HOTMARK REVOLUTIONPRODUCT OF THE YEAR AT THE 2017 SGIA AWARDSHIGH-PERFORMANCE, ALL-PURPOSE PRODUCTtionolu15" x 5/22/55yd20" x 5/22ydHOTMARKKEY COLORS303 / 403Black301 / 401 / 710White324 / 424Grey372 / 472Midgrey458Anthracite313 / 413Lemon Yellow304 / 404 / 704Golden Yellow305 / 405 / 705Orange329 / 429Vivid Red306 / 406 / 706Red351 / 451Fuchsia353 / 453Raspberry307 / 407Burgundy316 / 416Purple341 / 441Pastel Blue308 / 408 / 708Light Blue309 / 409Royal Blue330 / 430Vivid Blue312 / 412Navy Blue325 / 425Light Green310 / 410Dark Green355 / 455Apple Green332 / 432Fluo PinkTHE THINNEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKETOekoPU Tex F155µm320 F20s45 FLEXCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC15" x 5/22yd176 FOekoTexOekoTex311 / 411Fluo Yellow1 F100µm45 FLEXOekoTexOekoTex22331 / 431Fluo Green326 / 426Fluo Orange302 / 402Gold352Pearl414Beige434Skin457Apricot484Sun Yellow370Lilac380Opal456Tangerine444Pastel Pink428Pink371 / 471Sweet Pink359 / 459Plum433Pacific Blue319 / 419Teal342 / 442Pastel Green378 / 478Satin Blue418Forest Green315 / 415Brown377 / 477Satin Moka473Light Gold375Fluo Red450Khaki479Satin Grey454Caramel474Mustard440Pastel Orange443Pastel YellowSUBLIMATION DYE-MIGRATION BLOCKEROekoTex2323 / 423SilverHOTMARK SIRPU300 F20s15" x 11/22ydTRANSFER FILMStmarkSIRev140 F COTTON100 F NYLON285 F - 20sHoLOW TEMP. 230 F - 20 sQUICK285 F - 5sCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLICNYLON45 FLEXtmark1HoOekoTextmarkR75µmHoAn extensive line of strong and flexible, high-quality polyurethane and vinyl films that work on all types of textile.PUPOLYESTER140 FSUBLI-BLOCKSIRSIROekoTex22

FIRSTMARKGOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, GOOD FORYOUR WALLET1OekoVINYL Tex110µm F45 FLEX300 F - 20sCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC12" x 5/22yd15" x 5/22/55yd20" x 22ydOekoTex2103Black101White124Grey113Lemon Yellow104Golden Yellow184Sun Yellow105Orange186Fire Red106Red115Brown108Light Blue109Royal Blue189Bright Blue112Navy Blue110Green118Forest Green128Pink123Silver102Gold134Beige132Fluo Pink111Fluo Yellow140 F215µm60 FLOCK126Fluo Orange131Fluo GreenQUICKFLEXFAST APPLICATIONPUOekoTex180 µm45 FLEXCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC F330 F - 5s15" x 5/22/55yd20" x lden Yellow3505Orange3528Pink3506Red3508Light Blue3509Royal Blue3512Navy Blue3525Light Green3510Green3502Gold3532Fluo Pink3559Maroon3560Plum3516Royal Purple3530Vivid Blue3541Carolina Blue3511Fluo Yellow3551Fuchsia3519Teal3555Apple Green3531Fluo Green3526Fluo Orange3557Apricot3513Lemon Yellow3514Beige140 F3523SilverOekoTex2UPPERFLOKVELVETY FEELVISCOSEFLOCK300µm60 FLOCKCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC F320 F - 20s15" x 5/22yd501Black502White508Grey528Dark Grey512Lemon Yellow503Golden Yellow507Orange510Light Red504Dark Red509Magenta520Burgundy514Purple513Light Blue515Vivid Blue505Royal Blue511Navy Blue517Light Green506Green518Brown560Black 194 FThe colours printed in this document are reproductions of the actual shades of our products but are non-contractual. For full technical data sheets, please visit

