TRANSPORT SERVICES AGREEMENTThis TRANSPORT SERVICES AGREEMENT (together with attached Schedules A, B, and C,as amended or supplemented from time to time, this “Agreement”) is entered into as of thisday of , 20 (the “Effective Date”), between(“TRANSPORT COMPANY”), (CarrierName) a (Type of Business), with offices located at. (Business Address) and Ready Logistics, LLC, an Arizona limitedliability company with offices located at 1030 North Colorado Street, Suite 109, Gilbert, AZ 85233.Additionally, to the extent that any person or entity that directly or indirectly controls, iscontrolled by, or is under common control with Ready Logistics, LLC (each, a “Ready Affiliate”and, collectively, the “Ready Affiliates”) requests Services (as defined in Section 2), such ReadyAffiliate shall automatically become a party to this Agreement and shall undertake its obligations,and be entitled to enforce its provisions, to the same extent as if such Ready Affiliate had signedthis Agreement. The term “Ready Affiliates” shall include, but not be limited to, Manheim AutoAuctions Company (referred to individually as “Manheim”). The term “Ready” is usedthroughout this Agreement to refer to Ready Logistics, LLC and/or the Ready Affiliate that isrequesting Services (as defined in Section 2) pursuant to this Agreement.1.MANHEIM-SPECIFIC TERMS; SCHEDULES. TRANSPORT COMPANY acknowledgesthat, due to operational differences between Manheim and Ready Logistics, LLC (and the otherReady Affiliates), different terms (the “Manheim-specific Terms”) may apply to requests forServices (as defined in Section 2) that TRANSPORT COMPANY receives from Manheim (each suchrequest, a “Manheim Order”; any request for Services that is not a Manheim Order is referred toherein as a “Ready Order”). Such varying terms are identified in the body of this Agreement andset out in detail in Manheim Work Standards (attached as Schedule A) and Ready Work Standards(attached as Schedule B; together with Schedule A, as each may be amended from time to timeby Ready with written notice to TRANSPORT COMPANY, the “Schedules”). TRANSPORTCOMPANY further acknowledges that, for purposes of determining whether the Manheimspecific terms apply, the entity named on the transportation order or other written request forServices will be decisive. Every effort will be made to minimize the potential for confusion;however, in the event of any dispute, Ready Logistics, LLC shall have sole and absolute discretionto determine whether and to what extent the Manheim-specific Terms apply. The requirementsimposed by the Schedules are additional to, and not in limitation of, TRANSPORT COMPANY’Sobligations under this Agreement. However, in the event that the applicable Schedule Containsterms that conflict with, or are more specific than, the terms contained in the body of thisAgreement, the terms of the Schedule will govern.2.SERVICES. TRANSPORT COMPANY agrees, as Ready and the Ready Affiliates mayrequest from time to time, to transport automotive freight on behalf of Ready and its customers(together with “Drive Away Services”, as defined in this Section, and “Logistics Services,” asdefined in Section 3, the “Services”). The Services may include provision of drive-away serviceswhereby TRANSPORT COMPANY operates the vehicles to be transported (“Drive-AwayServices”). Notwithstanding the foregoing, TRANSPORT COMPANY will not perform Drive-Away

Services unless expressly requested to do so by Ready in writing (including, but not limited to, inthe applicable transportation order) with respect to the movement in question. If TRANSPORTCOMPANY is providing Drive-Away Services, TRANSPORT COMPANY will provide an appropriatelicense plate and will ensure that its auto liability insurance covers the operation of vehicles beingtransported in this manner and otherwise complies with the terms of Schedule C. TRANSPORTCOMPANY shall not allow any passengers in any vehicle being operated pursuant to thisAgreement. TRANSPORT COMPANY agrees to perform the Services in a professional and timelymanner and in accordance with this Agreement and all applicable United States federal, state,and local laws, regulations, ordinances and regulatory guidance, whether enacted before or afterthe Effective Date (collectively, “Applicable Law”).3.LOGISTICS SERVICES. TRANSPORT COMPANY may be requested or permitted tohire third-party carriers to transport vehicles pursuant to this Agreement (“Logistics Services”).The following terms apply to TRANSPORT COMPANY’S provision of Logistics Services:a)With respect to Logistics Services provided under this Agreement inrelation to transportation movements originating within the