TheFirm Believers’Ultimate CompendiumBy:Ssfrmblver(Vanessa Howie)Summer 20091

IntroductionHello Firm Fans!I have compiled this reference to help guide you in selecting your Firmworkouts no matter what rotation you choose. There are several sections tothis Compendium, which are as follows:The First section has DVD and VHS Abbreviations, equipment key and ratingsystem. The Second section has Quick Time Reference for all workouts. TheThird section has a quick reference for Premixes/Mix & Match/Expressworkouts. The Forth section is all the workouts sorted by the Equipment usedin each DVD/VHS. The Fifth section is all DVD/VHS sorted by Category, Time,Equipment used, and abbreviation. The Sixth section is the Express workouts.The Eighth section are the dates in which all (that I could find) theworkouts were released, and the ninth section is the workouts listed by thesets in which they are in. The tenth section is full of detailed informationof all the Firm Workouts I have and of some accumulated via CL Steph. TheEleventh section has Firm “worksheets” from all Catagories listed in thisCompendium. I placed these in by popular demand. Most Firm Believers said ithelp them track their progess using worksheet on the workouts, so I providedwhat I could. The Twelfth section has Past Specialty Rotation Calendars. Iwasn’t sure which I should put in, so I put all the Specialty Rotations hadand one from a Firm Believer. These Calenders are sorted by year, ABC’s, and2

Type. And Finally, for those too busy to make a Rotation Calendar Template, Iplaced for you at the very end. . the template I use for my RotationCalendars. The final page is for notes, which you can write down suggestionsand share with others, or use the information for yourself.I hope everyone who gets this can find something in here they can use. Icompiled this for all the Firmies out there who are just as devoted as myselfto living a healthier life through proper exercise and a good diet.I renamed the The Firm Compendium because I didn’t feel like it fit any more.I had added SSSSOOO much more than for it to just be A Compendium. I call itThe Firm Believers’ Compendium because I have made this for all FirmBelievers’ everywhere!!!!NOTE:I want to put this in large font for specific purposes.Since The Firm Believers’ Ultimate Compendium is SSSOOOlarge (more than 300 pages), I strongly suggest you onlyprint out Sections 1-9 to start. If you have ALL the Firmvideos/DVDs that are out on the market and wish to printeverything on here, just know it is almost 300 PAGES TOPRINT—IT WILL TAKE A LOT OF PAPER AND INK!Just wanted to let you know in advance!!!!3

Special Thanks!There are many people I want to thank, because without their help it wouldhave been SSSSOOO much harder to put this information in.I want to thank first and foremost Firm Instructor Kirsten for putting up the“Frequently Asked Questions” Forum, for which I would not have had the ideato do this in the first place. I want to thank CL Tonda for answering all myquestions no matter how remedial they may have seemed at the time. Giving meall that information, helped me to put this together. You are a TRUE friend!I also want to thank CL Bethanne for encouraging me to pursue this project. Iwas not sure at first if I should, then I posted on the “Frequently AskedQuestions” that I was doing this, and Bethanne gave such encouragement, thatI felt I almost had an ‘obligation’ to do so, thanks so much Bethanne!! Carol(User name Carolk) I want to thank you for all the information you provided.I know you didn’t have to, and it was lot of information to look up I’m sure,but without that information, this Compendium would NEVER have come about.Thank you! Also a thanks to (user name) “WhiteRose1” for posting a lot of theinformation on the “Frequently Asked Questions” Forum. Without thatinformation it would have literally taken me 6 months to 1 year to compileall the information which you so generously provided! Thank you, Thank you,Thank you! A special thanks to “chouchou1” (Username) for providing my withthe rotation calendar information I didn’t have. My husband Doug for being a‘sounding board’ with which I could talk to about this project—I do and willlove you ALWAYS. And last, but not least, Every Firm Instructor who has everbeen a part of any Firm VHS/DVD in the past, present, and future. Without youguiding us “Firmies” through these workouts we would not be were we are4

today. Fit, happy and healthy! We LOVE the workouts you do and appreciate allthe hard work you put into each and every one! Keep them coming!!!!5

Maintenance/Errors/DiscrepanciesWhen The Firm releases new dvd’s I’ll do my best to update accordingly.Errors/DiscrepanciesIf you find/notice missing or mislabeled information, please PM me so I canmake the necessary adjustment(s). I look forward to everyone looking at thisand giving an opinion. This is a living document, so it will continuous beupdated once new information is released. Your help in keeping this updatedaccordingly is deeply welcomed. I look forward to reading/hearing what youhave to say about this.Also, if there is a section you would like to see added please PM me so I canmake the needed changes to the document. Thank you for all your support inall that you do.6

