HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMA Project Report Submittedin Partial Fulfillment of the RequirementsAISSCE - All India Senior School CertificateExamination2019-2020: SCIENCE – XII AInCOMPUTER SCIENCE (083)By:1. SAHISTHA2. PALLAVI3. SABNAM– XII A – ROLL NO: 20– XII A – ROLL NO: 14– XII A – ROLL NO: 19KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA HOLTA CAMP PALAMPURJANUARY , 2020

UNDERTAKINGWe declare that the work presented in this project titled “HOTELMANAGEMENT SYSTEM”, submitted to Sh. Sanjeev Sharma PGTComputer Science Kendriya Vidyalaya Holta Camp Palampur for theaward of the CBSE - AISSE class XII certificate. We have not plagiarized orsubmitted the same work for the award of any other examination. In case thisundertaking is found incorrect, we accept that our Certificates may beunconditionally withdrawn.January, 2020Place : Kendriya Vidyalaya Palampur1. SAHISTHA2. PALLAVI3. SABNAM– XII A – ROLL NO: 20– XII A – ROLL NO: 14– XII A – ROLL NO: 19

CERTIFICATECertified that the work contained in the project titled“HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”, by:“SAHISTHA , PALLAVI , SABNAM ”, has been carried outunder my supervision and that this work has not beensubmitted elsewhere for a AISSE certificate.Sanjeev SharmaPGT-Computer ScienceKendriya Vidyalaya Palampur

AcknowledgementsWe would like to thank Sh. Lalit Kumar, Principal Kendriya VidyalayaPalampur.We are deeply indebted to our mentor Sh. Sanjeev Sharma.We further thank to all the staff members of Kendriya Vidyalaya Palampur.We owe our sincere gratitude towards Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan.Our heartfelt thanks to CBSE.We also express our deepest gratitude to our parents.Finally, we would like to wind up by paying our heartfelt thanks to all ournear and dear ones.1. SAHISTHA2. PALLAVI3. SABNAM– XII A – ROLL NO: 20– XII A – ROLL NO: 14– XII A – ROLL NO: 19

Contents1. Introduction of the Project.2. System Requirements of the Project.3. Python Coding.4. Output of the Project.5. References.

Introduction of the ProjectWe the students of CLASS XII A of KENDRIYA VIDYALAYAPALAMPUR HOLTA have been assigned the work of HOTELMANAGEMENT SYSTEM.To perform this task the students were divided into the group offour students named as SAHISTHA , PALLAVI, SABNAM.SAHISTHA , PALLAVI , SABNAM has been assigned the work ofcoding and programming SAHISTHA , PALLAVI have been assignedthe work of analyzing the overall mistakes and have done theconclusion work.The project starts with –Enter 1 - CUSTOMER DETAILSEnter 2 - BOOKING RECORDEnter 3 - ROOM RENTEnter 4 - RESTAURENT BILLEnter 5 - GAMING BILLEnter 6 - FASHION STORE BILLEnter 7 - DISPLAY CUSTOMER DETAILSEnter 8 - TOTAL BILLEnter 9 - OLD BILLEnter 10- EXITWe are so glad that this work have been assigned to us, yet wehaven’t done this work before .SH. SANJEEV SHARMA oursubject teacher have also helped us a lot to complete this project.We feel so blessed that we have learnt all this work with the helpof our sir,we are also thankful to our respected principal SH.LALITKUMAR GUPTA for providing us various facilities to complete thisproject.As we are the students of CLASS XII A and we haven’t done thistype of project before, we have performed all that which we havelearnt from our CBSE PROGRAMMING .Hence, we know that thisprogramming would be further done on a big platform. Since wehave started this programming from SEPTEMBER month ,webelieve that this programming would further help us a lot in ourfuture .

We are also thankful to our groupmates for cooperating with eachother while performing this task we have also polished the skills ofgroup activity.PROCESSFIRSTLY, we have done the planning in a paper work regardingwhat have to do on the assigned project HOTELMANAGEMENT SYSTEM.SECONDLY, we discussed our planning with our subject teacherand then he provided us the right path to perform the work.NEXT, we started our project on foot paths of our subject teacher.THEN, we started our coding, coding took around 2 and halfmonths for completion.NEXT, we analyzed the mistakes done and then we corrected them.THEN, we prepared the project format as shown above.THANKS TO ALL OF WORTHY TEACHERS AND PRINCIPAL ANDMY DEAR GROUP MATESALSO A GREAT THANKS TO KENDRIYA VIDYALAYASANGATHAN FOR PROVIDING US THIS GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY

System Requirements of the ProjectRecommended System RequirementsProcessors: Intel Core i3 processor 4300M at 2.60 GHz.Disk space: 2 to 4 GB.Operating systems: Windows 10, MACOS, and UBUNTU.Python Versions: 3.X.X or Higher.Minimum System RequirementsProcessors: Intel Atom processor or Intel Core i3 processor.Disk space: 1 GB.Operating systems: Windows 7 or later, MACOS, and UBUNTU.Python Versions: 2.7.X, 3.6.X.Prerequisites before installing MySQL Connector PythonYou need root or administrator privileges to perform theinstallation process.Python must be installed on your machine.Note: – MySQL Connector Python requires python to be in thesystem’s PATH. Installation fails if it doesn’t find Python.On Windows, If Python doesn’t exist in the system’s PATH, pleasemanually add the directory containing python.exe yourself.

