18263 Preparing ACT 2012-13 5003 AAP Prep for ACT 6/8/12 9:34 AM Page 13Practice Multiple-Choice TestsEXAMINEE STATEMENT, CERTIFICATION, AND SIGNATURE1. Read the following Statement: By opening this test booklet, I agree to the terms and conditionsset forth in the ACT registration booklet or website for this exam, including the arbitration and dispute remedy provisions. I understand that ACT owns the test questions and responses and affirmthat I will not share any test questions or responses with anyone by any form of communication. Iunderstand that assuming anyone else’s identity to take this test may violate the law and be subject to legal penalty.2. Copy the Certification shown below (only the text in italics) on the lines provided. Write in yournormal handwriting.Certification: I agree to the Statement above and certify that I am the person whose nameappears on this form.3. Sign your name as you would any official document and enter today’s date.000000000000000000000Your SignatureToday’s DateForm 1267CDirectionsThis booklet contains tests in English, Mathematics,Reading, and Science. These tests measure skills andabilities highly related to high school course work andsuccess in college. CALCULATORS MAY BE USED ONTHE MATHEMATICS TEST ONLY.Only responses marked on your answer document willbe scored. Your score on each test will be based only onthe number of questions you answer correctly during thetime allowed for that test. You will NOT be penalized forguessing. IT IS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO ANSWEREVERY QUESTION EVEN IF YOU MUST GUESS.The questions in each test are numbered, and thesuggested answers for each question are lettered. On theanswer document, the rows of ovals are numbered tomatch the questions, and the ovals in each row arelettered to correspond to the suggested answers.You may work on each test ONLY when your testsupervisor tells you to do so. If you finish a test beforetime is called for that test, you should use the timeremaining to reconsider questions you are uncertainabout in that test. You may NOT look back to a test onwhich time has already been called, and you may NOTgo ahead to another test. To do so will disqualify you fromthe examination.For each question, first decide which answer is best.Next, locate on the answer document the row of ovalsnumbered the same as the question. Then, locate theoval in that row lettered the same as your answer. Finally,fill in the oval completely. Use a soft lead pencil and makeyour marks heavy and black. DO NOT USE INK OR AMECHANICAL PENCIL.Lay your pencil down immediately when time is calledat the end of each test. You may NOT for any reason fillin or alter ovals for a test after time is called for that test.To do so will disqualify you from the examination.Mark only one answer to each question. If you changeyour mind about an answer, erase your first markthoroughly before marking your new answer. For eachquestion, make certain that you mark in the row of ovalswith the same number as the question.Do not fold or tear the pages of your test booklet.DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOKLETUNTIL TOLD TO DO SO. 2012 by ACT, Inc. All rights reserved.NOTE: This test material is the confidential property of ACT, Inc.,and may not be copied, reproduced, sold, or otherwise transferredwithout the prior express written permission of ACT, Inc.P.O. BOX 168IOWA CITY, IA 52243-016813

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18263 Preparing ACT 2012-13 5003 AAP Prep for ACT 6/8/12 9:34 AM Page 1411ENGLISH TEST45 Minutes—75 QuestionsDIRECTIONS: In the five passages that follow, certainwords and phrases are underlined and numbered. Inthe right-hand column, you will find alternatives for theunderlined part. In most cases, you are to choose theone that best expresses the idea, makes the statementappropriate for standard written English, or is wordedmost consistently with the style and tone of the passageas a whole. If you think the original version is best,choose “NO CHANGE.” In some cases, you will find inthe right-hand column a question about the underlinedpart. You are to choose the best answer to the question.You will also find questions about a section of the passage, or about the passage as a whole. These questionsdo not refer to an underlined portion of the passage, butrather are identified by a number or numbers in a box.For each question, choose the alternative you considerbest and fill in the corresponding oval on your answerdocument. Read each passage through once before youbegin to answer the questions that accompany it. Formany of the questions, you must read several sentencesbeyond the question to determine the answer. Be surethat you have read far enough ahead each time youchoose an alternative.PASSAGE IDragonflyThe nature trail is six feet wide andseven miles long. It slithers through the forest like asnake curving, and bending along the banks of the river.1. A.B.C.D.1The county cleared this path and paved it with packed2. Which of the following alternatives to the underlinedportion would NOT be acceptable?F. path, pavingG. path and then pavedH. path before pavingJ. path paved2gravel, so they would have a peaceful place to hike and3bike.I ride this trail nearly every day—not on a bike,4but on “Luigi.” That’s the nickname I gave mymotorized wheelchair. % Today, Luigi’s batteryACT-67C-PRACTICENO CHANGEsnake, curving and bendingsnake curving and bending,snake, curving, and bending,3. A.B.C.D.NO CHANGEknowing theythat theypeople4. F.G.H.J.NO CHANGEday; not on a bikeday not on a bikeday, not on a bike;5. If the writer were to delete the preceding sentence, theessay would primarily lose:A. a reason why the narrator is in the forest.B. a detail important for understanding the essay.C. a contrast to the lighthearted tone of the essay.D. nothing at all; this information is irrelevant to theessay.14GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.