Table of Contents:12345678910111213141314151617181920DVD ------------4Equipment Key and Rating System-----------------------------------9Workout Time Quick eMixes/Express/Mix & Match Quick Reference---------------------13Workouts by ---14DVD/VHS -------20Express -------26Dates of DVD/VHS Release dates-----------------------------------28Workouts by ---31Workout -------42Workout Worksheets by nal 90-Day Firm ted 90-Day Firm nsFIRMer --166Past Specialty Rotation Calendar List---------------------------205Past Specialty Rotation Calendars Total Body--------------------211Past Specialty Rotation Calendars Cardio------------------------270Past Specialty Rotation Calendars Abs---------------------------293Past Specialty Rotation Calendars Lower Body--------------------304Past Specialty Rotation Calendars Upper Body--------------------327Rotation Calendar otes --------3397

DVD Abbreviation ListWorkout AbbreviationBSB (Vol 1)LIA (Vol 2)AIT (Vol 3)TCW (Vol 4)AHTS (Vol 5)CAWT (Vol 6)HareTortFC (SH)FS (SB)PPLB (PPLB)PPTB (PPFB)ABTBFBSwWFB (AC)BBB (BB)MBS (AW)CK2 (PC)CBMCSC (SCM)SSCScAscBScWorkout titleBody Sculpting Basics Vol 1Low Impact Aerobics Vol 2Aerobic Interval Training Vol 3Time Crunch Workout Vol 4Abs, Hips, and Thighs Sculpting Vol 5Complete Aerobic Weight Training Vol 6The HareThe TortoiseFirm Cardio (Formerly StrongHeart)Firm Strength (Formerly StrongBody)Prime Power Lower Body Shaping (Prime Power Lower Body)Prime Power Total Body (Formerly Prime Power Fat Burning)Abs, Buns & ThighsBasics Fat BurningSculpting with WeightsFat Blaster (Formerly All Cardio)Better Body & Buns (Formerly Better Buns)Maximum Body Shaping (Formerly All Weights)Calorie Killer 2 (Formerly Power Cardio)Cardio BurnMaximum CardioSuper Cardio (a.k.a. Super Cardio Mix)Super SculptingCardio SculptAb SculptBody SculptPremix/Express/Mix&MatchX (DVD version)X (DVD version)8

DVD Abbreviation List Cont.Workout 1FAUBScFBCTMShCBScACX (ACB)XCXTBScHTAPYUCBABSSScJFAJFBJFAbWorkout titleCardio Sculpt BlasterSuper Cardio SculptBody Sculpt BlasterLower Body Sculpt Vol 1Lower Body Sculpt Vol 2Super Body SculptMaximum Cardio BurnComplete Aerobics & Weight TrainingTotal Sculpt plus AbsCalorie Killer 1FIRM AbsUpper Body SculptFat Blasting CardioTotal Muscle ShapingComplete Body SculptingAdvanced Cardio Express (a.k.a. Advanced Cardio Blast)Express CardioExpress Total Body ShapingHips, Thighs & AbsPower YogaUltimate Calorie BlasterAerobic Body ShapingSupercharged SculptingJiggle Free ArmsJiggle Free BunsJiggle Free AbsPremix/Express/Mix&MatchXX (8 min ab segment)X (10 min lower sculpting)X (12 min stretching)9

DVD Abbreviation List Cont.Workout DScCIBSCScF (TBL)TBTCTBTTBKLCSBMCBPScRIORTWEASSSRSAWorkout titleCardio Dance Slim DownFat Burning Sculpting BallUltimate Fat Burning WorkoutFat Burning Cardio ToningSculpt and Tone PilatesSlim and Sculpt Stability BallExpress YogaSlim Solutions YogaCardio PartyCardio OverdriveHard Core FusionHi Def SculptCardio InfernoBurn & ShapeCardio Sculpt Fusion (a.k.a. Total Body Lite)Total Body Time CrunchTotal Body TonerTight Buns and Killer LegsCore SolutionsBootCamp Maximum Calorie BurnPower Sculpt with Sculpting StickRock It OffRide the Wave (Tutorial)Express AbsSpeed Slimming SculptRock Solid AbsPremix/Express/Mix&MatchXXXXXX10

DVD Abbreviation List Cont.Workout AbbreviationRSCRSBCDFPHHCTGKPBKPJJTFYTZ (KBK)BTCScBDCA500CalWorkGCSLAPDEPWwWHPWwWUCTNSTA (LAM)TAMLBS (FL)SL5DAUB5DSWorkout titleRock Solid CardioRock Solid BunsCardio Dance FusionPower Half-HourCardio To Go KitPower Ball KitPump Jump and JabTransFIRM Your Trouble Zones (5 lb. KettleBell Kit)Balance TrainerCardio Sculpting BallsDangerous Curves Ahead500 Calorie WorkoutGet Chisel'dSculpt-ilatesAbs & Pelvic Diaphragm (Audio)Easy PowerWalk with Weights (Audio)Hard PowerWalk with Weights (Audio)Universal Cardio Trainer (Audio)Not-So-Tough Aerobic Mix (formerly Light Aerobic Mix)Tough Aerobic MixLower Body Sculpting (Formerly Floor Legs)Standing Legs5-Day AbsUpper Body5 Day StretchPremix/Express/Mix&MatchXXX (5 min Total Body toning)XXX (1 cardio; 1 sculpt)X (1cardio;1sculpt;1abs/cardio)X (all cardio)11