PYTHON CODING#***************KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA PALAMPUR **********************#***************HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM **************************################## CROWN PLAZA MIAMI ##############################*******Designed and Maintained By :"#*******SAHISTHA - CLASS XII A - ROLL NO - 8 [ 2019-2020 ]"#*******PALLAVI - CLASS XII A - ROLL NO - 7 [ 2019-2020 ]"#*******SABNAM - CLASS XII A - ROLL NO - 2 [ 2019-2020 ]"import mysql.connector# GLOBAL VARIABLES DECLARATIONmyConnnection ""cursor ""userName ""password ""roomrent 0restaurentbill 0gamingbill 0fashionbill 0totalAmount 0cid ""#MODULE TO CHECK MYSQL CONNECTIVITYdef MYSQLconnectionCheck ():global myConnectionglobal userNameglobal passworduserName input("\n ENTER MYSQL SERVER'S USERNAME : ")password input("\n ENTER MYSQL SERVER'S PASSWORD : ")myConnection mysql.connector.connect(host "localhost",user userName,passwd password ,auth plugin 'mysql native password' )

if myConnection:print("\n CONGRATULATIONS ! YOUR MYSQL CONNECTION HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED !")cursor myConnection.cursor()cursor.execute("CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS HMS")cursor.execute("COMMIT")cursor.close()return myConnectionelse:print("\nERROR ESTABLISHING MYSQL CONNECTION CHECK USERNAME AND PASSWORD !")#MODULE TO ESTABLISHED MYSQL CONNECTIONdef MYSQLconnection ()global userNameglobal passwordglobal myConnectionglobal cidmyConnection mysql.connector.connect(host "localhost",user userName,passwd password ,database "HMS" , auth plugin 'mysql native password' )if myConnection:return myConnectionelse:print("\nERROR ESTABLISHING MYSQL CONNECTION !")myConnection.close()def userEntry():global cidif myConnection:cursor myConnection.cursor(createTable """CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS C DETAILS(CID VARCHAR(20),C NAMEVARCHAR(30),C ADDRESS VARCHAR(30),C AGE VARCHAR(30),C COUNTRY VARCHAR(30) ,P NO VARCHAR(30),C EMAIL VARCHAR(30))”””cursor.execute(createTable)

cid input("Enter Customer Identification Number : ")name input("Enter Customer Name : ")address input("Enter Customer Address : ")age input("Enter Customer Age : ")nationality input("Enter Customer Country : ")phoneno input("Enter Customer Contact Number : ")email input("Enter Customer Email : ")sql "INSERT INTO C Details VALUES(%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s)"values int("\nNew Customer Entered In The System Successfully !")cursor.close()else:print("\nERROR ESTABLISHING MYSQL CONNECTION !")def bookingRecord():global cidcustomer searchCustomer()if customer:if myConnection:cursor myConnection.cursor()createTable "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS BOOKING RECORD(CID VARCHAR(20),CHECK INDATE ,CHECK OUT DATE)"cursor.execute(createTable)checkin input("\n Enter Customer CheckIN Date [ YYYY-MM-DD ] : ")checkout input("\n Enter Customer CheckOUT Date [ YYYY-MM-DD ] : ")sql "INSERT INTO BOOKING RECORD VALUES(%s,%s,%s)"values rsor.execute("COMMIT")

print("\nCHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT ENTRY MADED SUCCESSFULLY !")cursor.close()else:print("\nERROR ESTABLISHING MYSQL CONNECTION !")def roomRent():global cidcustomer searchCustomer()if customer:global roomrentif myConnection:cursor myConnection.cursor()createTable """CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ROOM RENT(CID VARCHAR(20),ROOM CHOICEINT,NO OF DAYS INT,ROOMNO INT ,ROOMRENT INT)”””cursor.execute(createTable)print ("\n ##### We have The Following Rooms For You #####")print (" 1. Ultra Royal ---- 10000 Rs.")print (" 2. Royalprint (" 3. Elite---- 5000 Rs. ")---- 3500 Rs. ")print (" 4. Budget---- 2500 USD ")roomchoice int(input("Enter Your Option : "))roomno int(input("Enter Customer Room No : "))noofdays int(input("Enter No. Of Days: "))if roomchoice 1:roomrent noofdays * 10000print("\nUltra Royal Room Rent : ",roomrent)elif roomchoice 2:roomrent noofdays * 5000print("\nRoyal Room Rent : ",roomrent)elif roomchoice 3:roomrent noofdays * 3500

