contaminants (IP65). Low EPA (2.0 ft2) for optimized pole wind loading.FINISHExterior parts are protected by a zinc-infused Super Durable TGIC thermoset powder coat finishthat provides superior resistance to corrosion and weathering. A tightly controlled multi-stageprocess ensures a minimum 3 mils thickness for a finish that can withstand extreme climatechanges without cracking or peeling. Available in both textured and non-textured finishes.OPTICSPrecision-molded proprietary acrylic lenses are engineered for superior area lighting distribution,uniformity, and pole spacing. Light engines are available in 3000 K (80 min. CRI), 4000 K (70 min.CRI), or 5000 K (70 CRI) configurations. The D-Series Size 2 has zero uplight and qualifies as aNighttime FriendlyTM product, meaning it is consistent with the LEED and Green GlobesTM criteriafor eliminating wasteful uplight.INSTALLATIONIncluded mounting block and integral