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ASME B30 SAFETY STANDARD: CRANES AND RELATED NQUANTITYLISTPRICE(USD)LINE TOTALB30 STANDARD: CONSTRUCTION TYPE- CRANES / EQUIPMENTB30.32016Tower CranesB30.52014Mobile and Locomotive CranesPrint BookJ03316Digital BookJ0331TPrint BookJ08314Digital BookJ0831TB30.52014Grúas Ferroviarias y Móviles(Spanish)Print BookJ83S14Digital BookJ83S1QB30.82015Floating Cranes and FloatingDerricksPrint BookJ12415Digital BookJ1241UB30.122011Handling Loads Suspendedfrom RotorcraftPrint BookJ04711Digital BookJ0471QB30.142015Side Boom TractorsPrint BookJ05915Digital BookJ0591TB30.222016Articulating Boom CranesPrint BookJ11716Digital BookJ1171TB30.272014Material Placement SystemsPrint BookJ17414Digital BookJ1741QB30.292012Self-Erecting Tower CranesPrint BookJ18612Digital 597807918691859780791834442“Shop ASME Standards” to order directly 62 0.00 62 0.00 92 0.00 92 0.00 65 0.00 65 0.00 65 0.00 65 0.00 52 0.00 52 0.00 53 0.00 53 0.00 68 0.00 68 0.00 48 0.00 48 0.00 39 0.00 39 0.00

ASME B30 SAFETY STANDARD: CRANES AND RELATED nt BookJ06915Digital BookJ0691QPrint BookJ08916Digital BookJ0891TPrint BookJ10315Digital BookJ1031UPrint BookJ09315Digital BookJ0931TPrint BookJ09016Digital BookJ0901TISBNQUANTITYLISTPRICE(USD)LINE TOTALB30 STANDARD: INDUSTRIAL TYPE- CRANES / EQUIPMENT2015Jacks, Industrial Rollers, AirCasters, and HydraulicGantriesB30.22016Overhead and Gantry Cranes(Top Running Bridge, Single orMultiple Girder, Top RunningTrolley Hoist)B30.42015Portal and Pedestal torage/Retrieval (S/R)Machines and AssociatedEquipmentPrint BookJ05217Digital BookJ0521TB30.162017Overhead Underhung andStationary HoistsPrint BookJ11617Digital BookJ1161TB30.172015Cranes and Monorails (WithUnderhung Trolley or Bridge)Print BookJ06015Digital BookJ0601Q2016Stacker Cranes (Top or UnderRunning Bridge, Multiple GirderPrint Bookwith Top or Under RunningTrolley Hoist)J11316Print BookJ10816Digital BookJ1081TPrint BookJ12614Digital BookJ1261QPrint BookJ17913Digital BookJ1791QPrint BookJ14613Digital BookJ1461QPrint BookJ18215Digital Lever HoistsB30.242013Container CranesB30.252013Scrap and Material HandlersB30.282015Balance Lifting 791870488 55 0.00 55 0.00 69 0.00 69 0.00 62 0.00 62 0.00 52 0.00 52 0.00 60 0.00 60 0.00 58 0.00 58 0.00 67 0.00 67 0.00 68 0.00 68 0.00 53 0.00 65 0.00 65 0.00 60 0.00 60 0.00 42 0.00 42 0.00 55 0.00 55 0.00 43 0.00 43 86863897807918685609780791870471“Shop ASME Standards” to order directly

ASME B30 SAFETY STANDARD: CRANES AND RELATED nt BookJ09214Digital BookJ0921TPrint BookJ04814Digital BookJ0481QPrint BookJ10013ISBNQUANTITYLISTPRICE(USD)LINE TOTALB30 STANDARD: EQUIPMENT USED TO ATTACH -the-Hook LiftingDevicesB30.232016Personnel Lifting SystemsB30.262015Rigging HardwareDigital BookJ1001TPrint BookJ14216Digital BookJ1421TPrint BookJ17015Digital 079186882997807918713319780791870235 89 0.00 89 0.00 60 0.00 60 0.00 72 0.00 72 0.00 59 0.00 59 0.00 55 0.00 55 0.00 62 0.00 62 0.00B30-RELATED ASME STANDARD USED IN LIFT PLANNINGP30.1Planning for Load HandlingActivitiesDigital BookJ1871Q9780791869130“Shop ASME Standards” to order directly

ASME B30 SAFETY STANDARD: CRANES AND RELATED NQUANTITYLISTPRICE(USD)LINE TOTALB30-RELATED ASME STANDARDS USED IN NUCLEAR FACILITIESNOG-1NUM-120152016Rules for Construction ofOverhead and Gantry Cranes(Top Running Bridge, MultipleGirder)Print BookDigital BookA1191TRules for Construction ofCranes, Monorails, and Hoists(with Bridge or Trolley or Hoistof the Underhung Type)Print BookJ14316A11915Digital BookJ1431UPrintJ17514Digital BookJ1751TM1Print BookJ07812Digital BookJ0781Q97807918696669780791870679 165 0.00 165 0.00 215 0.00 215 0.00 60 0.00 60 0.00 38 0.00 38 0.00 38 0.00 38 0.00 43 0.00 45 0.00 38 0.00 38 0.00 42 0.00B30-RELATED ASME STANDARDSBTH-12014Design of Below-the-HookLifting DevicesHST-12012Performance Standard forElectric Chain HoistsHST-22014Performance Standard forPrint BookHand Chain Manually OperatedChain HoistsHST-32017Performance Standard forLever HoistsDigital BookPerformance Standard forOverhead Electric Wire RopeHoistsDigital BookHST-42016HST-52014Performance Standard for AirChain HoistsHST-62015Performance Standard for AirWire Rope 97807918693219780791871409J0991QPrint BookJ10214Digital BookJ1021QDigital BookJ1061Q9780791869253“Shop ASME Standards” to order directly

ASME B30 SAFETY STANDARD: CRANES AND RELATED NQUANTITYLISTPRICE(USD)LINE TOTALADDITIONAL B30-RELATED GUIDANCE DOCUMENTSSTPNU-015STPSA-05520082012A Guide to American CranePrint BookStandards for ElectricOverhead Traveling Cranes,Hoists, and Related Equipment Digital Bookfor Nuclear FacilitiesGuide to Mobile CraneStandardsDigital BookA17108A1710QA2341Q9780791831410 25 0.00Free 0.00 30 0.00 195 0.00 195 0.00 195 0.009780791868676“Shop ASME Standards” to order directlyB30-RELATED LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT COURSESEssentials – B30 Safety StandardGuide to Mobile Crane StandardsEssentials – Rules for Construction of Single-FailureProof Cranes and Cranes in ASME NOG-1 and ASMENUM-1AssessmentBased CourseZABC27AssessmentBased CourseZABC54AssessmentBased CourseZABC38View All CoursesASME Customer Care then will send you a Proforma invoice with applicable sales tax and shipping /handling charges.SUBTOTAL: 0.00RECEIVE UPDATES ON NEW CRANES AND RELATED EQUIPMENT STANDARDS