United States, TRANSPORTCOMPANY will be licensed with the FMCSA as a property broker or freight forwarder atall times while performing Logistics Services pursuant to this Agreement.b)With respect to Logistics Services provided under this Agreement inrelation to transportation movements originating with Canada, TRANSPORT COMPANYwill obtain and maintain all authorities, registrations, licenses, permits, and trust accountsrequired by the applicable provincial authority in order to perform Logistics Servicespursuant to this Agreement.c)Any contractor used by TRANSPORT COMPANY with respect to LogisticsServices provided by TRANSPORT COMPANY will be authorized as a for-hire motor carrierand otherwise fully authorized in accordance with all applicable laws, rules andregulations to provide the transportation services in question.d)With respect to Logistics Services provided by TRANSPORT COMPANY,TRANSPORT COMPANY will be liable to Ready and, if applicable, the applicable Readycustomer, as if it moved the shipment, and shall continue to have the obligation toindemnify Ready as provided in this Agreement. TRANSPORT COMPANY agrees that itshall bear any and all costs incurred through its use of a third party to provide Services,provided that Ready may, in its sole discretion, choose to remit payment to the partyactually performing the Services, which payment will relieve Ready of any obligation topay TRANSPORT COMPANY with respect to such Services.e)TRANSPORT COMPANY shall require that each contractor it retains totransport vehicles on behalf of Ready or a Ready customer pursuant to this Agreement(“Contract Services”) agrees in writing:-2-

i) That it has all licenses and permits required by applicable state,provincial, and federal law to perform the Contract Services as a for-hire motorcarrier;ii) That it does not have an unsatisfactory safety rating issued by theFMCSA or any state or provincial authority with jurisdiction over its operations;iii) That that it will comply with all applicable federal, state, provincial,and local laws, and that it expressly waives any and all rights and remedies underSubtitle IV Part B of 49 U.S.C. (as allowed by § 14101) to the extent such rights andremedies conflict with the terms and conditions of its agreement with TRANSPORTCOMPANY;iv)That it is performing the Contract Services pursuant to contract andthat in no event shall any provision in any tariff, service guide, bill of lading,delivery receipt, or other shipment documentation apply to the Contract Services;v) That it shall comply with the obligations imposed in Schedule A(with respect to Manheim Orders), Schedule B (with respect to Ready Orders), andSchedule C;vi)That it will, at its sole cost and expense: (i) furnish all equipmentnecessary to provide the Contract Services; (ii) pay all expenses related to the useor operation of such equipment; (iii) maintain the equipment in good repair,mechanical condition and appearance; (iv) utilize only competent, able, andlegally licensed personnel; and (v) ensure that any individual who operates avehicle as part of the Contract Services meets the standards set forth in thisAgreement;vii)viii)contractor;That it shall have full and exclusive control over its personnel;That it shall provide the Contract Services as an independentix) That it shall assume sole responsibility for all Canada and U.S.federal, provincial, and state taxes, assessments, insurance (including, but notlimited to, workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, disability,pension and social security insurance) and any other financial obligations arisingout of the Contract Services;x) That it shall accept liability for cargo loss and damage to the fullextent provided in this Agreement; that, regardless of any Canada or U.S. federal,provincial, or state law limiting or allowing limitation of liability, no limitation ofliability shall apply to any such shipment; and that it waives any right to salvagegoods (as well as any right to claim entitlement offset salvage value);-3-

