OM-210010/11/2001 - Original12/06/2011 – Revision 9Operation and Maintenance ManualwithIllustrated Parts ListforGPU-4003-Phase Solid StateTransformer-RectifiersSeries 500160-4xx28.5 Volts, 400 AmpsHobart Ground PowerTroy, Ohio 45373U.S.A.

WarrantyData Sheet 165Index: 990223Replaces: 980601HOBART GROUND POWERTROY, OHIO 453731.Hobart Brothers Company (hereinafter called HOBART) warrants that each new and unused Hobart Ground PowerEquipment, (hereinafter called the PRODUCT) is of good workmanship and is free from mechanical defects,provided that (1) the PRODUCT is installed and operated in accordance with the printed instructions of HOBART,(2) the PRODUCT is used under the normal operating conditions for which it is designed, (3) the PRODUCT is notsubjected to misuse, negligence or accident, and (4) the PRODUCT receives proper care, lubrication, protection,and maintenance under the supervision of trained personnel.2. This warranty expires 15 months after shipment by HOBART to the first user, or 12 months after installation,whichever first occurs.3. This warranty does not apply to: primary and secondary switch contacts, cable connectors, carbon brushes, fuses,bulbs, and filters unless found to be defective prior to use.4. Hobart DOES NOT WARRANT THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS: Engines, engine components; such as:starters, alternators, regulators, governors, etc., and cable retrieving devices. Many of the foregoing componentsare warranted directly by the manufacturer to the first user and serviced by a worldwide network of distributors andothers authorized to handle claims for component manufacturers. A first user’s claim should be presented directlyto such an authorized component service outlet. In the event any component manufacturer has warranted itscomponent to HOBART and will not deal directly with a first user then HOBART will cooperate with the first userin the presentation of a claim to such manufacturer. Under NO circumstances does HOBART assume any liabilityfor any warranty claim against or warranty work done by or in behalf of any manufacturer of the foregoingcomponents.5. This warranty is extended by HOBART only to the purchaser of new PRODUCTS from HOBART or one of itsauthorized distributors. The PRODUCTS purchased under this warranty are intended for use exclusively by thebuyer and his employees and by no other persons and, therefore, there shall be no third party beneficiary to thiswarranty.6. A claim of defects in any PRODUCT covered by this warranty is subject to HOBART factory inspection andjudgment. HOBART’S liability is limited to repair of any defects found by HOBART to exist, or at HOBART’Soption the replacement of the defective product, F.O.B. factory, after the defective product has been returned by thepurchaser at its expense to HOBART’S shipping place. Replacement and exchange parts will be warranted for theremainder of the original Warranty, or for a period of ninety (90) days, whichever is greater.7. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES whatsoever shall HOBART and its authorized distributors be liable for anyspecial or consequential damages, whether based on lost goodwill, lost resale profits, work stoppage impairmentof other goods or otherwise, and whether arising out of breach of any express or implied warranty, breach ofcontract, negligence or otherwise, except only in the case of personal injury as may be required by applicable law.8. Continued use of the PRODUCT(S) after discovery of a defect VOIDS ALL WARRANTIES.9. Except as authorized in writing, this warranty does not cover any equipment that has been altered by any partyother than HOBART.10. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE HEREOF. HOBART MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY ORFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.11. HOBART neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for HOBART any liability in connection with thePRODUCTS sold, and there are no oral agreements or warranties collateral to or affecting this written Warranty.This warranty and all undertakings of HOBART thereunder shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio,United States of America.WARNINGAT ALL TIMES, SAFETY MUST BE CONSIDERED AN IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THE INSTALLATION,SERVICING AND OPERATION OF THE PRODUCT, AND SKILLED, TECHNICALLY QUALIFIEDPERSONNEL SHOULD ALWAYS BE EMPLOYED FOR SUCH TASKS.

