Career Pathing –How To Create a Career DevelopmentFramework 2013 TalentGuard

MeetVVEric 2012 TalentGuard 2013 TalentGuard

A.K.A. 2013 TalentGuard

BusinessDevelopmentRockstar 2012 TalentGuard 2013 TalentGuard

Eric works forJohn 2012 TalentGuard 2013 TalentGuard

Mr.SalesDirector 2013 TalentGuard

Eric “BD” GuyEric and JohnEric says:have beenTalking aboutJohn says:Hey, please be patient. I’ve beenthrough the same thing at thiscompany and I’m trying to work withHR on some programs.Eric’s career 2013 TalentGuard 2012 TalentGuard

High PerformingSmartSolid track-record.Overlooked for apromotion.Unsure if skills transfer toother roles. 2013 TalentGuard

Eric is 2013 TalentGuard

Boredandfrustratedin hisposition . . .He wants a change.(BTW, 54% of employees feel like Eric.)* 2013 TalentGuard

Eric’s Question for John:“Where do you see megoing in this organization?” 2013 TalentGuard

John is worried.Eric may leave theteam or worse, thecompany. 2013 TalentGuard

So, John wants to helpEric develop.Eric’s career to date 2013 TalentGuard

Eric RandBusiness Development Manager, Heart ProductsJohn RandRoger SmithStella NapersDirector of SalesHeart ProductsCustomer VicePresident, SupportDirector of MarketingSpine ProductsJob PurposeQ U I C K S TAT SDrive Sustainable sales and profit performance for my companyYears of Experience0-2 3-5Key ResponsibilitiesLead a talented team of sales professionals to increase revenue innew and existing customers. Development and staffing anddeveloping all associates on the teamKey Skills/KnowledgeIndustry and business acumen, customer experience, internalexperience with ability to work cross functionally at Sr. levelswithin our company. Strong leadership and communicationrequired.Key Success FactorsSales, Profit, Distribution, customer relationships and sales teamcollective and individual developmentMedcoMedRX, SMBSr. Sales Associate10-15 15 EducationHSBS/BAMPhDCareer AspirationVP Sales, VP Marketing, GM ofBusiness Unit USWhat’s the best career advice you everreceived?“Make sure you develop new skills everydayand share your learning with others.”Heart Products, GlobalBusiness Dev. Mgr.Medical Device Company - Heart Products, EnterpriseHeart Pro, Enterprise6-10Business Development AssociateTeam Lead, Inside SalesTeamInside Sales Associate1996-200520062007200820092010 2012 TalentGuard20112012

Focused onEnrolled in entaboutclassesopportunitiesApplying toAttendinginternal jobinternal careerpostingsfairsWorking withseeking self developmentmentors onmanagementskillsEric has been proactivein his career . . . 2013 TalentGuard


What competenciesare required in otherroles?What career optionsare available in mycompany?What learning gapsdo I have?Who can help memake a changes oradvance?What career options are available in my company?What resources areavailable to help medevelop?Should I joinanothercompany? 2013 TalentGuard

John needs help to ensureEric sees his potential forfuture growth, and retainsuch a valuable employee. 2013 TalentGuard

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Ms. HR 2012 TalentGuard 2013 TalentGuard

Sarah is an advocate forCareer Pathing 2013 TalentGuard

SHE KNOWS THE BENEFITS OFCAREER PATHING CAN BE HUGEDirect Benefits: Highly skilled workforce Ready pool of leaders Low turnover Reduced absenteeism Improved talent &knowledge asset retentionCollateral Benefits: Employer of choice Employee motivationand morale Employee jobsatisfaction Pay for contribution 2013 TalentGuard

SARAH’S3 BEST PRACTICES1. Process to Deliver—Develop a new CareerPathing model that will address the successionplanning needs of the company.2. Capacity to Deliver—Establish the capacity inthe company to deliver Career Pathing services thatwill facilitate vertical and lateral transitions ofemployees.3. Capacity to Support the Success—Develop the capacity to support the success of theemployees involved in developing their own CareerPaths, especially for employees in entry levelpositions. 2013 TalentGuard

1.Process to Deliver 2013 TalentGuard

Where do I start?(tie it to the CEO’s agenda and communicate ROI) 2013 TalentGuard