xi) That it will take no action to assert or collect any charges fromReady or any Ready customer with respect to the Contract Services;xii) That it shall be solely responsible for the manner of loading andsecuring cargo upon its equipment;xiii)That it will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless TRANSPORTCOMPANY from any and all claims, actions, losses, expenses, fines, fees, verdicts,judgments, or any other damages, obligations, or liabilities, including reasonableattorneys’ fees, arising from its performance of, or failure to preform, the ContractServices;xiv) That it will perform the Contract Services directly, under its ownauthority, using its own equipment and personnel, and that it shall not co-broker,trip lease, or otherwise subcontract the Contract Services; andxv) That each and every driver used by it will meet all qualifications andrequirements necessary to enter upon any auto auction facility operated byManheim (“Facility”) which may be communicated by the owner or operator ofsuch Facility.4.NON-EXCLUSIVE; NO MINIMUM VOLUME. It is understood and agreed betweenthe parties hereto that this is a non-exclusive agreement and that TRANSPORT COMPANY shallbe free to accept freight for transportation other than from Ready and the Ready Affiliates andthat Ready and the Ready Affiliates shall be free to tender freight for transportation to companiesother than TRANSPORT COMPANY. This Agreement does not obligate Ready or the ReadyAffiliates to tender any minimum volume of cargo to TRANSPORT COMPANY.5.EQUIPMENT & PERSONNEL. Except to the extent TRANSPORT COMPANY isproviding Logistics Services in accordance with Section 3 of this Agreement, TRANSPORTCOMPANY shall provide all equipment to be used in the performance of the Services, whichequipment shall be maintained by TRANSPORT COMPANY in good order and condition and inaccordance with Applicable Law and industry best practices. TRANSPORT COMPANY shall besolely responsible for the performance of the Services and all costs and expenses related thereto(except as specifically provided below with respect to expenses advanced on behalf of Ready orits customers), including, but not limited to, costs for license plates, insurance, fuel, fuel tax, andhighway use tax, wages, etc. Without limiting TRANSPORT COMPANY’S obligations with respectto contractors under Section 3, TRANSPORT COMPANY shall be responsible for all acts andomissions of all individuals involved in providing the Services as if they were employees ofTRANSPORT COMPANY regardless of the nature of their relationship to TRANSPORT COMPANY,and all such individuals shall be under the exclusive direction and control of TRANSPORTCOMPANY at all times while performing the Services.6.DOCUMENTS, RECEIPTS, BILLS OF LADING. TRANSPORT COMPANY agrees toprovide evidence of pickup in the form designated by Ready indicating the quantity of vehicles-4-

picked up and a description of each vehicle, including its condition. The evidence of pickup mustinclude the legible name and signature of a representative of the pickup location. TRANSPORTCOMPANY further agrees to provide, within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery, evidence ofdelivery in the form designated by Ready, indicating the quantity of vehicles delivered and adescription of each vehicle and its condition. Such evidence of delivery must be acknowledgedby the recipient of the shipment and include the recipient’s legible name and signature. Therequirement of a legible name and signature on pickup and delivery documents appliesregardless of whether the documents are in paper or electronic form. Any and all damage claimsresulting from or involving incomplete condition reports or bills of lading (including, but notlimited to, electronic versions of such documents) will be the sole responsibility of TRANSPORTCOMPANY, and any loss or damage to a shipment with respect to which TRANSPORT COMPANYfails to obtain completed bills of lading or condition reports will be deemed to have occurredduring transit by TRANSPORT COMPANY. Ready may, in its sole discretion, allow or requireTRANSPORT COMPANY to provide required documentation (including bills of lading and vehiclecondition reports) and otherwise communicate with Ready regarding the Services via the ReadyMobile App. In no event will any tariff, terms or conditions (including those on the bill of lading),service guide, or other documentation maintained or issued by TRANSPORT COMPANY apply tothe Services, whether such Services are provided to Ready or its customer.7.TRANSPORT COMPANY REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES. TRANSPORTCOMPANY represents and warrants that: (a) it is a legal entity duly organized, validly existing andin good standing under the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation or formation and that ithas obtained and shall maintain the power and authority to enter into this Agreement andperform the Services; (b) it is not a party to any agreement that would prohibit or restrict it fromperforming its obligations under Agreement, and it is not a party to any pending litigation, theresolution of which would be reasonably likely to adversely affect its ability to fully perform itsobligations under this Agreement; (c) it does and will comply wi