OM-2100 / Operation and Maintenance ManualGPU-400/ Series 500160/ Solid State Transformer-RectifiersSafety Warnings and CautionsWARNINGELECTRIC SHOCK can KILL. Do not touch live electrical parts.ELECTRIC ARC FLASH can injure eyes, burn skin, cause equipment damage, andignite combustible material. DO NOT use power cables to break load and prevent toolsfrom causing short circuits.IMPROPER PHASE CONNECTION, PARALLELING, OR USE can damage this andattached equipment.IMPORTANTProtect all operating personnel. Read, understand, and follow all instructions in theOperating/Instruction Manual before installing, operating, or servicing the equipment.Keep the manual available for future use by all operators.1) GeneralEquipment that supplies electrical power can cause serious injury or death, or damage to other equipment orproperty. The operator must strictly observe all safety rules and take precautionary actions. Safe practiceshave been developed from past experience in the use of power source equipment. While certain practicesbelow apply only to electrically-powered equipment, other practices apply to engine-driven equipment, andsome practices to both.2) Shock PreventionBare conductors, terminals in the output circuit, or ungrounded, electrically-live equipment can fatally shock aperson. Have a certified electrician verify that the equipment is adequately grounded and learn what terminalsand parts are electrically HOT. Avoid hot spots on machine. Use proper safety clothing, procedures, and testequipment. The electrical resistance of the body is decreased when wet, permitting dangerous currents toflow through it. When inspecting or servicing equipment, do not work in damp areas. Stand on a dry rubbermat or dry wood, and use insulating gloves when dampness or sweat cannot be avoided. Keep clothing dry,and never work alone.a) Installation and Grounding of Electrically Powered EquipmentThis equipment must be installed and maintained in accordance with the National Electrical Code,ANSI/NFPA 70, or other applicable codes. A power disconnect switch or circuit breaker must belocated at the equipment. Check the nameplate for voltage, frequency, and phase requirements. Ifonly 3-phase power is available, connect any single-phase rated equipment to only two wires of the 3phase line. DO NOT CONNECT the equipment grounding conductor (lead) to the third live wire of the3-phase line, as this makes the equipment frame electrically HOT, which can cause a fatal shock.Always connect the grounding lead, if supplied in a power line cable, to the grounded switch box orbuilding ground. If not provided, use a separate grounding lead. Ensure that the current (amperage)capacity of the grounding lead will be adequate for the worst fault current situation. Refer to theNational Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70 for details. Do not remove plug ground prongs. Use correctlymating receptacles.October 11, 2001Safety WarningsPage 1

OM-2100 / Operation and Maintenance ManualGPU-400/ Series 500160/ Solid State Transformer-Rectifiersb) Output Cables and TerminalsInspect cables frequently for damage to the insulation and the connectors. Replace or repair crackedor worn cables immediately. Do not overload cables. Do not touch output terminals while equipmentis energized.3) Service and MaintenanceThis equipment must be maintained in good electrical condition to avoid hazards stemming fromdisrepair. Report any equipment defect or safety hazard to the supervisor and discontinue use of theequipment until its safety has been assured. Repairs should be made by qualified personnel only. Beforeinspecting or servicing this equipment, take the following precautions:a) Shut off all power at the disconnecting switch or line breaker before inspecting or servicing theequipment.b) Lock switch OPEN (or remove line fuses) so that power cannot be turned on accidentally.c) Disconnect power to equipment if it is out of service.d) If troubleshooting must be done with the unit energized, have another person present who is trainedin turning off the equipment and providing or calling for first aid.4) Fire And Explosion PreventionFire and explosion are caused by electrical short circuits, combustible material near this equipment, orunsafe operating conditions. Overloaded or shorted equipment can become hot enough to cause fires byself destruction or by causing nearby combustibles to ignite. For electrically-powered equipment, provideprimary input protection to remove short circuited or heavily overloaded equipment from the line.5) Bodily Injury PreventionSerious injury can result from contact with live circuit components inside this equipment. Shut DOWN thisequipment for inspection and routine maintenance. When equipment is in operation, use extreme care indoing necessary troubleshooting and adjustment.6) Medical and First Aid TreatmentFirst aid facilities and a qualified first aid person should be available for each shift for immediate treatmentof all injury victims. Electric shock victims should be checked by a physician and taken to a hospitalimmediately if any abnormal signs are observed.EMERGENCYFIRST AIDCall physician immediately. Seek additional assistance. Use First Aid techniquesrecommended by American Red Cross until medical help arrives.IF BREATHING IS DIFFICULT, give oxygen, if available, and have victim lie down. FORELECTRICAL SHOCK, turn off power. Remove victim; if not breathing, begin artificialrespiration, preferably mouth-to-mouth. If no detectable pulse, begin external heartmassage. CALL EMERGENCY RESCUE SQUAD IMMEDIATELY.October 11, 2001Safety WarningsPage 2

