VX-4000SERIESReliability, ruggedness, and versatility: these are the essential elementsin a successful communications system. Vertex Standard VX-4000provides the features, performance, and toughness to get your messagethrough under the most demanding public safety operating conditions.It’s a perfect blend of rugged design, flexible signaling options, superbergonomics, and expandability, making the VX-4000 series an outstandingchoice for your future communications needs.

VERSATILITYMULTI CONFIGURATION SYSTEMONE RF DECK TO MULTIPLE HEAD CAPABILITIESDUAL BAND CAPABILITYA single VX-4000 RF Deck may be controlled by twodifferent Control Heads, allowing control of the radio frommore than one location. Depending on the installationrequirements, both Control Heads may be connecteddirectly to the RF Deck, or the two Control Heads may beconnected in a series "Daisy Chain" configuration.Two VX-4000 Control Heads and RF Decks, on differentbands, may be networked to allow multi-band operation.VHF, UHF, or VHF Low Band radios may be combined tomeet complicated communications requirements involvingfederal, state, and local government and/or forestry operations.RF DECK (VHF)RF DECK (UHF)CT-81, CT-82, CT-83 or CT-93CT-81, CT-82, CT-83 or CT-93RMK-4000SHRF DECK (VHF or UHF)CONTROL HEADRMK-4000DBRF DECK (VHF or UHF)CONTROL HEADRF DECK (VHF)RF DECK (UHF)CT-81, CT-82, CT-83 or CT-93CNT-4000CT-81, CT-82, CT-83 or CT-93RMK-4000DHRMK-4000DBHCONTROL HEADCONTROL HEADCONTROL HEADCONTROL HEADRF DECK (VHF or UHF)RF DECK (VHF)RMK-4000DHRF DECK (UHF)CT-81, CT-82, CT-83 or CT-93CNT-4000RMK-4000DBHCT-81, CT-82, CT-83 or CT-93CONTROL HEADCONTROL HEADCONTROL HEADCONTROL HEAD250 CHANNEL CAPACITYCTCSS / DCS ENCODE DECODEHuge 250-channel capacity may be partitioned into as manyas 20 Memory Groups, with no limit on the number ofchannels in each Group. A single radio may therefore beprogrammed with channel sets for a number of differentjurisdictions or organizations.Field programming of the CTCSS tones or DCS codes is available,allowing access to multiple systems or quick configuration for multijurisdictional operations.PRIORITY SCANThe VX-4000’s versatile scanning system includes a PriorityScan function, which provides scanning of all channels (orchannels within a Memory Group) while maintaining a prioritywatch on a particularly important channel. Scanning will haltimmediately, and operation will revert to the Priority Channel ifactivity is detected on the Priority Channel.GROUP SCANTo provide more efficient scanning, the VX-4000 providescapability for scanning only within a particular Memory Group.The channels you need to scan therefore will be checked moretimes per minute, ensuring that important calls are not missed.VOTING (RECEIVED SIGNAL STRENGTH) SCANIn areas of heavy channel loading, or in areas where interferencefrom distant systems is often received, the VX-4000 may beset up to respond only to signals exceeding a prescribedsignal level.DTMF SIGNALING & DIALING FEATURESWhen used with the optional MH-53B7A DTMF Microphone, theVX-4000 may be configured for both manual and Speed DialDTMF calling. All versions provide programmable PTT ANI forbusiness or fleet applications.USER SELECTABLE TONES / CODESHigh-performance Encoder/Decoder circuits for both CTCSS andDigital Code Squelch are provided for access to tone/codecontrolled systems.BUILT IN 25 PIN (DB-25) ACCESSORY CONNECTORThe VX-4000 includes a built-in standard DB-25 connector, forease of integration of the radio into your communications system.The DB-25 connector includes a number of logic status lines,Squelch state and level indicators, andData I/O connections. Horn Alert andother accessories also can be connectedthrough the DB-25 connector.INTERNAL ACCESSORY INTERFACINGThe VX-4000 Series is easily interfaced to 3rd-party accessories.The optional CN-6 Interface Unit provides a quick interconnectionplatform for signaling, control, and other accessory boards usedin public safety environments.

