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Oracle is investing to extend the Lead in EPM Deliver the full range of EPM applications in theCloud Innovate with new EPM applications Continue to extend the lead in existing applications Exploit Mobile and Social capabilities to attractnew EPM users

Enterprise Planning:What’s New & What’s Coming .Past 18 months: Highlights Hyperion Planning11.1.2.3 release Business userfunctionality available onTablet devices Mobile app for workflow& approval Introduction of Planningand Budgeting CloudServiceCY2015: Highlights Hyperion Planning11.1.2.4 release– Extend planning beyondfinance– Cloud innovations availablefor on premise deployments Planning Cloud additions– Full suite of Planningmodules

R11. – Cloud ReleaseUse Excels Formula Editor To WriteCalculations Business users can drive calculationsWrite calculation using familiar Excel syntaxFormulas are persisted with member referenceAttributes Support Valid Intersections Define valid and invalid data intersections– Show only products pertinent to my regionEnd users only interact with valid dataintersectionsUsers see only relevant informationSpeeds planning processOptimizes information rendered to usersFilter by AttributesAttributes as a dimension ( FY2016)Smart PushSandbox Create user defined versions on the flyCalculate and aggregate instantaneouslyHonors security and access rightsIndependent what-if analysis, Iterativemodeling, Dynamic scenario comparisons,Collaborative modelling Associate Data Map Rules to FormsMove Data on Save of FormOption to associate relational data as part ofmoveMove Data from BSO to ASO/BSOImmediate update of full Planning data forreportingInstant feedback loop for reporting and analysis

SandboxingPrivate area for creating alternate financial plans or for doing what if analysisEnd Users FlexibilityIT independent Not visible to others until madepublic (published) Shows modified & unmodified datain a single view allowing user to seethe impact of their changes beforepublishing Compare multiple sandbox versions Supports auto calculation fordynamic members Supports auto save when the usertabs between cells Only modified data is stored in thesandboxLeverages member on the flyfunctionalityEnd user can add sandboxes(members) without requiringadmin help and data baserestructureRespects all metadata/data securitydefined for the application

Use Excel Formulas in Calculations Use Excels formula editor towrite calculations Formulas are persisted withmember reference Formulas can be reused on theweb Benefits Write calculation using familiar ExcelsyntaxBusiness users can drive calculations

Valid Data Combinations Define valid and invalid datacombinations– Show only products pertinent tomy region End users only interact withvalid data combinations Benefits– Users see only relevantinformation– Speeds planning process– Optimizes information renderedto users

Smart Data PushInstant Data Replication for Reporting Associate Data Map Rules to FormsMove Data on Form SaveOption to associate relational data as part of moveMove Data from BSO to ASO/BSOSupports metadata and approvals securityNot supported where neither Account nor Period arepresent Benefits– Immediate update of full Planning data for reporting– Instant feedback loop for reporting and analysis

FinanceProject Financial Planning Project ra P6HR

Integrations Project Financial Planning (PFP) and Primaveracomplement each other– Core Capabilities (P6) Project Management & Scheduling Resource Management Project Execution & Progress Management– Core Capabilities (PFP) Calculates Project Financial Impacts And Kpis Revenue Planning Based On The Type Of Projects Consolidates And Rolls Up Data And Shows Financial ImpactAt The Entity Level. Out-of-the-box Approvals Process

FinanceLeadersCloudAdoption isAccelerating Must develop agileplanning and reportingprocesses to respond tothe changing environment Connect operationalplanning with financialassumptions Leverage the cloud towiden influence with Lineof Business12

Oracle Planning & Budgeting CloudService (PBCS)575 Subscriptions60 MultipleCrossIndustryFinancial Services, HigherEd, Consumer Goods,Retail, ProfessionalServices, High TechLaunched Feb 2014300 InternationalSubscriptions38,700 End Usersand growing!70 over100 usersLargest #of Users:1500 100 CustomersLive13

EnterprisePlanning and BudgetingCloud ServiceCopyright 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Enterprise PBCSFinancials“WorkforceCapitalProjectPBCSOracle EPM Planning Cloud is the only solution on the market that strikes theperfect balance between end user flexibility and centralizationProduct Themes Pre-Built Planning Content that can be incrementallyenabled Upgradable while maintaining configurability Empowering the End User via configuration wizards”

Four Modules in One!Financial Statement Planning Highly configurable, driver-based planning Revenue & Cost of Goods Sold ‘Flex Dimensions’ such as Product, Market, Customer, etc Best-Practice, operating expense drivers delivered out-of-the-box Pre-built FR reports & dashboards Optional Integration with Workforce Planning & CapEx modules Fully integrated Income Statement & Balance Sheet Pre-built FR reports & dashboards Fully integrated Cashflow - focusing on Cash fromOperations Support for both Direct & Indirect methods

Best Practice Planning Content Out-of-the-Box Out-of-boxcontent Drivers &KPIs Calculations Forms Reports Dashboards Best Practicesbuilt-in Configurable AutomaticallyUpgraded byOracle

Intuitive, Real-time User Experience Configurable‘Planbooks’ withExcel-likeexperience Auto-calculate Auto-save Smooth tabbing Sandboxing

CY15-16 RoadmapEnd User Functionality Driver Based PredictionsIntegration FDMEE w / EPM Automate Cross App Login & Data Sync R12.0Enterprise Readiness LDAP Integration / SAML 2.0 IP Whitelisting / 2 factorEco-System Integration Oracle Social Network Cloud MarketplaceEnterprise Hosting Anti-Virus scans Disaster Recovery Full data Encryption at rest

