B114T&B FIT TINGS INDUSTRIAL FIT TINGS—Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittingsSpecificationsRef. CE Code Rule 12-1300Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is a raceway ofcircular cross section having an outer liquidtightnonmetallic, sunlight-resistant jacket over a flexiblemetal core.Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is permittedto be used for exposed or concealed work, in dry,damp or wet locations indoors and outdoors.Heavy-duty marked liquidtight flexible metalconduit is considered an acceptable wiring methodin hazardous location; namely Class 1 Div 2, ClassII &Class III.Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is not permittedwhere subjected to mechanical injury. Theconduit is not permitted to be used undergroundor embedded in cinder fill or concrete. It cannotbe used as a general purpose raceway.Use of liquidtight conduit is not permitted whereany combination of ambient or conductortemperature will produce temperature in excessof that for which the jacket is rated or in locationswhere flexing at low temperature will injure jacket.Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is not permittedfor conductors over 600 volts.Liquidtight flexible conduit is available in 3 8 in.through 6 in. trade size. Conduit is constructedwith galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steelcore, regular or extra flex. Outer jacket is availablefor a variety of applications, e.g. oil resistant whereexposed to cutting oils and for service temperatureranging from -50 C to 150 C.Listed and certified conduit are constructed ofgalvanized steel core and thermoplastic jacketrated for maximum service temperature up to 75 Cand suitable for exposure to mineral oils but notto gasoline and similar solvents.Conduit is required to be supported adequately,and bending is restricted to 360 degrees total.Please refer to the following for further detailsand complete information:1. UL 360 – Safety standards for liquidtight flexiblesteel conduit2. UL 514A and 514B – Safety standards for outletboxes and fittings3. W-F-406 – Federal specification: Fittings forcable, power, electrical and conduit, metal,flexible4. NEMA FB-1 – Standards publication:Fittings, cast metal boxes and conduit bodiesfor conduit, electrical metallic tubing and cable5. EMP-1– JIC Electrical standards for massproduction equipment6. EGP-1 –JIC Electrical standards for generalpurpose machine tools7. CE Code Section 12-1300 – Wiring methods(liquidtight metal conduit)8. CSA C22.2 No. 56-17 – Flexible metallic conduitand liquidtight flexible metal conduit9. CSA C22.2 Nos. 18.1 and 18.3 – Safety standardsfor outlet boxes, conduit boxes and fittingsPlease noteThe excerpts and other material herein, whetherrelating to the Canadian Electrical Code 2018 Part I,CSA Group, the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.listing, to industry practice or otherwise, are notintended to provide all relevant informationrequired for use and installation. Reference tooriginal or primary source material and data ismandatory before any application or use is made ofthe product.

L I Q U I DT I G H T F L E X I B L E M E TA L C O N D U I T F I T T I N G SB115—Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittingsSuggested specifications for liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittings—01 Series 5331; Series5231AL liquidtightflexible metalconduit fittings—02 Series 5262sealing gasket—03 Series 3321PVC-coated liquidtightflexible metalconduit fittings—04 Series 41liquidtight union—05 5331GR Seriesexternal bonding—06 5331-PT SeriesQuick-Connect liquidtight fittings L iquidtight flexible metal conduit used shall beof the type with galvanized steel core inside andoutside and outer thermoplastic jacket suitablefor the ambient environmental conditions. Jacketshall be positively locked to core to preventsleeving. Where used as an equipment groundingconductor, the conduit shall conform toapplicable standards UL 360/CSA C22.2 No. 56. Flexible conduit when installed shall havesufficient slack to avoid sharp flexing andstraining due to vibration and thermal expansion/constriction. Conduit shall be installed in such amanner that liquids will tend to run off the surfaceinstead of draining toward the fittings. Where liquidtight flexible metal conduitterminates into a threaded or threadless opening,the conduit shall be assembled with approvedliquidtight fittings. Fittings used shall be reusabletype of malleable iron/steel construction, electrozinc plated inside and outside, furnished withnylon-insulated throat and taper-threaded hubas manufactured by ABB, series 5331.Approved fittings installed shall be:(1) Designed to prevent sleeving, assure plastic(raceway jacket) to plastic (gasket) seal.(2) Equipped with grounding device to assureground continuity irrespective of raceway coreconstruction. Grounding device if inserted intoraceway and directly in contact with conductorsshall have rolled over edges for sizes under5 inches.—01—02—05—06 At the point of flexing (i.e. where raceway leavesfitting), the thermoplastic raceway jacket shall notbe permitted to be in direct contact with metal. Where liquidtight flexible metal conduit isterminated into a threadless opening using athreaded hub fitting such as series 5331,a suitable moisture-resistant/oil-resistantsynthetic rubber gasket such as series 5262 shallbe provided between the outside of box orenclosure and fitting shoulder. Gasket shall beadequately protected by and permanentlybonded to a metallic retainer. Where liquidtight flexible metallic raceway isinstalled in outdoor or indoor locations andis exposed to environmental conditions thatare more than normally corrosive to exposedsurfaces, PVC-coated liquidtight flexible metalconduit fittings such as series 3321manufactured by ABB shall be used. Fittingsshall be coated with a nominal thickness of0.040 inches PVC and must meet the generalrequirements for liquidtight flexible metalconduit fittings indicated above. Liquidtight fittings required to couple threadedend of a fitting or pipe where rotation of fitting orpipe is limited or restricted shall be reusable typeof malleable iron/steel construction, electro-zincplated inside/outside with taper-threaded hub asmanufactured by ABB, series 41. Fittings shall beequipped with a moisture-resistant/oil-resistantsynthetic rubber gasket. Metal-to-metal seal ormetal-to-thermoplastic seal for this applicationshall be considered unacceptable.—03—04