print("\nElite Royal Room Rent : ",roomrent)elif roomchoice 4:roomrent noofdays * 2500print("\nBudget Room Rent : ",roomrent)else:print("Sorry ,May Be You Are Giving Me Wrong Input, Please Try Again !!! ")returnsql "INSERT INTO ROOM RENT VALUES(%s,%s,%s,%s,%s)"values hank You , Your Room Has Been Booked For : ",noofdays , "Days" )print("Your Total Room Rent is : Rs. ",roomrent)cursor.close()else:print("\nERROR ESTABLISHING MYSQL CONNECTION !")def Restaurent():global cidcustomer searchCustomer()if customer:global restaurentbillif myConnection:cursor myConnection.cursor(createTable """CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS RESTAURENT(CID VARCHAR(20),CUISINEVARCHAR(30),QUANTITY VARCHAR(30),BILL . Vegetarian Comboprint("2. Non-Vegetarian Combo----- 300 Rs.")----- 500 Rs.")print("3. Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Combo ----- 750 Rs.")choice dish int(input("Enter Your Cusine : "))

quantity int(input("Enter Quantity : "))if choice dish 1:print("\nSO YOU HAVE ORDER: Vegetarian Combo ")restaurentbill quantity * 300elif choice dish 2:print("\nSO YOU HAVE ORDER: Non-Vegetarian Combo ")restaurentbill quantity * 500elif choice dish 3:print("\nSO YOU HAVE ORDER: Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian Combo ")restaurentbill quantity * 750else:print("Sorry ,May Be You Are Giving Me Wrong Input, Please Try Again !!! ")returnsql "INSERT INTO RESTAURENT VALUES(%s,%s,%s,%s)"values (cid,choice lues)cursor.execute("COMMIT")print("Your Total Bill Amount Is : Rs. ",restaurentbill)print("\n\n**** WE HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR MEAL ***\n\n" )cursor.close()else:print("\nERROR ESTABLISHING MYSQL CONNECTION !")def Gaming():global cidcustomer searchCustomer()if customer:global gamingbillif myConnection:cursor myConnection.cursor()createTable """CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS GAMING(CID VARCHAR(20),GAMESVARCHAR(30),HOURS VARCHAR(30),GAMING BILL VARCHAR(30))

""" cursor.execute(createTable)print("""1. Table Tennis----- 150 Rs./HR2. Bowling----- 100 Rs./HR3. Snooker----- 250 Rs./HR4. VR World Gaming5. Video Games----- 400 Rs./HR----- 300 Rs./HR6. Swimming Pool Games ----- 350 Rs./HR7. Exit""")game int(input("Enter What Game You Want To Play : "))hour int(input("Enter No Of Hours You Want To Play : #############")if game 1:print("YOU HAVE SELECTED TO PLAY : Table Tennis")gamingbill hour * 150elif game 2:print("YOU HAVE SELECTED TO PLAY : Bowling")gamingbill hour * 100elif game 3:print("YOU HAVE SELECTED TO PLAY : Snooker")gamingbill hour * 250elif game 4:print("YOU HAVE SELECTED TO PLAY : VR World Gaming")gamingbill hour * 400elif game 5:print("YOU HAVE SELECTED TO PLAY : Video Games")gamingbill hour * 300elif game 6:print("YOU HAVE SELECTED TO PLAY : Swimming Pool Games")gamingbill hour * 350

else:print("Sorry ,May Be You Are Giving Me Wrong Input, Please Try Again !!! ")returnsql "INSERT INTO GAMING VALUES(%s,%s,%s,%s)"values s)cursor.execute("COMMIT")print("Your Total Gaming Bill Is : Rs. ",gamingbill)print("FOR : ",hour," HOURS","\n *** WE HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR GAME ###############")cursor.close()else:print("ERROR ESTABLISHING MYSQL CONNECTION !")def Fashion():global cidcustomer searchCustomer()if customer:global fashionbillif myConnection:cursor myConnection.cursor()createTable """CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS FASHION(CID VARCHAR(20),DRESSVARCHAR(30),AMOUNT VARCHAR(30),BILL int("""1. Shirts----- 1500 Rs.2. T-Shirts----- 300 Rs.3. Pants----- 2000 Rs.4. Jeans----- 4000 Rs.5. Tassel top ----- 500 Rs.6. Gown----- 3000 Rs.

7. Western dress ----- 3000 Rs.8. Skirts----- 400 Rs.9. Trousers10. InnerWear----- 200 Rs.----- 30 Rs.""")dress int(input("Enter the your Choice wear: "))quantity int(input("How many you want to buy: "))if dress 1:print("\nShirts")fashionbill quantity * 1500elif dress 2:print("\nT-Shirts")fashionbill quantity * 300elif dress 3:print("\nPants")fashionbill quantity * 2000elif dress 4:print("\nJeans")fashionbill quantity * 4000elif dress 5:print("\nTassel top")fashionbill quantity * 500elif dress 6:print("\nGown")fashionbill quantity * 3000elif dress 7:print("\nWestern dress")fashionbill quantity * 3000elif dress 8:print("\nSkirts")

fashionbill quantity * 400elif dress 9:print("\nTrousers")fashionbill quantity * 200elif dress 10:print("\nInnerWear")fashionbill quantity * 30else:print("Sorry ,May Be You Are Giving Me Wrong Input, Please Try Again !!! ")returnsql "INSERT INTO FASHION VALUES(%s,%s,%s,%s)"values ,values)cursor.execute("COMMIT")