BLING-BLING20" x 11/55ydRAISED SPARKLING GLITTERPOLYESTERALUMINIUM60 FLOCK350µmCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC F1128Black1120Silver1135Multi1134Black Gold1132Navy Blue1171Holo Black1127Orange1123Red1133Dark Pink1130Cherry1136Dark ow Light Pink Burgundy1152Coral1124Star Light Blue1139Holo Silver1158Grey1169Hibiscus1161Rose Gold1164Lavender1160Purple1129Royal Blue1157Vivid Blue1168Ash Blue1159Sky Blue1170Tiffany1166Mint1138Jade1137Light Green1131Middle Green1125Green1140Neon Yellow1141Neon Green1142Neon Orange1172Neon Hibiscus1146Neon Red1143Neon Pink1145Neon Purple1144Neon Light Blue1150White1167Translucent White1147Rainbow White1151White Gold Rush1149White Pearl1155White Emerald1154White Red1153White Royal Blue1430Silver Mirror1431Gold 1103Red1110Light Blue1104Blue1105Green1112Sky Blue1113Lavander1111Rose Copper320 F - 20s100 F20" x 27yd100µmGALAXYTHE ONLY STRETCH GLITTER ON THE MARKETPU140-200 µm F60 FLOCK320 F - 20sCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC140 F15" x 5/22yd360 F -20sMETALLICGLOSSY METALLIC EFFECTPU60 µm45 FLEXCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC F290 F-15s14" x 5/22yd

FASHION 3DPUOekoTex145 FLEX150 µmCARBONCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC F15" x 5/11yd320 F20s680Black Carbon681White Carbon683Silver Carbon682Gold Carbon660Brown Leather662White Leather661Red Leather651Basketball622Zebra623Zebra Fluo Pink624Zebra Fluo Green626621Zebra Fluo Orange Panther1623Pink Cheetah1624Teal Cheetah16771673Sky Blue Quatrefoil Black Quatrefoil16361629Mint & Grey Argyle Mint Rosette645644Army Camouflage Army Grey641Army Sand642Army Pink640Army1632Aztec16191618Light Green Chevron Green Chevron1616Red Chevron1612Pink Chevron1613Black Chevron1611Orange Chevron1612Crimson Chevron1644Big Pink Chevron1638Black Greek Key1640Soccer1633American Flags1634Red Stripes1635Stars1664Hunter Oak Beige16551666Hunter Oak Green Hunter Oak Grey1662Hunter Oak 4White/Yellow140 FFASHIONPATTERNEDPU50-170µm45 FLEXFLOCK-1631COTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC F15" x 5/22yd320 F - 20s620Leopard140 F100 F-1631Specific customization ispossible on demand !DUOFLEX ONE CUT, ONE PRESS, TWO-COLORSPU460µm60 FLOCKCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC F330 F - 20s100 F20" x 11yd4409White/Blue4410White/GreenCOLOR-CONTOURED & SUBLI-BLOCKPress longer fora thicker contour !The colours printed in this document are reproductions of the actual shades of our products but are non-contractual. For full technical data sheets, please visit