SARAH LINKED CAREER PATHINGTO SUCCESSION PLANNINGSee her succession planning project:1. Set clear expectations2. Identify and benchmark 10 key positions3. Create a competency framework basedon those roles4. Identify high potentials (a.k.a talentpools) via performance reviews andmulti-rater assessments5. Identify learning gaps and timing6. Create and implement a customdevelopment plan7. Measure progress 2013 TalentGuard

Sarah worked with atask force to create aCareer Pathing Model(To teach employees HOW to manage their careersand ensure everyone knows their role!) 2013 TalentGuard

5 PHASED MODELCollect jobdataAnalyze gapsand mapprogressionpathsCreate visualsfor map displayor set upcareer pathingsoftwareBuild outlearningresourcelibrary andmap it tocompetenciesDevelopindividuallearning plansand coach tosuccess 2013 TalentGuard

Vice President SalesSales ManagementSales DirectorSenior Sales Manager - Industry/LOB/Region/Market/BUSales ManagerAccount Director (Existing Account Only)Sales AccountManagementMajor/Key/Named Account Manager (Existing Account Only)Senior Sales Account Manager (Existing Account/s Only)Sales Account Manager (Existing Account/s Only)Senior Principal Sales Representative - Software and SolutionSoftware SolutionPrincipal Sales Representative - Software and SolutionSales(Key Role)Senior Sales Representative - Software and SolutionJOB FAMILYSTRUCTURE Department Business Area Regions CountrySales Representative - Software and SolutionAssociate Sales Representative - Software and SolutionPrincipal Sales Representative - Outsourcing and ServiceOutsourcing andService SalesSenior Sales Representative - Outsourcing and ServiceSales Representative - Outsourcing and ServiceAssociate Sales Representative - Outsourcing and ServiceInside Sales ManagerInside SalesSenior Inside Sales RepresentativeInside Sales RepresentativeAssociate Inside Sales Representative(with or without levels andgrades) 2013 TalentGuard

JOB ROLE pmentSpecialistSenior BusinessDevelopmentManagerMakes decisions in aMakes good decisionstimely manner, even with quickly, with orincomplete informationwithout completeinformation and undertight deadlines andpressureQuickly sizes upmultiple situations andcomplex problems andmakes excellent, timelydecisionsPursues his or her workwith energy, drive, and aneed to finishDefines his or herwork in terms ofresults, and pursuessuccess with energyand driveSets clear and loftygoals for himself orherself, as well as forthe organization, andpursues them withenthusiasm and energyCommits to meeting theexpectations andrequirements of internaland external stakeholdersDedicated to andopenly communicatesto staff that customerservice to stakeholderscomes firstStrategically plans waysto demonstratesuperior customerservice for districtstakeholdersDriving ForResultsCustomer FocusBusinessDevelopmentManagerWith defined: Experiencerequirements Credentials Demonstratedcompetencies 2013 TalentGuard

ROLE PROGRESSIONFeeder RoleRoleNext RoleDirector of BusinessBusiness DevelopmentDevelopment, SalesSenior BusinessManager, MarketingManager, Manager ofDevelopment ManagerManager, ChannelMarketing, ManagerManager, Sales Managerof Channel SalesBusiness DevelopmentSpecialist, MarketingSpecialist, ChannelSpecialistBusiness DevelopmentManagerSenior DevelopmentManager, SalesSpecialist, ChannelSpecialistTelesales Manager,Business DevelopmentBusiness Analyst,SpecialistCustomer Analyst, SalesSupport, Sales EngineerBusinessDevelopmentManager, MarketingCoordinator,Business AnalystManagerTeleSales Team Leader,Operations Specialist,Inside Sales SupervisorBusinessDevelopmentSpecialist, ProductSpecialist, BusinessAnalyst, Call CenterManagerTelesales ManagerIdentification of feederroles and next potentialroles within and acrossdepartments 2013 TalentGuard

GAP ANALYSISEmployee profiles arecompleted, including:1. Skills profile, a selfassessment of role-basedskills.2. Readiness profile, or thevariance between employeegaps and the businessneeds.3. Manager review, aproficiency review by theemployee’s managerdesigned to validate thecompetency and readinessprofiles. 2013 TalentGuard

2.Capacity to Deliver 2013 TalentGuard

SARAH’S QUANDARY“How do I make it easy foremployees to use the information?”Manual?Automated? 2013 TalentGuard

MANUAL APPROACHProLooks goodQuick snapshotEasy-to-see pathsSimple interfaceWorks for single departmentor small company Suitable for print Lowest cost Con Limited interaction Limited scalability (only limitedconnections) No “what if” scenarios Manual development planning Difficult to see detailed gaps Not easily updateable 2013 TalentGuard