18263 Preparing ACT 2012-13 5003 AAP Prep for ACT 6/8/12 9:34 AM Page 1511is fully charged, I know I can go all the way to the end6. F.G.H.J.6of the trail and back. But I always carry a cell phone onNO CHANGEcharged, because of that,charged, this means thatcharged, some just in case.Luigi’s motor moves slowly as we venture along7. Which choice would most logically and effectivelyemphasize the positive, friendly attitude the narratorhas toward Luigi?A. NO CHANGEB. travels safelyC. proceeds carefullyD. purrs softly7the trail. I can hear the gravel quietly crunching beneathLuigi’s rubber wheels. I hear the songs of cardinals in the8trees and the clamor of crickets in the grasses. I hear themurmur of water slipping over time-smoothed rocks. It is9September, and some of the trees are starting to blush red8. F.G.H.J.NO CHANGEYou can hearOne can even hearWhile hearing9. A.B.C.D.NO CHANGEDue to the fact that it isIt turns into the month ofBecause it has turned intoand orange at their tips. The wind ruffles my hair and10. F.G.H.J.chills my face as I bounce gently, along in my padded10chair.NO CHANGEgentle, alonggently alonggentle along,11. Which choice most effectively leads into the new subject of this paragraph?A. NO CHANGEB. The sun begins to setC. Nature always impresses meD. Days can go by quicklyBicyclists streak past in a blur of color and a cloud of11dust I don’t understand their hurry. Luigi can go fast, but I12like to ride slowly, to see like a hovering dragonfly. I want12. F.G.H.J.NO CHANGEdust, however,dust.dust,13. A.B.C.D.NO CHANGEhour, looking,hour looking;hour lookingto see everything that has changed, grown, bloomed, ordied since yesterday. Today I notice that a spider haswoven a web between some honeysuckle bushes by thebridge. I see that the bank of vibrant yellow black-eyedSusans by the barbed wire fence is starting to dry and fadeaway. I spend an hour; looking and listening and learning.13ACT-67C-PRACTICE15GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.