HIGH PERFORMANCEWIDE-BAND COVERAGECoverage beyond typical frequency limits allows programmingin "guard band" channel allocations, and ensures compatibilityfor programming in a wide variety of locations.POWER OUTPUT: 70 W (LOW BAND), 50 W (VHF), 40 W (UHF)Providing a solid 50 Watts of VHF power output (Low Band:70 Watts; UHF: 40 Watts), the VX-4000’s construction includesa massive, die-cast outer case which doubles as the heatsink.And the Automatic Power Control (APC) circuit ensures stablepower output over a very wide range of ambient temperatures.12.5/25 kHz BANDWIDTH PROGRAMMABLE PER CHANNELThe VX-4000 may be programmed with Wide or Narrow operatingbandwidths, channel by channel, to conform to your local channelenvironment. Ideal for multi-jurisdiction operations.2.5 kHz STEP FOR VHF/UHFEnsuring full compatibility with all channel loading requirements,the VX-4000’s synthesizer provides 2.5 kHz resolution. Channelprogramming therefore is straightforward in all configurationsituations.EASY USER INTERFACESECURITYEMERGENCY FUNCTIONSThe VX-4000 may be programmed to transmit an EmergencyDTMF ANI burst, with or without a live microphone engaged,to alert the dispatcher to an emergency situation requiringassistance to the user.ENCRYPTIONThe FVP-25 Encryption Unit or FVP-35 Rolling code encryptionUnit provides security for your important public safety andprivate security communications, and it also includes a DTMFPaging function for selective calling.INTERNAL EMERGENCY MICROPHONE (Patent Pending)In an emergency situation, the VX-4000can transmit using an internal microphoneshould the regular microphone becomedamaged or otherwise unusable.LARGE 8-DIGIT ALPHANUMERIC DISPLAYProviding indication of either the channel number or anAlphanumeric Channel Label of up to 8 characters, the LCDdisplay utilizes large, bold characters on its high-intensitybacklit amber LED display to provide excellent visibility overa wide range of viewing angles and in difficult lighting situations.BUSY/TX LEDsAlpha-Numeric DisplayPOWER SwitchFront-Facing SpeakerChannel Group KeysDURABLE CONSTRUCTIONDIE-CAST CONSTRUCTION ALUMINUM CHASSIS/ENCLOSUREThe one-piece die-cast enclosure for the VX-4000 doublesas its chassis, yielding extreme strength for resistance againstshock and vibration. This uniquelyrugged construction ensures thatspecifications and functionalitywill be maintained for many years,despite the shock, vibration, andother abuse typically experiencedby radios in public safety use.HIGH-RELIABILITY CONSTRUCTIONHome Channel KeyHome Channel LEDEmergency MicrophoneVolume ControlProgrammable Function KeysChannel Selector7 PROGRAMMABLE BACKLIT KEYSThe front panel keys may be programmed by the dealer for avariety of operating functions, allowing customization of thefront panel functions to your unique requirements. The keysare illuminated from behind, as well, for easy viewing at night.LOUD 5W/10W AUDIO OUTPUTThe VX-4000’s high-powered audio (5 Watts standard, 10 Wattsoptional) is coupled to a large, front-facing speaker, producinghigh-quality, crisp audio that will punch through even in thenoisy environments experienced by public safety officers.The ABS front panel issealed by a robust O-ring,and all switches are coveredby U-shaped silicone rubbergaskets to protect the internalcircuitry from dust, humidity,salt fog, and driving rain.WATER-SHIELD MICROPHONE CONNECTIONThe multi-pin microphone connector on the side of the VX-4000,sealed for protection against weather, provides a convenientconnection point for the available microphones. Its gold-platedcontacts ensure many years of reliable service.STATUS QUICK-CHECK (SQC) FEATUREThe VX-4000 can be programmed to include the Status QuickCheck (SQC) feature, which allows the user to check theconfiguration of all controls, keys, and knobs on the radio. Thisenables the operator to avoid missing important communicationsin the event that a control or switch is set to the wrong position.RADIO TO RADIO CLONE FEATUREFor quick programming of VX-4000 radios for an emergencytask force, the Clone feature allows copying of all channeland other configuration data from one VX-4000 to another,using the optional CT-72 Cloning Cable.OTHER FEATURES: TALK AROUND BCLO, BTLO, AND TOT FUNCTIONS

Accessories & OptionsMH-25B7ARMK- 4000SHRemote Kit forSingle B7AMLS-100Heavy DutyMicrophoneHeavy DutyNoise CancelingMicrophoneHeavy DutyNoise CancelingDTMF MicrophoneMobile Loud Speaker(12 W Peak Power)CT-93Cable for RMK-400033 ft (10 m)RMK- 4000DH2-Tone Decode Unit 5-Tone ENC/DEC Unit(Requires FIF-7)(Requires FIF-7)Remote Kit forDual-Head InstallationsVTP-50FVP-25VX-Trunk Unit(Requires FIF-7)Encryption/DTMF PagerUnit (Requires FIF-7)FIF-7CN-6F5D-14F2D-8CT-81Cable for RMK-400020 ft (6 m)MDC1200RMK- 4000DBRemote Kit forDual Band InstallationsCT-82FVP-35Digital ANI Encoder Rolling Code Encryption Interface Board for Interface Board forUnit (Requires FIF-7) Unit (Requires FIF-7) F2D-8,F5D-14,VTP-50,FVP-25AccessoriesCable for RMK-40008 ft (2.5 m)RMK- 4000DBHCT-83Remote Kit for Dual Bandplus Dual Head InstallationsCable for RMK-4000CNT-4000RF DECK w/ MMB-75LF-1Control HeadRF Deck for Multi BandOperationLine Filter2 ft (0.6 m)FP-1023MMB-75External Power Supply(13.8 V, 23 A)Mobile MountingBracketCT-70CT-71MMB-76Locking MobileMounting BracketCT-72CE49Radio ProgrammingRadio to PCProgrammingRadio to RadioCable (Requires VPL-1) Programming Cable Programming Cable SoftwareVarious accessories listed may not be available in some countries.

