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Almost all ocean going merchant ships are periodically inspected by flag state and/or their recognisedorganisation under provisions of conventions such as SOLAS, MARPOL, Load Lines, MLC etc. to ensurethat they comply with respective Convention requirements. Deficiencies, when observed, are correctedprior to endorsement of certificate issued under such Conventions. This enables ships to trade safely.Such deficiencies are caused by permitting the status of ship’s hull, machinery, crew, life saving, fire fightingor pollution prevention equipment to fall below the standards required by International Conventions. Oftenthese are due to long term neglect or mismanagement. However, more often it has been observed thatsuch deficiencies are found with items that are not used or examined by ships staff on regular basis e.g. firefighting and safety equipment (emergency fire pump, blower flaps etc.), emergency generator, structuralwastage, pollution prevention system etc. This type of problem is common due to the ship’s continualoperation and as a result ship staff’s priorities often lie with the cargo and main propulsion systems.With the above in view the ship maintenance checklist was developed by IR Class (Indian Register ofShipping to encourage ship staff for continued maintenance of such items. The Ship Maintenance Checklisthas now been revised and the enclosed Ship Maintenance Checklist includes latest amendments toprovisions under various Conventions such as GMDSS, Safety Management System under ISM Code,guidelines received from various Port State Control Authorities etc.The checklist has been compiled based on a computer database of various port state control detentionreports of Indian Ships. The database is created and being maintained by IR Class. Thus the checklistreflects the types of deficiencies generally being found on Indian Ships by port state control regimes atvarious parts of the globe.It is anticipated that monthly verification of ship, its equipment and manning as per the checklist wouldenable ship’s personnel and its owner to identify problem areas at an early stage and take necessarycorrective actions. The corrective action taken or initiated (such as ordering of spare parts) may berecorded in brief in ‘Remarks’ column, whereas the ‘Findings’ column may be marked as satisfactory (Y); notsatisfactory (X) or not applicable (-).The checklist would serve the dual purpose or record as well as identification of section/departmentresponsible for completing the corrective actions.IRS believes use of this checklist with conscience would go a long way in maintaining ships at par withinternational convention requirements and keeping ships away from port state control detention net andassociated loss of earning, high repair cost, detention cost and above all embarrassment.The Checklist is a suggested tool for maintenance of ships and is not an IR Class requirement.Should you have any comment or suggestion regarding this checklist please sent it to followingaddress:Indian Register of Shipping52/A, Adi Shankaracharya Marg,Opp. Powai Lake, Powai, Mumbai400 072. (INDIA)Phone: 91-22-30519400Fax No.: 91-22-25703611e-mail: [email protected]: www.irclass.orgWhile utmost care has been taken in the compilation of this booklet, neither Indian Register of Shipping nor any ofits officers, employees or agents shall be responsible or liable for any negligence or otherwise howsoever inrespect of any inaccuracy contained herein or omissions herefrom.Page 2 of 53

Ship Maintenance ChecklistDOCUMENTATION(1) As may be required by the Flag State Administration or Port State AuthorityPS- Passenger or Ro-Ro Passenger Vessels, OT- Oil tankers, CT-Chemical tankers, GC-Gas carriers, BC-Bulk carrier, CS-Container ship, RR-Ro-Ro Cargovessels, GS- General cargo ships, HS- High speed craftsCERTIFICATESItem Certificates in latest format published by IMONo.2.1Classification Certificates2.22.2.1International Load Line Certificate2.2.2International Load Line Exemption Certificate(1)2.2.3Passenger Ship Safety Certificate .and Exemption Certificate if any. Record of Equipment (Form P)2.2.4Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate and Exemption Certificate if any.According toIRS RulesStatutory CertificatesILLCILLCSOLAS I/12SOLAS I/12SOLAS I/12, GMDSSamendments, Protocol ’88regulation I/12PSOTCTGC 5Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate and Exemption Certificate if any. A record ofEquipment (Form E) to be permanently attached.SOLAS I/12, GMDSSamendments, Protocol ’88regulation I/12, AppendixXXXXXXX2.2.6Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate and Exemption Certificate if any. (for 300 gt andrecord of equipment (Form R)SOLAS I/12, GMDSSamendments, Protocol ’88regulation I/12XXXXXXX2.2.7Safety Management Certificate (SMC) originalSOLAS IX/4; ISM Codeparagraph 13.XXXXXXXXX2.2.8Document of Compliance (DOC) copy.SOLAS IX/4; ISM Codeparagraph 13.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX2.2.9Cargo Ship Safety Certificate (as an alternative to Safety Construction Cert., , SafetyEquipment cert., and Safety Radio certificates)2.2.10 International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Certificate supplemeted by a Record ofConstruction and Equipment for ships other than Oil Tanker (Form A) or for Oil Tanker(Form B)2.2.11 InternationalPollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substancesin Bulk(NLS Certificate)SOLAS reg. 1/12MARPOL Annex I/5MARPOL II11 & 12APage 3 of 53X