Continued Innovation across all EPM Offerings Financial Data QualityManagement Enterprise Edition– Data sync between EPMapplications– Migration assistance from FDMto FDM EE Data Relationship Management– Data Relationship Governanceenhancements– DRG approvals in EPM Mobileapp– DRM support for Planning andBudgeting Cloud Service Profitability and Cost Management– New Ledger model type forexpanded coverage ofmanagement reporting– Parallel calculation improvementsfor performance– Operational Transfer Pricingsolution Essbase– Enhanced parallel scripting– Multi user scalability forconcurrent query and calculationoperations– BSO/ASO hybrid aggregationmode– In-memory enhancements

The newstandard ofEngineeredSystemsFinanceLeaders Companies with a strongshared services directioncovering multipleapplications Customers interested inminimizing reliance on IT Deployments that havenot been upgraded inseveral years21Copyright 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights21 reserv

Exalytics vs. ExalyticsSPARC vs. Linux or T vs. XX seriesT seriesLinuxSolaris60 core Intel128 core SPARC2TB RAM4TB RAM3.6GHz max speed3.6GHz2 IB, 4 10GBE, 2 16GB FC4 IB, 4 10GBE, 4 8GB FC2.4 TB Flash6.4 TB FlashPlatform specific optimizations22

The Exalytics Engine – ContinuedInvestmentEssbase Pure in-memory engine wherecalculation will no longer waitfor I/O Support for unlimited types ofapplications by removingnaming restrictions Out of the box financialintelligence transitioned fromEAL Specializations: FIX PARALLEL,Post Load Processing, CellStatus, MDX performanceimprovementsEssbase In-Memory Aggregate Views forASO Improved Resourcemanagement and CPUutilization– Thread management and threadbased memory allocation– Fundamental improvement toEssbase infrastructure, willimpact resource consumption,stability and performance. Continue investment in Hybridmode with Hybrid Mode in CalcScripts

dernize to survive― Legacy applications thatare highly customized andinflexible need to bemodernized― Require mobile access― Require access to realtime data for decisionmaking2424

Extend Parallel Scripting OptionsFIXPARALLEL CALC PARALLEL should be your first choice, use FIX PARALLEL when you hit CALCPARALLEL limitationsExecute any FIX blocks in parallel, overcomes restrictions of CALCPARALLEL Give power of parallelism to the users when CALC Parallel cannot parallelize thescripts Enables parallelism for DATAEXPORT, DATACOPY, scripts with variables and moreFIXPARALLEL can often improve calculation times in key use cases:– CALCPARALLEL is forced to run in serial (shown in app log) Usage of variables DATACOPY, CLEARDATA, and DATAEXPORT only a slice of the database Complex member/formula dependencies

Parallel Processing Performance withExalyticsBased on Essbase - Results in secondsCustomer“CommoditBaselineExalytics 0500Gain0ExalyticsGainCustomer 14,0352,32298742%76%Customer 22828260%7%Customer 39393920%1%Customer 41321077819%41%Customer 55,2752,1851,15959%78%Commodity Exalytics server with HardwareAccelerationFlag turned off

MDX Improvements Optimized AGGREGATE Function– Significant performance improvements for totals atmulti-level hierarchies– Improvement is based on the query and dimensiondepth MDX Sub Select (not yet via OBI)– Significant performance improvement for queriesagainstlarge databases– The bigger the model, the (relatively) better it gets MDX Optimization for Attributes

Reduce BSO Fragmentation In-place block write Slows the fragmentation– Reduce, potentially eliminate, the need forrestructure– Shorten maintenance window “Exalytics first” optimization

BSO/ASO Hybrid Aggregation Mode Combine the complexity of BSO models with ASO dynamicperformance 100% backward compatible with the 100’s of thousands BSOdatabases out there – Zero Learning curve Will change the way Essbase applications are built and used Initial release will handle only simple dynamic aggregation– This will continue to be a major area of investment for us

OBI / Essbase Integrated InfrastructureEnterprise ManagerToolsInstallLoggingSecurity

BI UI Enhancement for EssbaseParent Last Navigation Option to allow howhierarchies aredisplayed New property– Default is Parentbefore/above– Applies to all axis– Impacts all applicableviews

BI UI Enhancement for EssbaseNull Suppression Options Controls whether nullsin rows/columns aresuppressed in sparsedata sets– Default is Suppress– Override at view-level– Applies to row, columnedges– Impacts all applicableviews

BI Publisher EnhancementsMDX Query Builder GUI for building MDX queriesagainst Essbase Easily report against Essbase &Planning cubes without the needto introduce them into the RPD Combine data coming directlyfrom Essbase on OBI dashboards Combine Essbase data with datafrom other sources in the samereport Use BI Publisher for productionstyle reporting against Essbase

Integrations Essbase as an OBI data source Smartview as the standard Officeintegration technology– Mix BI, Essbase and EPM content ona single sheet, document orPowerPoint slide– Fully interactive Essbase content withdynamic BI views EPM Workspace Integration– Consume, Create and Edit BI contentwithin Workspace: BI Catalog, BIHome, BI Interactive Dashboards– SSO enabled: Oracle BI can consumeHSS token

Removal of Member NameRestrictionsSubject To Change Remove most of the naming restrictions for Essbase– Object name length– Reserved words– Restrictions on characters Initial support will be restricted to JAPI and data loadedfrom SQL sources Significant change in behavior! While it is a positivechange, upgrading customers should test theirdeployments

Oracle is investing to extend the Lead in EPM Deliver the full range of EPM applications in theCloud Innovate with new EPM applications Continue to extend the lead in existing applications Exploit Mobile and Social capabilities to attractnew EPM users

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