B116T&B FIT TINGS INDUSTRIAL FIT TINGS—Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittingsSpecifications—01 5361 SeriesCHASE style—02 5331 Series5231 AL series—03 5361 Series—04 5271 Series—01Predeterminedcompression(H)Application Used where flexible metal raceway is installedin outdoor or indoor locations where exposedto continuous or intermittent moisture To positively bond conduit to box or enclosureFeatures Ability to install quickly with low torque effort Ground cone design offers following advantages:(1) Compresses metallic convolutions; provideshigh quality ground contact with low impedanceand high raceway holding power (A)(2) Single helical thread on ground cone is easyto install without cross threading; acceptsvariations in raceway diameters and convolutionpitch (B)(3) Rolled over edge protects conductors (C)Sealing ring design has following exclusivefeatures:(1) Grips and seals at leading and trailing edge –will not abrade raceway jacket (D)(2) Provided with grooves on inside diameterfor anti-sleeving (E)(3) Shoulders on both ends for extra sealing (F)(4) Symmetrical shape assures foolproof assembly Can be disconnected and reused Watertight/oil-tight installation at boxor enclosure termination is assured by:(1) External taper-thread hub on 5331 seriesand use of sealing gasket 5262 series (G)(2) Captive sealing O-ring on 5361 series (H)(3) Taper-tapped hole on 5271 series For hazardous location applications, pleaserefer to CEC Section 18 CEC Rule 12-1306 stipulates “a separate bondingconductor shall be installed in liquidtight flexibleconduit in accordance with section 10” 1 2 in. and 1 1 4 in. sizes laboratory tested to carryground fault current of up to 1000 amps RMSwith duration of fault current 3 cycles C onforms with JIC requirements Available with imperial, ISO and PGthreaded hubStandard material5331-5361-5271 Series Body, gland, locknut and ground cones:All steel or malleable iron Sealing ring and insulator: All thermoplasticrated min. -20 C max. 105 C Sealing gasket: Stainless steel and Buna N5231 AL Series All copper-free aluminum (non-insulated)Standard finish5331-5361-5271 Series Electro zinc plated and chromate coated5231 AL Series Copper-free aluminumRange3 8 in. through 6 in. conduit 5331 Series3 8 in. through 4 in. conduit 5341 Series3 8 in. through 4 in. conduit 5351 Series3 8 in. through 4 in. conduit 5361 Series3 8 in. through 1- 1 4 in. conduit 5271 Series 5 231 AL Series 3 8 in. through 4 in. conduitAll hubs provided with taper pipe threads (NPT)Conformity UL 514B CSA C22.2 No. 18.3 NEMA FB-1 NFPA 70-2008 (ANSI) JIC EGP1, JIC EMP1 Federal Specification W-F-406 Federal standard H-28 (Threads)—015341 Series same as 5331,except 45 fittings5351 Series same as 5331,except 90 fittings—02—03—04