DVD Abbreviation List Cont.Workout AbbreviationTCMCSMTBSMM5DATT2BCBASBHT (LDWO)TT/TT1CC1CC2B&BUBSpLBSpCS1Workout titleTough Cardio MixCardio Step MixTotal Body Shaping MixMore 5 Day AbsTough Tape 2Boot Camp 3-in-1 MixBallroom AerobicsSculpted Buns, Hips & Thighs (formerly Lie Down and Workout)Tough TapeCore CardioCore Cardio 2Bust & ButtUpper Body SplitLower Body SplitCardio Split 1 (Super Shapers)Premix/Express/Mix&Match12

Rating SystemEquipment KeyDumbbells DBResistance Band RBResistance Loop RLFirm Cord FCBalancing Trainer BTAnkle Weights AWSculpting Stick SSFanny Lifter FLTransfirmer TFThe Firm Wave FWFirm Box FBCardio Sculpting Balls CSBYoga Strap YSYoga Block YBYoga Mat YMKettlebell KBCardioWeights CWJump Rope JRPower Ball PBSculpting Ball SB* Not much effort involved** Low End Of the target heart range*** Difficult, strenuous**** Very hard, major sweating***** Cannot do workout straight throughwithout breaksThese descriptions are just suggestions.Feel free to rename them as you see fit.The asterisks are intended to go in theBlank column to the right of the workoutLength.13

Workout Time Quick ReferenceBody Sculpting Basics (V. 1)Low Impact Aerobics (V. 2)Aerobic Interval Training (V. 3)Time Crunch Workout (V. 4)Abs, Hips & Thighs Sculpting (V. 5)Complete Aerobic Weight Training (V. 6)The HareThe TortoiseFirm Strength (Formerly StrongBody)Firm Cardio (Formerly StrongHeart)Prime Power Lower Body Shaping(Prime Power Lower Body)Prime Power Total Body (FormerlyPrime Power Fat BurningAbs, Buns & ThighsBasics Fat BurningBasics Sculpting with WeightsFat Blaster (Formerly All Cardio)Better Body & Buns (Formerly BetterBuns)Maximum Body Shaping (Formerly AllWeights)Calorie Killer 2 (Formerly PowerCardio)Cardio BurnMaximum CardioSuper Cardio (a.k.a Super Cardio Mix)Super SculptingCardio minmin42 min4645454545minminminminmin45 min45 min444646604857minminminminminminAb SculptBody SculptCardio Sculpt Blaster (add on)Super Cardio Sculpt (add on)Body Sculpt Blaster (add on)Lower Body Sculpt Vol 1 (add on)Lower Body Sculpt Vol 2 (add on)Super Body Sculpt (add on)Maximum Cardio Burn plus AbsComp. Aerobics & Weight TrainingTotal Sculpt plus AbsCalorie Killer 1 (add on)FIRM Abs (add on)Upper Body Sculpt (add on)Fat Blasting CardioTotal Muscle ShapingComplete Body SculptingAdvanced Cardio Express (a.k.a.Advanced Cardio Blast)(add on)Express Cardio (add on)Express Total Body Sculpting(add on)Hips, Thighs & Abs (add on)Power Yoga (add on)Ultimate Calorie BlasterAerobic Body ShapingSupercharged SculptingJiggle Free Arms (add on)Jiggle Free Buns (add inminminminminminminminminminminminmin30 min30 min3032334555353030minminminminminminminmin14

Workout Time Quick Reference Continued.Jiggle Free Abs (add on)Cardio Dance Slim DownFat Burning Sculpting BallUltimate Fat Burning WorkoutFat Burning Cardio ToningSculpt and Tone PilatesSlim and Sculpt Stability BallExpress YogaSlim Solutions YogaCardio PartyCardio OverdriveHard Core FusionHi-Def SculptCardio Inferno (add on)Burn & Shape (add on)Cardio Sculpt Fusion (a.k.a. TotalBody Lite) (add on)Total Body Time Crunch (add on)Total Body Toner (add on)Tight Buns and Killer Legs (add on)Core Solutions (add on)Bootcamp Maximum Calorie BurnPower Sculpt with Sculpting StickRock It OffRide The Wave (Tutorial)Express AbsSpeed Slimming 030minminminminminminminminminminminCardio Dance Fusion45 minRock Solid Cardio (add on)30 minPower Half-Hour30 minCardio To-Go Kit40 minPower Ball Kit40 minPump Jump and Jab41 minTransFIRM Your Trouble Zones(5 lb. Kettlebell Kit)45 m