DARKLITECONFETTIGLOSSY & IRIDESCENTPHOTOLUMINESCENTPU F45 FLEX130 µm300 F -15sCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLICPOLYESTERALUMINIUM F45 FLEX105 µm320 F - 20sCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC176 F100 F15" x 11yd1420Silver750White1421Gold1437Red1435Blue20" x 27ydREFLEXSUNMARKSPECIAL OUTDOORVINYLULTRA-REFLECTIVE & HIGH VISIBILITY F45 FLEXPVC 135 µmPU 80 µm F210 F - 15sPUOUTDOORUSE RACRYLIC4106RedSilver Flame Retardant498Black493RedPU19" x 11ydKEYOEKO-TEX FCompositionTextile careLength / WidthThicknessflexHeating temperature & Time60 flockSuitable fabricsPeelingTumble dryerColdInside out ironingHot45 FLEX150µmEN 20471427SilverBlade494Yellow491Blue4307Green20" x 11/22yd45 100 F20" x 11yd4954109Royal BluePRESS 1 320 F - 3sPRESS 2 320 F - 15s45 FLEX492Green F320 F - 20sCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC140 FEN 20471Class 1WorkwearClass 2By handINFOTools availableCatalog, colour charts, swatches, T-shirts, tutorials, etc Order your Chemica product demonstration and displayaids!Need assistance? Get in touch for help and advicefrom the experts at Chemica.A4Our flex are also available in A4 format

SOLVENT / ECO-SOLVENTS -performance, all-purpose product with a mattfinish. OEKO-TEX Class 1 - Certified for HP Latex Inks F TAPEREF.75µmTake a look at Chemica’s range of printable flex and accessories for guaranteed high-quality, low-effort transfers.PRINTABLE FLEXHOTMARKPRINTThe thinnest on the market. Matt finish. OEKO-TEX Class 1HOTMARKPRINT SIRSublimation dye-migration blocker with a matt finish. OEKO-TEX Class 1HOTMARKPRINT NYLONSpecially made for nylon. Matt finishCLEARPRINTTape-free transfer for a transparent glossy finish. For application on light-tone textiles.CLEARPRINT MATTape-free transfer for a transparent matt finish. For application on light-tone textiles.BESTPRINTflexCan be applied without tape, matt finish.BESTPRINT SIRCan be applied without tape. Sublimation dye-migration blocker, matt finish.BESTPRINT NYLONCan be applied without tape. Specially for nylon, matt finish.SUNMARKPRINTOutdoor special with a gloss finish.DECORATIVEflexMETALPRINTFLOKPRINTFleecy texture, velvety look.HOTMARKPRINTREVOLUTION140 179250µm320 F20sATT 500ATT 450140 F1795100µm300 F20sATT 500ATT 450140 F199250µm280 F20sATT 500ATT 450170060µm169065µmflockNYLON320 F20s140 FCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC320 F20s140 FCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC160µm320 F20s1712190µm320 F20sATT 500/4501902160µm320 F20sATT 500/4501710160µm210 F20sATT 600ATT 450 FTAPE85µm FREF.1950HOTMARKPRINTREVOLUTION290 F15sFIBERS320 F20sCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC15" x 22yd20" x 22yd30" x 22yd54" x 22yd60" x 22ydTAPE1702REF.SUBLIMATEDPOLYESTER100 F FREF.SILVER 1780GOLD 1782Smooth metallic finish. Wash cold.VISCOSE FLOCKQUICKATT 500ATT 450285 F - 5sNYLON PRESS 1 : 285 F - 5s / PRESS 2 : 285 F - 15sPVCLOW TEMP245 F - 20sATT 500/450OR140 FTRANSFERBY HANDOR140 FTRANSFERBY HANDOR140 FTRANSFERBY HANDxATT 500ATT 450COTTONPOLYESTERACRYLICSUBLIMATEDPOLYESTER15" x 22yd20" x 22yd30" x 22ydNYLONCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC54" x 22yd60" x 22ydOUTDOORUSECOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC19" x 11ydCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC20" x 11ydTAPEATT 600ATT 450ORTRANSFERBY HAND100 FHOTMARKPRINTREVOLUTIONHewlett Packard and Chemica have worked in partnership to test the new Latex inks to prove their possible application on textiles.Our products have been approved for Latex inks printing.The colours printed in this document are reproductions of the actual shades of our products but are non-contractual. For full technical data sheets, please visit