Ship Maintenance ChecklistItemNo.Certificates2.2.12 International Sewage Pollution Prevention (ISPP) CertificateAccording toMARPOL IV/5;MEPC/Circ. 408PSOTCTGC BCCSRRGSHSXXXXXXXXX2.2.13 International Certificate of fitness for the carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in BulkIBC Code 1.5 MSC16(58) & MEPC 40(29)X2.2.14 Certificate of fitness for the carriage of dangerous chemicals in BulkBCH Code 1.6MSC 18 (58)IGC Code 1.65MSC 17(58)X2.2.15 International certificate of fitness for the carriage of liquefied gases in bulk2.2.16 Certificate of fitness for the carriage of liquefied gases in bulk2.2.17 International Tonnage Certificate (1969)2.2.18 Cargo Gear Register book and certificates2.2.19 Certificates of insurance or other financial securityin respect of liability for the removal of wrecks (wreck removal certificates)2.2.20 Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (EIAPP) for vsls built after 1.01.20002.2.21 International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP)2.2.22 International Anti-fouling System Certificate (IAFS) Record of Anti-fouling System (permanently attached with the IAFS) Declaration of Anti-fouling System (AFS)2.2.23 International Ballast Water Management Certificate(1) (if BWM implemented)2.2.24 Polar Ship Certificate ( for ship plying in polar region)XIMO GC Code 1.56Tonnage Article7ILO 152InternationalConvention on theRemoval ofWrecks,MARPOL VI2007XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMARPOL VIXXXXXXXXXAFS Annex 4 / 2XXXXXXXXXAFS Annex 4,Appendix 1AFS Annex 4,Appendix 2BWM Annex,Regulation E-2XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXPolar codeXXXXXXXXXPage 4 of 53

Ship Maintenance Checklist2.3ItemNo. STATUTORYCERTIFICATESCertificatesAccording toDocument of authorization for carriage of grain (may be incorporated in the grain loading manual)Document of compliance with the Special Requirements for Ships carrying Dangerous Goods(for Dangerous Goods, except solid Dangerous Goods in bulk, for cargoes specified as Class 6.2 & 7and Dangerous Goods in limited quantities)SOLAS VI / 9SOLAS II-2 /19.4, 2000amendment2.3.3High speed craft safety certificateSOLASX/31994 HSC Code1.8;2000 HSCCode 1.8X2.3.4Dynamically supported craft permit to operateX2.3.5Unattended Machinery Spaces DocumentIMORes.A.373(X)SOLAS II1/ Trade Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (1)STP 71, Rule 5X2.3.7Special Trade Passenger Ship Space Certificate (1)X2. Energy Efficiency Certificate (IEEC)Maritime Labour Certificate (including DMLC Part I and DMLC Part II)Voyage Data Recorder System (VDRS) – Certificate of ComplianceInternational Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) or Interim International Ship Security CertificateSSTP 73, Rule5MARPOL VIMLC 2006SOLAS V/18.8SOLAS, 2002amendments,ISPS Code Part Asectin 19 &appendices1994 HSC 1.92000 HSC 1.9SOLAS VII/16,INF Code, MSC88(71)2.3.14 Permit to operate High-Speed Craft2.3.15 International Certificate of Fitness for carriage of INF cargo. (as applicable)2.3.16 Nuclear Cargo Ship Safety Certificate or Nuclear Passenger Ship Safety Certificate(in place of Cargo Ship Safety Certificate or Passenger Ship Safety Certificate)2.3.17 Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)PSOTCTGC XXXXXXXXSOLAS VIII/10SOLAS XI-1/5,2002amendments;HSXXXXXXXXPage 5 of 53