18263 Preparing ACT 2012-13 5003 AAP Prep for ACT 6/8/12 9:34 AM Page 1611And now my ride is finished for today. I leave thetrail and come out into the open, manicured park at thetrails end. There, my older brother helps me out of my14. F.G.H.J.14chair and into his waiting van. He puts Luigi in the back,NO CHANGEtrail’strails’trails’sand I return to the world of pavement, streetlights, andQuestion 15 asks about the preceding passageas a whole.traffic. But in my mind, I am still gliding through theforest. I am like the water, flowing over ancient stones.Inside, I am still a dragonfly.15. Suppose the writer’s goal had been to write an essayillustrating the pleasure that people can take in nature.Would this essay accomplish that goal?A. Yes, because it focuses on a variety of wildflowersthat the narrator enjoys.B. Yes, because it focuses on the narrator’s joy athaving access to nature.C. No, because it describes the world of the city asbeing more important to the narrator.D. No, because it focuses primarily on the functioning of the narrator’s motorized wheelchair.PASSAGE IIBeneath the Streets of New YorkAt 2 p.m., on October 27, 1904; thousands of16New York City residents poured into the streets of16. F.G.H.J.NO CHANGE2 p.m. on October 27, 1904, thousands2 p.m., on October 27, 1904; thousands,2 p.m. on October 27, 1904, thousands,17. A.B.C.D.NO CHANGEfeat, overfeat:featManhattan. Their cheers competed with the blare offerryboat horns and the whistle of power plants. Thecity was celebrating an incredible engineering feat; the17completion of the first section of the New York CitySubway. 2ACT-67C-PRACTICE18. The writer is concerned about the level of detail in thepreceding sentence and is considering deleting thephrase “the first section of ” from it. If the writer wereto make this deletion, the paragraph would primarilylose information that:F. reveals how expansive the New York City Subwaywould become.G. clarifies that only part of the subway system hadbeen completed by October 27, 1904.H. makes clear that by October 27, 1904, constructionof the second section of the subway was alreadyunderway.J. provides evidence that New York City residents atthis celebration believed the entire subway systemwas complete.16GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.

18263 Preparing ACT 2012-13 5003 AAP Prep for ACT 6/8/12 9:34 AM Page 1711The original subway line was 9.1 miles long and hadtwenty-eight stations. [A] The first train took twenty-sixminutes to complete the route, which ran from City Hallto West 145th Street in under a half an hour. Tens of19. A.B.C.D.19thousands of New Yorkers could now avoid traffic jamsby traveling underneath the streets. [B]NO CHANGEin the completion of its twenty-six minutes.DELETE the underlined portion and end the sentence with a period.20. Which choice would most effectively conclude thesentence by indicating clearly how the subway systemcould address the problem described in the first part ofthe sentence?F. NO CHANGEG. traveling more effectively.H. trying something new.J. using a system.20As early as 1865, there had been proposals for aNew York subway, but that took decades to resolve the21many political, financial, and technical challenges. Theengineer, William Barclay Parsons accepted responsibility22for overseeing this project.21. A.B.C.D.NO CHANGEitthoseDELETE the underlined portion.22. F.G.H.J.NO CHANGEengineer—William Barclay Parsonsengineer William Barclay Parsons,engineer William Barclay Parsons23. A.B.C.D.NO CHANGEinnovate engineerinnovative engineeringinnovate engineeringParsons decided that most of the subway tunnelwould be constructed using an innovation engineering23method known as “cut and cover.” [C] First, workers usedpicks and shovels to remove roads and dig a deep trench.24. F. NO CHANGEG. into the ground deeply under where the roads hadpreviously been removed by them.H. a trench far down below since it was necessary toshovel deep into the earth in this method known as“cut and cover.”J. DELETE the underlined portion and end the sentence with a period.24After installing wooden braces to hold back the earth,workers built a concrete floor. Tunnel walls werecreated: with layers of brick, ceramic blocks, tar-soaked25. A.B.C.D.25felt for waterproofing, and concrete. The roof was madeNO CHANGEcreated, withcreated withcreated with:from arch-shaped wooden molds also covered withconcrete. Next, track beds were filled with crushed stone,and rails were secured to wooden ties. Finally, the roof wascovered with tar-soaked felt, and the roads were rebuilt.ACT-67C-PRACTICE17GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE.

18263 Preparing ACT 2012-13 5003 AAP Prep for ACT 6/8/12 9:34 AM Page 1811Brightly lit stations welcomed the public, manyof them were skeptical of traveling underground. [D] It26didn’t take long for New Yorkers to adapt, however. The27day after the subway opened, one newspaper reported that26. F.G.H.J.NO CHANGEof whomof whoDELETE the underlined portion.27. A.B.C.D.NO CHANGEtherefore.for instance.that is.the riders were emerging from underground “havingfinished what will be to them the daily routine of therest of their lives.” 28. The writer wishes to add a sentence that describes themagnitude and expansiveness of the New York CitySubway system today. Given that all the followingstatements are true, which one, if added here