INKJET PRINTING FREF.ALLJET DARKFor light-tone and dark fabrics, matt finish.NEWJETFor light-tone fabrics, thin, transparent and gloss finish.TAPE803105 - 110µm320 F20s100 FCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC11.5" x 16.5"80485µm370 F20s100 FCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC11.5" x 16.5"COTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC20" x 11ydSUBLIMATION PRINTINGflockSUBLIFLOKFleecy texture, velvety look.SUBLITEXThick and resistant for logo & perfect for workwear marking. FREF.1602FIBERS340 F50s1603200µm340 F50sTAPE140 F140 FCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC15"x 11yd20" x 11yd*Also availablein sheetsLASER PRINTINGnobladeNEW LASER LIGHT1810ALL LASER A DARKCOVER SHEETSelf-weeding laser printable paper, designed to work with light colored, cotton fabrics.Self-weeding laser printable paper, designed to work with both dark & light colored, cotton fabrics.Use this to protect your designs when heat pressing. Provide a matte finish to ourSelf-weeding Laser Papers. FREF.µm70360 F X230s1811181285µm320 F90s1813--TAPE-TAPEREF.ATT 600Very high-tack, with a white backing film.ATT 450High tack with a white cellular backing film.ATT 500 / NO BACKINGMedium tack, no backing film.ACCESSORIESWEEDER 8903Stainless steel pick with an ultra-fine tip for precision weeding.TACK560020"/ 40" x 11yd545020" x 27yd550020"/30" x 22yd54" x 50ydSPOTLIGHT ONTAPESThe backing filmcovers the adhesivesection so the designcan be stored beforeuse.85 FCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC8.5" x 11"11" x 17"100 FCOTTONPOLYESTERACRYLIC8.5" x 11"11" x 17"--11" x 17"


FLEXDEV group adds value to each step of the creation process for thetextile personalization / decoration industry through its businesses:heat transfer for textile (Chemica), screenprinting heat transfer(Stilscreen), heat transfer technologies (Sefa) and personalizationservices (Elms Marketing).Chemica US CORP is an integrated part of the Flexdev group,business focused on North and South America.For the past 35 years, we have manufactured innovative solutionsto the challenges faced by the textile personalization andcustom-marking industries. Our sales teams work closely withour creative research and design engineers to ensure you anoptimal use for our products.Ben THORNENational Account ManagerEnrique RODASManaging DirectorElisabeth MARCHALAdministrative ManagerAnne-Julie CHAUVEMarketing Director - FLEXDEVJacques BERGERCEO - FLEXDEVMariam CALITRIMarketing AssistantWHO WE AREMelinda ALCORNAdministrative AssistantMADE IN FRANCEHigh-quality manufacturing inSaint-Etienne, France.Our company began as a manufacturer of adhesivefilms. We expended into heat transfer adhesive films,specializing in products fitting changing trends &textile developments.GLOBAL COMPANYOffices in France, USA and Hong Kong.We thrive on offering our clients unique selections tosatisfy their business needs.AT THE HEART OF INNOVATIONThe largest range of flex products on the market.As a pillar of the global textile-marking industry,Chemica is a trusted source for its product quality andexpertise.WORLDWIDE BUSINESSProducts sold in over 80 countries.HERE TO HELPAssistance and support from our multilingualcustomer service.CHEMICA US CORP.5300 Oakbrook ParkwayBuilding 300, suite 368NORCROSS, GA 30093USATel. 1 404-495-5991Fax. 1 [email protected] S.A.S35, rue Malacussy42000 Saint EtienneFRANCETél. 33(0)477 49 20 90Fax. 33 (0)477 25 79 [email protected] HK LTD23 C, 235 Wing Lok Street TradeCentre, Sheung Wan,HONG KONGTél. 86 180 9894 8623Tél. 86 755 2681 [email protected] INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Due to the variety of textiles, their treatments and the conditions of application, which are beyond our control, the following instructionsare given as a guideline only. Trials must be made before each