SpecificationsVX-4000LVX-4000VVX-4000UGeneral SpecificationsFrequency Range29.7-37 MHz (A)134-160 MHz (A)400-430 MHz (A)37-50 MHz (B)148-174 MHz (C)450-490 MHz (D)480-512 MHz (F)Number of Channels250 ChannelsChannel Spacing20 kHzPLL Steps12.5/25/30 kHz5/6.25 kHz2.5/5/6.25 kHz2.5/5/6.25 kHz13.8 VDC 20 %Power Supply VoltageCurrent ConsumptionSTBY400 mARX2.1 ATX12 A–22 F to 140 F (–30 C to 60 C)Operating Temperature RangeBetter than 5 ppmFrequency StabilityBetter than 2.5 ppmRF Input-Output Impedance50 OhmsAudio Output Impedance4 Ohms7"(W) X 2.4"(H) X 7.7"(D) (178 X 60 X 195 mm)DimensionsWeight4.9 lb. (2.2 kg)Receiver SpecificationsMeasurements made per EIA standard TIA/EIA-603Circuit TypeDouble-conversion Super-heterodyneSensitivity(EIA 12 dB SINAD)0.25 µVAdjacent Channel Selectivity85 dBIntermodulation75 dBSpurious and Image Rejection85 dB0.25 µV85 dB/ 75 dB80 dB/ 70 dB(25 kHz/12.5 kHz)(25 kHz/12.5 kHz)76 dB90 dBAudio Output5 W @ 4 Ohms w/ 3 % THD10 W @ 4 Ohms w/ 3 % THD (Optional MLS-100)Transmitter SpecificationsPower OutputMeasurements made per EIA standard TIA/EIA-60370 W Adjustable to 30 WModulationMaximum Deviation50 W Adjustable to 5 W40 W Adjustable to 5 W16K0F3E16K0F3E ,11K0F3E5 kHz5.0 / 2.5 kHzConducted Spurious Emissions70 dB Below Carrier 3 %Audio Distortion (@1 kHz)Measurements per EIA standards unless noted above. Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.Applicable MIL-STDStandardMIL 810C Methods/ProceduresLow PressureHigh TemperatureLow TemperatureTemperature ShockSolar RadiationRain*HumiditySalt FogDustVibrationShock501.1/Procedure 1, 2502.1/Procedure 1503.1/Procedure 1505.1/Procedure 1507.1/Procedure 2514.2/Procedure 8, 10516.2/Procedure 1, 5MIL 810D Methods/ProceduresMIL 810E Methods/Procedures500.2/Procedure 2501.2/Procedure 1, 2502.2/Procedure 1, 2503.2/Procedure 1505.2/Procedure 1506.2/Procedure 1, 2507.2/Procedure 2509.2/Procedure 1510.2/Procedure 1514.3/Procedure 1 Cat. 10516.3/Procedure 1, 4500.3/Procedure 2501.3/Procedure 1, 2502.3/Procedure 1, 2503.3/Procedure 1505.3/Procedure 1506.3/Procedure 1, 2507.3/Procedure 2509.3/Procedure 1510.3/Procedure 1514.4/Procedure 1 Cat. 10516.4/Procedure 1, 4Sukagawa DivisionTrondule Co., Ltd.ISO9001 certificationSukagawa DivisionTrondule Co., Ltd.ISO14001 certification*Control Head OnlyVertex StandardUS Headquarters10900 Walker Street, Cypress, CA 90630, U.S.A.Phone 714/827-7600; Fax 714/827-8100http://www.vxstdusa.com2003.0310NA(U) B9200319C Printed in Japan