SARAH’S REALITYFact: 15K EmployeesFact: 600 Unique RolesFact: Need to ShowMobility Globally 2013 TalentGuard

I wonder if I can create a map? 2012 TalentGuard 2013 TalentGuard

This is what she ended up with! 2013 TalentGuard

Realization: Our people will beeven more confused with that map! 2013 TalentGuard

This is where mostcompanies fall short 2013 TalentGuard

Decision: Automation is RequiredProHighly interactive / dynamicEmployee dashboardsCan build unlimited pathsCustomized to your roleprofiles/competencies Specific gaps are presented Biz DevManagerTelesalesTeamLeader(based on role/employeeprofile)TelesalesAssistantBiz DevSpecialist Development optionsrecommended Easy-to-use interface ScalableTelesalesManager 2013 TalentGuard

Identify skill gapsAdd skill gaps to IDPTelesalesMap skills tolearningresources 2013 TalentGuard

3.Capacity to SupportSuccess 2013 TalentGuard

It’s all about the plan. 2013 TalentGuard

SUCCESS REQUIRES TEAMWORK EXECUTIVE TEAMHR MANAGER(S)LINE MANAGERS,TEAM LEADERS, & SUPERVISORS TRAINING MANAGER(S)HR STAFFEMPLOYEESTRAINING PROVIDERS Formulate strategic plans and goals in which current/future skills needs are addressedMake decisions about the overall skills development process in the organizationEnsure that the process is focused on developing the skills the organization needs to achieve itsstrategic objectivesApprove the allocation of the financial, human, and other resources neededPromote the skills development process through local support and encouragementApprove and sign off on the implementation planBuild and support a culture that values training and lifelong learningEnsure that the career development process is integrated into other HR processesMake relevant information available to the team (e.g., job descriptions, etc.)Provide input into the career process to ensure that the path addresses the needs of the companyDescribe HR policies/procedures/requirements for job design/profilesProvide input on the performance problems and training needs in the division/unitRecommend solutions to identified performance problemsProvide input into the training development process to ensure that the IDP addresses performancegaps and training needsOversee budgets relating to training programsPromote various career paths and coach employees toward those various pathsAuthorize the participation of employees in training programsProvide feedback on the impact of the career path initiativeOversee the strategic direction and performance of the training and development function in linewith HR and organizational objectivesWork in close consultation with managers and other teams to ensure that the career path plan is inalignment with the training planDevelop new curriculum based on skill gapsProvide employees with access to career path informationSet expectations with employees about how career paths can be usedCapture information on employees that must be included in the training plan and IDPsContinuously update employee records (e.g., new qualifications)Build career path scenariosIdentify skill gaps during the training needs analysisCommunicate with manager and HRDeliver quality programs that may be needed to help develop employeesCustomize the programs to ensure they meet the needs of the organization 2013 TalentGuard

Be carefulnot tounderestimate thecoaching factor. 2013 TalentGuard

Career “Service” CenterExecutivesHRVendorsCareerCenterEmployeeMGRs 2013 TalentGuard

Career Center Mission 2013 TalentGuard

MeetFran“The Career Coach”Certified Professional in Career Management 2013 TalentGuard

The Next Chapter. 2013 TalentGuard

Erichas aplan. 2013 TalentGuard

Eric knows what careeroptions are available inhis company.Eric is aware of the learningresources available to helphim develop in his new role.He is aware of thecompetencies requiredin other roles.He knows predecessorswho’ve made successfulcareer changes and can bementors.He knows the learninggaps needed to developto pursue a different role. 2013 TalentGuard

John feels moreeffective asa managerand knowshow to coachEric. 2013 TalentGuard

Sarah is thrilledby the latestemployee survey.Dramatic improvement injob satisfaction scores! 2013 TalentGuard

Happy EmployeeSatisfied ManagerRelieved HR TeamThriving Company 2013 TalentGuard

A few words aboutTalentGuard 2013 TalentGuard

Cloud 6.0 by TalentGuardA powerful, yet intuitive, fully integrated, cloud-based suite ofTalent Management softwareReporting eliveryConsultingServices 2013 TalentGuard

Talent NavigatorSuperior career pathing tool that enables employees tomap career paths, identify gaps and develop specific skills Generates various career pathscenarios based on employee interests Supports all organizational roles,hierarchy, grades and pro