Ship Maintenance Checklist2.3.18 Pilot ladder certificate as per SOLAS V/23 or as per ISO 799:2004 available on board( vessel keel laid SOLAS, Chapterafter 01/07/2012 and in case of equipment are entirely changed on existing vessel and delivered onV/Reg.23board on or after 01/07/2012)2.4CertificatesXXPSOTCTGC BCXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXMLC CodeXXMLC CodeXXXXXAccording to2.4.1 Minimum Safe Manning DocumentSOLAS V / 1414.2, 2000AmendmentsRegulationV/14.2STCWSTCWSTCWSTCWILO 73Certificates for Master, Officers, Ratings & Cook (original on board)Endorsements for tankersRatings certificates of proficiency in survival craftsRadio Officer/Operators certificates of competencyMedical examination certificate for all crewsECDIS training certificate to navigation officers (where ECDIS fitted)2.4.8 Copy of applicable CBA (the CBA, or applicable sections of the CBA, in English on a ship that are oninternational voyage)2.4.9 Copy of Seafarers’ employment agreements (SEA) & Copy of account of of RegistryShip’s radio station licenceDeratting Certificate and Exemption Certificate if any.Document of Compliance for crew accommodations(1)OTHERCERTIFICATESFALITUFALILO 92,133,NationalRequirementPage 6 of 53

Ship Maintenance Checklist2. of Insurance or Other Financial Security in Respect of Civil Liability for Oil PollutionDamage (1) (ships carrying 2000 tons of oil in bulk as cargo) ; (2) each ship of greater than 1000 GTas per req. of Bunker conv. article 7TOVALOP CertificateNoise Survey Report2. Approval Plate (1)Suez Canal Special Tonnage Certificate (1)2.5.10 Panama Canal Tonnage Certificate (1)2.5.11 Document of Compliance: Suez Canal (1)ItemCertificatesNo.2.5.12 Document of Compliance: Panama Canal (1)2.5.13 Document of Compliance: Kiel Canal (1)2.5.14 Document of Compliance of Compliance: St Lawrence River (1)2.5.15 Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS) Statement of Compliance (issued by Administration to beaccompanied by copy of CAS Final Report and Copy of relevant Review Record)2.5.16 Special Purpose Ship Safety Certificate (not mandatory)( 500 gt to indicate to what extent relaxations were accepted)2.5.17 Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Support Vessel (not mandatory)2.5.18 Diving System Safety Certificate (not mandatory)CLC 69 VII ;Bunkerconvention2001,69articleCLCVII 7IMORes.A.468(XII)sec 4.3; NoiseCode;, MSC337(91)CSCSuez CanalRegulationsPanama CanalRegulationsEgyptianRegulationsAccording toPanama nsMARPOL I/13G,2001amendments,MEPC 95(46),MEPC 94 XXXXXXPSOTCTGC BCCSRRGSHSXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXSOLAS I/12, 88protocol,ResolutionA.534(13) asamended byMSC/Circ 739MARPOL II/13(4), ResolutionA.673(16)ResolutionA.536(132.5.19 Dynamically Supported Craft construction and Equipment Certificate (not mandatory)ResolutionA.373(X)2.5.20 Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Safety Certificate (not mandatory)ResolutionA.414(XI),ResolutionA.649(16) asmodified by MSC38(63)XPage 7 of 53

Ship Maintenance Checklist2.5.21 Wing-in-Ground (WIG) Craft Safety Certificate (not mandatory)MSC/Circ 1054section 9MSC/Circ. 1054section 102.5.22 Permit to operate WIG Craft. (not mandatory)MANUALSItemNo.2.6.1Manual, Book, Record BookLoading and intact stability information booklet2.6.2Grain loading stability booklet2. booklet and manoeuvring informationLifesaving appliances training manualInstructions for on-board maintenance of life saving appliancesCargo securing manuals2.6.7Damage control plan & booklets(There shall be permanently exhibited, for the guidance of the officer in charge of the ship, plansshowing clearly for each deck and hold the boundaries of thewatertight compartments, the openings therein with the means of closure and position of anycontrols thereof, and the arrangements for the correction of any list due to flooding. In addition,booklets containing the aforementioned information shall be made available to the officers of theship. ship type & date of construction applicability dates as per SOLAS)According toPSOTCTGCBCCSRRSOLAS II1/22,II-1/25.8;1988 LLProtocol,regulation 10SOLAS IV / 9XXXXXXXSOLAS II-1/28SOLAS III / 35SOLAS III / 36SOLAS, 2002amendments,VI / 5.5, VII /5, MSC/Circ.745SOLASII.1/23;23-1, 25-8; XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXGSHSXXXPage 8 of 53

Ship Maintenance Checklist2. oil pollution emergency plan (SOPEP) approved by Administration.Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan for Noxious Liquid Substances (SMPEP)MARPOL I/26MARPOL II/ manuals for inert gas systemsDedicated clean ballast tank operational manual (to the satisfactio