OM-2100 / Operation and Maintenance ManualGPU-400/ Series 500160/ Solid State Transformer-Rectifiers7) Equipment Precautionary LabelsInspect all precautionary labels on the equipment monthly. Order and replace all labels that cannot beeasily read.October 11, 2001Safety WarningsPage 3

OM-2100 / Operation and Maintenance ManualGPU-400/ Series 500160/ Solid State Transformer-RectifiersThis page intentionally left blank.October 11, 2001Safety WarningsPage 4

OM-2100 / Operation and Maintenance ManualGPU-400/ Series 500160/ Solid State Transformer-RectifiersIntroductionThis manual contains operation and maintenance information for “GPU-400” solid state TransformerRectifiers manufactured by Hobart Ground Power, Troy, Ohio 45373.This manual is not intended to be a textbook on electricity or electronics. Its primary purpose is to provideinformation and instructions to experienced operators, electricians, and mechanics who have never operatedthis equipment. It is the intent of this manual to guide and assist operators and maintenance people in theproper use and care of the equipment.Use of the manual should not be put off until a trouble or need for help develops. Read the instructionsbefore starting the unit. Learn to use the manual and to locate information contained in it. Its style andarrangement are very similar to commercial aircraft manuals.The manual is divided into five chapters plus an appendix. Each chapter is divided into as many sections asrequired. Each new section starts with page 1. Each page is identified by chapter, section and page number,which are located in the lower, outside corner. When information located in another portion of the manual isreferred to, its location is identified by a chapter, section, paragraph or figure number.For example: “(see Section 2-3, Paragraph 1.a.)” refers to information located in Chapter 2, Section 3,Paragraph 1.a. If a chapter and section are not indicated in a reference, the referenced material is located inthe same section as the reference, for example: “(see Paragraph 1.a.).”The Appendix is the last section. Its contains a list of available options that may be purchased with that unit.Items on the list with check marks next to them, have been added to the standard unit per the customer’sorder. Literature for each option follows. The Appendix will help control the information in the manual:making it unique to the unit purchased.In addition to operation and maintenance instructions, the manual contains an illustrated parts list in Chapter4, and a collection of manufacturer’s literature and supplemental information in Chapter 5.Contents of the manual is arranged as follows:Chapter 1. Description/OperationChapter 2. Servicing/TroubleshootingChapter 3. Overhaul/Major RepairChapter 4. Illustrated Parts ListChapter 5. Manufacturer’s LiteratureAppendix A OptionsDecember 6, 2011Revision 9IntroductionPage 1

OM-2100 / Operation and Maintenance ManualGPU-400/ Series 500160/ Solid State Transformer-RectifiersIf you have any questions concerning your Hobart Ground Power equipment, immediately contact our ServiceDepartment by mail, telephone, FAX, or E-Mail.Write:Hobart Ground PowerService Department1177 Trade Road EastTroy, Ohio 45373U.S.A.Call Inside U.S.A.:(800) 422-4166 (Parts)(800) 422-4177 (Service)Call From Foreign Countries:(937) 332-5050 (Parts)(937) 332-5060 (Service)FAX Inside U.S.A.(800) 367-4945FAX From Foreign Countries:(937) 332-5121E-Mail :[email protected] Page :www.hobartgroundpower.comDecember 6, 2011Revision 9IntroductionPage 2

OM-2100 / Operation and Maintenance ManualGPU-400/ Series 500160/ Solid State Transformer-RectifiersTable of ContentsChapter 1Description/OperationSection 1Description1-1/1General1-1/1Optional Equipment - Appendix A1-1/1Orientation1-1/1Mountings for the GPU1-1/1Safety Features1-1/3Theory of Operation1-1/4Detailed Description of GPU-400 Components1-1/4Preparation for Use, Storage or Shipping1-2/1Receipt and Inspection of Equi