L I Q U I DT I G H T F L E X I B L E M E TA L C O N D U I T F I T T I N G SB117—Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittingsHigh temperature flexible metal liquidtight fittingsSuggested specificationWhere liquidtight flexible metal fittings arerequired in high temperature environmentsup to 150 C: Fitting’s body, gland, locknut and ground coneshall be constructed from steel or malleable iron,electro-zinc plated and chromate coated forcorrosion protection Fitting’s sealing ring and throat insulator will bemolded from high temperature nylon suitable fortemperatures up to 150 C and a minimum ULflammability rating of UL94V-2 The fitting shall be constructed to accept hightemperature flexible metal liquidtight conduitrated to 150 C (works with our ATX seriesconduit) The fitting shall have a plastic throatinsulator to protect conductors—HT series liquidtightfittings are availablestraight, 45 and 90 —45 liquidtight fittings—Straight liquidtight fittingsDimensions (in.)Conduitsize (in.)AB 815 3211 29 213 819 169 4121 3215 895334-HT11 82 165335-HT11 429 3221 2135336-HT11 2222 32211 16135337-HT213 43 165338-HT21 233 441 85339-HT341 241 415340-HT451 241 211 8Cat. no.5331-HT35332-HT15333-HT37 The fitting shall have a steel ground cone to:- provide high quality ground contact- single helical thread for easy installationinto conduit- rolled over edge to protect conductors The fitting shall have a plastic sealing ring to:- grip and seal at leading and trailing edge(double bevel up to 2 in.) of conduit jacket- provide a watertight/oil-tight seal The fitting shall be able to terminate the conduitin either a threaded or threadless opening For applications where termination into athreaded opening is required, the fitting shallhave external tapered NPT threads For applications where termination into athreadless opening is required, use an acceptablesealing ring Fittings shall conform to UL 514B Accepted manufacturers:ABB – 5331-HT straight series, 5341-HT 45 series,5351-HT 90 series; 5262 sealing ring series11—90 liquidtight fittingsDimensions (in.)Conduitsize (in.)AB 815 3219 169CCat. no. 165341HT3 165342HT1 165343HT33 4 16AB 815 3213 89 213 819 169 4121 3213 495354HT11 82 165355HT11 429 3223 413 165356HT11 2222 32215 1613 85357HT23 43 16Cat. no. 165351HT3 165352HT1 165353HT33 4 16 213 817 89 4121 3221 895344HT11 82 45345HT11 429 3223 413 165346HT11 2222 3223 813 85347HT23 43 877117Dimensions (in.)Conduitsize (in.)C773171Please note: There are no CSA or UL standards applicablefor high temperature fittings or conduit.Therefore neither HT fittings nor HT conduit bear amBAAACCCC 16 16 16 43 16 16 87

T&B FIT TINGS INDUSTRIAL FIT TINGSB118—Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittingsFor control and power cable applicationsHubsize (in.)Cat. no. 45229*15330*3Dimensions (in.)Conduitsize (in.) 8AB 3213 815 6413 8151 427 16635C 32 32* UL and CSA not applicableSteel, malleable iron or aluminum tapered hubthreads. With Safe-Edge ground cone through4 in. and double bevel sealing ring through 2 in.—Straight fittings Cat. no.InsulatedDiagramBCADimensions (in.)Conduitsize (in.)AB 815 3211 29 213 819 232AL153333C 16 1652335233AL 41 321 895234-TB5234AL117 821 1627533552355235AL11 423 3221 2135336 52365236AL1 22 322 16135337 52375237AL231 431 165338 52385238AL21 233 441 85334-TB12123511 16 32 16 16 8715339 52395239AL341 241 415340 52405240AL451 241 211 85385* 5285*—583 4717 85386* ——68 48 22** 3 8 in. conduit fitting has 1 2 in. hubUL Listed liquidtight; and CSA Certified watertight* Not CSA Certified Malleable Iron31

L I Q U I DT I G H T F L E X I B L E M E TA L C O N D U I T F I T T I N G SB119—Liquidtight flexible metal conduit fittingsFor control and power cable applicationsMalleable iron, tapered hub threads. With SafeEdge ground cone through 4 in. and double bevelsealing ring through 2 in.—45 Angle fittings* Cat. no.InsulatedDiagramBACDimensions (in.)Non-insulatedSize (in.)AB 815 3219 1695341**524135342524215343524335344C 16 213 817 89 4121 3221 895244117 821 4534552451 492 3232 41 165346524611 2223 3233 813 1653475247231 437 8534852482 233 44 453495249341 241 4153505250451 24 5 811 811 16 16 433 8711** 3 8 in. conduit fitting has 1 2 in. hubUL Listed liquidtight; and CSA Certified watertightFor wiremesh grips refer to page B120—90 angle fittings Cat. no.NoninsulatedAluminumConduitsize (in.)535152515251AL3AB 815 3213 89535252525252AL1 213 819 169535352535253AL3 4121 3213 49535452545254AL1117 823 16535552555255AL11 411 429 3223 413535652565256AL11 211 2223 32215 1613535752575257AL2213 43 16535852585258AL*21 221 233 487 853595259–3341 2101 4153605260–445 2125 811 8I